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Love in Paradise

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The moonlight woke Carly, the ocean waves and gentle breeze could be heard from the bedroom. Marc was lying near her, they had made love for days during their week long vacation; no worries about children, nobody to call, no arrangements to make… just eat, drink and make love. They had not done this for many years. Their busy life got in the way.

Marc saw Carly watching him; the moonlight was stroking her body just like he was caressing her earlier during their hot sexual adventures. She was beautiful and so soft to the touch. After all these years he still adored her very much and their love making was always full of pleasant surprises and new experiences.

Carly loved these getaways, but now after so many years they took on new meaning. It was necessary to “fall in love again” to keep the relationship alive and precious–You just couldn’t rely on how it was, because the years change people and memories fade —People need to reignite the fire with new fuel.

Marc knew something special was needed for their 25th anniversary. This secluded paradise was unbelievably beautiful. Carly’s dream of making love on the beach was better than she expected. The sounds of the ocean, the smell of the sea air, the vision of the waves and the sparkling moon and stars mixed with the incredible love and sex was almost more than her senses could take. Marc was beginning to express himself more during these passionate moments which added to its intensity. Carly loved when he would whisper her name or tell her how something felt (she got to peek inside his head and know what was going on—what a turn on for her!).

What would they do today? Take a run, see a movie, actually they were beginning to enjoy watching this beautiful woman that was in the next cabana. They wondered if she was alone and what she was doing there. Would they meet her…?

Carly was dressing for the day’s adventure when she noticed their hot, mysterious woman from the window and became quite entranced with studying her every move. Marc came into the room; they both grew curious and interested as they saw her taking off her clothes very slowly. Carly felt excited; she started to touch her own breast and Marc began kissing her neck, rubbing her ass and legs. They saw the woman start to caress herself in an erotic way (of course she knew nothing of her onlookers). Carly and Marc were now quite hot, breathing heavy, watching, as their ‘woman’ started to masturbate. Carly enjoyed this and guided Marc’s hand to her well shaved soft and juicy spot. He gently tried to keep the same rhythm as the woman they were observing; this was a real “turn on” for both of them. They were accustomed to watching TV, hearing and reading stories, but this was more intense because of the closeness and reality of it. They cuddled, stroked, touched… more and more. The lovers could actually sense the stranger’s excitement, her moaning was contagious. Carly’s body began quivering with the passion that was so new for her, and for Marc (it felt like the three of them were in the same bed ). Carly kept her cries quiet so she couldn’t be heard by their “guest”. Her breasts were more sensitive than ever and her orgasm was very intense. Wow-what a explosion on each nerve. First time experiences are sometimes awkward, but this was such a turn on—an assault on all senses, it drew them in completely, to a point of no return.

She now knew how hot Marc feels when he is watching her masturbate. After her orgasm she took his swollen cock into her mouth and caressed the shaft, felt its pulsing, bursa escort sucked and licked the soft and sensuous tip. Marc was now gone and with the rhythm of orgasm Carly was ready again. She loved watching her lover in such pleasure. After a quick massage where every inch of her body was reignited with hot passion, almost impossible to touch, she crawled on top of Marc’s beautiful, sweaty body and glided his waiting cock into her burning insides. They took off on their journey together. A wonderful trip, familiar and satisfying…her heart melting again, like it always does with passion and love…and Marc.

He could never have enough. Marc loved feeling every inch of Carly’s skin with his hands, his lips, his body waiting for her wetness and kisses of passion to be his… their intimacy was always a new experience. His body loved the sensuous rhythm –he could feel her soul…yes, her soul had a beat all its own–it spoke of very deep and lasting love. The kind of love that was her being–the kind that without it, she would be lost. She often felt badly that she did not show him enough how precious this love was to her and hoped Marc could hold on to its depth when times were rough or lonely. This retreat was a godsend, a reawakening, a time for exploration. They needed to learn to create this atmosphere at home, to remember how wonderful life is that they have each other…always…soul mates….

That afternoon, while returning from a great run around the island, Marc and Carly met their neighbor, Arabella. She was beautiful, dark,curly hair–long legs, tan body, round and full breasts. She wore a brightly colored bikini and matching sarong. Carly imagined touching those firm and beautiful breasts, sucking the nipples and caressing them with a sweet and silky oil. She was very friendly and said she was alone at the house until her husband was to come in a few days. They invited her to get a drink at the local Tiki bar that evening… She said that it would be more comfortable to stay in our cabana, she wanted to try Marc’s Margaritas.

The sun set in gorgeous pinks, oranges, yellows, all mixing to speak of the beauty of what was to come. They got comfortable in the cabana. Carly was very curious about Arabella so she struck up conversation about things such as clothes and places that they had visited, topics that are always interesting to hear. Marc’s Margaritas were intoxicating to all of them and they felt very relaxed talking through the night.

Carly was so calm she started to play with Arabella’s hair, and she responded with a light kiss. Carly reciprocated with more caresses and more deep kisses, they started to hug and rub their bodies and the clothes started to come off fast but gently until they were totally nude, enjoying each others bodies. A woman can touch a woman in those erotic places that they know will create more pleasure. Carly and Arabella really enjoyed touching their bodies, breasts and looking to reach each other’s G-spots.

Marc was watching , being considerate to not disturb them.

He was getting very horny and wanted to participate but was waiting for the appropriate time. He watched how they played with their bodies so he could learn more about how to pleasure Carly . He held himself back–even though his body, all engorged, was telling him to go for it.

The girls were very in tune with their bodies and with each other’s sexual needs– they were soaking in sweat– something so beautiful , — they sucked, licked and massaged their wet and inviting love spots, both so bursa escort bayan totally into it. Marc loved watching their excitement and hearing all their moans. How fascinating to see them so relaxed and without inhibitions –and exploring pleasure points, breasts coming together, their friction produced a warmth throughout their cabana, and the release…so powerful…so intense… so indescribable.

Marc could wait no longer– He walked over to the girls and began with a soft and sensuous massage to their guest. Arabella in turn showed her pleasure with a soft and sensuous massage to her new friend, Carly. She started to get horny again, she grabbed Marc’s pleasure stick and started rubbing it gently at first and then firmly, Arabella noticed this and she began caressing Carly’s body– starting at her breast and slowly working her way down to her swelling pussy. She inserted her thin and expert fingers pleasuring her special area. Marc continued to kiss Carly passionately and firmly grabbed her breast to produce a sweet pleasure in Carly, Marc moved to Carly’s clit while Arabella still playing with her intensely, sensitive place deep within– Carly was really enjoying SUCH pleasure .

Her body was shaking with a passion that Marc alone can’t provide. It was different for Carly –this kind of sensation. She let Marc and Arabella guide their way after the most intense orgasm Carly had experienced. After that all of them caressed each other….Everyone was relaxing but getting excited all over again. Carly reached for Marc’s hard and beautiful cock–it felt good to get into something familiar after such a powerful “out there” experience. Marc was so hot, he laid back and enjoyed the caress, soft and gentle at first, then finding a rhythm of suck and caress, in and out, hard and soft, suck, caress, in, out, soft ,hard–everyone’s breathing responded. Arabella rubbed Carly’s hot, wet passion as Carly continued the rhythm of love for Marc , her soul mate.

Marc reached out to Arabella and rubbed her hard firm breasts and entered her hot wet love with those magic fingers, finding Arabella’s pleasure spot. The music played, the ocean waves lapped outside, the moon shone through the window and everyone came in some way until they were all laughing from the intense and erotic release . They walked to the hot tub and slipped in the hot bubbling water, to relax the muscles of such orgasm and lust! Arabella had to go, so she slipped out to await the arrival of her husband. She was looking forward to a different kind of pleasure.

Carly and Marc went outside to walk along the beach in the moonlight. They talked way into the night about how Marc changed Carly’s life, his passionate love, so giving and forgiving, was like no other she had known, but one she always wanted—After so much time together, and amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Carly sometimes forgets the indescribable joy that Marc brings to her life and doesn’t treat him as the special treasure he is-She thinks he understands, but they talk about this to be sure. He then reveals his special thoughts about their love. Marc says that he thinks about Carly all the time, he remembers her touch and her aroma and the moments they spend together—their love, lust ,sex ,and marriage….Wow! How special their time on this beautiful remote island has been. They have been so close, free to explore their feelings and each other–Adding Arabella to the mix was a wonderful piece of “spice” for their long term relationship.

Carly is laying on the beach pondering escort bursa these thoughts when she sees Arabella walking over to her. Carly immediately feels butterflies in her heart, excitement to see Arabella’s beautifully tanned body, and thinks of the other night. Arabella says that Drew has arrived and would like to meet us. Carly agrees to meet at the “club Tiger ” at 9 pm.

After her swim and nap in the sun, Carly returns and tells Marc of their meeting with Arabella and Drew. They both feel excited to return to the club Tiger, as it always offers them some new adventure. Marc draws Carly close to peruse her tan body, he has missed her while she was gone.

The coming encounter with their new friends makes her feel relaxed and sexy. Carly was exited and looked forward to the night’s beginning, seeing again their friend Arabella and meeting her husband Drew. Carly and Marc were drinking a little wine in their cabana, sitting on the couch holding hands and kissing here and there. He sees her in this beautiful dress, she looks very pretty, provocative. One can see through it, all the curves ,the lines of her breast and the soft contour of her cleavage. She can spin around and show her soft, well shaven cunt.

Marc began touching gently her well shaved pussy and her soft and firm breast, she smelled different this time, a new perfume that Arabella had given to her. Carly’s lips were very soft and shining and her eyes were deeply focused into Marc’s eyes. They were patiently waiting for the time to see their friends, and the time was moving slowly. They started to kiss a little more and Marc started caressing her thighs. He gently put his finger inside her juicy pussy, something that made her feel like definitely playing before the big encounter. Marc started to lick her gently and then a little deeper. He started to play with her magic spot, one hand in her soft vaginal area massaging and the other on her breast until she was moaning with satisfaction. They hugged, and whispered their love to each other, ready for the adventure to come…

They arrived at the club on time. The music was loud, rhythmic and begging you to dance. Carly and Arabella were looking marvelous, both of their dresses accentuating their figures very well over their well tanned skin. They met Drew for the first time. He had a tall, firm body, friendly and playful,,,inviting. Carly was ready to dance and to liberate her energy. She started to dance with Drew and Marc with Arabella ,all four dancing close. Arabella and Carly started to kiss each other, a signal for Drew…he reached his large fingers into Carly’s wet pussy, gently moving in and out…around. Marc began to touch Arabella’s hotness in the same way. The girls’ moans were an aphrodisiac to lust boiling inside. More dancing and then an exit to the beach…

They spread out their blanket on the deserted area of beach… smoked their joint, drank their wine and began again…the assault on all the senses. Carly took Drew’s luscious penis into her waiting mouth, caressing the hot, and delicious cock, envisioning it, hard and pulsating, filling her burning insides…and that is what came next…they took that ride… of new adventures…new sensations…. As they looked over to Arabella and Marc, a similar passion was flowing as Marc took in Arabella’s juices, thrusting tongue in and out, fingers moving hard and precisely where they needed to be, to set her on her way…the cries of lust and delight were undeniable. Arabella’s mouth and hands were moving over Marc’s luscious cock to the rhythm set by the couple’s intense pleasure and moans.

The moonlight shone over the waves. The ocean continued it’s in and out from the shore. The stars sparkled… the gentle breezes moved over the new friends…life was good.

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