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Into the darkness…

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Into the darkness…
It had been a very good day up on the coast.

Heather had rummaged through antique stores that seemed to fill every corner of this quiet quaint hamlet She had arrived yesterday on her drive up the Atlantic seaboard and decided to stop awhile and recharge and recuperate after far too much time alone in the car.

The weather hadn’t been anything to really write home about but it had been good enough to allow her lace trimmed jean shorts and white short sleeved button up.

She had lunched on hot fish and chips wrapped in paper whilst stood watching the breakers from the little boardwalk and snacked on hot Belgian waffles running with chocolate from a street vendor near the community park. She had felt the sea wind on her face and smiled at the simple pleasures she had had on this pressure free day.

To end the day she strolled onto the beach south-west towards the cliffs which dominated kaçak iddaa the coastline view, there looked to be caves and rock pools there which would make for a diverting sunset, a sunset which would be blocked by the cliffs anyway. Sure enough when she stood beneath the mineral walls she could see passageways and channels cutting deep into the darkness beyond. Selecting, almost randomly, the middle and largest of the three closest she ventured inwards.

There were shells and seaweed all around, left here by a tide she surmised. Some were almost five feet up the walls creating a wondrous pattern of life. It was almost if nature itself had left paintings in this hidden gallery. Heather walked deeper inwards running her hands across the weather worn walls.

Unexpectedly she felt cool sea water splash high over the backs of her sneakers, looking back she saw the cave opening twenty or kaçak bahis more yards away now was filled with breakers. In panic she looked around and found a man just in sight deeper into the cave. He had come running at the sound of the now crashing sea as it beat against the cliff base and went past her at speed.

“Quickly” he called over his shoulder as he waded into the rapidly rising waters. Following him they both found themselves waist deep in cold Atlantic ocean pushing them back into the cave. With no option to backtrack they did so. By now both sodden to their shoulders.

As the quested deeper the water came lower. But the man stopped still knee deep and clambered sideways onto a rock shelf perhaps six feet upwards, offering his hands he pulled Heather up after him. “This looks to be three or so feet above the high tide mark, we should be safe until low tide here” He suggested.

They güvenilir bahis sat shivering considering their situation. “I’m freezing cold” Heather muttered through already chattering teeth. Obviously having the same thought he came to a conclusion. “We need to get these wet clothes off” the stranger said. stripping his own off. Without looking across at him Heather followed suit. “Sort of past the usual social niceties I suppose, I’m Andrew” he said offering his hand. “Heather” she replied taking his hand and giving at a brief shake.

This was the first time she had actually looked at him and he wasn’t in bad shape at all. Not so tall but otherwise not bad at all. she knew she looked good. It didn’t miss her attention the he, despite the circumstance thought the same as there was clearly a stiring in his shorts. “Perhaps we had better cuddle up to keep warm” she found herself saying as she laid down, he spooned up behind her. She smiled as she felt his already hard cock nestling against her ass.

Perhaps if he was lucky she might let him go if the tide ebbed before the dawn, perhaps or perhaps not. Time would tell…….

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