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Public Sex

Hi hi hi everyone, CheeseSandwich222 here. It’s been a while since I last posted, but I was finally able to find time to write another story about two young lovers finding each other–in the most intimate way–for the first time. As with last time, some elements of this story are based on my life, some are pure fantasy.

Happy reading 🙂


“Catch up, Ron!”

I ran after her, my breath seizing in my chest. I saw a flash of dark brown hair and coffee-colored eyes reflecting sunlight. A smile crept on my face unbidden.

“I will if you let me,” I shouted.

Upon hearing this she laughed and started running faster, her giggles carried by the wind. “You’ll never catch me!” she sang. Her dress fluttered around her slender frame, her long, cream-colored legs flying through the grass.

Enticed, I doubled my pace, my long strides swiftly gaining ground on the turf. I reached out my arms and tackled her to the ground and began to tickle her. She doubled over, laughing. “Stop it, stop it!” she said breathlessly. I chuckled and stopped. She lay there in the grass, her chest heaving, smiling at me.

“You’re the worst, Ron, you know that right?” she said.

I grinned and tweaked her nose. “What can I say? You picked me; you must have exceptionally bad taste.”

She laughed again and closed her eyes. I sighed and leaned back, my arms bending slightly. I drank in the sight of her; her hair, sprawled like a fan under her, always looking sexy whether she wore it in a ponytail, bun, or (my favorite) just let it down; her nose, seemingly sculpted from marble, perfect in almost every regard; her smile, making her face somehow even more beautiful, a smile that could stop the world from turning.

My eyes traveled down her shapely breasts and the gentle slope of her stomach covered by the fabric of her dress, down to her legs stretching out through the grass. I ran my finger along her thigh, and she swatted away my hand playfully. She smiled again and my mind immediately went blank. Slightly punch-drunk, I shook my head and lay beside her.

Her hand drifted to mine and our fingertips touched. We watched the clouds drifting by, puffy cotton balls dotting the azure heavens. She pointed. “That one looks like a popsicle,” she said.

“Mm, more like a saltshaker to me,” I responded.

She pulled a face. “It’s a popsicle, and that’s final.”

I pulled a face back at her. “How do you plan to convince me?”

She smiled a devilish smile. “Like this.” She reached over and her lips met mine.

I felt their softness and felt them open under mine. I reached my tongue out and tasted her mouth. She tasted like mint, sugar, and a wild undercurrent that some part of me knew was lust…

She rolled over on the grass and straddled me, her dress riding up and her panties just barely brushing the crotch of my jeans. I let out an involuntary twitch and prayed she couldn’t feel my arousal. Or perhaps could…

I reached my hand out and began to stroke up and down her back. I heard her gasp with pleasure as I cupped her ass. She leaned into me even more, her tongue exploring my mouth as I explored hers–

I turned her onto her back and kissed her giggling mouth again. Her hands traced my jawline and ran through my hair. I pushed gently, tentatively, into her and dimly registered a sharp pain on my scalp as she gasped and scratched me. It was the sweetest pain I’d ever felt. I kissed her neck, my lips exploring, behind her ears, above her collarbone, under her chin.

She gave me one last kiss and rolled over. Out of breath, I sunk into the ground in silence. The devilish smile returned to her face as she flipped onto her stomach and looked up at me.

“That is definitely a popsicle. The most distinct popsicle I’ve ever seen.”

Her smile grew. “See,” she said.

Our fingers intertwined as we watched the clouds continue their slow procession across the sky.

The alarm blared the next morning, cutting through my dreams, a gleaming crimson sword through cotton-candy fantasies. “What-what’s that?” I mumbled, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. I glanced at the calendar on the desk beside me and jumped a foot into the air. I slid out of bed and ran to get dressed.

But where are my manners? Let me start my story from the beginning.

I’d been with Katie for around three months–the most blissful three months of my life. I still remember walking into first period physics and being captivated by her coffee-colored eyes and hair as rich as earth. I wish I could tell a cliché story of how she walked up to me seductively, looked me in the eyes, and asked, “Ron. Do you have a pencil?”

Instead, much unfortunately, as I was walking to refill my water bottle, I tripped on a loose backpack and spilled water all over her brand-new notebook and shorts.

“Oh– my goodness, I’m so sorry,” I said, fumbling for paper towels and drying her desk. I did my best not to look at her shorts sticking to her legs, the stain mersinescort of water revealing just the slightest hint of lace underneath. She laughed.

“You’re totally good,” she said, and helped me dry her sopping notebook. Our fingertips brushed and I felt a jolt of electricity shoot up my spine. She glanced up at me and I realized she’d felt it too.

We looked at each other for a few seconds, and I moved my hand back. “So, uhh,” I began. “How can I make this up to you?”

She kept looking at me and smiled. That smile that could stop the world from turning. “Well, you could buy me a coffee.”

Breathless, I nodded and scribbled my number on a piece of damp paper.

From then on, we spent almost all our time in each other’s company. When I quizzed her for physics tests, I always reminded her how we met. She’d always laugh and ask why I repeated myself so much. I’d just smile and say, “Sometimes, I have to convince myself that this is real.” She’d laugh and kiss my lips lightly. “Don’t worry,” she’d say, “it definitely is.”

We’d both turned 18 several months back, so on the anniversary of our first month together, we decided to get matching tattoos. I winced as the needle entered my skin. “Why a circle?” I asked her through gritted teeth.

“A circle never ends. A circle is contained, strong, and secure. A circle is what I want us to be like.” She smiled and the pain from my wrist miraculously vanished.

I loved Katie because more than a lover, she was my best friend. She was always there for me no matter what and was immensely supportive. We had almost the same sense of humor and making her laugh while she made me laugh always made my day.

The days passed our bond strengthened. It was now nearing the end of our senior year. As prom hurtled onto the horizon, my friends were planning elaborate promposals for their girlfriends. One hired a local dance troupe to contort their bodies into a formation spelling out “prom”. One monogrammed “prom” into a ring made of sapphire and pulled the cliché of slipping it into his girlfriend’s glass at dinner.

One, most memorably, laminated individual letters spelling out “Will you go to prom with me?” and hid it around his girlfriend’s house. I suppose he intended her to find each letter at a time. What happened instead was she got frustrated he wasn’t making a move and broke up with him.

My promposal was something quite different. After making out on my sofa, we were cuddling, when I said, “Katie, I’m taking Sophie to prom.” She giggled and said “Yeah, I’m taking John.” I smiled. “Glad we got that sorted out then. What time do I pick you up?”

Checking my watch, I realized that time was in an hour. Changing into my tux and dress shoes, I drove to her house to pick her up. I stood outside with a bouquet and knocked on her door.

When she opened the door, I felt my breath leave her body. She’d done her hair up in an elegant bun with just the slightest layer of makeup on her face, which made her glow. Her dress was sheer, silvery, and came down from her shoulders, the straps of a halter bra visible above it. She looked at me staring at her and blushed.

“I look that ugly, huh,” she smiled.

Momentarily blinded, I blinked. “Mhm, yes. The worst.” I stepped over and kissed her. Hearing a pointed cough, I broke off to see her dad standing beside her, one eyebrow raised. “You kids have a good time,” he said. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

He kissed her cheek and walked into their house. I took her hand and led her to my car.

When we got in, she turned to me. “Ron,” she said. “I want to lose my virginity tonight.”

Nonplussed, I started. “You sure?” I asked. We’d made out a lot and fooled around under each other’s clothes before, but this was a big step. “I mean, it’d be a first time for me too. You know that.”

“I do,” she said. “I want to lose my virginity tonight and I want to lose it to you.” Her eyes were determined and had a darkness I’d never seen. “Your parents are out of town, right?”

I nodded, my heart quickening.

“Your place, then.”

The rest of prom passed by at a snail’s pace. The more I tried not to think about what was to come, the more I thought about it. I kept stealing glances at the curve of her breasts, the gentle swaying of her ass as she danced. I tried drinking my punch while looking at her inconspicuously and failed fantastically.

At long last, the DJ played the final number. I swayed with her, felt her head on my shoulder.

After it was over, I almost sprinted out of the door, hearing her giggles trailing behind me. We jumped into my car, and I drove twenty over the speed limit until I reached my house. I opened the door and locked it behind us.

We stumbled backwards into my room, kissing more furiously than we’d ever kissed before. She kicked off her heels and I slipped out of my dress shoes, the thin material of my socks rubbing on the flap of the shoe.

I ran my hands through her hair and kissed her deeper. I felt yenişehir escort her body pressing against mine and knew that my arousal was going to be noticeable soon. But I was beyond caring.

I pushed her onto the bed and kissed her neck. I traced a line of kisses down to her collarbone and paused over the lace fabric of her halter bra. I lifted it and delicately kissed underneath it. She shuddered. I paused.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Katie?” I asked. I could feel my erection straining against the zipper of my dress pants, but I waited.

She looked at me and I drowned in her coffee-colored eyes. “Yes, Ron. Yes I am.”

She reached up and kissed me with fervor I’d never felt in her before. The familiar tastes of mint and sugar flooded my mouth again, but the dangerous undercurrent of lust was stronger than it’d ever been.

She broke off and turned around. “Unzip me, Ron.” Her voice was breathless and shaky. With fumbling fingers, I moved the zipper down, and kissed the back of her neck and down her spine as I unzipped. She trembled under my fingertips.

I pushed the sleeves of her dress off, revealing two perfect shoulders glowing in the dim moonlight. I held my breath as she slid out of her dress and drank in the sight of her; her devilish smile, the perfect size and shape of her breasts, the slope of her stomach, inviting downwards to just a hint of dark brown hair, and the greatest treasure of all.

She stepped up to me and kissed me. “Let’s get you out of this, shall we?” Her fingers toyed with my buttons and then deftly worked their way down my shirt. I slid out of it. She unbuckled my belt, and I slid off my pants. My penis was now pushing through the gap in my boxer shorts. She looked at it and her devilish smile widened.

Kneeling, she slipped the hem of my shorts over my erection. I groaned as all six inches of me stiffened more than they’d ever done before. Her eyed met mine, her devilish smile staying. She reached out her tongue and licked the head off my penis. I shivered and she giggled.

She put her hands on my shaft and licked up and down. She opened her mouth fully and let my entire head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, creeping it upwards to the upper part of my shaft. I clenched my fists and stifled a moan.

She licked all the way to the base of my penis and started to play with my balls gently, taking one then another into her mouth. She tickled the base and licked upwards till she reached my head again. She started to take my entire penis into her mouth, going in and out, in and out…

I knew I wouldn’t last long under her ministrations. I’d never felt anything this good, not even when I’d jacked off after a week of abstinence. She swirled her tongue around my penis fully, and I felt my head brush the back of her throat. I shuddered.

“Katie, I’m about to cum,” I said. She just smiled her devilish smile, looked up at me with those coffee-colored eyes glinting dark with mischief and ecstasy, and redoubled her efforts.

“Katie, ahh–” I couldn’t restrain myself and spurt after spurt of hot semen left me. In her surprise, she moved back, and I landed a spurt on her nose. She giggled, wiped it off, and licked her fingers. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

We fell back into the bed, and I lost myself in her hair and the taste of her mouth. The undercurrent of lust kept increasing; it felt as though the space between us was crackling with electricity.

Grabbing my hands, she reached around her back and unclasped her bra. I gently lifted it away from her. She looked down shyly. Her breasts were perfect, milk-colored and tipped with pink areoles and pert nipples.

“They’re a little small, I think,” she said, blushing. “I don’t know if you want them bi–” But I didn’t let her finish. I kissed a line down her neck and into her breasts, teasing them, licking around the areoles and teasing her nipples with my mouth. Her words drowned into small moans.

“Oh, Ron–“

“Shh,” I said against her chest. I felt each one of her breasts in turn, flicking the nipples gently with my thumb. She gasped every time my thumb brushed against them. I pushed her against the headboard and started to kiss down her body. My hands kept her breasts occupied, gently massaging them while teasing the nipples. I could feel her shaking gently underneath me.

I reached the lace of her panties and paused to gently slide them off her perfect legs. She spread them a little wider, and the most magnificent sight I’d ever seen appeared. Her slit was pink and wet, glistening and sparkling. I inhaled the aroma from between her legs and my brain seemed to misfire, overwhelmed by the intensity of the lust I was feeling.

“I think it’s time to return the favor,” I grinned at her.

I started kissing the inside of her thighs, moving upwards. My stubble rubbed against the supped softness of the skin.

“What’re you going to– OH,” she gasped. I gave her labia a long lick. I paused to take in the effect it had, her toroslar escort body trembling slightly, her breasts heaving, the nipples still firm at attention. Her sex tasted better than my wildest dreams, sweet and sour; the smell of her lust was now flooding my mouth.

I started eating her out. I moved my tongue up and down her labia, circling her outer lips and just barely touching the inner. I could hear her moans growing louder somewhere above me. I continued to fondle her breasts as I took her entire pussy into my mouth, plunging my tongue inside her, slowly working my way up her lips to the crest of her clitoris. Her thighs tightened around me, and she put her hands in my hair. Her moans grew louder, and the trembling in her body increased.

I smiled and pulled one hand off her breast and slipped a finger inside her. She gasped. I slowly slid another finger inside her. Her trembles started to shake my body. My tongue swirled upwards and then paused over her clitoris.

I gave it a tentative flick.

She jumped; her hands clenched over the blanket. Her face was almost completely flushed. I gave it another flick. Her body twitched again.

I paused and stood back. I was dimly aware of a layer of precum dripping from my penis. I smiled at her. She gave me her devilish smile.

“Just gonna stop there, will you?” She asked, gently teasing her own nipples.

I laughed and blew on her clitoris. She gave another twitch and let out a little moan.

“No,” I said. “But I wanted to see your reaction.”

I dived back into her and started licking her clitoris with no restraint. Her moans started to grow louder and louder, her legs moving around me. Her ankles conducted their own symphony on my bare back. I slid another finger inside her. It entered with even less resistance than before, now coated with juice from her pussy.

I could sense she was reaching a cliff, a precipice. I licked around her clitoris, and then flicked it with my tongue rapidly. Her breath grew shorter, and she began to arch her back. Then, gently, I bit it.

The effect was electric.

She screamed, her hands clutching my hair, her back arching as her breasts quivered. She pushed her groin into my face, and I closed my eyes as the taste of her intensified under my tongue. She threw her head back, and shuddered, her whole body trembling.

Spent, she collapsed onto the bed. Her breasts were still heaving, but the smile she gave me was the best I’d ever seen her wear. Her hair was in a disarray, spreading out into locks underneath her. She blinked at me lazily. I licked my lips, savoring the taste of her on me, and winked.

We lay next to each other, hands intertwined. My penis, sticky with semen, had begun to subside. But as I caught a glimpse of her gently moving breasts, it stiffened to attention almost immediately. She grinned mischievously.

“Looks like someone’s ready to get into it,” she said.

I gulped, equal parts nervous and excited. “Do you want me to get a condom?” I asked. She shook her head.

“Don’t worry, I’m on birth control. I want just you, Ron. I want you inside me.” She straddled my legs and slowly moved towards me, her dark hair falling onto her breasts.

I propped myself up on the pillow behind me and rolled my foreskin back. I pushed my head against her outer lips, just barely touching them. Sparks of electricity flew through me, and I felt her trembling a little bit. I slid it tentatively up and down her slit. There was remarkably little friction, with a mixture of her wetness and a coating of precum on me. She gasped a little with each motion.

Slowly, oh so slowly, the head of my penis slipped inside her. She squealed. I felt her hymen give way as I advanced and heard her gasp with sudden pain. I paused.

“You ok?” I asked, concerned.

She bit her lip and nodded, thrusting forward inch by inch until I was fully ensconced within her. She lay on top of me, her breasts pressing against my chest. I could feel her heart beating in tandem with mine. The tips of her hair tickled me, and her breath was ragged.

She felt better than anything I’d ever felt before. Her pussy was hot, tight, and slick. I could feel my head brushing the back of her cervix. It took all the force of mind I had not to spend myself inside her right there.

Sitting back up, she pulled herself off me gently, leaving behind a trail of her pussy juices, my precum, and her blood. She gasped slightly as she pushed forwards again and began to move her pelvis into mine.

It was the best sensation I’d ever felt in my life. I felt myself sliding in and out of her, my erection somehow growing with each motion. She was warm and soft, and our bodies fit like a jigsaw. Her moans grew in urgency as she continued thrusting. I reached my hands up her body, supporting her slim waist, my fingers brushing the bottoms of her breasts.

“Oh my god, Ron, that feels so good…”

She rode me with more ferocity, her breasts bouncing up and down and her head thrown back in ecstasy, her hair flying. My penis slid in and out, her inner lips pulling on it with each thrust. She moaned louder and louder. Out of some instinct, I reached my thumb down and rubbed the top of her labia. She arched her back, her moans music to my ears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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