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Leading Him Astray Ch. 02

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It was another week before I got to see Andy again. A week of slightly awkward, apprehensive texts and online conversations which grew bolder and bolder as we got used to the change in our relationship.

Finally, on a Friday morning I got the text I was hoping for.

“Day off work, on my way over to yours for some corruption. A xx”

If anyone saw my grin, they would take me for a lunatic and lock me up. Fortunately I am out walking my two dogs, so there’s no one here to see but them, and Irish Setters have no right to judge anyone a lunatic!

I text back telling him to let himself in if he gets there before me. Just as I receive the ‘message sent’ beep though I realise, this is not how I want to look! Not today.

Its a hot day, my thick, wavy black hair is pulled up off my neck through the back of my baseball cap. Escaped curls slick to the back of my neck with sweat and my T-shirt is sticking to my ribs.

I have on an incredibly scruffy pair of cut off denim shorts, in a vain attempt to get a colour on my legs other than ‘pale blue’ (I am beyond white, I look like I need defrosting!). Sadly I am not going to succeed in getting nicely tanned legs as walking the dogs over the fields means I have to wear knee high leather boots. I might be a fan of mild S&M, but thorns and nettle stings just don’t do it for me!

Maybe if I hurry up, I can get back and get a shower before Andy arrives, although what state I’ll be in when I get home I don’t know. I am unbelievably nervous and incredibly turned on already, my shorts are tight, I forgot (no really I did!) to put any knickers on, and each stride makes the denim pull and rub between my legs.

Feeling more than a little hot and bothered I finally get home and head straight through the back gate to put the dogs away in their kennel. I run in through the back door, pulling my T-shirt over my head, but too late, Andy is leaning against the wall at the bottom of the stairs grinning at me.

Wow, he really has no idea how hot he looks in a plain white T-shirt and jeans. I try to pull the T-shirt back down over my head, but he moves towards me and grabs it, pulling it off, taking my baseball cap with it.

“Now that… is a view worth waiting for!” He laughs as I try, and fail, to cover up my comfy grey bra and hope he doesn’t notice the dust and dog hair sticking to my damp skin.

He hooks a finger into the waistband of my shorts and pulls me into him, wrapping me in his arms and whispering into my hair.

“Hey you. This week has been too long.”

I lean back a little and look up at him, losing myself in those sparkling brown eyes. His hands against my bare back send shivers up my spine, the faintest hint of a tremor in them gives away his nervousness. Our lips brush together, tentatively, carefully, and then bolder and harder. His tongue searching for mine, my teeth grazing his lower lip, suckling and nibbling.

His hands slid down my back and over my bum cheeks, pulling me up against the growing bulge in his jeans.

“Mmm,” he moans into my neck as he feels the pressure of my belly against his cock.

“Ah, wait a second,” I push him off. “I need a shower, right now.” I pause, “wanna help?”

Before he can answer me I head up the stairs, into the bathroom, and he’s just seconds behind me as I turn on the shower. He fumbles a little with the clasp on my bra, and then as it comes free, he slides the shoulder straps down over my arms, releasing my full, round boobs. His hands move down, unzipping my shorts and pushing them down over my thighs.

“Oooh! No panties. You are a dirty girl!”

“Mmmhmm,” I grin and step into the shower. “That’s why I need to get in here.”

I close my eyes as the hot water streams over my head, down my face and wonder if he is just staring at me. Then I feel his hands, he’s found the shower gel and starts to rub it up my arms, over my ribs and belly. Softly cupping my breasts he rubs a thumb across each nipple, making me moan in pleasure.

“Turn around now,” he instructs, letting his soapy hands slide down over my hips, covering me in sweet scented foam. I turn and his hands rub up my spine, down again, squeezing my butt cheeks and letting a finger trail down the cleft between them. I part my legs a little and his fingers explore further, lathering up my smooth pussy and rubbing gently across the sensitive skin around my asshole.

I turn again to let the cascading water rinse off the soap, and open my eyes. He is kneeling on the floor in front of me, one hand undoing torbalı escort his belt buckle and the other slowly trailing back up my thigh.

“Nearly done,” he murmurs, bringing his lips to my smooth thigh, kissing it softly and flicking out his tongue. He moves further up between my legs, teasing with a finger just between the puffy wet lips, kissing the top of the cleft between them.

His tongue slips inside a little, gliding over my clit and tasting me. Oh god, I could let him do this forever but I am supposed to be corrupting him today, not the other way round.

As if reading my thoughts he stops and stands up, steadying me as I step out of the shower. He kisses me and I taste myself on his lips and tongue.

“You erm, seem a little over dressed now Andy.” I say, looking him up and down, T-shirt untucked, belt undone but otherwise fully clothed.

“Yeah,” he smiles shyly, “Just a bit. You on the other hand, mmm almost perfect.”

“Hey! Whaddya mean ‘almost’!” I land a slap on his bare arm and he laughs.

“Wellllll…” He bites his lip and looks over at the long leather boots I kicked off in the bathroom doorway. “You could put those back on.”

“Deviant!” I laugh in mock horror and slide my feet back into the boots. “You are such a pervert.”

“I know, but you like it!”

I can’t disagree there really, so I take his hand and lead him to my bedroom, wearing nothing but my knee high leather boots and a pretty big smile.

“Ok then deviant boy, what shall I do with you hmm?”

He looks at the floor, chewing his lip and mumbles a little.

” I didn’t catch that, what shall I do to you?” I ask again, getting more comfortable with the dominant role.

Its barely a whisper as he pulls his top over his head.


I push him onto the bed and yank off his jeans and shorts in one move. Straddling his waist, my pussy inches from his thick hard cock, I ask again.

“What do you want?”

He takes a deep breath and says it properly.

“Fuck my ass. Make me your bitch.”

I smile down at him and kiss his soft lips, his neck, his throat, finding all the spots that make his cock twitch under my pussy.

“Ok then.” I sigh into his ear, and slide off him.

“Kneel up on the floor by the end of the bed. You’ll want something to hang on to I think!”

He does as he’s told and I quickly select a few toys I think he will like, and a tube of Astroglide. I set things out in easy reach and then stand in front of him, trying hard not to slip out of my dominating character. This is his fantasy and mine too, and I want so much for this to go just as he has hoped.

He looks up at me and I am standing so close I can feel his rapid hot breaths against my sopping cunt. I run the toe of my boot up between his legs slowly, encouraging him to part them a little more for me.

He complies, eyes wide with lust and maybe a little fear, his cock standing to attention and dripping with pre-cum.

I kneel down beside him, one hand cupping his tight heavy balls and the other tracing a pattern across his bare arse cheeks, up and down the crack sending shivers through his whole body.

His cock is gorgeous, thickly veined with a well defined ridge to the helmet, pleasingly long and rock hard, the slit oozing and making the head glisten and shine. I hold it firmly, encircling my fingers around the base and begin to jack him off slowly whilst reaching for the lube with my other hand.

My lubed fingers slip between his firm cheeks and begin to slide back and forth, looking for and finding his tiny puckered hole. He spreads his legs a little further and his cock twitches in my hand as I circle his opening, pressing in a little, exploring and teasing.

“Ohh,” He moans as I jack him off faster. “I’m gonna cum really soon if you keep that up.”

“Mmm. Not just yet though!” I grip his balls firmly and tug down on them, bringing him back from the brink of orgasm.

I go back to stroking his cock slowly, occasionally running my thumb over and around the swollen head, through the trail of pre-cum. His ass is relaxing under the attentions of my slippery fingers and I begin to gently penetrate him, easing first one finger and then a second into his hot, tight little passage.

Soon he is panting softly as my fingers stretch his hole, reaching deeper with each thrust trying to find that sweet spot inside that I know will drive him wild. I kiss the tip of his cock, running my tongue around the bulging escort torbalı head and tasting his juice and tell him to hold that thought.

Spreading his cheeks further with both hands now I move behind him and he leans forwards obligingly. I run my tongue down his arse crack and let my fingers slip out of him as my tongue takes its place.

“Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” he hisses, trying hard to hold back his climax. I flick my tongue against his well lubed hole, slipping a finger tip in and then out, teasing him a little before pushing my tongue in further, swirling it around, probing as deeply as I can. I continue to tease him a while longer, alternating fingers and tongue until I can slip three fingers inside him without much difficulty.

“Nearly time Andy,” I whisper and reach for a toy, a medium thick glass dildo with a spiral ridge around the outside and a curve to the bulbous tip that I know will hit his p-spot just right. The glass is cold against his skin and as I press it in his muscles clamp shut for a moment denying entry. I keep the pressure on and rub some lube up its 8 inches, and slowly, sweetly it begins to penetrate him.

There’s almost a pop as it slips inside and his cock responds with a jump in my hand. He gasps at the feel of the cold glass in his hot tight hole and I hold it steady whilst he adjusts.

“Lay down on your side” I tell him, and he rolls over obediently, bending one knee so I have full access to him. I guide the dildo in deeper, feeling the resistance and give each time one of the ridges pops inside, watching penetrate and fill him.

Kneeling over him I finally take his cock in my mouth and suck it, gently at first but harder and harder as the glass tool works its way into him.

He holds my hair back away from my face, knotting his fingers into it and guiding my head up and down his throbbing shaft.

“I need to cum for you baby,” he moans and I increase the speed of my thrusts, making his ass take the full 8 inches. Each time the curved head of the toy slides past his prostate he gasps involuntarily and his cock jumps in my mouth.

My cunt is aching now and I can feel the wetness spread past my outer lips and down my thighs.

He moans louder, pushing my head onto his cock harder until the head hits the back of my throat and I take him deeper.

He stiffens and cries out, “Oh fuuuuuuuuck” and his cock head swells as he jams it down my throat, spurting hot salty cum into me. I keep sliding the dildo in and out of him, twisting it and rocking it against his p-spot until the stream of cum subsides and he pulls away from my face, panting and sweating.

He pulls me up level with him and kisses his cum from my lips and throat, exploring my mouth with his tongue.

“Oh god.” He sighs into my hair, holding me tightly. “That was so… so good.”

“We aren’t done yet boy.” I giggle softly. “But you need to make me cum, or I think I’m gonna explode.”

He grins at me, “I don’t think that’s going to be too hard,” and pulls me up and onto the bed.

I lean over and grab a couple more toys from the drawer by the bed.

“We need these, this ones for you.” I pass him a moderately sized black butt plug. “I think you should pop that in now.”

He takes it eagerly and sliding out the glass toy that was still lodged firmly up his rear he presses the wider plug in. A moments resistance and it pops inside, fitting him snugly and stretching him just a little more.

“What’s this?” He picks up the other toy which has a long cock like shaft one end and a shorter, bulbous shape the other.

“That’s my favourite toy,” I say, taking it from him. “The short end fits inside me and then the long end can go wherever I want it.”

His eyes open wide. “Wow… so… a strapless strap-on.”

During this minor discovery of the delights of my toy box, my fingers have strayed to my dripping cunt, stroking and playing, enjoying him watching me.

Now he takes my wet fingers and licks them, sucking them into his mouth, savouring the taste of me. Leaning down he finds my clit with his tongue, lapping and sucking, making me cry out. He finds my tight opening and pushes two fingers in, curving them forwards searching for my g-spot. I raise my hips off the bed, pushing my clit further into his mouth, trying to take his fingers deeper as they hit their goal.

“Oh fuck yessssss,” I growl as his fingers massage that magic spot deep inside me.

With his free hand he starts to rub the short thick end torbalı escort bayan of the toy between my lips, pushing it back to rub over my anus and then forwards, past the fingers working at my cunt and over my clit.

“I’m going to cum,” I moan, and he responds, circling the pad of his thumb around my hard little nub, and begins to push the smooth rounded end of the toy inside my tight cunt. I begin to buck my hips wildly but he never lets his thumb miss its target, pushing me on into my orgasm as the thick toy slides in.

I cum hard and loud, digging my fingers into his thigh, screaming into my pillow as the bulbous toy fully penetrates me, locking itself deep inside.

“That looked, wild.” He smiles, stroking the loose curls out of my eyes.

“Mmm”. I stroke the back of his neck and look down at the toy protruding obscenely from between my legs.

“It’s going to get wilder.”

He grins and lays back on the bed as I take something from the bedside drawer.

“What have you got there?” He asks, curiously.

I kneel between his legs, pushing a pillow under his butt to raise him up a little. Hesitating a moment, worried that this might be a step too far, I reluctantly open my hand and show him his present.

“It’s a cock ring” I explain, showing him the heavy brass ring, formed in the shape of a snake. “But instead of sitting round the base, it fits under the head.”

He gulped a little, “and the er… tail part?”

“Mmm… that fits down inside, just a little way.”

He paused for a minute, turning the ring over in his hand and then to my surprise, handed it back to me. “Go on then… I’ll try anything once.”

I lube up the ring and carefully lube his cock too, trying really hard not to get him any stiffer than he already is, in case the ring won’t slip on. Gently I push the brass loop over his semi-erect cock, watching his face closely for signs of pain. Twisting it slightly I guide the slim brass tail towards the wet slit, as he moans quietly.

“Feel good? Or… shall I stop?”

“No… it,s… I think its good. Mmm…”

A little more pressure and suddenly the ring slips on, the tail sliding into place, swelling the head of his cock further.

“Ohhhhh… that’s niiiiice!” He sighs and brings his hand down to his cock to explore the new adornment.

As he plays with his cock, getting used to the strange, alien sensation of something inside, I turn my attentions to his hole, still filled with the black plug. I tap on the base and begin to twist it a little, easing it side to side and then in and out until his ass relaxes around it.

“Ready?” I ask, lubing up the thick toy sticking out between my thighs. He moans and smiles in response and I slide the plug out slowly.

Kneeling up closer to him, I move the tip of my silicone cock towards his tight, slippery hole. As I put pressure on it I can feel the base rub against my clit and the portion inside me begin to move deeper.

“Ohhh. Put it in my ass,” He pleads, still staring at his cock, contained and penetrated by the brass ring.

“I want it inside me!” he moans.

I push my hips forwards a little, watching as slowly but steadily the thick toy opens his hole, driving into him. His tight ass stretches to accept the bulbous head and he cries out as it slips inside. I hold still for a moment, resisting the urge to slam it in deep and hard straight away.

After a few moments he urges me on, begging me to fill him, raising his hips towards me, pushing himself onto the toy.

Tentatively I being to thrust, short shallow strokes at first until I get the hang of this unfamiliar movement. As I settle into my stride he begins to buck his hips, matching my pace as I drive the toy deeper and deeper, each stroke sending a wave of pleasure through my cunt and clit.

“Oh Jesus!” He starts to shout and I’m aware I too am moaning and panting loudly in time with my thrusting.

“FUCK IT!” He cries out, “FUCK MY ASS”

I push his legs up into the air and leaning back I begin to slam into him, pulling almost all the way out and then driving back in as deep as I can go. His hand is almost a blur on his cock, jacking himself off hard and I know he is seconds from exploding and this brings me rapidly to the edge of my own orgasm.

Three more strokes, bottoming out deep inside him, slamming my pelvis against his arse and we both climax hard, wave after wave of the most intense pleasure crashing through our bodies.

I roll off him, pulling him onto his side and he clings to me. Both of us shaking and panting with legs like jelly.

Pausing to catch his breathe, he opens his eyes and stares at me. He rolls me over, cum still oozing out around the brass ring on his cock, he holds my wrists down and kisses me hard and deep.

“I am your bitch.”

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