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Jeannie’s Car

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Alessandra Jane

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, places, or events is purely coincidental.


Distraught, Jeannie Pelfrey stormed into Superior Pre-Owned Auto clutching the repossession notice for her Kia Optima. The nineteen-year-old knew she was behind in her payments, but it was through no fault of her own. She hoped that she could convince them to cut her a break.

Her long, loosely curled brown hair bounced with every step. She wore a purple one-piece dress and heels. She chose it to be suggestive, but not reveal too much. It was tight enough to showcase Jeannie’s curvy ass, short enough to show leg, and cut low enough in front to show off the top of her C-cup breasts. Her heels (which Jeannie actually hated wearing) accentuated her calves and pushed her height up to 5’8″. She wore no makeup save for very lightly applied liner which made her chocolate brown eyes stand out and give her a slightly more exotic look.

A few men who were milling around in the dealership’s lobby stared at her with pure lust in their eyes. Jeannie didn’t care. She wasn’t there to entertain them.

Without waiting for her greeting, Jeannie addressed the blonde woman at the sales and service desk. Jeannie thought that she was probably in her mid-thirties and very attractive.

“I need to see Martin Burdge,” Jeannie said anxiously. “And I need to see him right now.”

“Of course, Miss…?” the woman asked.

“Pelfrey. Jeannie Pelfrey,” she said.

“One moment please.”

The woman pressed a button on the telephone next to her and bent down slightly and spoke into it.

“Mr. Burdge?” she spoke into it as she eyed Jeannie. She smiled slightly.

“Yes?” said a male voice.

“A Miss Jeannie Pelfrey to see you. It looks pretty urgent.”

“Uh, thank you. I’ll be right out,” said the voice.

“He’ll be here momentarily, Miss Pelfrey,” the receptionist said. “If you’d like to have a seat?”

Jeannie mumbled her thanks. But she could only pace nervously as she waited. She tried to calm herself. About a minute-and-a-half later, a voice from behind startled her.

“Jeannie? Good to see you again,” Martin Burdge said as he walked to greet her. “I know why you’re here.”

He motioned to a room to the left.

“Let’s step into my office,” he said.

The office was simply appointed. Gray carpeting, a large desk with a computer monitor and the typical office items on top, a few chairs, and plaques for various achievments on the plain white walls. There was another door which Jeannie guessed led to a bathroom.

Jeannie placed her purse on the desk and explained to Martin, who’d sold her her Kia six months ago, that she’d gotten laid off from her old job at a restaurant, but recently found work. However, she wouldn’t get her first paycheck for over two weeks. She begged for an extension.

“Jeannie,” Martin said with a rueful look on his face. “I don’t know how I can help you. I realize you’ve hit a rough patch and I don’t like kicking people when they’re down. But business is business.”

Jeannie sighed and plopped herself on a chair and buried her face in her hands and nearly broke down. She fretted that her plan to excite Martin Burdge was failing miserably. The thought that he might actually be gay crossed her mind.

Jeannie looked up with the most earnest, pitiful look she could conjure.

“Martin? I’ll do anything,” she begged. “Honestly, I’m not trying to shirk responsibility. I’m a responsible woman dammit! It’s not my fault that my old boss had a gambling problem. The layoffs happened just like that!”

She snapped her fingers.

“None of us had a clue, Martin. None of us! But I’ve got a new job. You’ll get the money, it’s just going to take time. Please!”

Martin shook his head and tried to let the beauty down easy.

“Jeannie, I wish…” he started to say. But she held up her hand and took a deep breath.

“Martin, when I said anything, I meant it,” Jeannie said quietly. “I’m not super experienced, but if it means keeping the car, I’ll… you know?”

“Jeannie!” Martin flared angrily and stood up. He quickly walked to the door and slammed it shut.

“Jeannie? I’m married!”

He looked her up and down and shook his head.

“I should’ve known something was up. God!” he ranted.

Jeannie felt her face burn with shame.

“I…” she tried to say, but she couldn’t continue.

Martin’s tone softened.

“It’s okay, Jeannie. I realize you’re in a bind and…”

He exhaled.

“Ah, I’m not blaming you,” Martin reassured her. “You’re young and I can understand the pressure you’re under. Really. But this is a rash decision.”

Jeannie looked at him mournfully.

“Okay. Truth is Christine and I are not getting along. You’re a beautiful woman, Jeannie, and no guy in his right mind wouldn’t want to be with you. But I can’t afford to get involved in an affair! You hear?”

He put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Jeannie nodded.

“Sorry, Martin. ensest porno I didn’t see a ring,” she replied. “Listen, I hate to sound desperate, but… Shit! I am desperate! You think I like doing this?”

“Mmm…” Martin said with a shrug.

Jeannie took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

“You think she’s cheating on you?” she asked.

Martin’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“God you’re too damned perceptive, Jeannie,” Martin said sharply, but then he chuckled.

The young woman scored points with him.

“You know? You should be working for me,” he said.

Jeannie smiled a little.

“Yeah, Jeannie. In fact, I do think she’s cheating. But I can’t prove it. All I have are suspicions. I was thinking about hiring an investigator.”

Martin looked to Jeannie to be on the verge of tears and felt a little guilty about having rubbed salt in an open wound. Jeannie thought Martin was handsome. His eyes were blue, he had a square-ish jaw, and his temples were just beginning to gray. It gave him a somewhat noble appearance, she thought. He was over two decades older than she, but Jeannie found herself a little attracted to him.

“I’m sorry,” Jeannie whispered. She looked out the window and hoped the uncomfortable moment would pass. Then she suddenly saw a man in a three-piece suit and the blonde woman talking and glancing and nodding at the office. Clearly the discussion was about her and Martin.


She put the repossession notice in her mouth and quickly closed the blinds and locked the door. After a half-second of considering what else to do, Jeannie surreptitiously opened the top of her dress to reveal more of her chest and turned around.

Martin turned away nervously.

Jeannie chuckled to herself.

Guy must not have gotten laid in a while.

“Listen, Martin,” she said, putting the repossession notice on the desk and walking back to the older man. She crossed her arms in front of her.

“I hate to kick people when they’re down, too, but I need my car!” she said flatly.

Trembling slightly, Jeannie reached out and rubbed the crotch of Martin’s gray slacks.

“Shit!” Martin exclaimed in utter shock.

Even flaccid, Jeannie could tell it was fairly big. She smiled.

“Can we maybe work out something? I’ll be really appreciative,” she said. “I promise you I’m no prickteaser and I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Okay,” Martin said shakily as he nodded. The bulge in his slacks grew. “Okay, Jeannie. I guess. Christine’s out of town. She says she’s visiting a sick friend.”

Jeannie instantly understood and snorted.

“Yeah. My thoughts exactly,” Martin said ruefully and sighed. “So? You know that do-it-yourself car wash over on Towne?”

“Yeah?” Jeannie nodded.

“Meet me there about 8:30,” Martin said. “We’ll have to go to your place. I’ll follow you.”

“Why my place?” Jeannie asked.

“Neighbors,” Martin said simply. “Can’t risk them seeing you going into my home. Where do you live?”

“Stonewall,” Jeannie said.

Martin nodded. “Good. It’s way on the other side of town.”

Jeannie reached over for the repossession notice.

“I’ll take care of you if you take care of me, Martin,” she said. Then another thought came to her.

“Say? How much do I owe on my car anyway?” Jeannie asked.

She realized she was pushing it, but in her mind, she rationalized that this was a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Just business.

But both of them needed a good fuck.

I love to fuck, he loves to fuck. No biggie. And if we both get what we want, who’s to say it’s immoral or whatever?

With a wary look, Martin stood and walked behind the desk to the his computer monitor. The front of his slacks were bulging obscenely as he tapped in the information on the keyboard.

“Okay,” he said. “$2,100 and change. Payments are $322 a month. Then you’ve got the ten percent late payment fee and the repo fee’s $250.”

Jeannie’s heart raced.

Holy shit! All that over one late payment?

“But,” Martin said. “I’ll waive the late fee and fix things with the repo company. The owner owes me a favor anyway. Just so you know, Jeannie, it’s not going to be a quickie.”

“What? All night?” she asked incredulously.

“Who knows?” Martin replied. “It takes a lot to get me off. And since I’m taking a hell of a risk, the reward needs to be worth it.”

Jeannie sighed and rubbed her eyes with her thumb and forefinger. She was, by nature, sexually submissive, but it bothered her to be talked about like Martin was doing. The only other option was to drain her savings and cash in a couple of bonds she’d inherited from her grandfather. She was going to do that down the road when it made sense to do it. Doing it now would put her back months. Years even. Her 2004 Kia had over 100,000 miles on it. It wasn’t worth it.

Jeannie frowned. How hypocritical! You’re offended, but look who’s acting like a hooker, huh?

“Jeannie, you have to know that Christine’s fake agent porno a… Let’s just say she’s a very sexual woman, and I got very used to it. Quickies just don’t do it for me. The sex is the only thing I like about her anymore. And even that’s dried up. I mean, she really loves sex! Men and women. She’s gotta be getting it somewhere else. Jeannie, I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert, but about fifteen years ago, which was, oh, about two years after we got married, she convinced me to take part in a foursome with another couple she met through a swingers publication. I didn’t want to, but I was in love. She said it was just sex and she wanted to spice up our sex life. We — the guy and I that is — we both did Christine at the same time and…”

“Martin? Why don’t you just say you DP’d her? I’m no prude.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Martin chuckled sardonically. “Jeannie, I’ve put up with her doing other women and all of her sexual quirks. Christine’s still beautiful. She’s 41, but doesn’t look it. I don’t love her anymore, Jeannie. I just want to get out and go on with my life and let her go on with hers. She’ll never go for an annulment. She’s told me if we ever get divorced, she wants part of this place. I don’t want to toss her out in the street, but I’ve worked like hell to build it up and she didn’t lift finger one!”

Martin was worked up about the fruits of his labor going down the tubes.

“Sorry, Jeannie. It’s not your fight,” Martin grumbled. “Anyway, what I’d like to do is give her ten, maybe fifteen grand and call it a day. But if I can catch her cheating and document it…?”

He raised an eyebrow.

Jeannie understood. She cleared her throat and tried to speak in a measured tone.

“Look, Martin. I’m not unsympathetic. But I’ve got my own problems. I need my car. I won’t lie. I love sex, too. Maybe I’m not Christine in terms of — adventurousness. Oh, and for the record, I like women, too. I’m not looking for a boyfriend and I’m no slut. I’m just trying to get ahead. The way I figure, we’re helping each other out, Martin. So…”

Jeannie walked closer to him and unzipped his slacks and reached in his underwear and pulled his cock out. Martin moaned appreciatively. She immediately saw that he was circumcised. It was about seven or so inches long and pretty thick.

“Wow!” she muttered with a smile and a little confusion.

“I’m a Jew,” Martin explained.

“Oh?” Jeannie said with a twinkle in her hazel eyes. “Never had an uncircumcised man before.”

She thought for a second.

“Alright, big boy. I’ll give you a preview, but first things first. Stop that repo and then…”

Jeannie unzipped her purple dress and pulled the top half down to her waist. She was wearing a sheer pink bra; her nipples poked through the fabric. Inside, her heart was pounding, but she felt empowered. And horny. She could feel herself getting wet.

“Since I owe just a couple of grand on the car, I’ll fuck my monthly payments off,” she offered as she masturbated Martin lightly. “One fuck, one payment?”

Even though the temperature in the office was relatively cool, Martin was sweating visibly.

“Aw, why the fuck am I doing this?” he shook his head and muttered. “Okay, Jeannie. I have tell Bruce what’s really going on though.”

“Bruce?” Jeannie looked at him worriedly.

“My business partner,” Martin explained.

“Whoa! Hold on!” Jeannie snapped in an alarmed tone. “Bruce does not learn about me, Martin. And I mean it!”

“But what’ll I tell him?” Martin asked. “He’s going to notice when the numbers don’t add up.”

“Eh, just tell him the truth. A pretty girl’s car is about to be repossessed and she’s giving you a little pussy on the side to get out of trouble. Everyone gets what they want. Simple as that! He’s not going to fire you, Martin. How could he?”

“Nothing’s that simple,” Martin insisted. “But Christine’s pissed off so many people here — Bruce included — you wouldn’t believe it. You’re right about one thing though, Jeannie.”

“What’s that?” Jeannie asked.

“You sure are pretty. God, what you must look like naked!” Martin said with a tremor in his voice. He softly ran the back of his hand over her firm breast and smiled.

Jeannie didn’t resist.

“Thank you,” she said, then she became matter-of-factly: “I never got any complaints.”

Martin chuckled. “How old are you anyway?” he asked.

“Nineteen a couple of months ago,” she replied.

“Oh fuck!” Martin sighed as he reached around and squeezed Jeannie’s ass. “I feel like a pervert. And God that feels amazing!”

“Martin? I make my own choices,” Jeannie said confidently. She showed no outward reaction to being felt up. Inside, however, she was wishing Martin would shut up and fuck her silly.

Martin exhaled and pulled his hand away. “Yes, you certainly do. Alright. I’m pretty certain Bruce will keep his mouth shut. It’s not a Rolls we’re talking about here. You know, you might end up having to do him, too.”

Jeannie’s fake cop porno jaw clenched. She about screamed at Martin, but he stopped her.

“I said you might — might — have to,” Martin repeated. “I thought you said you liked sex?”

“I’m no hooker!” she barked.

“Never said you were, Jeannie, but…” Martin shrugged. “You started this.”

And he playfully smacked her ass. Jeannie stiffened and yelped. Her face turned red with fury.

“Goddammit, Martin!” she bellowed.

She exhaled angrily in frustration and rolled her eyes.

“Alright! Shit! If I gotta fuck Bruce, it’s a one-time thing, got it? I’m not making a habit of this shit, you hear me?” she glared at the older man.

Martin nodded.

“Yeah! I’m…” he started to say, but Jeannie interrupted.

“And there’s one more thing: this never happened. We’re just customer and client, right? If we’re found out, I’ll tell them you never once mentioned being married.”

“Right, Jeannie,” he said. “Deal?”

He stuck out his hand. Jeannie accepted it.

“Deal. But we’re not doing anything else until you get the repo guys off my ass.”

Martin stood and, with his raging erection waving about, walked back to the other side of the desk and picked up the phone and punched in the number.

“And it’s a beautiful ass,” he joked.

Jeannie stewed, but suddenly covered her mouth to muffle a sudden girlish giggle. The sight of a businessman talking business on the phone with a very hard cock sticking through his slacks amused her. Martin shot her a playful dirty look which only made her giggle again.

“Lee? It’s Martin. Listen, bud. That repo on the Kia? Forget it. Yeah. We just got the payment. Yeah, that’s it. The fee? Listen, you know that favor I owe you? Yup. That’s the one. I’m calling it in. We are? Great! Thanks a million, Lee. Talk to you later. Bye.”

Martin picked up the repo notice and dramatically tore it in half, tossed it in the trash and smiled.

“Done!” he crowed.

He wiggled his slacks and his underwear off and walked in front of her and sat back on the desk.

Jeannie began to kneel, but Martin stopped her.

“Take those clothes off first, Jeannie. I wanna see if that body’s as sexy as I think it is,” he said.

“You kidding? I was just gonna blow you,” she asked as she pulled her dress off and placed it gently on a chair.

“Better?” she shrugged.


Jeannie rolled her eyes and sighed as she slipped off her heels.

“The things I do…” she muttered angrily.

She unclasped her bra and dropped it then wiggled out of her pink panties and kicked them aside. Totally nude, Jeannie twirled around.

“Okay. You like?” she asked testily.

“God yes,” he said and pinched her nipples. “What are those? 34-C?”

“You know your female anatomy,” Jeannie giggled. “You know? This is actually kinda fun. Hey, Martin? What if I walk outta here like this?”

She snickered.

Martin rolled his eyes and huffed.

“Oh, just kidding, big boy,” Jeannie confessed and kissed him.

He reached down and ran his finger on her shaved pussy, causing her to moan. Martin’s cock actually got visibly harder.

“Damn! He likes it, too!” Jeannie cooed. “Okay, I’ll take care of him.”

Jeannie knelt on the floor and took Martin’s cock in her hand and spit on it a few times and licked the head and the shaft.

Martin groaned loudly and wiggled around on the desk.

“Oh yeah,” he sighed. “That’s it, Jeannie.”

As she gently caressed Martin’s balls, Jeannie ran her tongue around the tip and licked the underside ridge slowly from the bottom back up to the head. She took a breath and slowly engulfed the entire length.

“Holy shit!” Martin yelled as he nearly jumped off the desk.

With his cock buried in her throat, Jeannie looked up at Martin and shook her head. She got it from pornos. She didn’t know what it felt like to a guy, but the guys in the videos seemed to like it. Wrapping her lips around the shaft, she pulled her head up slowly and then quickly pulled it out of her mouth with an audible pop.

“Oh fuck, Jeannie!” Martin whispered. “Goddamn girl!”

She winked at him.

“Learned that little trick from my best friend. I loooove giving head, babe,” Jeannie boasted.

And she proceeded to give Martin the hardest, sloppiest, noisiest blowjob he ever gotten. He thought Jeannie was not only better than Christine at giving head, but she could compete with most porn starlets.

“Oh shit! Oh Jeannie. Fucking nasty!” Martin gasped. His eyes rolled back in his head. “Thought you said you didn’t have much experience?”

“Shut up,” Jeannie replied tersely and went back to sucking his cock.

A few moments later, Martin told her to stop.

He exhaled with a groan.

“Aw, fuck it. Jeannie, I can’t wait until later,” he groaned.

“Huh? What the…” Jeannie yelped as Martin pulled her up and then picked her up and sat her on the desk.

“Ow!” She squealed and giggled again.

“Smartass kid,” Martin chided her. He was impressed with the young woman’s maturity given her relative youth, but sex seemed to be a drug and Jeannie’s incessant girlish teasing was both annoying and charming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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