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Indian Wife Enjoys With A Old Shopkeeper

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Indian Wife Enjoys With A Old Shopkeeper

This incident happened when we were watching porn together…..This particular one was something that we both enjoyed, it had a black guy fucking a wife in front of her husband….We both love cuckold porn so we started getting into it,touching each other and kissing, while we were making out the scene changed and this time there was a young wife but she was talking with a mature gentleman who looked about 70 years. He was extremely thin and his face was wrinkled. My wife stopped kissing and told me that she wanted to watch what happens next in the porn…..They kept talking on the screen but suddenly the old guy crept forward and kissed the young wife on her lips…..The wife was shocked but after a few seconds she started liking it.

She took the old geezers face in hands and started kissing him passionately….My wife kept watching in awe…..After sometime they both got up from the table and sat on the sofa…..The young wife asked the old man if he’d seen a young babes body in a long time….He shook his head and said “no, who would want someone like me ? ” without saying a word the young wife stood up and started taking her clothes off…..

My wife didnt even let me finish watching the scene and said “that is what I wanna try next…..An old guy….I’ve never seen an old cock….” a happy married man never says no to his wife….So how could i, we had an awesome make out talking about it while we fucked…..

I did have an old shopkeeper friend, he was about 68, thin and he had a dark skin tone almost black….We had quite the fun when I had been young…..We had talked about sex openly and we both liked kinky stuff. He was the perfect guy for my wife and I told her that…..We decided that we’d call him over for dinner and then we’d see where it goes from there…..I mean the guy is almost 70, maybe he might not be able to get an erection…..

We invited him on a saturday and we kept everything informal….He came at about 7 and we started having a few drinks before we sat down for dinner….I think we had about 3 each and we broke off for dinner…..It was awesome and he was very kind and funny…..My wife was wearing a tight party dress and heels without stockings…..Her curves were accentuated by the dress…She is 42-34-40 so I leave the rest to your imagination about how she looked.

The shopkeeper had also noticed and kept glancing at her figure when he thought we weren’t looking and of course we kept noticing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri because that was the plan……After dinner he wanted to go home but we told him to stay as we had got a new movie and we wanted him to watch with us…….So he stayed and we all sat down on the living room sofa with my wife in between.

The movie we had chosen was about a wife involved with a older man. We started watching the movie and my wife started moving closer to the shopkeeper very slowly…..Maybe he didnt notice but she was very close to him now…..Abruptly she came closer to him and asked if it was okay to keep her legs on top of him as she was in little pain and needed to raise her legs…..My wife kept her legs on lala and lala was now able to see uptil her mid thighs into her skirt….

My wife had her back on me and we started watching the movie…The movies theme was older man with another mans wife…..We started watching it and after some time there was a scene where the younger wife starts kissing the older man hard and after sometime the movie shows the young wife getting on her knees, opening the zipper of the old mans trouser and taking that 70 year old mans cock in her mouth…..My wife commented saying “its not possible for a 70 year old man to get an erection, this is fake….”

Hearing this lala turned around and said “no that is not true, older men get an erection as ,hard as any young guy, just takes them a little longer…”

My wife smiled, we had him right where we wanted him to be…Now he was in our trap…..

“no I still dont believe it….Viagra maybe but naturally no, I don’t think so”

Lala replied “no I am serious we get erections like younger men too….I can show you if you want….”

As soon as he said it, he realized his blunder and started apologizing….My wife just smiled and said “thats okay but now you’re stuck, I wont let you go till you prove it to me…..”

Lala understood the reason for the movie and the talk that they had…..”i am not afraid to prove my manhood…..As long as your husband doesn’t mind ?”

Wife “no, he was the one who gave me this idea….Don’t worry he likes to watch anyway….”

Lala then turned towards my wife and motioned her to come closer to him….My wife slid closer to him and he took her hand in his and started kissing it. Then he took my wife’s soft hand and asked her to rub it on his face….My wife started rubbing her hands on his face…..I was leaning back on the sofa and watching that 70 year old man enjoying makrobet güvenilir mi my wife…..Lala looked ugly, he was thin, coal black, had wrinkles and looked like a beggar…..

My wife had her arms around lala and had started kissing the old man on his face and his neck while lala was leaning back and enjoying my wife’s attention….Lala turned to me smiled and said “so you like the idea of your wife enjoying another man, specially older men….Dont worry I know plenty of old men who would pay money to fuck your wife hard just once…..”

My wife stopped and turned to lala “how much money are we talking about ?”

“the older men I know are rich and would pay about 2 lakh for your 42dd boobs and big ass for cumming just once…”

My wife turned to me and grinned, I just shook my head in a yes…..”okay we can do that but we choose when and where and they have to wear a condom. All night sex would be about 6 lakh…And no anal”

Lala nodded and said “yeah I think I can arrange that….But what do I get….” and kept his hands on my wife’s legs under her short skirt…..

My wife smiled and said “you get a discount fuck session 20,000 every time I get paid….”

Lala “that works for me and do you swallow or take creampie inside your pussy….”

Wife “i will but I choose who…And are there some old men who might be interested in bi sex…”

Lala “yeah I for one am into bi sex and there are a few more…”

Wife “awesome, so that’s gonna be the theme for today….” saying this she suddenly came close to him and started kissing him hard and probing his mouth with her tongue….Lala also started french kissing her and it was so fucking awesome to see a man who looked like a beggar tongue fucking my wife, since beggars and rickshaw pullers have been our fantasies…..

Now she opened his shirt and started kissing her way down to his cock….She was kissing his chest which had few white hair and then started going even lower…..When she reached lala’s cock she started rubbing her hand over his trousers…..She felt that his cock had started to stiffen a little, semi erect….She started looking up at him with lust in her eyes while she kept rubbing his cock…..Now my cock had also become hard and I was also stroking it over my jeans…..My wife asked me to come towards them and sit next to her….

She opened the zipper of lala’s trouser and took his cock out, it was semi erect about 3 inch long but very thin only about 1/2 inch…My wife looked at his cock, got up from tipobet the sofa and stood in front of us…..She asked me to take lala’s cock in my hand and stroke it. She had taken my cock out too and my cock is about 7′ with 2.5′ thick….She asked lala to hold my cock in his hand and to stroke my cock……

We both had our cocks in each others hand and we started giving each other a handjob. I started stroking lala’s cock slowly in my hands and it had started stiffening in my hands…..He was also giving slow strokes on my cock….My wife asked us to speed up and we started giving faster strokes…..Lala’s cock was now completely erect and was about 6′ and black as coal. My wife was watching us enjoy each other…..She then abruptly asked us to stop and told me to remove all my clothes and stand in front of lala. I got up, removed all my clothes and stood in front of lala. My wife then asked lala to take off all his clothes, he took them off and he was as thin as a stick without his clothes…..

My wife then ordered lala to take my cock in his hands and to rub it on his face and lips…..Lala did what she had asked. My wife then ordered him to open his mouth as he was going to get a face fuck from my cock….Lala obediently opened his mouth and I slowly pushed my cock into his mouth…..He almost gagged but controlled it…..I started moving my cock in his mouth slowly at first but picking up speed…..I could see my whole cock going into lala’s mouth and it turned both of us on…..

Suddenly my wife put her hands on lala’s head and started pushing his head on my cock very hard…..My wife was making me face fuck him so hard that it almost looked like he was going to faint…..She kept pushing his head on my cock and when I was about to cum, she stopped moving his head completely so that my whole cock was inside his mouth when I shot my cum…..She forced him to swallow all of it…….

I was spent but my wife was having none of it. She made me kneel and took lala’s cock in her hand stroking it so it stays erect and after making me open my mouth she took that thin cock, which looked like an African cock because of the color and made me take it in my mouth…Lala had his eyes closed and was enjoying his cock in my mouth and was moving his cock in and out slow…..

He had his hands on the back of my head and was pushing his cock into my mouth……He didnt last very long and in a minute or so he shot his load inside my mouth…..Now we were both spent and we sat down on the sofa, while my wife was standing in front of us…..She wanted to do more but we were too spent to do anything for now…….So she sent us to have our bath and sat waiting for us on the sofa…

Will continue with our threesome, cuckold and voyeur fun in the next part and we always appreciate comments and suggestions…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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