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Just Another Hole In The Wall – Part II

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Just Another Hole In The Wall – Part II
Just Another Hole In The Wall – Part II
a continuation by DizzyD

If you haven’t read Part I yet, you can link it here:


Now on to Part II

As Jenni left her mother’s house she was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she had inadvertently had sex with her own teenage son during what was supposed to be a glory hole adventure. She only lived a couple of blocks away so she decided to leave her car at her mom’s house and walk home because of the amount of wine she had drunk throughout the evening. She also hoped the walk might give her time to clear her mind, but it wasn’t working, all she could think of was Bobby.

She was still a bit tipsy when she got home, but poured one last glass of wine, and as she climbed the stairs all she could think about was what had happened at the glory hole. Surprisingly she wasn’t feeling guilt or shame because she really had no idea it was her son on the other side of the wall until after the fact, and he didn’t seem mad or disgusted by the fact that she was there to suck and fuck anonymous cocks. What she was trying to figure out was why she was still so aroused by the whole situation.

She stood in front of her full-length mirror and pulled her tight black dress over her head. She was a little surprised to see that all she was left wearing was her tiny black bra and black pumps, but then she remembered throwing her thong at Paul’s convulsing body after crushing his balls with her knee. Then she reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, leaving only her heels.

She took another sip of her wine, and as she did she looked at her form in the mirror and thought, ‘I really do have a great body’. First she brought her free hand up and cupped each tit, enjoying their size and firmness, and then she turned around and looked over her shoulder to marvel at her incredible ass. Finally she slid her hand over her flat tummy and smooth pubic mound, and as her middle finger slipped between her thighs and into her pussy she groaned, “Holy fuck I’m still soaked.”

Jenni started stroking her hard clit as she remembered how aroused she was when the anonymous hand appeared through the hole and the fingers first penetrated her creamy cleft, but now that she knew they were her own son’s fingers she was even more turned on. She watched herself in the mirror as one hand played with her pussy while the other pinched her hard nipples, but as her orgasm built she could feel her knees getting weak so she turned down her duvet and dropped her naked body onto her bed.

The beautiful mother couldn’t believe she was still so turned on by the encounter with her son, and she tried to force herself to fantasize about something else as she frigged her clit, but it was no use. Even though she still felt no guilt or remorse, Jenni was trying to put the incident behind her, but as much as she tried, all she could think of was how she wished she had known it was Bobby’s hard young cock she had sucked and fucked, and after struggling with her c0nscience she finally murmured, “It’s no use.”

After a huge sigh of surrender Jenni got out of bed, went to her dresser and retrieved her vibrator… a vibrator she was now certain her son knew she had thanks to her accidentally leaving it on her nightstand, as well as her admitting it in the confessional note she had left him after finding her cum soaked panties under his pillow. With the toy in hand, she fell back onto her bed, spread her legs and easily pushed the synthetic phallus deep into her dripping wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh,” she groaned as she jammed the hard shaft into her aching quim, and as she did she thought of her son’s cock thrusting deep into her cunt. “Oh Bobby,” she moaned as she plunged the vibrator, which was about the same size and thickness as his hard dick, into her hungry pussy again and again, and as she did she could feel her cunt tightening around the invading apparatus.

Jenni fucked herself with the dormant vibrator for a few minutes, letting out guttural groans as she thought of how Bobby’s stiff member pierced her tight cunt, and then she pulled the toy from her pussy, twisted the base to her favorite speed and pressed it to her hard clit.

“Oh My Gaaawd,” she groaned as the buzzing toy hit the tiny pebble. Immediately her insides melted as she rolled the tip of the vibrator over the nerve-filled sex organ, and she new it wouldn’t be long.

With the tip of the battery powered spear pressed to her clit, her thoughts shifted to Bobby’s unbelievably hard cock in her mouth. She tried to remember every nuance of his erection on her tongue, every bump, every ridge, every vein, and then she remembered the moment it started swelling even more between her lips and she moaned, “Oh God Bobby… cum in mommy’s mouth.”

As her orgasm built Jenni’s mind dealt with two realities, first that she was going to have an orgasm from the memory of her son’s cock pumping gouts of creamy jizz into her mouth, and second was that she regretted not knowing it was his virgin cum she was swallowing until after the fact, but after promising herself she would be able to put the incident behind her… she let herself climax.

“Oh fuck BobbyyyYEEEEESSSS,” Jenni wailed as the memory of the taste and texture of her son’s thick sweet load caused her to her cum… just as it had in the video booth when she had sucked him off.

Jenni’s groin muscles erupted into a series of powerful orgasmic contractions, with each one causing a loud grunt deep in her chest. She jammed the fake cock as deep into her cunt as she could, and she could feel her pussy walls clenching around it over and over. The memory of swallowing her son’s cum, not once but twice, was giving her one of the most powerful orgasms she ever had, but as her climax waned she regretted not being able to see what his handsome face looked like as he came, but once again she told herself it was something she could never experience.

As the final spasms twitched in her groin, Jenni’s body finally relaxed. She slowly extracted the fake cock from deep in her drenched cunt and saw she had cum so hard that there was a milky coating on the toy that looked like sperm. Once again she thought of her son’s cock and groaned, “Oh Bobby,” before taking the toy into her mouth and sucking the fluid from the shaft, imagining it was his spunk.

Jenni licked her vibrator clean as the final orgasmic twitches reverberated through her groin, and then her body went limp. The physical and emotional roller coaster she had ridden had exhausted her, and she drifted off to sleep in the nude, something she never did when Bobby was home.

At the same moment Jenni was masturbating, her son was sitting in his room at his grandmother’s house trying to play a video game, but like his mom, Bobby couldn’t concentrate because all he could think about was what happened in the video booth, and the moment he saw who had taken his virginity, and it was something he couldn’t get out of his mind.

He could vividly remembered sneaking into the next booth to get a glimpse of the woman who had given him his first blowjob and fuck, and there she was, standing with her back to him… her perfect shoulders forming a vee that tapered to her waist… the incredible ass that was enhanced even more by her black heels… and the shapely legs that were as good as any he had seen in any porn magazine. Then as she turned around and his eyes panned up, over her muscular thighs and smooth shaven mound… the flat tummy and firm round tits with their hard pink nipples… and finally the moment he reached her face and realized it wasn’t a stranger… it was his own mom.

The memory of her amazing body and gorgeous sperm splattered face had Bobby’s cock rising again, and even though he had already cum twice in that booth he knew he needed to masturbate. He always had an ample supply of spunk, and had actually jacked off six times in one day when Jake leant him a stack of his dad’s porn magazines, so stroking out a third load wouldn’t be a problem, especially with the memory of what had happened earlier still fresh in his mind, but just as he was going to lock the door so he could jerk off his grandmother appeared in the doorway.

Linda was wearing a beach cover that came to mid-thigh, flip-flops and was holding a towel as she said, “Hey Sport, I’m headed down to the hot tub, why don’t you join me and we can talk more about today?”

At first he thought of declining the offer so he could rub out another load, but his grandmother always wore skimpy bathing suits when she went into the hot tub or sunbathed, and he loved that. There was even one awesome day he had come over unannounced and she was laying out wearing only a thong. She was on her stomach so he couldn’t see her tits, but her ass cheeks were in full view and that gave him a bulge in his shorts that he was sure she noticed. And judging by the amount of cleavage she was showing now he figured she was wearing a very tiny bikini so he said, “I’ll be right down grandma.”

“Great, I’ll go down and get the tub going,” Linda said, and as she spun around the back of her robe lifted and Bobby caught a quick glimpse of what looked to be the bottom of her naked ass cheeks.

‘Holy cow, she’s wearing a thong again’, he thought to himself. He figured seeing his grandmother’s amazing derriere would add inspiration to his pending jerk session so he went to put on his suit, but before he did he did he slipped on an athletic supporter which he had learned would help hide his erection when checking out hot girls at the pool, or his mom and grandma when they sunbathed.

Unfortunately the jock strap didn’t seem to hide the bulge in his trunks as much as it usually did so he waited a few minutes until his swollen prick started to deflate, and then he grabbed a towel and headed downstairs. When he reached the patio his grandmother was already in the tub with the jets turned on.

“There you are, I was wondering if you were coming down,” Linda said.

“I couldn’t find my suit,” Bobby lied as he stepped up onto the small deck that surrounded the hot tub, and when he looked down he saw quite a bit of his grandmother’s large breasts above the water line, but he didn’t see any evidence of a bathing suit. Unfortunately the bubbles from the jets didn’t allow him to see under the water, but he thought she had to be wearing the smallest bikini in history.

Bobby dropped his towel but just as he was about to step into the tub his grandmother said, “Hold on, if I’m not wearing a suit, then neither are you.”

“What,” Bobby asked in a mixture of shock and confusion.

“You’ve got to take off your trunks to get in,” Linda said.

“You mean you’re…ummm” Bobby stuttered.

“Naked,” Linda replied with a smile, and then she added, “Sometimes I like to just sit in here naked and feel the water on my entire body… c’mon, you’ll like it.”

Just then Linda sat up a little higher and her bright pink nipples made a very brief appearance before disappearing beneath the foaming water again. It was only a split second, but it was long enough for Bobby to get a glimpse, and now he had a real problem. His grandmother wanted him to take off his swim trunks and supporter but her quick nip slip had the teen’s blood rushing to his cock and he knew he would be totally erect in a matter of seconds.

What Bobby didn’t realize was his sexy grandmother had purposely flashed him with her pink buds, and then she smiled and asked, “Well aren’t you going to get in?”

“Um yeah,” Bobby said as he deftly turned his back and pushed his trunks down. Linda almost giggled at his modesty when she saw he was wearing an athletic supporter, and as he slid it down his legs she admired his muscular young ass. Then as he began backing into the tub she caught a glimpse of his testicles, but not his swollen prick… but she would make sure that would change soon.

Once he was seated across from her Linda said, “So, have you still been thinking about what happened between you and your mom today?”

“Yeah,” he admitted, figuring it was useless to lie about it.

“And what have you been thinking,” his grandma asked, wanting more details.

“Like I said, I’m not mad at mom, but a part of me wishes I would have known it was her, as long as she didn’t know it was me, and I’m having a hard time understanding that,” Bobby responded honestly.

Linda smiled because Jenni had told her the same thing, that she wished she would have known it was Bobby without him knowing it was her, and she thought about telling her grandson that, but she decided to keep that information to herself for now, and just said, “Maybe the three of us can figure it out tomorrow,” then she asked, “So have you ever had fantasies about your mom before?”

“Not really, I mean I guess I’ve always been curious about what she, or any woman looked like, you know, naked, because until today I had never seen a real woman like that,” he admitted.

“Have you ever wondered what I look like naked,” Linda asked bluntly.

Bobby felt his face flush as he meekly answered, “Yes.”

“Don’t be embarrassed honey, I’m actually flattered,” Linda said with a smile, and then she added, “So your mom told me that you used her panties to masturbate, how long have you been doing that?”

“Wow, she really does tell you everything… I did yesterday, but that was the first time,” Bobby said.

“She told me there were two pairs of freshly used panties under your pillow and that Jake had been there… did both of you use a pair,” Linda asked bluntly.

“Yeah, we do it together sometimes, using mom’s panties was actually his idea,” he admitted.

“Have you two ever done it to each other,” Linda asked as her pussy began to simmer.

“No, I mean I’ve thought about trying it, just to feel what it would be like for someone else to do it, but I guess I don’t need to wonder about that any more,” Bobby replied with a nervous laugh.

“I understand honey, I had a friend when I was younger than you and she and I played with each other, we weren’t gay, not that there is güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri anything wrong with that, we were just curious,” Linda said.

“What do you mean you ‘played with each other’,” Bobby asked as more blood rushed to his already rock solid dick.

“At first we kissed, just to see what it was like, and then when we had sleepovers we would masturbate in bed together, with one sucking the other’s nipples… then we starting fingering each other and finally we licked each other’s pussies,” Linda said with no shame.

“Wow,” Bobby said in open-mouthed amazement, not just because of what his grandma had done, but how graphically she described it to him.

Then Linda said, “Your mom also told me you’ve snooped through her drawers and seen her vibrator so you know she masturbates… and speaking if which, how often do you do it?”

“I do it almost every day,” Bobby said in a sheepish tone.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed over honey, I’d be more worried about you if you were a teenage boy who didn’t masturbate almost every day, I mean you’ve seen your mom’s vibrator so you know she does it, and I own a couple of them and use them a lot,” his grandmother admitted openly.

“Really,” Bobby exclaimed, sounding a bit surprised and getting more aroused.

“Sure, I mean I’m not that old, I had your mom when I was a teenager and your mom had you when she was a teenager so I’m probably the youngest grandma in your class, and even though I haven’t dated anyone for a long time I still get horny and need some release, I masturbate four or five times a week, sometimes more,” Linda declared proudly.

His grandmother’s revelation had Bobby wanting to wrap his hand around his hard prick, and with the bubbles in the water making visibility almost zero he was pretty sure she wouldn’t see what he was doing, but decided he’d never get over the embarrassment if she caught him jerking off right in front of her so instead he asked, “Did mom tell you anything else, like about what happened at the book store?”

“She told me a lot of things, but I think we should wait to discuss them when she’s here tomorrow,” Linda replied, and then she said, “I don’t think we need the jets any more, so I’m going to go turn them off.”

Bobby figured she’d wrap her towel around her naked body or cover herself with her small robe, but instead she stood up right in front of him and displayed her glistening nude body to his wide opened eyes, and Bobby could see a proud smile come to her face as he ogled her.

He was amazed at how much her body resembled his mom’s. Linda’s breasts were similar in size and shape to Jenni’s, with little sign of sagging, and the pink nipples that had made a brief appearance a bit earlier were now puckered and hard… not from the cool air as he thought, but because she was as aroused as he was. Her hips were slightly wider than his moms and her legs appeared to be a bit longer, and instead of a completely shaved pubic mound, Linda had a tightly groomed landing strip.

Once she was sure her grandson had gotten a good look she turned to climb out of the tub, giving him a full view of her ass. Bobby had seen it before when he had caught her sunbathing in a thong, but she was on her stomach so it looked a little flat. Now as she lifted her leg to the deck he could see it was as ripe and juicy as his mom’s, and he also got a brief glimpse of her pussy lips as she climbed out.

Linda put a little extra sway into her hips as she walked over to the switch and turned off the jets. Then she slowly walked back towards the tub, giving her handsome grandson another full frontal view. She slowly lowered herself back into the tub, but this time instead of sitting across from Bobby she slid around the seat until she was sitting on his left, with their thighs touching.

Bobby could feel her soft, smooth skin pressing against his and then she rested her hand on top of his thigh as she said, “You know, your mom did tell me one more thing I’ll share with you now.”

“What’s that grandma,” Bobby asked in a trembling voice as she softly rubbed his leg.

“She said that you had the hardest penis she ever felt in her life,” Linda said in a sexy voice.

“She… ummm… said that,” Bobby stammered.

“Yes she did,” his grandmother replied as her hand slid up his thigh until her fingertips were almost touching his scrotum, and then she asked, “I’m curious… are you hard right now Bobby?”

“Uh huh,” the teenager admitted nervously.

Then Linda asked, “Bobby, would you mind if I felt it… just to see if your mom is right?”

“Ummm, sure… I mean okay,” Bobby said, his voice cracking as he felt her hand moving even higher, and then his body shuddered as her fingertips dragged over his scrotum.

The fact that her grandson’s ball sack was virtually hairless sent new tremors into Linda’s already aching cunt. Then she began sliding fingers up around his pubic mound, where she did feel a small nest of soft pubic hair on his pubis, and then she made the final move and wrapped her fist around Bobby’s cock shaft.

“Ohhh,” Bobby involuntarily groaned as Linda gripped his shaft tightly.

“Well your mom was right, that’s probably the hardest cock I’ve ever felt,” Linda said, her insides quivering as she held her grandson’s erection in her hand.

Bobby was surprised that his grandmother called his penis a cock, but he was shocked when instead of releasing it after feeling how hard it was, he felt her hand slide up the shaft and then back down as she started slowly and deliberately masturbating him.

“Is it okay if I do this Bobby,” she asked as her hand manipulated the soft skin that encased what felt like a piece of rebar.

“Uh huh,” Bobby grunted, and then he groaned as she felt her hand picking up the pace.

Linda’s cunt began to quiver even more as she gave her grandson a hand job, but she could tell he wasn’t going to last so she reluctantly released his twitching organ. Bobby let out a soft moan of disappointment but his grandmother softly said, “Don’t worry honey, I’m not stopping completely, I’d just really like to see it… can you sit up here on the deck.”

“Okay Grandma,” Bobby said, and when he stood up and Linda saw his rock hard young prick jutting straight out from his groin it was her turn to gasp.

“Oh Bobby, you have a lovely cock,” Linda said sweetly, and then she patted the deck and said “Sit right here so I can get a good look at it.”

Bobby sat where Linda told him, and then she turned and knelt between his feet on the seat with her face right in front of her handsome grandson’s twitching member. She picked up one of the towels and began patting his still developing torso dry, along with his arms and thighs, and then she began gently dabbing his cock and balls.

Linda estimated his erection to be six to seven inches in length, not huge but certainly impressive, especially on his still developing frame. It had the thickness of a jumbo hot dog that would certainly stretch a pussy nicely, and the last thing she noticed was the pale pink cap that topped his hard shaft.

After inspecting his hard cock Linda said, “Bobby, scoot your bum forward and then lean back.” The teenager did what he was told and that put his cute butt cheeks right at the edge of the hot tub. He was still propped up on his elbows as he felt his grandmother grab his ankles and lift them onto the edge of the hot tub, spreading his legs and giving her a perfect view of his testicles in their tightened sack as well as his tiny puckered asshole. Then he felt her warm hand reach between his legs and cup his balls.

“Ohhhh,” the teen moaned as his grandmother gently rolled his balls in her hand.

Linda could feel the effect of her hand relaxing his scrotum, letting her pinch her fingers behind them. Then as Bobby watched his grandmother leaned forward and been slowly licking the smooth, hairless sack, causing him to let out a low groan. Worried she may be gripping his sensitive testicles too hard she asked, “Did I hurt you Bobby?”

“No Grandma, it actually feels really good,” the teen answered honestly.

“I’m glad,” she replied with a smile, and then she lowered her head and began licking him again. Then once she felt his ball sack had loosened enough, she gently sucked each egg shaped testicle into her mouth, and as she did she wrapped her hand around his hard shaft again, but she was careful not to stroke him for fear he might go off like a short fused skyrocket.

Bobby groaned again as he felt his grandmother suck his balls into her mouth, one at a time, and then roll her soft tongue around each one. After sucking on his balls she moved her tongue down over his ‘taint’. As she pressed her tongue against the patch of skin between his scrotum and anus she could feel a hard ridge that she knew was the root of her grandson’s incredibly hard cock. Then Bobby let out a little squeal as Linda actually started swabbing his sensitive little bum hole with her tongue.

“Mmmmm,” Linda moaned as she tongued her grandson’s squeaky-clean asshole, and as he started to squirm she lifted her face and started stroking his cock again. She watched in both joy and amazement as the cap at the top of his shaft swelled into a mushroom shaped knob, making the tiny slit at the tip look like a deep crevice, and the color turned from soft pink to shiny purple. She also knew that what was happening was an early sign that he wasn’t going to last very long, so she stopped jacking his cock.

Bobby looked down to see his grandmother smiling at him from between his legs, and he asked, “Is everything alright?”

“Well honey, I have a little experience in things like this, and I can tell by what’s happening that you’re not going to last much longer,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m kind of getting close to, you know… squirting,” the teenager replied.

“That’s what I thought, so I stopped before you ejaculated because I wanted to ask you something,” she said, still smiling.

“Ummm… sure,” Bobby replied, not sure what was happening.

“Well your mom told me something else earlier,” Linda said.

“What did she tell you,” Bobby asked.

“She told me that you had the sweetest cum she ever tasted,” She explained.

“She did,” Bobby asked.

“Yes she did, and I wondered if you might do me a favor,” Linda said as she carefully wrapped her hand around his burgeoning prick again.

“Sure grandma,” Bobby groaned as he felt his grandmother’s hand encircle him again.

“Would you let me suck your penis until you cum in my mouth… so I can taste it too,” she asked.

“Oh God grandma… yes,” Bobby groaned.

“I thought you might say that,” Linda said with a little giggle.

“Uh huh,” was all Bobby could manage to confirm her assumption.

“Thank you,” Linda said, and as Bobby watched, his grandmother rose up on her knees, exposing her incredible breasts and hard nipples to his eyes once again, and then she leaned forward, opened her lips and took nearly his entire cock into her mouth.

“Oh Grandmaaaaaa,” he groaned as Linda sealed her lips about three quarters of the way down his shaft. The incredible heat and wetness of her mouth had the base of his cock tightening immediately, and at that moment he was glad he had already had two orgasms since he always lasted a little longer after every one.

Bobby wasn’t the only one approaching sexual overload. The moment she took her grandson’s bloated cock into her mouth, Linda’s pussy went from simmer to full boil. As she began slowly gliding her lips up and down his shaft her left hand slipped between her legs and found her puffy labia. She brushed her fingers along the swollen lips, and then she jammed two fingers deep into her greased cunt.

“Mmpff,” Linda grunted around Bobby’s throbbing shaft as she finally started attending to her incredible arousal. Bobby had no idea his grandmother was fingering her own twat, but he could feel what her mouth was doing to him, and it felt every bit as wonderful as when his mom had done it… but this time he knew who was servicing his cock, and that made it even more exciting.

Bobby couldn’t believe it. That morning he was a virgin, and now he was getting a second blowjob from a different woman in just a few hours, and those women were his beautiful mother and grandmother. He could feel the pressure at the base of his prick building and being a chronic masturbator he knew what that meant, but then Linda did something amazing, she forced herself down on his cock until the head slipped into her throat, and she still managed to extend her tongue to lick his balls.

“Oh fuck,” Bobby cried out, a word he had never used in front of his grandmother, but hearing him say ‘fuck’ only aroused Linda more as she began alternating between sliding her soft wet lips up and down his shaft, and then deep throating his cock and tonguing his balls again. She could also feel her own orgasm building so she pulled her fingers from her quivering pussy, not because she didn’t want to cum, but because she wanted to concentrate on Bobby, and unknown to him, she had more plans.

Now Linda doubled down on her efforts to get her grandson’s load. She wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft and began stroking it in unison with her mouth while her left hand began massaging his balls. She could hear Bobby groaning, and she didn’t think it was possible, but she could actually feel his cock swelling and getting harder as his orgasm approached.

“Oh jeez grandma, I’m gonna squirt,” Bobby groaned, wanting to give her a final warning.

Then Linda gave him the final green light as she briefly released his burgeoning shaft from between her lips and said, “Shoot it in my mouth Bobby, I want to taste every drop.”

She quickly sucked Bobby’s swollen prick back into her mouth and started jerking it while swirling her tongue right behind the head, and just as he cried out “Oh GRANDMA,” she felt the underside of his cock flex, and the first jets of spunk splashed against the roof of her oral cavity. Then he grunted, “grandma… grandma… grandma…” as each intense muscle contraction pumped her mouth full of spunk.

Linda felt his cock pulsing wildly on her lower lip and tongue, bets10 and she couldn’t believe that after two orgasms he still had so much thick juice to deliver. It felt like someone had put the barrel of a squirt gun in her mouth and started rapidly pulling the trigger, and even though she had her lips sealed tightly around his shaft so she could taste every bit of his gooey treat, the first couple of blasts contained so much ejaculate that a little leaked onto her chin, so she quickly swallowed to make more room.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed around his spurting cock as it pumped more of his yummy discharge into her mouth, and now that she had the spewing organ under control, Linda was able to savor the sweet and salty taste and smooth texture of his young cum. She could feel the twitching in his shaft slowing and his body relaxing, so she knew his orgasm was nearly over, and knowing it was her own grandson’s thick sap covering her tongue had the muscles deep in her cunt tied in knots.

As the final contraction at the base of his cock forced the last of his sperm into his grandmother’s mouth, Bobby let out a long sigh of satisfaction. Then he looked down to see her sliding her lips up his hard shaft, being careful not to let any cum dribble from her mouth. Once his cockhead slipped from between her lips she opened her mouth, showing him the pool of opaque fluid that filled her lower jaw and covered her tongue, then she used her finger to scoop the sperm from her chin into her mouth, and finally she swallowed hard and then opened her mouth to show Bobby his thick goo was gone.

With the taste of her grandson’s spunk still lingering on her taste buds Linda asked, “So how was that?”

“It was amazing grandma,” Bobby replied.

“Did you like it as much as with your mom earlier,” she asked.

“I did, maybe even a little more because…” Bobby replied, his voice trailing off before finishing his sentence.

“Because of what… you don’t have to be embarrassed honey,” Linda persisted.

“Because… I knew it was you, I guess that made it more exciting,” he replied.

“And that’s why you said you wished you would have known it was your mom earlier, it adds to the excitement… I get that,” Linda said in a very understanding tone.

“Yeah, I guess that’s it,” Bobby said.

“Well your mom was right about one more thing,” Linda said with a smile.

“What’s that grandma,” he asked.

She looked into his eyes and said, “Yours is the yummiest cum I’ve tasted since your Uncle Rob’s”

“Wait… you used to do that to Uncle Rob,” a stunned Bobby asked.

“Yes I did honey, after his accident the doctors didn’t think he could get erections but it turns out he could, and when he would get them he would get very irritated. Unfortunately he had no use of his hands because of his accident which meant he was incapable of masturbating so I would relieve him, at first with my hand, but when it started taking longer for him to cum I started using my mouth,” Linda explained, stopping short of telling him that she and her son had intercourse.

“But grandma, you were just doing it to help Uncle Rob,” Bobby said, surprising Linda with his logic.

“It’s funny because your mom said the same thing,” Linda said, and then she added, “But the truth is every time I did it I got incredibly turned on, just like I am right now, and would have to masturbate right after sucking your Uncle Rob until he came.”

“Did you say you’re ‘turned on’ now,” Bobby asked in a surprised tone.

“The most turned on I’ve been in a long time,” Linda said as she stood up, and after drying her midsection and thighs she put one foot on the deck with her pussy right in front of Bobby and said, “Go ahead and feel how wet my pussy is… it’s okay honey.”

In the dim light he could see his grandmother’s swollen pussy lips, then he slowly reached forward and slipped his middle finger into her slick crevice.

“Oh yessss,” Linda groaned as her grandson pushed one, and then two fingers deep into her cunt. At first it felt to Bobby like he was pushing his fingers into warm, soft butter until he felt the muscles in her vaginal walls start to tighten around his digits.

“Your mom told me… you made her cu… cum with your fingers in… in the video both,” Linda moaned, having a hard time speaking because of the stimulation her grandson’s fingers were providing.

“I guess I did… that’s what her date said,” Bobby announced as he began fingering her faster, and then he made his grandmother gasp as he pushed his probing digits deep inside her dripping cleft and then used his thumb to circle her clit.

“Well… if you keep… keep doing that grandma’s gonna… gonna cum too,” Linda croaked, and then she suddenly slammed her thighs closed on his hand and groaned, “Honey wait… please.”

“Why did you stop me grandma… weren’t you going to cum,” a confused Bobby asked.

“I was almost there,” Linda groaned as her pussy pulsed, only seconds from orgasm, and then as she composed herself she said, “I just want to show you something I love… let’s go inside.”

“Okay,” Bobby said as he watched his grandmother drying her incredible body. Then when he stood up to dry off Linda could see that despite the fact he had just cum in her mouth for his third orgasm of the day, fingering her pussy had given him another erection.

“Is that thing ever soft,” Linda asked with a laugh.

“Not very often,” Bobby replied, laughing too.

Neither grandmother nor grandson bothered wrapping towels around themselves as Bobby followed Linda into the house and up the steps. As they climbed the stairs Bobby was eye level with her derriere, and he marveled at the fact that both his mother and grandmother could have such a perfect ass. When they reached the top Bobby wasn’t sure if she was going to make a right towards his room or a left towards her’s, which he rarely entered, but she made the left and for some reason the thought of doing something naughty in her room made the moment even more exciting.

As soon as they entered the room Linda spun around, quickly dropped to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth again. Bobby groaned as she began sliding her mouth on his shaft while using her tongue to expertly massage the sensitive spot on the underside of his prick, right behind the head. It was as she was fellating him that he looked down and was taken by how pretty she was for a grandmother… then again she was also much younger than all the other grandmothers he knew.

While he wasn’t complaining, he was surprised she was sucking his dick because she had said she wanted to show him something new, but as quickly as she started sucking him she released his cock, stood up and pulled him towards the bed. After turning down the duvet she lay down on the crisp, cool sheets and pulled him down next to her, and as she pressed her naked body to his she whispered, “How would you like to learn how to lick a woman’s pussy?”

“Sure, I mean if that’s what you want I’ll try it grandma,” Bobby replied, still not totally comprehending how a strange twist of fate with his mom in an adult bookstore earlier that evening had turned into a sexual romp with his grandmother, but he wasn’t about to let that uncertainty interfere with what was happening, and he really wanted to please his grandma.

Linda cupped the side of his face and said, “Thank you honey… it’s been a long time since anyone has done that to me, and it’s my favorite thing,” and then she kissed him tenderly on the lips.

Bobby kissed her back, and then he whispered, “I’m not really sure what to do.” It wasn’t that he hadn’t heard of cunnilingus, he was familiar with the concept of licking pussy from the porn magazines Jake had ‘borrowed’ from his dad, but he was very nervous, and Linda sensed that.

“Don’t worry honey, you’ll do fine, just remember most women like to be like to be teased with your mouth and your hands, so start at my neck and work your way down,” Linda replied.

Bobby began kissing and running his tongue below his grandmother’s left ear while his left hand began caressing her breasts and pinching her hard nipples, causing a low groan to emanate from deep in her throat. Then he kissed and licked his way down over her collarbone to the swell of her left breast. Linda held her breath as she felt his mouth getting closer to her nipple, and then she moaned, “Oh yes baby,” as Bobby’s lips encircled the hard button of flesh.

“That’s it Bobby… yessss,” Linda hissed as Bobby sucked the rubbery nub while flicking it with the tip of his tongue. At the same time she could feel her grandson’s hand sliding over her soft tummy and slipping between her legs. Then without having to be told, Bobby gently bit down on Linda’s nipple as he plunged two fingers into her dripping slit.

“Oh fuuuuuck,” Linda groaned as Bobby carefully chewed on her hard nipple while fingering her overheated pussy. Then when he moved to her other nipple to repeat the process, his grandmother could feel his hard young cock pressing in her thigh.

Linda was moaning constantly now, and Bobby could feel the velvety walls of her cunt tightening on his fingers. Even with his limited experience he knew that was a sign that her orgasm was building so he moved from her breasts and began kissing and licking his way down her body. Linda was trembling as he ran his tongue over her stomach, pausing to dip it in her belly button, and then he pulled his fingers from her aching twat and shifted his body until he was lying between her legs with his face right above her soaked womanhood.

It had been a long time since a tongue had caressed Linda’s pussy, and the anticipation combined with the fact that it was her own handsome grandson who was about to break her dry spell had the mature woman on sexual overload. She could feel his warm breath bathing her sex, and the sweet aroma rising from her drooling twat had Bobby’s nostrils flaring and his cock throbbing as it pressed against the silky bed sheet.

Linda spread her legs wide to give Bobby his first close look at a real pussy and he took it all in. The soft landing strip of tightly trimmed blonde pubic hair looked like an arrow pointing down to his grandmother’s cunt. The lips were a soft pink and seemed swollen, and they were shining with a thin coating of her lubricant. Then he put his hands behind her knees and pushed them up and out, spreading her legs even further and giving him a clearer look at her wet cleft and pink, puckered asshole.

As Bobby visually examined her pussy, Linda wondered if he was waiting for her to say something, but just then he began lowering his face and extending his tongue. Her tummy quivered as her grandson’s mouth got closer to her pussy, but just as she thought he was going to take his first taste of her dripping slit his tongue made contact with the crease where her inner thigh met her pubic mound.

Bobby traced his tongue up the soft skin, over her mound, through the small strip of pubic hair and then down along the opposite crease before stopping between her pussy and anus to collect a slight trickle of her sweet nectar, then he repeated the process. Linda groaned as she realized her grandson was teasing her, and then he did something unexpected when flicked his tongue against her asshole.

“Oh you naughty little devil… that feels wonderful,” she groaned as Bobby licked the sensitive orifice, and then he went to the next level when he forced his tongue into the tight opening.

“Yesssss,” Linda hissed as her grandson tongue fucked her asshole before extracting it from the tight ring and dragging it upwards towards his grandmother’s swollen labia.

Linda’s body shook as Bobby’s tongue finally brushed up and down her soft folds, going deeper into her drenched cleft with each pass, but he was careful to avoid her sensitive clit. He was amazed at how good her thick nectar tasted, and then as he began fucking his slippery tongue in and out of his grandmother’s cunt, his hands made their way to her tits and he started pinching her nipples.

“That feels so amazing honey,” Linda groaned as her grandson tongue-fucked her pussy and pinched her nipples, and then she screamed, “OH MY GAAAAWD,” as his tongue finally made contact with her clit.

Linda immediately felt the muscles deep in her groin tighten as Bobby began flicked the tip of his tongue over her pleasure button, and then she let out a groan of pleasure as he began swirling it over her clit in a circular motion. She could feel the pressure building as her grandson’s tongue had her on the verge of a powerful orgasm, and just as she thought he couldn’t give her any more pleasure he slipped two fingers into her tightening cunt… and she came.

“Oh Bobby… FUUUUUUUCK,” Linda wailed as her the nerve endings in her clit sent electric impulses to her pleasure centers and causing the muscles in her cunt and asshole to erupt into a series of rapid, uncontrollable contractions that the teen could actually feel on his lips and chin.

As Linda began grunting with each pleasurable spasm, a fresh wave of syrupy pussy nectar rushed from her twitching slit and the taste and aroma drove Bobby to try and give his grandmother even more pleasure, so he used his tongue to lap it up and then swirl the natural lubricant around her clit even faster while thrusting his fingers deeper into her contracting cunt.

“Jesus, Bobby… I can’t believe it, I’m still cummiiiiing,” Linda cried out as she pulled her knees up and then spread them even wider, giving her grandson even more access, and then she tangled her hands in his hair, keeping his mouth glued to her overheated pussy.

Linda was experienced one of the longest, most powerful orgasms she ever had, and then suddenly she pushed his face from her quivering cunt and grunted, “Bobby, are you still hard?”

“Yes,” he replied, and Linda could see his lips and chin were shining with her juices.

“Come up here,” she said, pulling him upward until his face was above hers and he was kneeling between her legs, then she gasped, “I want your cock inside me.”

“What… are you sure grandma,” Bobby asked.

“Yes honey, I want you to fuck me… I love a cock inside me while mobilbahis my pussy is still cumming,” she groaned as she grabbed his hard shaft and aligned the swollen head with her drenched opening.

That was all the encouragement the teen needed, and as he said, “Okay grandma,” he thrust his hips forward and buried his bloated cock to the hilt.”

“AAAAGGGHHHH,” Linda wailed as for the first time in nearly two years her pussy was being filled by a real live cock. Then she started grunting as Bobby began driving his stiff rod in and out of her like a battering ram. She couldn’t believe how long her grandson’s deliberate fucking was prolonging her orgasm, and she began pushing her hips upward to meet his thrusts.

“Feels… so… good… grandma,” Bobby grunted as he pounded his grandmother’s pussy with his young cock. He could actually feel the muscles in her cunt walls clenching and releasing his swollen organ as her first orgasm began to wane. He was looking down at her as he fucked her, and suddenly she pulled his face down and began licking and sucking her own pussy juices from his chin, cheeks and lips until she had cleaned the remnants from his skin.

The orgasm her grandson had given her with his tongue had finally ended, but as he pounded his swollen cock in and out of her twitching gash she wanted more, and she suddenly said, “Let me roll over, I want you to fuck me from behind honey.”

Bobby pulled his twitching cock from his grandmother’s tight pussy, and as she rolled onto her hands and knees she reached into her nightstand and pulled out a vibrator and some lube. Then she said, “I want you back inside me now Bobby.”

She lowered her chest to the mattress and spread her knees, and when Bobby looked down at her incredible ass he could see her pink, puckered anus, and right below it her swollen red pussy lips. He wrapped his right hand around his hard shaft and placed the head between his grandmother’s wet labia before grasping her soft round hips with both hands, and with one hard thrust buried his rock hard prick back into her quivering cunt.

“Oh gawd Bobby… YESSSS,” Linda cried out as her grandson impaled her on his shaft, and then she screamed, “Fuck grandma’s pussy Bobby… fuck it hard!!”

The room filled with the sounds of Bobby’s hips slapping against his grandmother’s fleshy ass cheeks as he began pounding her defenseless cunt as hard as he could. He moved his hands up towards her waist as he gripped her hips, holding her in place so he could bury every centimeter of his hard young cock deep into her channel. Linda could feel another orgasm building, but she still wanted more so she turned on her vibrator, reached back between her legs and pressed the buzzing toy against her clit.

“Oh shit that’s good… keep fucking me Bobby, keep fucking me,” Linda howled as the combination of her grandson’s piston-like prick stretching her pussy and the vibrations being sent through her nerve filled clit pushed her even closer to orgasm.

Bobby could feel the familiar tightness building in his own groin, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was unloading into his grandma’s body. As he fucked her he looked down at between her ass cheeks and he could see his cock shaft shining with a thick coating of her juices as he unsheathed it before thrusting it back inside her again and again.

Both grandmother and grandson were racing to climax when Linda picked the tube of flavored lubricant off the mattress, handed it back to Bobby and said, “Honey, I want you to spread some of this around grandma’s bum hole, and use a lot of it.”

“Okay,” Bobby said, not really certain what was going on, but he took the cap off the tube, squirted some onto his fingertips, and as he slowed his fucking motion, he started spreading the clear, slippery fluid around his grandmother’s puckered anus.

“Mmmmm,” Linda hummed as her grandson slowly fucked her pussy while his slippery finger massaged her sensitive asshole, and then she said, “Okay Bobby, I want you to put a lot of lube on one of your fingers and then push it inside my bum.”

“Ummm… okay,” Bobby replied, still not certain what was happening, but it seemed like it was turning his grandma on more, and that had his own arousal increasing. He stopped fucking her for a moment as he squirted a substantial dollop of lube on the tip of his right middle finger and then he pressed it against the puckered orifice and began pushing.

“Go slow baby,” Linda groaned as she felt her grandson’s finger begin to penetrate her tight asshole.

Bobby looked down to see his finger starting to disappear into his grandma’s bum, past the first knuckle, then the second, and finally all the way until his entire finger was inside her. Once she felt her grandson’s finger was in her she said, “Okay honey, now slowly move your finger in and out to spread the lube around real good, and then I want you to pull your dick out of me and spread some lube on it.”

After fingering her ass with ample lube, he reluctantly pulled his cock from her pussy, squirted some lube into his hand, and then began spreading it on the swollen head and rock hard shaft of his cock. Once he was done he said, “Okay grandma, now what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to put your dick in my bum,” Linda said as she looked over her shoulder and smiled.

“You do,” Bobby asked, not really sure why he was asking since she had told him to do it.

“I do honey, there’s something I’ve wanted to try but never really felt comfortable, but your penis is perfect for it, so yes honey, I want you to fuck my ass,” she said.

“Okay grandma,” Bobby said, still not 100% certain what was happening, but the thought of putting his hard cock in such a forbidden place had the base of his member twitching.

Linda spread her knees wider, lowering herself a bit, and then Bobby looked down to see her pushing the vibrator all the way inside her pussy. “Ohhhh,” she groaned as the toy filled her vaginal canal, and then she said, “Alright Bobby, I want you to use the head of your dick to smear the lube around my bum hole, and then I want you to start putting it in… it’s going to be really tight because your dick is bigger than your finger, so go slow honey.”

Bobby gripped his slippery cock and moved the lube-coated head in a circular motion to spread the slippery liquid fluid around her puckered sphincter. Once he had spread the lube he pressed the tip of his prick against the opening and began pushing, and as he did he could see the tight opening starting to expand.

“Slow baby… go slow,” Linda groaned as she felt Bobby’s puffy cock head starting to stretch her.

Bobby looked down to see his grandma’s asshole expand until his plum colored knob finally disappeared inside the tight ring of muscle and flesh, and then he began slowly feeding the shaft into the opening. Linda groaned as she felt her grandson’s cock penetrating deeper into her rectum until his hips pressed against her derriere, and he was buried in her ass to the hilt.

“Oh god I feel so full,” Linda groaned as she held all seven inches of her vibrator in her pussy while her grandson’s similarly shaped and sized cock filled her ass, and then she said, “I’ve always wondered what it was like to be DP’d.”

“What’s DP’d grandma,” Bobby asked as he kept his prick firmly lodged in her ass.

“It stands for double penetration honey, it’s when you have one penis in your vagina and one in your bum… it’s something I fantasized about when I was younger, but I was never comfortable enough to do it with anyone til now,” she replied.

Bobby was glad his grandma felt so comfortable with him, and just then she turned her vibrator on and started pushing it in and out of her cunt. “Ohhhhh,” she groaned as she started fucking her own pussy, and through the thin membranes that separated her vagina from her rectum, Bobby could feel the vibrating toy sliding against the underside of his cock.

“That’s it, fuck me harder Bobby,” Linda groaned as she assured her grandson that he wasn’t hurting her, and then she said, “God this feels so good, do you like it honey?”

“Yeah grandma, it feels really good… really tight,” Bobby groaned as he gripped her hips and began pounding her asshole harder and faster.

“Oh gawd, fuck my ass baby, fuck grandma’s ass,” Linda wailed, hoping her neighbors couldn’t hear her screams of pleasure.

Now that he knew he wasn’t hurting her, Bobby abandoned any regard and started assaulting his grandmother’s helpless sphincter with his bloated cock as hard and fast as he could. His hips were a blur as he pounded her ass, and then he groaned, “I’m ready to shoot grandma.”

“It’s okay, cum when your ready honey, I’m almost there too,” Linda moaned. She had always wondered what it would be like to have a cock in each hole, and now that both her cunt a rectum were stuffed full, she was building towards an epic orgasm.

Bobby looked down to see his shining cock disappearing and reappearing, and finally the tightness of his grandmother’s asshole and the feeling of the vibrator pressing against his cock became too much, and he screamed, “Grandma I’m… I’m CUMMIIIINNNGG”

“I can feel it… I can feel you cumming baby,” Linda screamed as Bobby stuffed his spewing cock into her asshole. He grunted over and over as spurt after spurt of his cum flooded her rectum. Linda could feel his cock twitching and pulsing in her tight anus as it pumped his sperm into her, and the feeling of his hot spunk spread in her bowels finally sent her over the edge.

“OH GAWD BOBBY… I’M CUMMMIIIINNNGGG,” Linda screamed as her groin exploded in uncontrollable muscle spasms. Her pussy clamped down on the vibrator and her asshole gripped her grandson’s spewing cock as she came. Bobby could feel his grandmother’s anus clenching and releasing his dick as she came, and it felt like his cock was being milked as he emptied his balls into her ass.

Grandmother and grandson were grunting and groaning as they came together. Then when Bobby leaned back on his haunches and his cock slipped from Linda’s ass, he was amazed when she quickly spun her body until she was on her back with his oozing prick right above her face. Then as she pressed the vibrator to her clit to prolong her orgasm she pulled his slime covered dick into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed around Bobby’s dribbling cock, savoring the mixture of his cum, her own pussy juices, the flavored lube and the slightly heady taste of her own ass as orgasmic spasms continued to ripple through her belly.

Linda kept the vibrator pressed to her clit, getting as much out of her climax as she could. She grunted deep in her throat with each contraction until they started to ease, and then she dropped her head to the mattress, releasing Bobby’s cock from her mouth as she moaned, “So good… so fucking gooooood.”

Bobby looked down to see that his grandmother had sucked and licked his softening cock clean, and then he looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and her body twitched slightly as the last pulses of orgasm went off deep in her cunt, then as she pulled the vibrator away from her clit she opened her eyes, and when she saw Bobby looking at her she asked, “Are you okay?”

“Uh huh… I mean I guess, ” Bobby replied.

“I’m sure this whole day has been a little bit of a confusing for you, are you alright with what you and I just did,” Linda asked.

Bobby thought for a moment, and then he answered, “Yeah, I mean I really liked it, but I don’t want it to change things, I mean I love that you’re my grandma, and I don’t want things to be weird now.”

Linda smiled and said, “And neither do I, so we’ll make sure they aren’t… it takes a lot of maturity for someone to be able to handle something like this, and you seem to be doing that very well.”

“Can I ask you one thing grandma,” Bobby asked, suddenly getting a little introspective.

“After tonight you can ask me anything,” Linda replied with a giggle.

“Well, what happened at the bookstore with me and mom was kind of an accident, even though I still wish I would have know it was her, which still confuses me, but what happened tonight… did you plan it,” Bobby asked curiously.

Linda thought for a second and then she said, “Honestly I never thought of you and I like this until after you and your mom told me about the bookstore, and I’ll admit I got really turned on and a little jealous.”

“You were jealous of me and mom,” Bobby asked, not quite understanding.

“I wasn’t jealous of you and your mom in a romantic way,” Linda quickly explained, and then she said, “It’s just that you’re a very handsome young man, and when your mom told me about what happened I kind of wished it was me instead of her in that booth, and it got me really horny.”

“So mom really enjoyed it too,” Bobby asked enthusiastically.

Linda was still trying to conceal the fact that both Bobby and Jenni had told her they wished they had known who was on the other side of the wall provided the other didn’t, so she said, “I think that’s something we need to talk about as a group tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Bobby replied, and then he asked, “Are you going to tell mom what happened tonight with me and you?”

Linda thought for a moment and then said, “Let’s see how tomorrow goes.”

“Okay grandma,” Bobby said, knowing his grandmother would find a way to make it all work.

Linda sat up and kissed Bobby on his cheek and then said, “Okay sport, I think we need to get some sleep, we have a lot to sort through tomorrow.”

“Okay, goodnight grandma,” Bobby said as he started getting out of bed.

“Where are you going,” Linda asked as her grandson stood up.

“To my room, I thought we were going to bed,” Bobby answered.

Linda patted her mattress and said, “Why don’t you just sleep in here tonight, I like cuddling after sex.”

“Okay grandma,” Bobby said as he climbed back into bed.

Linda rolled on her side with her grandson spooning her from behind, and as she pulled his arm across her body so it was d****d over her tummy she said, “Goodnight Bobby, I love you.”

Bobby pulled her close so her back was against his torso and her ass was pressed to his groin, and he said, “Goodnight grandma… love you too.”

A drained Bobby quickly drifted off to sleep, but Linda was wide-awake as she thought about what the next day would hold when she, Bobby and Jenni were back together again, and what her plan was to bring closure to the whole situation.

Part III to come

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