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I’m a boy in chastity

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I’m a boy in chastity
When I was just a teenager, I recall my first sexual urges and they caused me to seek out any opportunities for sex and as it turned out helping others gain sexual gratification. This led me to eventually offer my close friend a very good deal, let me explain…

We had shyly played around with each other’s cocks and eventually it escalated into mutual jerk-off sessions where we would masturbate one another and enjoy the wonderful new found sensation which we both agreed was even better when someone else was doing it. We would compare sizes of our cocks and the amount of cum we produced and just about everything we could think of. One thing that was clear from the beginning was that Scott’s cock was much more developed than mine. His was at least five and a half inches long pretty thick and he had bigger balls than me as well, I was jealous yet admired him for his clearly superior endowments. I, on the other hand, was not so well developed. My penis was not quite four inches long rather skinny and I possessed a very small nut sack by comparison, it really wasn’t even close and we both knew it. As you would expect Scott had 2-3 times more cum during his orgasms, in fact it was so much more than me that we were both amazed. It wasn’t long before our brief encounters became longer and more frequent. In fact, Scott suggested one day that it might be fun if we used our mouths and tried out what that was like. We had both talked about it several times so one day I decided that if we were ever going to find out one of us would have to be the “girl” who did the sucking. Privately I thought about it and it always made me hard so one day I couldn’t resist trying to suck his cock. It seemed like the best way to go to increase the fun and I just loved playing with his larger cock. During one of our next get togethers I decided I was going to try sucking him and gauge his reaction. He was just a little surprised when I slipped his cock into my mouth and started rubbing my tongue over his swollen head. Well the first few times I was mostly jerking him off and had the head of his cock in my mouth so I could use my tongue to stimulate him and I sucked like crazy because he said it felt really good. When he was about to explode, I would pop his cock out of my mouth and we would watch as he shot his load several feet, spurt after spurt onto the ground or floor depending on where we were. About the 4th or 5th time we were doing this he asked me if he could try Cumming in my mouth instead of just spurting in the open. I was a bit hesitant about it but I was also horny as hell and had my own raging hard-on so I relented and gave him the thumbs up. Not long after he moaned very loudly and began filling my mouth with his warm salty cum. It was a lot, I mean he was always a big cummer, twice as much as me but he filled my mouth and it began dripping out of the corners of my mouth and he was still pulsing, I swallowed out of a desire to make room without even realizing it and kept sucking until he began to go flaccid. Man, he was so happy and couldn’t stop talking about how it was the best thing he had ever experienced and kept going on about how great it was, I knew right away that this wouldn’t be the last time I gave him a blowjob. As I predicted I would suck him off several more times, after 4-5 times we had a conversation about it. He asked me if I liked it and why I always swallowed his cum. I told him that I didn’t really think about it and just swallowed because it was the natural thing to do. He said that made sense and told me if I wanted to continue that would be awesome but if I didn’t want to swallow and just spit it out I could. I think he wasn’t quite comfortable with our arrangement so he was giving me an easy way out, but what he didn’t know was that I was really loving it! I told him I would just probably keep swallowing since when I sucked him off in the house because it might get messy. I countered by saying that I didn’t know what I was going to do with it anyway if I didn’t swallow his cum. He agreed that it would be a good idea to keep swallowing to avoid the mess as long as I didn’t mind, he seemed relieved that I was okay with it since I knew he really preferred to cum in my warm mouth. Usually after he got off in my mouth, I would jerk myself off and he would watch. After I started sucking him off, he would encourage me by telling me what a great cock sucker I was and how excited he would be just thinking about me sucking him off, so for several weeks this routine continued. I would suck him off then jack off to him telling me what a great cock sucker I was and I would get really excited and cum thinking about sucking his cock. I even started jerking off when I was alone while imagining him telling me what a great cock sucker I was and remembering my recent experiences actually sucking on his gorgeous cock. I didn’t realize it at the time but by jerking off to the thought of sucking his cock I was reinforcing my desire to keep sucking him off which made me feel like doing him more and more. This went on for a few months before we had another conversation about me sucking him off and I told him I would suck his cock and swallow his cum whenever he wanted it and I had become eager and excited at the thought of it. I knew he enjoyed it and I was loving it every bit as much as he was so I figured why not clear the air and tell him what I wanted. Surprisingly he was a little hesitant about it and I had to work pretty hard to convince him that my idea was going to be very good for him. I had by now given him at least three dozen blowjobs and as I improved my technique it was obvious, he enjoyed it but he remained unsure. Finally, one day when we were again discussing our little arrangement and, in my efforts, to put his mind at ease, I put it to him like this. What feels better your hand or my mouth? He answered that he obviously preferred to cum in my mouth and it wasn’t even a close call. So, I asked him why he was so hesitant about me sucking him off and he said that he just felt weird about it. So, I asked him if there was anything, we could do to help him reduce his concern. He thought about it and said there were maybe a couple of things, first he wanted to be absolutely clear that he was never going to do anything like that for me, ever. This seemed really hard for him to admit, as if there was some unspoken agreement that he would return the favor at some point which honestly had never crossed my mind. I think that despite my insistence that I was enjoying it as much as he was, Scott was concerned that I might lose interest if I knew he was never going to return the favor. And secondly while he loved the sensation he didn’t care for the appearance (because obviously I am not a girl as we dreamed about). He loved the idea but wished I was a girl, so I suggested that until he had a girlfriend, he could practice with me and just close his eyes and fantasize about whatever girl he wanted to. He thought about it and said that he could probably try that out but he needed to be absolutely clear about the fact that he was not going to be doing anything for me in return and I quickly assured him that he was not going to have to do anything for me at all ever. So slowly but surely, he began using my mouth as a substitute for his hand whenever he had the urge. I think he was really more worried that I was going to lose interest if he didn’t reciprocate the favor to me, figuring I would quickly grow tired of this mostly one-way arrangement. I kept ensuring him that I didn’t mind and revealed to him how I was now almost exclusively jerking off to the thought and memory of my experiences with sucking him off to really make him feel more comfortable with our current arrangement. It didn’t take long after that for it to become a regular routine for me that every time we were together I always wound up on my knees with his cock in my mouth even when our get togethers weren’t premised on me coming over just to give him a blowjob (which was most of the time). He continued to contemplate our arrangement and offer me an out if I ever had a change of heart but I constantly reassured him that I was getting as much out of this as he was, I think I really laid it on pretty thick in my efforts to quell his uncertainty. I tried very hard to improve my technique and do all the things he seemed to really enjoy and soon I was able to get him to cum in less than 15 minutes which was a big improvement from when I started which was taking about 30 minutes! I must admit that some of the reduction in time was probably due to Scott becoming more comfortable with me being his cock sucking bottom. He seemed to grow more comfortable with our arrangement and was now always offering advice on how I should suck his cock, how to use my tongue, how I should suck him deeper and faster and how he wanted me to position myself so he could practice fucking (or pretend to be fucking) a girl. It wasn’t very long before he was having me lay on my back on the bed so he could kneel in front of me and pump his cock into my mouth at will. He really enjoyed doing it this way since he said it was good for him to practice fucking. I had some concerns about it because he would sometimes forget I still needed to breathe and I wasn’t getting enough air at times especially when he neared orgasm. As we continued our fun it became more and more common for him to leave and I would have to jerk off by myself just imagining and remembering sucking on his cock. He wasn’t interested in participating anymore in helping or watching me get off, I guess the novelty had worn off and all of my constant reassurance that I was totally fine gave him the chance to be less and less involved in helping me get off. I still didn’t mind because I was still getting rock hard and oozing precum the entire time I sucked him off and my only fantasy I jerked off too was surrounding sucking his cock. About 6 months into being his personal cock sucker we were camping out in a tent and he invited another neighborhood k** to join us, I thought I was going to be able to take my time and we could make it last so when he told me he invited Rick over I admit I was bummed a bit. Up till now it was a total secret canlı kaçak bahis between he and I but that night things changed. We all got to drinking and Rick even had some weed which we all shared, we were pretty high early on. Scott started hinting and teasing/bragging about how he gets his cock sucked all the time and was going on about cock sucking and swallowing and kept asking Rick whether he had ever experienced a blowjob and how he had had hundreds of them. Of course, Rick wasn’t convinced since he knew Scott didn’t have a girlfriend so he pushed Scott to prove it by telling him who was giving him all those blowjobs. Scott kept asking Rick if he liked or wanted a blowjob but I was nervous and when I got Scott alone I told him to drop it or Rick might figure it out and Scott said; “so what if he figures it out we can just convince him to keep quiet about it”. That’s when I asked him “how we were going to do that?” To which he quickly replied; “well I don’t know, maybe you can start giving him blowjobs too! You tell me all the time you love it” I was shocked and now quite scared about it and Scott must have noticed because he asked me what was wrong, “don’t you like sucking cock?” I said “of course I do”. He responded with “then it’s settled you can start tonight first you can suck me off so he can watch then it will be his turn”. I admit I was already getting hard thinking about it, but was still not sure if we could trust Rick to keep it a secret. When Rick returned Scott said that he would tell him everything and that Rick would be able to get a blowjob tonight as long as he promised to never let out what he was going to tell him, it had to remain our secret. Of course, Rick was all ears and readily agreed to keep our secret safe. So, Scott stood up and said well I think the best way to explain it is to just show you and with that he unzipped his pants and began to drop his drawers as I instinctively and obediently positioned myself to give Scott yet another blowjob. Rick watched us in some disbelief as to what he was witnessing right before his eyes and as I began sucking Scott’s cock, Rick repositioned the camp lantern so he had a clear view of what would turn out to be a 15 minute very erotic blowjob with lots of moaning from Scott and lots of encouragement and enthusiasm from Rick. Rick was really enjoying the show and it did set my mind at ease a bit, so I tried my best to do a really good job so he would be even more excited. After Scott pumped a big load of cum in my mouth, I quickly turned my head and offered Rick a look into me cum filled mouth before swallowing so he would know without a doubt that Scott had definitely just pumped a big load right into my mouth. Rick took a closer look made a comment about how much he had cum, after which I swallowed and I continued sucking him until he was nearly flaccid when Scott directed me to position myself in front of Rick and said “get to work cocksucker” Rick was naked from the waist down in seconds and he was very well endowed, in fact Scott and I were both amazed that being a year younger than us his cock was way bigger than ours! While Scott was complimenting Rick on his enormous cock, I was already getting him fully hard with my mouth and hands. Scott then began coaching me as I strived to handle Rick’s 8-inch swollen rod, “faster, deeper, suck harder, make sure you do your best – your reputation depends on it”! That’s when Rick chimed in, between his heavy breathing, to reinforce Scott’s comments by saying that he would not keep our secret if he didn’t enjoy the blowjob! I felt the hair on the back of my neck raise as I heard his words. He knew he could use this to essentially blackmail us both (but mainly me) into doing pretty much whatever he wanted. I worked very hard to offer him the best blowjob I could but constantly felt like I was struggling since I wasn’t used to having this big of a cock in my mouth. Hmmm and yeah was all I kept hearing so it seemed as though Rick was indeed enjoying my efforts. It took me over 30 minutes to bring him over the edge and when he finally climaxed it was amazing, truly amazing. He dumped so much cum in my mouth I couldn’t hold it then probably about halfway through his orgasm he pushed my head back off his cock and continued pumping string after string of his warm creamy jizz into my open mouth and some of it missed my mouth and shot onto my face as he veered his aim from his frantic jerking and deposited another 4 or 5 more shots in my nose and eyes, my chin and cheeks. When his orgasm finally subsided and he stuck his cock back into my mouth Scott was laughing and praising Rick for his amazing performance as I swallowed his warm delicious cum he kept slapping me in the face with his cock and rubbing it in his cum smearing it around and every so often he would stuff his cum covered cock back into my mouth and say lick it all up boy! I think Rick was enjoying this opportunity to be in charge so to speak especially since he was the youngest of us all. After a few minutes of playing with his cock on my face he laid his cock head on my waiting tongue and squeezed the last drops of cum out for Scott to see and told me to clean him good, so I sucked him clean. I proceeded to start to clean my face and just as I began, he stopped me and said “leave it alone I like it like that, looks good doesn’t its Scott?” Scott quickly agreed so I sat there and let his cum dry on my face while we talked about our fun little secret. I interjected and asked him if he was going to keep our little “game” a secret because as much as I enjoyed sucking his magnificent cock I was still wondering if I had met his “standard”. He said that he would “for now” but that he wanted to be included in the group so he could also be able to enjoy a blowjob whenever he wanted just like Scott bragged, he was able to do earlier. You see we all used to hang out but when I started sucking off Scott, we would exclude him and make excuses just so we could be alone and I think he figured out what had been going on. Scott immediately spoke up reassuring Rick that I would be available pretty much anytime and that from now on we would include him in all our “get togethers” as well. Rick shook his head agreeably and said that he would probably want to have me over in addition to the three of us getting together since “he needed to make up for lost BJs” as he put it. To which again Scott quickly reassured him that I loved sucking cock and would be more than willing to suck him off anytime he wanted it. Rick noticed that I hadn’t been saying anything and looked down at me still positioned near his beautiful cock, his cum dried onto my face and asked me directly if what Scott said was true to which I said “yeah sure Rick, anytime I enjoy it I don’t deny it just be sure to keep this thing amongst us okay?” Rick quipped “yeah-yeah I will so long as I get my share of the blowjobs”. As if he was thinking Scott and I would continue to meet and exclude him from our regular “games”. I assured him that I wouldn’t let that happen and I went on to say how amazing his cock is and how much fun I had sucking him off. He said he was surprised that his cock was so much bigger than ours and, in a bragging, and dominating fashion hinted that from now on he was going to be in charge of these games we play because he was obviously more in need of some regular relief than the two of us. I remained silent since I wasn’t getting any relief from Scott ever and Scott spoke up again saying that he was okay with that as long as he got his share. I noticed right away that Rick had just put himself above Scott and even though I could detect some dissatisfaction from Scott he didn’t put up any resistance. We continued to talk about girls and sex and me giving them “free” BJ’s for several more hours before we went to sleep, but early the next morning Rick shook me awake and told me he wanted another blowjob. I didn’t resist I just wanted to keep him happy so he would keep our secret. I took only about 20 minutes that morning to suck him to another big explosive orgasm and as you might have guessed Scott was ready for his own blowjob when I finished with Rick. From this point on I sucked them both nearly every day, first Rick then Scott. I was also summoned to Rick’s house on a regular basis for more one on one attention. Rick took to the whole thing with much more enthusiasm than Scott ever did and was always having fun with it and demanding different things from me, he was not at all shy about it and genuinely liked having his own personal cocksucker. After that night I rarely spent time alone with Scott and my focus became Rick and so did my thoughts as I would jerk off to the image of Rick’s big cock. Rick was much less concerned about appearances he really seemed comfortable with me sucking him off and at times I worried he might be a bit too good with it as he would have me suck his gorgeous cock all the time even when we both knew he wouldn’t be able to get off, he just enjoyed the whole game and loved making me get on my knees so he could slap me in the face with his cock, make me beg him for permission to suck his gorgeous cock and then let me have a few minutes just to pull out and tell me that I would have to beg again later to finish the job. I had fun with it, I admit it but his domineering attitude was growing and he was becoming very pushy. When the three of us were together I would always suck him first but he might not want to cum before making me start on Scott, and while I was sucking Scott’s cock Rick would direct me or Scott to do whatever he wanted to see like we were his personal entertainment. Again, I didn’t mind, in fact I really loved it I mean he was into it and it turned me on. I’m not sure Scott was as pleased with the new arrangement but he followed Rick’s suggestions and he was getting a blowjob so I don’t think he was to upset.
With Rick basically becoming the leader of our little “club” more focus was given to him and his desires while Scott continued to get his blowjobs, they were more about Rick than Scott. Like Rick often wanted Scott to cum so that Rick could watch which meant that Scott rarely got to pump a full load down my throat which was his absolute favorite casino oyna thing to do, instead Rick would direct Scott to cum onto Rick’s hard cock so that he could enjoy watching me lick Scott’s cum off of his own cock while I would continue sucking Rick’s to completion in my mouth. After about a month Rick was completely running our little games and had our most amazing experiences while we were doing sleep overs in the big tent we had pitched in our back yard. Rick knew we had all night so he would not let himself or Scott cum quickly instead he seemed to really enjoy making up stuff for us to do, he liked to make me jerk off and beg them both for permission to suck their cocks, while I was able to jerk off he told me not to cum since I hadn’t even “serviced” my master’s yet so I would drop and drool precum for hours while I begged and sucked and jerked them both for hours. Scott went along and for the most part but I think he preferred to cum in my mouth and be done with it. Rick grew more bold and domineering in fact when we went back to school he started getting me to suck him at school usually he had me suck him for just a few minutes in a secluded room or in a bathroom and I would have to suck him several times throughout the day before towards the end of the day he would pump another huge load of cum into my waiting mouth. I was having fun but was worried about getting caught though I continued sucking him without much thought because I was enjoying it as much as he was.

That next summer was when things really started to get crazy. Rick being in complete control now was becoming more and more bold. Over the preceding weeks he had asked me to refrain from jerking off unless I was with him, he said that he liked to make me cum and have me lick it up for his entertainment. I did this and he usually let me relieve myself after I had given him his blowjob. Then one day he had me cum onto his hard cock so I could lick and suck my own cum off his cock while giving him his blowjob. He had noticed that sometimes when I jerked myself off like this he saw a steep drop in my eagerness to be his personal cocksucker so I think it was his intent to ensure that I would remain always eager and desperately wanting his gorgeous cock in my mouth that led him to making me promise to not cum unless he gave me his approval.
By now Scott wasn’t as involved and when he was I would rarely get to finish him in my mouth like he wanted but almost always he was told to cum on something like Rick’s cock or my face and even on occasion onto Rick’s ass which I was always required to clean up with my tongue. Rick had become the clear dominant figure of our group and imposed his will on us almost exclusively. I was so restricted from being able to get permission to cum that I was only able to earn it once that entire summer and I was so excited that it only took me about five strokes before I exploded. Rick made me let go immediately and I experienced my first ruined orgasm after which I obediently licked and cleaned my own cum off of his cock as I worked on giving him his blowjob that day, I will never forget it as it was an amazing experience it was the first time that I was able to stay hard after Cumming most likely because of the ruined nature of my release and the months of denial that led up to my ruined release. Hence forth as part of Rick’s desire to control things he convinced Scott to go along with his idea that I should not be allowed to jerk off any time I wanted and that I would have to earn it. The best way, he said would be to tie my release to the number of blowjobs I would give them. This way I would be incentivized to suck their cocks more and more as my time since my last orgasm grew longer and longer, he correctly surmised that my eagerness to suck them off to reach my goal would also increase, of course he was right. Scott went along with him and when I asked them exactly what they meant Rick said it was quite simple I could earn back a chance to jerk myself off for every 100 blowjobs I gave them (50 each). I was not happy with the plan and suggested that it should only be 50 total which I figured I could reach in about 3 weeks, still an eternity for me but I thought it would be more reasonable. Rick countered my suggestion by saying that it was way too often and that if I didn’t like his suggestion, he would make it 100 blowjobs each! I quickly agreed to his first proposal before he could say anymore figuring I might be able to get to 100 in 5 or 6 weeks if they both remained eager to feel my warm mouth gobbling up their young rock-hard cocks. We all agreed that I would be the one to keep the records but I would need to keep them updated regularly. That agreement was made in June and I was to earn my only orgasm that summer in late September after school was back in session. What Rick enforced was that each of them had to reach 50, I figured I would combine them to get to 100 which didn’t turn out to be the case. Scott was who took the longest to get to fifty, he was losing interest somewhat so I needed to go visit him privately to get him to 50 and I did it by promising to swallow his cum which we really enjoyed, something that Rick didn’t allow when the 3 of us “played” together but I knew Scott really looked forward to it since it is the entire point of getting a blowjob in the first place. In fact, I was able to get to 92 by sucking off Rick alone by late September. Summer was over and I still hadn’t earned my release so I approached Rick basically begging him to allow me to jerk off but Rick said it wouldn’t be fair to Scott if I didn’t gave him his 50 so he would make me wait until they both reached it before letting me cum. I learned to become a real good cock sucker over that summer, it’s true what they say that practice makes perfect and I got plenty of practice! When school started that fall, Scott was pretty much out of the game though I did suck him off on occasion my main focus was Rick and he didn’t appear to be losing his interest at all in fact he seemed to be becoming more intense with his demands and requirements of me. During the Christmas holiday break Rick made a big deal about getting me a gift and how I better like it and so on. I really was naive because I thought that he was really being kind to think about me and spend money on a gift just for me. It turns out that his gift was a small chastity cage with the integrated style tumbler lock and he made me wear it right away. It was hard at first, I wasn’t given any time to adjust and I had situations like school showers that I had to figure out on the fly. I had a few rashes and had to become good with cleaning my locked-up privates on my own. I found myself to be in a constant state of arousal with no hope of relief. Over that past summer and extending for the next two years I was granted only four ruined orgasms and one spontaneous relief while still caged, this was mind you a period when most young men of my age were jerking off every day if not several times a day! My little penis was caged and I believe that is the main reason I never developed more in that area, my little member remained at 4 inches fully erect into full adulthood and Rick was constantly teasing me about my inferior size. It was a constant reminder of why I was to remain in my role as his personal cocksucker. He would tell me that he would remove the cage for good if and when my penis grew to over 5 inches which it never did. The end of my duties as Rick’s personal cocksucker did not end abruptly. He kept me locked for another year after my regular services diminished as he began dating girls and gaining relief with them. That was a desperate time. I dated one girl for a time while I was still caged and she thought it was cute and I was always embarrassed about it but I think it helped me become an excellent pussy lapper since that’s all I could offer her. We dated for about 5 months and I ate her out countless hours and eventually she wanted more than I could give her. I pleaded with Rick to unlock me but he purposely made me wait and he eventually relented after we had broken up, laughing about it the whole time.
I approached Rick about a week after Melissa and I broke up and pretty much begged him to give me the keys. He just laughed and said why are you asking me? “I gave them to Melissa over a month ago!” I was totally shocked to hear about it and marched off to track down my ex to get back my keys. I caught up with her four long days later and confronted her about what Rick had said about giving her the keys to my chastity device. She giggled and said she had them and dug them out of her purse and briefly showed them to me before clenching her hand in a fist around them. I quizzed her about what else her and Rick talked about and that’s when she said; “well Rick said that you can suck cock better than me and I just told him that it wasn’t like I had a chance to practice while we were dating.” I was floored by her comment realizing that Melissa and Rick were obviously intimate. She went on to embellish about what a beautiful cock Rick has and how much fun it was to be dating me and fucking him! I knew right then that I had been played. She went on to invite me to Rick’s house that night so she could get “lessons” from an “experienced” cocksucker and reminded me that if there was any chance of earning back my keys I would be there; I got the message. I showed up right on time and Melissa answered the door. She invited me in and Rick took charge and told me to strip off my clothes and get on my knees, which I promptly did. Rick slipped out of his shorts and presented his gorgeous semi hard cock, then turned to Melissa and said “pay attention sweetie to how a real cocksucker does it”. Melissa just moved into position beside me and said something like “yes sir Rick this is so hot!” I went to work sucking Rick’s hardening cock as I had done a hundred times before as Rick explained what he wanted and liked to Melissa. After about ten minutes Rick pushed my head back and told Melissa to get on the bed where he proceeded to penetrate her magnificent pussy with his gorgeous cock something that I had dreamed of fucking with my little penis for months. As I continued to kneel beside them, canlı casino siteleri they both teased me about how wonderful it was to fuck and be fucked. After another 10- or 15-minutes Melissa began writhing in orgasmic ecstasy almost immediately thereafter Rick pulled out and pumped his cum onto her pussy and just in the entrance. I obediently licked and cleaned Rick’s cock and I could see that he had covered her pussy with cum. Melissa nearly out of breath exclaimed that now it was her turn, to which I took my queue and began licking her pussy clean of Rick’s big load and helped her to her second climax of the short evening. Basking in their post orgasmic after glow they praised their new found experience as I continued to kneel beside the bed with my cum smeared face, caged and denied at their feet. So began my next period of denial serving both Melissa and Rick. I was usually tasked with fluffing Rick and then cleaning up the creampie left in Melissa’s pussy while bringing her to another climax. Several months passed in my new role before I was able to get them to talk about my release. We were all together and I had just finished cleaning Rick’s copious cum load off of Melissa’s pussy when I broached the subject. Rick seemed to be willing to allow me a release but to my surprise Melissa was dead set against it! Now let me remind you that she has never even seen me out of my chastity device and it was obvious she wasn’t the least bit interested or concerned about my predicament. She went on to say to Rick that she wasn’t going to give up the keys just because I wanted to jerk myself off and commented about it being gross. Well Rick agreed that since I didn’t have a partner and since Melissa held my keys it’s not up to him anymore and I would need to convince her if I was ever going to get some relief. He went on to say that he agreed that jerking yourself off was c***dish and that he couldn’t remember the last time he had done it. Melissa responded with “see, if you don’t do it then why should I let him?” Rick chuckled and said that he didn’t think I really needed it I just wanted it and that because I merely wanted to Melissa shouldn’t feel bad about not giving me the keys if she didn’t feel like it. She agreed and flicked my caged, dripping penis with her foot and told me “not today little boy, in fact I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon either so don’t get your hopes up!” I began to protest and teared up with my realization that there didn’t appear to be any end to my frustration or even a way to “earn” my relief. Sobbing I began to beg them for mercy. “Oh, look Rick our little pet is upset, poor boy, maybe if he had a man’s cock he wouldn’t be in this predicament.” Rick probably due to my pathetic state offered that maybe they could allow me a little relief for my birthday if it was alright with Melissa. She was quiet and contemplating Rick’s idea for a moment before she replied with her first question. When’s your birthday little boy? I told her it was in September (it was now May) she thought again and said “okay maybe-just MAYBE, we can let him out on his birthday but you better not ask us about it again or there’s no chance you hear me?” Of course, I said yes, all the while lamenting about how I would make it through the next four months.

I quietly and obediently fulfilled my role throughout the next four months leading up to my birthday. My birthday came and went with not even an acknowledgement of it and I was so disappointed. About a week later Melissa asked Rick (in front of me) when my birthday is, and he looked at me signaling that I should tell her. I said that it was last week. She laughed at me and said to Rick that they did say my chances for release were not guaranteed so I guess maybe we can try again next year! Wow, I broke down right there and started crying and to my surprise Melissa just laughed even more at my reaction saying that I was being a big baby about the whole thing and how I needed to get over it! Rick was much more sensitive to my situation and even suggested that he would take care of it for her if she could loan him my keys. She giggled at me and said that she had misplaced my keys over a month ago and honestly had no idea where they were. She said that her mom had gathered some of her old purses about that same time and given them to a salvation army store and she said she thought that my keys may have been left in one of them so there’s a good chance that my keys are gone forever. What shocked was how she said it with such dismissiveness it was very clear that she felt absolutely no concern whatsoever about the fact she had lost the keys to my chastity device. She truly had no idea how important it was to me and just made it feel like she had lost an old tissue or something and she didn’t even give it a second thought. A few days later Melissa innocently asked Rick (not me!?) why couldn’t I cum while I was still caged it couldn’t be that hard for me especially if I was so desperate. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about “those stupid” keys if I could be made to cum while still locked up. In fact, she said, “Besides, I think it’s much more fun if he stays locked permanently, not that at this point he has any choice in the matter”. She went on to say that based on her observations she thought that I was well suited for the role I was filling and that my willingness to serve them only proved to her that I would only be spoiled by being allowed to cum, since it served no purpose. She told us both that she had read that a guy could discharge his sperm through what’s called a prostate massage and that’s what she wanted to do, as she had also read that it was good for my health.
Now Rick wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of sticking his finger up my ass so he could give me some relief, though he appeared sensitive to my predicament it seemed like he wasn’t all that worried about it. So, the months past and I continued to serve them as they saw fit always wondering if they would ever give me some relief. Finally, about 3 months later I approached the subject again trying to win one of them over to help me. Melissa was still completely indifferent to my plight and just kept saying she had offered me the only solution but that she wasn’t going to play any part doing it. I was going to have to convince Rick if I was ever going to be able to give it a try. You see I had done research by now and despite the understanding that I would not enjoy the feeling of orgasm most information I read at least said it was a pleasurable experience, something I would really like to try at this point! While Rick seemed at least sympathetic to my predicament he remained unwilling to actually help me. As time went by and I seemingly exhibited no adverse effects, Rick became more and more convinced that I could do without and when I would bring it up he would quickly dismiss my comments and spurred on by the encouragement of Melissa, he would say that “we all have a role to play and yours is clearly to give pleasure not to receive it”, so he and Melissa both kept encouraging me to “forget about it and embrace your role” giggling and laughing at my hopeless situation. After a few more minutes of teasing and laughter they both got a little angry and they warned me that they could be mean to me if I continued to persist and they said I would wish that I had been quiet about the whole thing if they decided to go that way. Of course, I would not let it go and soon found myself the subject of some very unwanted attention. They put a “zip-tie” around my ball sack above my balls and then Melissa had Rick tie some parachute cord to the zip-tie and she led me around the house by it jerking it strongly every so often and I was writhing in pain! Melissa told Rick that after I’m done with him, he will never ask again! About 30 minutes later my little balls were swollen and turning purple they decided to have sex but before they did they tied the cord from my balls around the leg of the desk in Rick’s room so that I could under tight stretching just be able to reach the edge of the bed where they were having sex. I was required to suck Rick’s cock as usual prepping him for Melissa but he made it so that I could barely reach his cock (Melissa was the main instigator) so that in order for me to reach his cock I was going to have to stretch out against the cord and by doing so would cause me to be in much pain! Rick would then tell her how poorly I was doing in sucking his cock which would cause her to step behind me and put her foot on the cord which was stretched tightly about a foot above the floor and push down! Gosh the pain was unbearable! After depressing the cord with her foot and holding it there she would ask Rick if I was performing any better and wait for him to answer, but how could I be any better so Rick would shake his head to indicate I was not doing well and she would subsequently push the cord further down! I broke down stopped trying to suck Rick’s cock and begged her to have mercy and untie the cord. She said that she could and would if I promise to never bring up my need for relief and simply accept that I am undeserving of it. I had no choice but to agree to her terms and after reassuring them both again and again she untied the cord from around the desk, but left it attached to my balls telling me that it will remain attached until she’s satisfied that I will not bring it up again. I wore the cord wrapped loosely around my ball sack for 2 more weeks until the zip-tie was causing irritation and they cut it off. But they were not done because after removing the zip-tie Melissa installed a small plastic round one inch long clamp that is normally used for conduit and said that I was to leave it on as a reminder of my disobedience, it snapped shut and had no visible means to open and was only a half inch in diameter forcing a tight constriction in my ball sack leaving my balls tightly inside the sack protruding out the other end. I was in complete amazement that she actually thought this was going to be fine, I pleaded with Rick to reason with her and he responded by saying he thought it looked fine!

I’m 23 years old and have been in chastity since I was sixteen and the plastic tube is still in place that Melissa installed four years ago. I haven’t ejaculated in 7 years and honestly don’t remember what it even feels like. Melissa and Rick broke up over a year ago and now I service them both and their new partners in my ever-expanding role.

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