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Lucky Ticket Ch. 03: Alan’s Desire

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This story is the third part of a series and will make more sense if you have read the first and second parts. I hope you enjoy! -AlanProject


Lisa and Alan pulled into the Retreat at 5pm after a pleasant wandering drive along the southern California coast, exploring small nooks and crannies of beauty. It was amazing, and it made Lisa understand why so many people put up with the pollution, traffic, and overbearing government to live there. They turned off the highway and into the hills, weaving through sloped streets as they climbed upwards.

The Retreat’s somewhat pretentious bronze metal sign was partially hidden by the lush green hedge that towered over the road and seemed to stretch for half a mile. Alan turned the rental car onto the driveway and they passed manicured lawns, a few fountains and a pleasant garden crossed with walking paths on their way up. The building itself was only three stories and arrayed to face the ocean view. There were smaller buildings along the side, one apparently a gym and another with tinted windows that maintained privacy. The bright blue of a pool reflected clearly behind the gym building despite the umbrellas covering deck furniture around it.

The happy couple parked and brought their luggage inside and were met with smooth efficiency and professionalism. The check in was flawless, and they found their room already waiting for them with a minimum of hassle. They declined the help of the bellboy and walked to their room themselves. They had a tradition of having sex as soon as they checked into a hotel, and they didn’t want any delays!

Their spacious third-floor room was dominated by a king size bed, with a fireplace on the wall to the right of the bed. A large sideboard held a TV and Blu Ray player, as well as a USB-outfitted music player/alarm clock combo glowing with a cool blue tone. To the left of the bed was a bedside table with brass lamp, a small writing table with The Retreat stationery and pen, a love seat and chair for reading, a small coffee table containing several magazines to appeal to various interests, and ending in a sliding glass window to a balcony with an ocean view. The setting sun sent sheets of oranges and yellows reflecting up from the foamy white ocean, creating the kind of beautiful deep glow you only get from the Pacific at sunset.

“This is just perfect. I can’t imagine anything better. I’m so glad you bought that ticket!” Lisa said.

“Yes, the lucky ticket. This is amazing, and we have it for three more days. Let’s enjoy ourselves to the fullest! And speaking of me getting lucky…” Alan encircled her in his arms, letting his hands roam down her chest to caress her breasts through her blouse. A perfect end to a perfect day Lisa thought, and leaned back into him as her husband touched her as no one else could. She rested her head against his chest as he massaged her breasts, sliding his hands up and down her torso for a pleasant minute before slowly unbuttoning her blouse. He bent over behind her, kissing her neck, cheek and ear as his hands continued their gentle strokes. Her blouse fell to the ground, followed quickly by her bra, as she yielded her body to his demands. His fingers caressed and rubbed her nipples and the sensitive undersides of her breasts, roaming across her ample curving bosom with a delicate sensibility. The saltwater residue from her earlier plunges in the ocean remained and created an odd sensation as her husband’s hands caressed and played with her breasts. Her mind flashed to the image of her two Navy admirers illegal bahis cumming on her breasts and she felt a surge of wetness between her legs.

Alan lifted his fingers to her mouth, and she wet first one and then the other of his index and middle fingers with her tongue, and mentally sighed in pleasure as he took that wetness and encircled her nipples, creating the wonderful sensation of a tongue roaming across her breasts. They stood at the glass door with Lisa half naked, Alan’ hands stimulating her breasts, while the sun set beyond the frothy ocean view. Lisa felt his hardness against her ass and desired to please and be pleased by her man. His hand roamed down and stroked her pussy but he held her tight and didn’t let her turn around, forcing her to surrender to his touch.

Once the fiery ball dropped below the horizon, Alan pulled Lisa towards the bed in the fading golden light. Alan started stripping her naked, a sudden need upon him that excited her. He was swift in stripping her naked, and she loved that delicious contrast of him being fully clothed and her vulnerably revealed before him. The sunset bathed her in warmth as he stepped to the side and pulled over his suitcase and put it on the bed. He’s going to use a toy on me she thought to herself, and smiled in anticipation.

To show her devotion and desire, Lisa knelt down on the warm brown carpet and began rubbing her nose on her husband’s crotch. He smiled down at her and nodded, and they worked together to get him undressed. While he was pulling his shirt up Lisa deftly removed his semi-hard cock from his boxers and took it in her mouth. His groan of appreciation let her know that her ploy had worked. She began sucking enthusiastically as he finished stripping as best he could, and she helped him get his lower body naked without taking his hardening cock out of her mouth. He put his hands on her head and she increased her tempo, slobbering onto his pole and bringing it to maximum hardness.

In only a few minutes he pulled her up roughly, wanting more of her, wanting to take her. She loved that. He turned her abruptly and pushed her onto the bed face first, leaving her bent at the waist, open and inviting to his need to penetrate her. He plunged inside her without hesitation, and she grunted at that first delectable feeling of being filled. She was so wet that he moved easily, and he pushed deep inside her. His thrusts were powerful, driving her into the bed, pounding into her. She loved it. Sometimes she wanted to make gentle love and kiss in the moonlight, and sometimes she wanted to be thrown on the bed and fucked hard. Right now, it was the latter.

Alan’s strokes led him to bury himself so deep in her that he was leaning forward at a forty-five degree angle, thrusting down and in, almost jumping up to crash into her. He paused and then pulled her hips backwards until she was back at the edge of the bed and straight up and down, to better control his thrusting. She reached back and he took her left arm, bent at the elbow, to hold her in place as he pounded her pussy over and over again. It was just what she needed. Lisa relished the feel as he slid in and out of her, rubbing her in spots impossible for fingers to reach.

“Is this what you wanted, Lisa? Is this what you were thinking about on the beach?”

“Yes, baby, I wanted you to take me hard on the beach. I wanted to let you fuck me hard in the sun. Yeah, give it to me!”

“You sexy girl, you want it bad. I know you need to have cock in your pussy. You wanted one of the Navy guys illegal bahis siteleri to stuff you full right there on the beach, didn’t you?” Alan grabbed her hair and pulled her tight against his cock, and she moaned at the pleasure and dominating sensations.

“I wanted you, baby, but when they were watching me, both their cocks right there, the thought crossed my mind. I wondered what it would feel like to have them both ravish me.” Grunt, grunt, slap, slap, her husband kept pounding her while she was talking. It seemed to be exciting him, so she continued.

“I think the taller guy was losing control, he wanted to jump in and shove his cock in my wet pussy, he wanted to fuck me so bad. The shorter guy wouldn’t have stopped him, he would have made me suck his cock while his friend fucked me hard, I wouldn’t ask for it but if they took me then I’m not a slut and still could feel two cocks at once…” Lisa gasped out, amazed at how much this was turning them both on. This truth thing really works!

“You want two cocks, huh?” His hand slapped her ass hard, a sting that turned her on more. “What makes you think the shorter guy would have just put it in your mouth? He could have done anything to you!” Alan panted, and shifted behind her to the right momentarily.

Lisa wasn’t sure what he meant and wasn’t really in a mental state to think much at all, her mind too dominated by the sensations of her husband’s cock repeatedly filling her up. She felt something cool fill the crack between her ass cheeks and she wondered if Alan was sweating on her, or spitting?

Her surprise was total when Alan pulled out and shoved her down further onto the bed, pushing her deep into the comforter. He didn’t even pause but placed the head of his thick cock at the entrance to her ass and thrust. Lisa cried out at the brief flare of pain. He pushed further in slowly and she gasped at it, unable to think of anything but this invasion into a hole that wasn’t meant to be penetrated. More coolness fell onto her ass and she realized that he had grabbed lube from his suitcase and was liberally applying it as he slid in and out of her ass. It doesn’t hurt a much as I thought it would The pain from being stretched so was fading but still there, but was being joined by the delicious deviant feeling of being fucked in the ass. We’ve never done this and he just took my ass without even asking me! The bastard! But goddamn it is erotic that he just took me like that…

“I told you I had something in mind for today. I’m taking your ass and letting you know that all of you is mine! Mine!” His thrusts pushed deeper into her, and the lube was now fully coating his cock and the inside of her ass. She couldn’t believe it, her loving husband was forcibly taking her ass. My god, I love it. What kind of woman am I that I love he is forcing me to take it up the ass? Oh god, I’ll worry about it later, this feels so good…

“Oh baby, I love the way this looks! Your tight ass is perfect and watching me slide inside it is awesome. You feel incredible, it is so tight! You like this, Lisa? Huh? You like being my fuck toy?” His strokes were now rough, pounding, just like in her pussy. The pain was gone, and now it was just this amazing bizarre feeling.

He’s right, I am tight. I’ve had two kids so my pussy is stretched out a bit. But my ass…been working that baby out for a year. Yeah, it’s sexy…mmm, feels so good!

“Yes Alan, I’m your fuck toy. Take me any way you want!” Lisa panted back, really getting into it. canlı bahis siteleri Her nerves were on fire, and this entirely new sensation was firing off pleasure in a totally new way.

“That second navy guy wouldn’t have made you suck his cock, he would have taken your ass, just like I’m doing now. They would have taken both your holes and made you bounce on two cocks at the same time, forcing your slutty body to take it all. You were thinking about it, they were thinking about it, they were just feet away. God, they wanted you so badly, and you are all mine! Yes, goddamn!”

Lisa gasped as she felt a gush of warmth inside her ass, a bizarre sensation she had never felt before. It turned her on immensely to feel her husband cumming, she loved it! Ah there it is finally oh yes aahhh the pulsing of her orgasm was met with a weird counterpoint as Alan remained buried inside her second hole, shifting slightly to drive his cum deep into her ass. Lisa’s orgasm pounded in her and she turned back to smile, and relished watching his face as the orgasmic pleasure writ itself on his features. I love seeing his face when he cums; I love knowing that it was me, my body, that drove him to that. They collapsed together in a pleasant heap, spent and relishing those moments of post-coital contact. It was only after the afterglow of sunset had faded and their room fell into shadow that they broke their embrace, cleaning up and dressing for a dinner at the upscale restaurant onsite.

The dinner and wine added to their pleasant afterglow of sex, along with a pleasant conversation shared with no clock ticking in the back of their minds about a babysitter or other demand. They both collapsed onto the bed afterwards in pleasant fatigue. No alarm clocks tomorrow Lisa sleepily thought to herself, and spooned herself against Alan’ back, pressing her breasts against his muscular back. No demands at all.

They both woke on and off after 7am, but determined to enjoy this they stayed in bed until 10am. A tray of cold breakfast was waiting outside their door, with cereal, fruit, bagels and yogurt to satisfy their hunger. They ate, showered together with some rubbing and caressing but no climaxing and my ass is kind of sore still and got dressed for an explore around the spa and the adjoining beach. The sky was surprisingly blue as they wondered through the beautiful scenery, from the landscaped areas immediately adjacent to the main building, then through the ornamental gardens with pockets of beauty scattered across the property.

They walked during that surprisingly warm day, just enjoying each other’s company. The hotel provided a picnic lunch for a minimal price, so they rested in a gazebo in a secluded flower garden log and ate cold turkey sandwiches in the bright afternoon sunshine for a late lunch. When they had finished, Alan glanced at his watch and turned to her. “I’m going to need to clean up a bit before I head into LA for the game with John, and I should leave in about an hour to make sure I make the rendezvous on time. Shall we head back to our room?”

“Yes, I should go and confirm my reservations at the spa; they said I should check in when we arrived — but we got, you know, distracted.”

Alan’ eyes twinkled as he responded, “Sure did. And I can guarantee that we’ll get more distracted tonight when I get back. It will be late, so you’ve got plenty of time to get relaxed and ready. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of energy after sleeping in so much this morning!”

“Don’t worry — I’ll be waiting for you.” They arrived at the room and Alan cleaned up and changed into jeans and a polo shirt and made sure she saw the other room key he placed on the bedside table. He came over and kissed her on the lips, firmly, then waved goodbye with a wink and a “see you tonight.”

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