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Larrissa Gets Hungry

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Big Tits

It is now several days since that fateful night that my life had resumed. The night that I rejoined the living. Remembering back to that night, the pleasures of taking Darius so coolly… in the dark nights air behind the bar. As I remember his cock plunging into me and growing with each stroke, I realize that I am so very hungry. My mind half focused on my hunger half focused on my other hunger. I slowly rise from the couch and pad to the kitchen clad only in a short robe.

“What do I want to eat?” I ask myself. Rummaging through the fridge I find honey, syrup and whipped cream. I slowly run the can of whipped cream over my silk robe.

“God I am so hungry.” As I stand there pondering what it is I want to eat, my eye catches the newspaper once again. There on a flyer is and advertisement for a new Pizza place that opened recently. How many times over the last few weeks had I passed by? How many times had I seen that cute little driver they had hired? He was a rather buffed European man, young strong and virile. He looked to be around 22. My tummy rumbles, but its not just my tummy. “I feel like pizza!”

Slowly I walk back to the living room with the newspaper clutched in my hand and my hunger growing. Picking up the cold receiver and dialing the number to the new pizza place. The sweet young voice on the other end of the immediately said “Adonis’s Pizza Parlour. how may I help you?” I immediately replied “do you have a delivery person?” The sweet young girl on the other end said, “why, yes we do!” I quickly ordered my pizza and said good bye. She had told me that due to the inclement weather that the pizza would take about an hour. That was perfect and I would use the time wisely to prepare for my sweet young Adonis.

I walked to my room and went to my dressing table and slowly slipped my robe away from my body. As I stood there admiring my body, still lean and smooth I reached for the brush and began brushing my blonde tresses until they glimmered in the soft light of my room. Replacing the brush my hand reached towards my perfumes, which one? My hand hovers over the bottles and slowly descends on the tiny bottle of Obsession. Dabbing a bit behind my ears, at my wrists and at the few other pulse points. My blush brush in my hands, I look to the mirror and slowly replace the brush. I don’t need the make up tonight; it seems there is already a flush to güvenilir bahis my face. I stoop to pick up my silky robe and replace it upon my body. The scent of the perfume fills the room, masking another scent. Just then the door buzzer rings. Snapped from deep thought I walk back to the living room, glancing in the mirror. My hand poised on the door handle.

My fingers tighten and the door opens there standing is the young handsome man who delivers. My heart thunders. He is so handsome, strong and yummy looking. My eyes catch his as they scan my figure. I can read his mind; I know what he is thinking about. It is the very same thoughts that course through my veins at this very moment. I invite him to step in while I search for my handbag. Bending and searching high and low. Knowing full well that he cannot help but look at me as I do. Stretching to look up on the tall shelf, my tiny robe pulling up as my hands fumble in mock search. I can feel his eyes roving over me… I can feel his desire mounting as he waits caring less if I ever find the handbag. I offer him a seat while I continue my search for the hidden handbag. Finally finding the handbag that I had pretended to be lost, I returned to the living room and seated myself beside him.

Admiring his handsome, rugged looks. Scooting closer to him as if to pay him, leaning into him. I can smell his cologne; it is a heady very male fragrance that reeks of confidence. As I look up from my wallet I look deep into his eyes and slowly press my lips to his. I can feel his breath quicken and stop all at once. I know that he is thinking the same thoughts as myself. My wallet soon forgotten I tentatively pull him into an embrace. As our bodies enter the embrace my robe slips and reveals my breasts now flushed with the desire the hunger for him. The soft scent of Obsession wraps around the two of us, and I can see the effect that it has on him. His cock has grown hard, locked away in his confining jeans. My hand wanders over his thighs as our lips dance the lovers dance. His hands move to cover my now partly exposed breasts. My heart hammers as his big hands slowly caress and move my robe farther apart. Our kisses and touches and the yearning for them soon lands us on the thick carpeting, though unsure just how or when we arrived there.

As we roll around on the carpeted floor our bodies pressed together, our hearts thundering türkçe bahis in our ears, the cooling pizza sitting still unopened in the box on the coffee table. His hands take the tie to my robe firmly as my hands seek to free his now hardened cock. The whispers of silk, the rasp of a zipper. My hands now freeing the buttons that hide his strong chest from my fingers. The moment the buttons are free my fingertips slip to his naked chest. My head then lowers and suckles at his male nipple that has hardened as my own have. I feel his strong hands gather my body to his, his chest to mine. I feel the length of his member pressed to my trembling thighs.

Once again my head lowers to his chest as they begin the long sensual journey to his center. My lips caress the regions of his chest. Passing over the ripples of his abdomen. My tongue circles his navel as his breath tries to pull it from my tongue. I can feel him as he struggles with one hand to remove the jeans from his body. The room screams of the need and the hunger that is so evident in both. He is finally free of his jeans; my head swims with the image of his god like body naked. Slowly I rise to my knees beside his body as his hands slip the robe from my shoulders.

Moments later I feel my leg swinging over his body eager to feel him pressed to my now dripping and swollen pussy. Slowly I lower myself to sit upon him and grind, my lips parting and covering his shaft with my wetness. I feel his strong hands lift me as my own slip between our sexes. Taking his now ready cock and pressing it to my folds, directing it to my entrance. Slowly I press my body down onto him. I can feel him tremor, hear his moans as my tunnel slips over him. My slicked walls bath his throbbing shaft. Softly sinking my pussy over his cock, my own moans build. Pausing with him fully buried, we struggle to let our bodies adjust. I feel my walls contract and relax around him… adjusting of their own volition. I suddenly feel him twitch within me and know that he can no longer stay still. He slowly begins to thrust upwards, stroking my walls. I begin to match his movements. Soon our bodies are a jumbled mess of legs and arms as they move to please and milk the other. Quickly the mood changes and the hunger that resides in both… rises to the surface. Moans, clutches, quick thrust… the sounds of wetness being well fucked. His hands once again güvenilir bahis siteleri clutch at my breast… twisting, tugging and distending the darkened nipple.

Suddenly I am rolled and his cock still thrusting within me now takes me from above. My shoulders pressed to the carpet my pussy lifted high from the floor. My body convulses under him as his cock plunders thrust after thrust. I feel my body go suddenly rigid with no warning and white lights explode in my head. My body shakes as my cum bubbles up from within me. He suddenly withdraws and dives his face between my cumming thighs.

I can hear him slurping my cum as fast as it flows from me. I hear his moans as each gush reaches his tongue. As my body begins to slow, he jumps back quickly returning his cock to my now sensitive pussy. Unable to move, but so enjoying, he thrusts down into me over and over. Each thrust deliciously pressing my clit to my body. I can both see and hear the deep long morose moan, signaling the end is near. He looks down at my bent body his eyes glazed not really seeing me only the scene. He rears and thrusts one final time. Suddenly feeling him buried deep; his seed begins to race into my upturned pussy. His pressure against my clit drives me to join him, as my wall lock around his spurting cock. My own essence racing to meet his, mingling.

As he finishes emptying what seems like minutes is only seconds. He slowly withdraws from me. Lowers my spent body to the floor and gently covers me with my robe. He glances to his watch as he stands over my laid out body and gasps. He has been here nearly an hour. He quickly dresses. I rise from the floor and slip my robe about me leaving it untied. I reach for my wallet and pay for the now cold pizza. Evilly my hand slips to my cum filled pussy and I run a finger through it, coating my finger with the mixed cums of two hungry people. I bring my finger to my lips as if to taste us, then think again. My finger slowly and smoothly moves to paint his lips, then to my own. He turns to walk out the door. One hunger filled the other ever more present. I lock the door and slip to the couch… to munch the cold pizza.

Thinking what a wonderful delivery service the new pizza place has, I reach for the telephone. I place a call to the owner of the pizza place. As we talk and I extol the wonderful service that the delivery person had given the person on the other end chuckles. Ma’am that was no delivery person, that was me Adonis the owner. My face blushes. He pauses then ends the conversation with… “when ever your in the mood for delivery again, feel free to call me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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