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Kristyn Ch. 01

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It was another warm sunny day in Oklahoma. Chad left his dorm room ready to do the same thing he had done every day for the past week. Chad was spending the summer leading tours for incoming freshmen.

To give you a little background on Chad, he is a 23 year old 5th year student at the university studying Communication. His brown hair, bright blue eyes, 175 lbs. athletic frame made him fairly popular with the ladies on campus. It also helped that he was a former athlete. When he came to the university, it was on an athletic scholarship to play soccer. During his sophomore year, he blew out his knee. At the end of that season, the program went through a coaching change. The new regime saw fit to pull his scholarship as it was doubtful he would ever play for them again. He has been working his way through school and part of that work included leading these tours.

As he approached his tour group of the day, he quickly noticed that it was full of the usual crowd…jocks, nerds, mama’s boys and daddy’s girls. But as he looked around his group one person stuck out. In the back of the group she stood there, alone, her light brown shoulder-length hair under a ball cap. She was wearing a cute pink t-shirt under a brown zip-up sweatshirt that tried to hide her busty chest…but failed miserably. The jeans she wore tastefully showed off her curvy hips and toned thighs, hugging in all the right places. She was 18 years old, her name was Kristyn…according to her “Hello, my name is _____” sticker.

The tour carried on as any other of the 30 some tours Chad had led through the summer. He showed off the buildings, met with professors, took them to the athletic facilities etc. Well, it carried on as usual except whenever he spoke to the group, Chad would constantly catch himself just staring into Kristyn’s beautiful eyes. When they would walk around campus, he couldn’t take his eyes off her tight ass as it swayed back and forth, teasing him. He couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to bury his face between her gorgeous, big tits. The thought gave him a semi-hard on.

Kristyn was no fool, she saw Chad staring at him. She was used to boys staring at her. She knew she was beautiful, and she loved the attention. But high school boys were boring her; she wanted to be with a man. As she felt Chad’s gaze upon her body, she felt a tingle run through her body.

As the tour came to its end, Chad led the group to the University Commons where they could grab a bite to eat and then go their separate ways to tour the campus on their own. It was then, out of the corner of his eye, that Chad saw Kristyn walking up to him and he turned to face her.

“Hi…Kristyn right? What can I do for you?”

“Yeah,” she replied cautiously. “I was wondering if you could help me out with something.”

“Yeah no problem. What do you need?”

“Well I know that we are allowed to tour the dorms with our parents, but my parents didn’t come with me. I was hoping…that you might be able to show me around. If you have something to do that’s ok, I…”

“No bahis firmaları problem at all.” Chad said cutting her off. “I’ll show you around. I was just about to head up to my dorm. You can come along if you want.”

Kristyn smiled. She knew the possibilities that his proposal presented and she loved it. They headed out of the Commons and walked toward Chad’s dorm, a block away.

“So how do you like the University so far?” Chad asked.

“I like it so far. It’s nice to get out of my stupid high school.”

“Yeah, I remember my senior year. I couldn’t wait to get out and get away from my parents. So what do you do for fun?”

She smiled, enjoying the conversation. “I like to get out with friends, crash a few college parties. I’m pretty athletic. I play a lot of sports at my school so that keeps me busy too.”

They reached the front of his dorm, Chad held the door for his guest and let her in. They walked to the elevator, stepped inside. Chad hit the button for the top floor. He turned to face Kristyn, taking in the sight of her beautiful body standing before him.

“An athlete huh? I can see that. I bet all the high school guys go crazy for you too.”

“Ugh, high school boys are so boring. I get so tired of them.” She turned to look at Chad. Smiling she said, “I am more interested in older guys.”

They reached the top floor and stepped out of the elevator. The floor was practically empty since most of the students were gone for the summer. They walked down the hall to Chad’s dorm room. He opened the door and let his guest inside.

“Nice place,” she said.

“It’s alright. Sorry it’s a bit messy. I wasn’t expecting company. So as you can see this is a single, only one of everything. There is my desk over there in the corner and dresser.”

He walked to his bed, sat down and patted the mattress. “And this is my bed.”

Kristyn stood there, eyeing the room. “Cool…can people hear through these walls very well? They look pretty thin.”

Chad chuckled a bit. “Yeah they can. My neighbor last term had his girlfriend over every other night. I heard them having sex so much.”

“His bed is right against that wall,” Chad said as he pointed to the wall opposite his bed. “You get used to the noise though, after a while.”

“Have a seat anywhere you like. Try out the desk; you can see how comfortable the beds are if you like.”

Kristyn walked over to Chad and sat down next to him on his mattress. “Comfy, not like my bed at home but it’s pretty nice.”

“Yeah they’re alright for dorm mattresses. Pretty big too.”

“So Kristyn, how do you like it?”

“I dunno…I guess not.” She turned to him, “Thanks for bringing me up here.”

“Of course! So is your boyfriend coming here next year too?”

She blushed and smiled because she knew where the conversation was going. “I don’t have a boyfriend…”

Chad smiled upon hearing this. He turned his body to face Kristyn, bringing his legs and feet up, leaning against the wall at the head of the bed.

“Really? How could someone kaçak iddaa as beautiful as you not have a boyfriend?”

“Variety is the spice of life,” she said.

Chad laughed, “I like that. That’s a good motto to live by. So what sort of varieties do you enjoy?”

“Apparently the kind you offer,” she said, smiling. Her eyes fixed upon the obvious bulge in Chad’s pants.

Chad looked down, and quickly became aware of his obvious arousal. He smiled and looked back up at Kristyn. “I’m glad you like that. Have you ever been with a college guy before?”

“No…” she said almost subconsciously, as she slid off the bed and onto her knees.

Chad moved to the edge of the bed, got off and stood in front of Kristyn. He leaned against the side of his mattress and looked down at her

“Well I think today is gonna be your first.”

Kristyn maneuvered her body between Chad’s knees. She could feel her rock hard nipple pressing against the fabric of her pink top. She unzipped her hoodie and threw it on the floor behind her. From his vantage point, Chad could see right down her shirt causing his bulging erection to strain even harder against the crotch of his jeans. Kristyn looked up at him with her big innocent high schooler eyes as she brought her hands up to his crotch.

“Can I see it?” she murmured.

Chad pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the bed. This exposed the tight muscles of his bare chest and stomach. “Go ahead baby.”

Without loosing eye contact, Kristyn used her hands to work the button and zipper of Chad’s jeans. She opened his fly, pulled down his jeans and boxers. His massive collegiate cock flopped out onto Kristyn’s innocent teen face.

Chad was very well endowed, a very welcomed surprise for Kristyn. Her eyes and mouth opened wide and she gasped in delight. She was enamored by the thick 8 inches of throbbing circumcised meat that stood there before her.

“You like what you see don’t you?” said Chad.

She nodded. Reaching up, wrapping her hand around his thick member and stroking the shaft. “Can I taste it?”

Chad nodded in response. Without hesitation, Kristyn stuck out her tongue, running it up and down the length of his manhood. Soon the shaft was soaked in her saliva. She expertly took the head into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it.

“MMMMMMM…that’s it babe. Get that big college cock nice and ready. You’re so fucking hot!”

Kristyn felt one of Chad’s hands run through her hair before clamping down on the back of her head. He pushed her mouth down onto his throbbing cock, sliding it into her mouth and down her throat. Kristyn’s eyes started to water, tears running through her makeup. She soon started gagging as Chad’s cock slide in and out of her throat, but showed no signs of stopping.

“Yeah baby, take that cock deep,” Chad urged on.

With every thrust, Kristyn felt it hit the back of her throat, passing her tonsils. This caused her to gag on his intruding cock, her muscles tightening around its girth. Big strings of saliva began running down kaçak bahis her chin, splattering on her chest, soaking her pink top. Chad began a steady rhythm as he fucked Kristyn’s open mouth, still using his hands on the back of her head to slide her mouth down onto his swollen dick. She could feel his balls slapping against her chin with every thrust.

After a couple minutes of this Chad pulled out to allow Kristyn to catch her breath. She leaned away gasping for air, spitting up saliva mixed with a little puke onto the floor. Chad stood there, cock in hand, slick with her spit and smiled at her. She had strings of saliva, puke and precum dangling from her mouth.

“You liked that didn’t you baby? You liked feeling my cock sliding down your throat? Do you want more?”

She smiled up at him. “Use me…I’m your toy.”

“Good. Now come here you little high school slut. Take off your shirt; I wanna see those beautiful tits.”

In one motion, she pulled off her shirt. Her natural 32D breasts falling out.

“MMMMMM…god you are beautiful. Now lay on the bed, I wanna fuck them.”

Kristyn smiled and did as she was told and laid on his mattress, awaiting his cock once again. Chad got up onto the bed and straddled her. He leaned down and spit on her chest, just between her tits. His cock still in hand, he placed his engorged cock between them.

“Wrap those big tits around my cock baby.”

She pushed her beautiful breasts together, closing the valley between them. Chad’s big hard cock disappeared between her tanned teen tits.

“OOOOHHHH baby! I love how your fuck my tits! You have such a big beautiful cock!” She said.

Chad slid his dick in and out of her cleavage. He began to pick up the pace and soon he was slamming his cock between her tits. His balls slapped against her stomach with each thrust.

“You like that cock between your breasts baby? I’m gonna cum all over you!”


“Are you ready for my cum? Beg for it baby. I wanna hear you beg for my cum”

“Yes baby! I want it! Cover me in it!”

Chad pushed his dick in and out hard and fast. His thighs gripped tightly to Kristyn’s hips. Each thrust pushed him further and further into complete ecstasy. Then quickly he grabbed the shaft of his cock and pulled out from between her breasts, holding his big thick cock in his hand.

“I’m gonna cum baby!” he shouted.

“MMMMM…do it baby! Cum all over me!”

Kristyn reached up and replaced Chad’s hands with hers. She started pulling on his dick, jerking him off. She opened her mouth wide, waiting for him to shoot his load all over her, hoping to get a mouthful of his cum. Chad felt his balls tighten and his cock started to spasm. Thick ropes of hot white cum started spurting out of the head of his cock. String after string of his cum landed on her tits, face and mouth.

“Oh yes baby!” he shouted.

Once the last drop of cum had been milked from his cock, Kristyn brought it to her lips and licked him clean. She stared him in the eyes with a look of pure lust.

“MMMMM…yummy. Go Cowboys!”

Chad smiled at her. “I think you are gonna fit in just fine here. Maybe you could be a cheerleader?”

“Or just YOUR cheerleader.” She said and smiled.

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