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Kirsten Gets a Little Crazy Ch. 02

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Kirsten watched carefully as her new dentist walked down the hallway. She was stunned and unsure what to do or say.

Her new dentist was Jamie! He was a guy she had met just the once, a wild night by her own standards.

Kirsten couldn’t help but smile at her recollection of the evening, brief as it was. Never one for casual sex or for that matter any kind of adventure, Kirsten was surprised when Jamie introduced himself at Zebo’s bar that night.

Jamie was the perfect gentleman, and appeared to actually want to get to know her. It threw Kirsten off guard; most guys just wanted to take her somewhere, and, well yes, fuck her. But they soon lost interest when they realized they had to work a little harder.

This guy was a little different, thought Kirsten. Almost a little shy, he admitted that he wasn’t really the crazy or adventurous type, though he would like to be.

She did enjoy getting to know Jamie, just a little. She even allowed herself some mild flirtation, which was returned in kind, albeit a little clumsily on Jamie’s part.

Then, it happened.

Kirsten realized Jamie had to go soon, and she didn’t really want the evening ending just yet. Why not have a little adventure, she thought.

Her best friend Kate always teased her about her old fashioned ways.

“You need to get laid, girlfriend,” was a familiar theme from her friend. And of course, that just put Kirsten further into her shell.

But Kate wasn’t here, it was just her and Jamie.

“Why don’t I get a little crazy before you go?” Kirsten asked.

In the private booth they shared, Kirsten took a deep breath and asked Jamie to close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Kirsten had unbuttoned her top and gave Jamie a good view of her breasts, hidden only by her favorite white bra.

Then, just before Jamie had to leave, she reached between his legs and stroked his very hard cock.

And now, here was that same guy, strolling down the hallway; her new dentist. Oh fuck!

The problem, of course, was that she hadn’t heard from Jamie since that crazy night a few weeks ago. She had his phone illegal bahis number, and sent him a text a few days later, but never received a reply.

Kirsty had thought about going back to Zebo’s; the scene of their original craziness, but had too much pride for that.

The next few moments would be interesting, she thought.

Jamie was looking at his clipboard and called Kirsten’s name. On looking up, he was momentarily stunned, and looked a little panicked thought Kirsten. That will teach him for not returning my text message!

“You’re Kirsten?” asked Jamie.

What the heck! He doesn’t even remember me, thought Kirsten.

“Kirsten,” said Jamie. “Because you’re a new patient, we need to have a brief interview first, ok?”

As they sat down in the interview room, Kirsten felt a mild resentment rising inside her. Did he really not remember her? And yet, she knew Jamie was embarrassed and a little flustered.

“And yes,” said Jamie. “I do remember you, Kirsten. How could I forget?”

“But,” he continued. “I didn’t hear from you, so I figured, well…”

Kirsten was confused. “But I did send you a text. Here, I can show you.”

“Oh, I see what happened,” Jamie said, after seeing the number. “I gave you the wrong number!”

Now what, thought Kirsten; she was all set to give Jamie a piece of her mind, but now had cause for reflection. After all, she did enjoy the brief time they had together; his eyes on her breasts, her hand between his legs. Stop! She told herself.

“But listen, Kirsty”, Jamie stammered. “I think you should see another dentist, that’s the professional thing to do.”

Kirsty recovered her composure, thinking quickly. She knew that Jamie had a suppressed thirst for adventure but his shyness around women was holding him back.

And a good thing too, she thought; he can be my plaything. Oh fuck! She realized Jamie was bringing her out of her own shell and it was a nice feeling, she had to admit. For once, taking charge instead of waiting for things to happen.

“No, that’s fine, Jamie,” said Kirsty. “But I do appreciate your professionalism.”

Kirsten illegal bahis siteleri had just come in for a check up and sitting in the dentists chair she was mildly apprehensive about the next few moments.

With some mild disappointment, an assistant entered and introduced herself.

“Hi, Kirsten,” she smiled cheerfully. “I’m Diane and I’ll be doing your checkup today.” After a moment, she added, “I’m just an assistant but I’ll be supervised by Jamie.”

Now, even more apprehensive, Kirsten smiled and tried to relax on the chair.

While Dianne worked on her, Jamie stood on the other side, supervising her work.

“Everything’s pretty straight forward I think, Dianne,” said Jamie. “I could even leave you to it”

“Don’t you dare,” Diane said, without looking up.

Here it comes again, thought Kirsten. That feeling of craziness was rising up in her.

She discretely let her hand slip off the dentist’s chair.

Kirsten checked to make sure the assistant was still intent on her work. She then tentatively moved her hand and touched Jamie’s leg. It was a test, she knew.

And Jamie didn’t move; not an inch. So Kirsten felt between his legs, feeling his balls and then squeezing gently Jamie’s hardening cock.

Jamie moved a little closer to Kirsten, intent on hiding from his assistant just what the two of them were up to. But Diane was fully focused on her work, oblivious to the erotic scene being played out.

Now Kirsten was ready for more. She moved her fingers and played with the zip on Jamie’s trousers. Kirsten was sure he would baulk at going that far.

Instead, his fingers slid over Kirsten’s hand, and pulled down the zip. This was getting risky she thought! She slipped her finger through the zip opening and felt up his hard cock, through his underpants. Fuck, he was big, she thought.

She slipped his underpants down a little, and slipped her fingers onto his cock.

“How’s that, Kirsten?” asked Jamie. “Is Diane doing ok?”

“She doing very well,” replied Kirsten. “I can see myself getting used to this.”

By now, Kirsten canlı bahis siteleri had Jamie’s cock out and was stroking it and fondling his balls. Now and then she felt Jamie’s hand on hers, in a silent sign of encouragement; not that she needed any.

Diane was totally focused on her work unaware of the scene in front of her.

But now, Diane looked up.

“Oh heck,” said Diane. “I’m out of whitener. I’ll just pop across the road and get some.”

“Oh Jamie,” called Diane as she was walking out the door. “Could you please lower Kirsten a little in the chair, it would make it a little more comfortable for her.”

With Dianne gone, Jamie smiled down at Kirsten. She smiled back, and nodded her silent agreement.

After lowering the chair, Kirsten turned her face towards Jamie. She licked her lips and brought his cock to her face.

She lightly kissed Jamie’s cock, before running her tongue all over the head.

“We don’t have long you know,” she whispered to Jamie.

Kirsten took Jamie’s cock into her mouth, licking it, sucking it. Feeling Jamie pump his cock in and out of her mouth was almost too much for Kirsten.

She squeezed his balls, and took her mouth away.

“I’m feeling very crazy today, Jamie,” she said. “You can cum in my mouth if you want to.”

“Oh fuck,” Jamie replied. And he slid his cock in and out of her mouth.

Kirsten put her hand on Jamie’s cock and pumped it gently, and then more forcefully as she felt Jamie’s arousal reaching the point of no return.

She felt Jamie stop his thrusting, and was briefly still.

Kirsten felt Jamie’s cock almost shudder, and then the warmth as he emptied his load inside her mouth. She pumped his cock with her hand, wanting to get every last drop but also letting Jamie know that she wanted, and desired everything that happened.

“I hope that was ok, Jamie?” asked Kirsten with a grin, and licking her lips.

“You know it was,” replied Jamie. “But I don’t want you thinking I’m a sleaze.”

“Very funny,” smiled Kirsten. “We both need each other I think, to bring out our crazy side. Just let me your slut, ok. I know you want that.”

The look on Jamie’s face suggested he might cum again, in very short order. But they heard noises in the waiting room.

“Oh fuck,” he said. He quickly dressed himself and offered Kirsten some mouthwash.

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