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Life of Paul – Graduation Ch. 01

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All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentional.

If you are enjoying these stories, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t, or things you want to ready more of. I’ll take advice into consideration when I’m working out the next parts of the LoP stories.


Mid June 1998, Last Days of High School

The day before the last day of my high school career started out wonderfully. I had a sensuous visit from my neighbor Leila that morning as she was just getting off of work. Today at lunch, Amber and I found a faculty bathroom we hadn’t yet christened (and promptly did so). And lastly they had the good burritos for sale versus that normal microwave crap they normally have.

It was, however, too good to last it seems. The last couple of days of the year are filled with double periods. Most of them were pure drudgery. However my last english class of high school was today so I had two hours of Ms. Kane trying to get her students interested in writing.

Ms. Kane liked me cause I liked writing. However most of the students, male and even some female, liked Ms. Kane because she was a typical California leggy blonde. She was tall, curvaceous, with very green eyes and a triangle face, button nose, and shoulder length hair that would be a dark sandy color were it not for the sun bleaching. She was desirable to say the least and, according to many of my friends, is the subject of many of their fantasies. She was only in her mid-twenties and a fairly new teacher, but still commanded authority in her manner despite her inexperience.

Today she decided that if she hadn’t interested people in writing yet, she wasn’t going to spend 2 hours trying to convince them now. So if anyone had questions come see her.

Some students, myself included, went up to ask questions and get more information on this or that. When dismissal came, she called me to stay behind.

“Paul,” she started, sitting behind her desk, “I’d like to see you in my office before school tomorrow. 7 am please if you will. I’d like to discuss your final.”

Red alert! My final? What was wrong?

“Is there something wrong with it?” I ask.

She smile reassuringly. “No, it’s fine, and you are going to pass with high marks. I just wanted to see you before school and discuss some things about you taking up writing as more than a hobby. I don’t have time this afternoon but I do tomorrow. And since this is the last class we’ll have together it’s tomorrow or never.”

That…was very nice. “OK. Sure. I can make that. Thanks Ms. Kane. See you tomorrow.”

I left to join my friends heading to the coffee shop for an ice blended mocha. Thinking about it though, few teachers go to such lengths for their students, and it was really a very nice things Ms. Kane was doing for me.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny and perfect. Mostly, I think, because it was the very last day of high school. And even though my uncle was basically cutting me off in a matter of months, and even though if I bombed this presentation I have in a few weeks I was screwed for a good while, it was a nice feeling to have.

I arrived at school before most everyone else and got a parking spot way closer than I usually get. Ms. Kane was lucky enough to have an office in one of the older buildings because she taught so many different classes. IT was built in the 70’s so it was a lot of concrete. I knocked on her door and entered when she bid.

She was seated at her desk, wearing a sleeveless form fitting grey work dress, her sun bleached hair straight and parted.

“Paul, thanks for meeting me,” she said, smiling, “have a seat.” I did so across from her desk.

“I have two things I wanted to go over with you. First, I’ve written down the information of a couple of people who work in publication that I think you’d benefit from talking to.

“Your stories and work in my class over the last 2 years has been exemplary and creative. I think the world would benefit from your perspective and humor.”

“That’s amazing, and thank you very much,” I told her. “I can’t promise I’ll be a writer, but I’ll certainly see what they have to say.”

“Good. You have talent, but that means nothing without work. And I think you have the capability to succeed.”

She leaned back in her chair. “The second item, though, is more of an unknown. I hesitate to bring it up but there isn’t any more time allotted to us this year, so, as I said yesterday, it’s now or never.”

I didn’t say anything, but waited for her to continue.

“For the last few months, I’ve been hearing things. I know that rumors are nothing to pay attention to, but some of them were quite interesting, with the most interesting concerning you.”

“How, dare I ask, so,” I inquired,

She smirked a little bit. “I am a teacher, but still a young woman, and as such istanbul escort I hear things. Some times when I am using one of the women’s restroom, a group would come in and start chattering. This is typical high school bullshit, but one young woman, Ashley, mentioned your name to a friend she was talking to. They were dishing on you; in particular, your ability to show a gal a good time.”

I started sweating. Profusely. Either this was going to end really horribly for me or something really interesting was about to happen.

Horror movies start this way, but then again, so do pornos. I cleared my throat.

“Uh…I am not sure what was said, but you can’t always believe gossip,” I said.

“True,” she conceded, “but her descriptions were detailed and…interesting, mostly concerning your endowments and skills. And she was not the only one to comment as such.

“Now, I don’t make it a habit of stalking restrooms, but my free times coincide with some groups and I have heard a few tidbits concerning you. Enough for me to give them serious consideration as to their merit. And”, she smiled knowingly, “at least one first hand account of you and another girl just yesterday in one of the faculty bathrooms making a sticky mess of each other. From what I heard, she was most satisfied with your ministrations.”

Huh. I had thought I checked to see if anyone was there. Apparently I did not check thoroughly enough. “So,” I ask in a very cool tone (probably), “what is it that you are considering?”

She stood up and walked around the desk, leaning against it close to me. “I am considering fulfilling one of my life goals, and using your help to attain it.”

She moved to lean over me, her hands on the arms of my chair. I could smell her subtle rose perfume. “I have always fantasized about having hot steamy sex with one of my students. Usually its the football players or the like, but I never hear compliments about them.” She stood up fully, leaning back against the desk.

“So this is a unique opportunity for me. You are, technically, still a student. Nothing we do here will affect your grade or future in my class since we don’t have classes anymore together. And…”, she said, standing fully up, running her hands up her waist and over her breasts, “I don’t have a class this morning, and you have a free period, so we both have the time.”

Well…at least I wasn’t in trouble. I stood up in front of her, only a couple of inches taller. My growing erection was straining my pants a bit at this point.

“So,” I asked her, “how can I help fulfill your fantasy?”

“First,” she said, still running her hands over her breasts, “take out that cock so I can see what I’m working with. I know it’s getting hard to hide it even in those baggy pants.”

Still looking into her deep green eyes, I unzipped and extracted my long, thick, and continually hardening member. Ms. Kane looked down after a few moments, eyes widening and smile curling onto her lips.

“My, my,” she said, “the rumors are true it seems. How very good for me.” She reached for my belt and undid it, my pants falling to the ground easily, and pulled my shorts down. She then turned around and moved her hair aside from her neck.

“Do you mind,” she asked sweetly. I grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled down. I was treated to a sight of lightly tanned flesh from her neck to her tailbone before she turned back around. She pushed me back down into the chair and kneeled in front of me.

She took me in one hand and started to jack my shaft at a sedate pace. My hardness increasing by the second, she giggled a little at the speed my erection grew.

“Oh, so eager. Very nice.” She ran her face up the underside of my cock, a tiny trail of precum deposited on her cheek. “Are you ready to have what so many men in this school have fantasized about?” she asked, voice filled with lust.

“Yes, Ms. Kane. Please, yes,” I pleaded.

“Well, since you are such a good student for me, I suppose you deserve a reward.” With out further word, she ran one long luxurious lick along the underside of my cock and then inhaled the head and a few inches.

Her moaning was like a vibrator on my head, especially along the underside where I could feel her tongue lapping at it, flicking it. She bobbed her head slightly to get a good lube going before taking me in even further.

I ran my hands through her hair, along the sides and held them on the back of her head. I didn’t push, but wanted a clear view of her lips distended around my girth, my cock disappearing down her throat more and more each time she went down.

She was able to swallow at least most of me, with a hand still holding the base. No one had been able to take me that far before and the feeling of her lips and throat was exquisite; hot, tight, wet, and indescribably sexy because it was Ms. Kane sucking my dick.

I groaned wantonly when she pulled off of my now fully erect member. avcılar escort She stood up and reached behind her, pulling the neck of her dress down. I was treated again to seeing a whole lot of the lightly tanned flesh of Ms. Kane. She had faint tan lines from a very tiny bikini, large C-cup breasts with deeply pink nipples that were presently very full and firm, and a small mole on the inside of her left one.

Pulling her dress over her hips showed that she preferred to go bare down there, and stood in front of me wearing a pair of thigh high stockings, black heels, and a smirk that held lots of promise. She leaned over me to stroke my cock again.

“You like?” she asked coyly.

“Oh fuck yes, Ms. Kane. You are an absolute goddess.” I may have blurted.

“That sweet. Now this goddess wants you to prove all those rumors I heard are true.” She stood and sat on the desk, one foot on the arm of my chair, her elbows resting on her desk. “Come here and make your teacher proud.”

I got on my knees and dove into her bare pussy with a passion seldom felt. Long licks followed by stroking with my fingers proved to be effective in getting Ms. Kane going. I circled her clit with my tongue, pinching it with my thumb now and again before diving back into tongue fucking her. It didn’t take long before she was ready.

“Oh fuck Paul, those little sluts in the bathroom were right. Oh, shit shit shit oh fuuuuuuck. I heard them talking and it got me wet thinking about you fucking me with your tongue and fingers. Ohhhh fuuuuuuuck oooooooooOOOOO ooooh o o o FUUUUUUCK!” screamed Ms. Kane, her pussy clamping down on my fingers slightly. Not in pulses as I expected, but in a continuous squeeze. When she relaxed I withdrew my fingers and gave her vulva one last long lick.

She pulled my face up to hers, shoving her tongue in my mouth fiercely.

“Now,” she breathed a few moments later, “are you ready to fuck your dear teacher? I bet lots of your friends dreamed of being where you are right now. Don’t they?” she asked.

“Yes, Ms. Kane,” I told her.

“And are you going to tell them you got to fuck your teacher?”

“No, Ms. Kane.”

She kissed me hard again. “Good boy,” she answered. She pulled up into a sitting position, grabbed my cock and lined it up with her entrance, rubbing the head in her juices before putting the head in. “Now, fuck me like all your friends wished they could.”

I did my best. She was extremely wet already but I still took a couple strokes to bury myself in her fully.

“Oh, my fucking god damn, that if a fucking beast,” she moaned. “I may need you to come in after school today as well.”

“I can if you’d like, Ms. Kane,” I told her. Her response was lost as I started pulling nearly all the way out and thrusting back in quickly, my pace quickening with need. Her blowjob got me very close, which she probably sensed, but even breaking to lick her to orgasm didn’t cool it down any. I didn’t want to disappoint so I warned her when I was getting close.

“Oh, fuck,” she panted, “good, I’ve been waiting for you. Fuck me hard and fill me up. Cum for your teacher. Cum inside your teacher. Show me how much you like your favorite teacher. Oh FUCK!” she screamed as I picked up the pace again. She added her fingers to her clit, rubbing herself to her another orgasm.

“Oh shit shit fuck Ohhhhh FUUUUUUUUUCK!” she yelled as she came. Her pussy once again put intense pressure over my cock, making it harder to push into her and making my orgasm hit harder as well. I came shot after shot into Ms. Kanes tight pussy, slamming hard into her with each spasm of my cock. We rested our heads on each others shoulders for a few moments, breathing heavily as we came down.

Ms. Kane moved me up and out of her, a torrent of cum leaking onto her desk. She immediately got onto her knees and took my cock, covered with both of our cum, eagerly into her mouth.

I didn’t know what her plan for now was, but it hardly mattered. She was an animal on my cock; sucking, licking, stroking, kissing. In short order she got me hard again which surprised even myself.

She stood back up, kissing me again. “Now,” she said, “I have one more task for you.”

She reached over her desk, showing off her round and full ass to me, and retrieved a small bottle. Turning back, I could see it was lube.

“In all those gossip sessions, I did not once hear the term ‘anal’. I am correct in assuming this is something you haven’t done?” she asked.

“I’ve thought about it, but I didn’t want to bring it up. I don’t want to push anyone into anything they don’t want to do,” I told her.

“A noble attitude, and quite correct,” Ms. Kane said. “However, I very much want you to stick that summer sausage into my ass and fuck me hard with it.

“And don’t worry,” she said, slathering my fully erect cock with a generous amount of lube, “I’ll tell you exactly what to do. Just follow my directions and we’ll both enjoy it.”

I şirinevler escort smiled at her mischievously. “Yes, Ms. Kane.”

She smiled back and then turned and bent over her desk. She squeezed another amount onto her ass, smearing it around and into her asshole, drawing a moan from her own efforts.

“Now,” said Ms. Kane looking over her shoulder, “start slowly and with firm pressure put the head it. I’m going to make noise but don’t you dare stop.”

“I won’t, Ms. Kane,” I said.

I lined up the head with her ass hole and pressed firmly. There was resistance at first, as well as a deep moan from Ms. Kane, but I pressed on and the head finally popped in.

“Oh fucking shit fuck that is massive,” she said, slamming a hand onto the desk. She bent over more fully to allow easier access, pillowing her breasts out to the side. I continued pushing in inch by inch. I could feel her hand rubbing her pussy, furiously fucking herself with her fingers while I pressed further into her ass.

I pumped in and out of her ass until I was about half way, then I plunged the rest of my cock in one smooth, slow motion.

“OOooooooooooooooooooffoffffffffffffffffffuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUCK” Ms. Kane bellowed. “Fuck, that is deep.” Looking over her shoulder, she said “Now, fuck me fast and hard and don’t stop until you cum. Cum in your favorite teachers ass.”

I could honestly say she was the filthiest fuck I had ever had at that point. Her outright lewdness made it all the hotter. Too hot, in fact, cause I only lasted what felt like a few minutes inside her ass. As she demanded, I started pumping deep, hard and fast, grabbing onto her shoulders to get leverage. Her finger fucking was getting her close and I was ready in no time.


“Oh FUCK, yes yes, fuck YES OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEE,” she screamed. Her orgasm once against squeezed in one long spasm, and being inside her ass made it much tighter, almost to the point of pain. I blasted a half dozen powerful shots into her ass. Each shot made me spasm and thrust deeper into ass, which drew a moan from my teachers lips. Finally spent, I slowly withdrew from Ms. Kanes delightful ass.

I collapsed in the chair while Ms. Kane stayed bent over the desk, my cum dripping slowly from her pussy and ass. It was a fascinating sight to watch. It was at least 5 minutes before she stood up, grab something from her desk and came back around. It was baby wipes. She offered me some and I cleaned myself off. She cleaned up her legs, but not her pussy or ass. Instead she pulled some thin lace panties from her bag and put them on.

Still mostly nude, breasts hanging hypnotically in front of me, she bent over my chair, nearly touching nose to nose.

“Thank you for helping me fulfill my fantasy,” she said, kissing me briefly but passionately.

“My pleasure,” I replied, “any time I’m able”.

Still bending over me, she had a smirk on her lips still and moved close to my face to whisper, “I hope that you find it as much a turn on as I do, knowing that your friends in my class today will be sitting there, sadly fantasizing about fucking me, while your cum seeps into my panties from the absolute monster you fucked me with. And that every word I tell them today is coming from the lips that were wrapped around your cock.” She bit my ear hard, which really just made it so much hotter.

She stood up fully and grabbed her dress. I grabbed my clothes and put them on. It was only kind of a bummer that she got dressed, but looking at the clock, she had a half hour to get ready for her next class.

“I was serious though,” I said when we were dressed, “I don’t live far from here so if you have any other fantasies you think I can help with, let me know.” I wrote down my address and phone number on an index card for her. She tucked it into her purse.

“I will definitely keep that in mind,” she said. She came around the desk and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back, but also moved down a little to fondle her ass one last time.

“Mmmm, careful,” she breathed in my ear, “I might very well give you detention after school with me, just to feel you in my ass again.”

I gave her ass a firm squeeze. “It’d be worth it,” I whispered back. We kissed goodbye and she promised to get in touch over the summer.

Checking the clock again it was 10 till 8. Since it was the last day everyone was in good spirits. Ashley waved me down on our way to chemistry. Her long platinum hair waved around in the breeze, as did the short, strappy sundress she wore over her lithe form. “Hey, last day,” she said, “are you going to that massive beach party today? I heard it could last days from all the booze they bought.”

“Totally,” I told her.

“Oh, by the way,” I said, pulling Ashley in close, “I heard you were talking about me to someone in the girls room. Might I ask who?”

“Well, I may have mentioned you to some friends a little while ago.” she said noncommittally.

I pulled her closer, her chest pressing against mine. “You aren’t planning to share me are you,” I asked.

She smiled brightly at me. “I understand that others need your help, but I will gladly take as much of you as you can share with me. Speaking of sharing,” she lowered her voice, “did Amber talk to you yet about her idea?”

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