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I Told Him to Kiss My Ass Pt. 04

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Cindy had been spot-on correct when she told me I’d become addicted to dick. By that she meant that once I experienced the joys of being fucked, I’d want more of it.

Two weeks after I lost my virginity, I’d given up all pretenses of trying to be a man. Harry or as she is called by Big Mike and his friends, Harriet has made love to me 5 more times. The more times he had his dick in my boi pussy, the more I wanted it. And since he no longer has access to his wife’s pussy, the more he shoves his dick in me, the more he wants it. So far, it’s working out perfectly.

Getting alone time wasn’t too difficult. Whenever Big Mike summoned our wives leaving Harry and I alone, we would sneak over to one of our homes and do the deed. We probably should have asked Big Mike for permission since we need his permission for almost everything else. But Harriet and I figured that Big Mike has our wives to fuck, why would he care if Harriet and I had sex?

I mean let’s face it. Even before Big Mike came along and showed me what I was meant to be, Cindy’s and my love life wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. She was never satisfied with my efforts regardless of how hard I tried. Simply put, I was ill equipped to fuck her. My little penis was good for nothing more than relieving myself and masturbating.

When Big Mike challenged me, daring me not to take his prodigious cock between my lips, I took him up on his dare. Most psychologists would say that I had some deep-seated desire to suck cocks. Perhaps they’d be right. I know without a doubt that I never felt more alive, more appreciated then when I’m hearing Big Mike, and Harry for that matter grunting and groaning just before they take a grip of my long hair and fuck their sperm down my throat as they curse me and call me vile names in the throes of passion.

Where I failed my wife, I succeed with men, real men….. and Harriet. I can give them explosive orgasms, something which I could never do for Cindy.

I’ll always be indebted to Big Mike for showing me my true path. Yes, he is crude. Yes, he can be quite the condescending asshole. He has a cruel side that he seldom hides. I have come to not only accept those qualities about Big Mike, but to appreciate them. Those are the qualities of a real man.

Big Mike has an innate ability to spot weakness in others and the wisdom use those weaknesses for his purposes, his personal gain. It’s not criminal, nor is it evil. Big Mike saw that I had real talent as a cock sucker and let those interested see it for themselves. by recording my submission to his big cock and selling DVDs of that event after first live streaming my surrender, Big Mike has made a ton of money.

That worked so well that when Harriet asked if he could fuck me, Big Mike saw that as an opportunity for him to earn even more.

I understand that many, if not most people would cringe knowing their sex acts would be captured and put online for all to see. This is where Big Mike’s ability to see in others what they themselves cannot. Doris, Cindy, Harriet, and I appear in a number of Big Mike’s DVDs which he sells online and distributes at pornography stores.

There is a quid pro quo to his entrepreneurship. We have free access to his big cock and he gets paid by others. It’s genius in its simplicity.

Confident, prideful, canlı bahis şirketleri harsh, demanding, and threatening. Big Mike is all of those and more and I find myself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

I am one of the several wives married to his cock, although our marriage will never truly be consummated. Big Mike would never ever stoop so low as to fuck a sissy. My mouth is the only orifice I have that my cock husband will ever penetrate. Big Mike fucks pussy, married pussy while turning husbands into the cock sucking cuckolds they were born to be.

Big Mike had stripped away the veneer of masculinity from Harriet, me, and other husbands. Our pride and sense of dignity has vanished and performing live, in front of others became the norm.

Greeting my cock husband by speaking directly to Big Mike’s cock and kissing it while his friends watched thoroughly amused became easy. Slavishly begging to suck his cock while being recorded in the act was acceptable as long as I was permitted to make love to my cock husband.

It is who he is.

And it is who I am.

The number of people who paid to watch me suck my first cock was only a couple thousand. That number has been shattered by the number of DVDs Big Mike has distributed around not only our town but those nearby. I had no idea that cock sucker DVDs were in such high demand.

The sudden notoriety I received caused me to quit my job. I was too much of a distraction to my co-workers. I took a very early retirement using the perk stock holdings I had in the firm where I used to work to fund our lives; Mine and Cindy’s.

Around town people would point or whisper when they saw us together or even alone. I felt like aa celebrity.

Some people might think that Cindy would have moved in with Big Mike, leaving me for his cock. Let me put those thoughts to rest. Big Mike has a lot of women he fucks and sends home well satisfied. He would rather not have a house filed with horny bitches all vying for his time and energy. He has the best of all worlds when he merely has to summon one wayward wife or two or their husbands to assist him in emptying his balls and make a new movie to sell.

Until I’m called upon to visit my cock husband, I wait and groom myself always at the ready.

Grooming is essential for Big Mike’s whores; women and sissies alike. We are to be clean shaven at all times, a task I loathe.

So it came to be that Harriet and I would shave each other. Big Mike thought it was a great idea because it left more time for him to tend to pussy rather than the homos, he was so proud of creating.

Harriet and I had completely devoted ourselves to dressing sexy at all times. Yes, Big Mike insisted on that but it wasn’t just because he had decreed that we do it. Harriet and I love our new lives. We have an intimacy that had been missing in our marriages. I think everyone needs close physical contact with others and that’s what Big Mike gave Harriet and I.

It is not uncommon for Harriet to arrive at my home wearing some slutty outfit and make-up. Always the lady, Harriet knows how to dress for success.

He would find me waiting for him, me lounging in panties, sheer dressing gown, and furry mules. More often than not, When I would be on my knees shaving Harriet, his dick would somehow find canlı kaçak iddaa its way into my mouth. Sometimes he’d want to cum in my mouth, other times he’d take me and toss me onto my bed and fuck me. Either way, I was always eager to please my new friend.

It soon crossed my mind that even with the name Harriet, I was the woman in his and my relationship. We’d evolved into the same sort of arrangement that Cindy and I had. I’d make Harriet cum either with my ass pussy or mouth and he’d leave me to masturbate. Somehow, it just felt right.

One day Harriet and I were grooming when there came a knock on my door.

I gathered my dressing gown around my slender frame and opened the door a crack. Peaking around through the narrow opening, I saw a rather handsome and large black man. “May I help you, sir,” I inquired.

“Big Mike sent me over to give you this,” he said handing me a DVD. “Hey, I know you.”

I was surprised to hear that. “I don’t think we’ve met sir.”

“No. Not like that. You’re that sexy little faggot in the DVDs.”

I was tickled pink that I had been recognized. “That’s me. That’s me all over.”

“You’re even prettier in person.”

“Why thank you sir. My friend who was in that recording with me is here. Would you like to meet him,?” I smiled opening the door and flattered that I’d become a minor celebrity. “Please, Come in.”

I led him into my home making sure to shake my money maker. Hearing him whistle let me know he found me attractive.

“Harriet, darling,” I called upstairs. “We have a guest who would love to meet you.”

Harriet, who had been naked so I could shave him donned a robe and came down the steps as though he was floating. His make-up, as usual was flawless, His hair beautifully brushed back, his body visible through the robe had our admirer adjusting his cock through his trousers.

“Um, uh sir,” I asked. “What’s your name?”


“Well then, Jevon, meet Harriet. Harriet, Jevon, and I’m johnnie.”

“Pleased to meet you two fine bitches. Loved seeing you two in that clip. You ladies are prettier in person than on the DVD.”

To say we were flattered would be an understatement. I was over the top with joy that a real man found me attractive.

“May I offer you something to drink Jevon?”

“Coffee,?” he asked.

“I have some lovely Jasmine tea already made.”

“Coffee bitch.”

“Yes sir,” I said. Coming right up.” I left for the kitchen with mixed emotions. On one hand I was happy to be waiting on a real man but on the other hand, I was a bit taken aback by his sudden display of dominance.

I hurried with the Keurig and waited for the one-cup to be finished. Going back into the living room to ask if Jevon would like cream and sugar, I was surprised to see Harriet in his knees, his head on Jevon’s crotch. Though still fully clothed, Jevon’s erection was evident. Jevon was grinning like a jackass eating briars.

“Oh my,” I exclaimed. “Sorry to bother you sir, but do you take cream and or sugar?”

“Make it two creams. I like my coffee like I like my bitches. Light.”

I returned to the kitchen with a boner in my thong panty.

I set Jevon’s cup down on the side table and watched Harriet enjoy himself rubbing his face all over that obvious hard-on in Jevon’s trousers.

“Can canlı kaçak bahis I take a selfie with you two ladies? Never been near a movie star before.”

Once again, my heart fluttered. “Movie star? Me,?” I thought. “You most certainly may kind sir,” I said happy to oblige this handsome man.

Jevon moved to the sofa and had Harriet and I sit on each side of him. First, he wanted to drape his arms over us, holding us close to him. Then it was us opening his shirt and running our delicate white hands over his dark broad chest.

When he asked if he could take some sexy shots of Harriet and I, we both said yes at the same time.

Harriet stood behind me and opened my gown exposing me in my lacy thong. I turned and removed Harriet’s robe leaving him naked.

“Suck his dick, johnnie, Let me see you at work, you fine mother fucker.”

We turned to give Jevon a profile of me kneeling and taking Harriet’s dick in my mouth. “That’s nice,” Harriet complimented me. “Your technique is improving baby.”

We both looked at Jevon to see if he was happy with our posing. He had his cock out and was jacking that beautiful, delicious looking black staff. “Why don’t you beautiful bitches come over here and sample my big black cock?”

And that’s how Cindy found Harriet and I when she arrived home a little later.

Harriet and I were on our knees at the feet of the now naked black God as he stood over us in all his sexy glory. We had both been working his cock and balls slowly, enjoying the majestic wonder between his legs when she interrupted us.

“I see you two sissies are having a nice day.”

“Hey,” Jevon almost hollered. “I seen you in a movie sucking Big Mike and riding his cock.”

My wife was as pleased as Harriet and I were at being recognized. “That’s nice Jevon. From what I see, you should be in movies yourself.”

“You can do more than just see it baby. Come to Jevon. Show me what you got girl.

Cin started to remove her clothes but Jevon asked her to wait. “You two punks, help the lady out.”

Reluctantly we rose up and assisted my wife. Harriet removed her blouse and I her tight shorts.

“Like what you see big boy,” she asked Jevon turning to show her beautiful bottom.

Jevon came over to my wife and took her hand. Take me to your bed sweet thing,” he said without doubting she would.

As Cindy led the handsome, well hung stud to our bed, she turned and grinned. “Thanks for warming him up for me. See you two faggots later.”

We could hear them fucking as Harriet let me give him a pedicure and polish his toe nails. When I finished that, he fed me his dick. Alas, it was nothing like Jevon’s but it would have to do. I made a mental note to ask Big Mike if Jevon or another well hung black man could be in our next movie.

It must have been an hour later when Cindy called for us. “Hey sissies, clean-up on aisle 1.”

I was fortunate to be the one she allowed to eat Jevon’s tasty cum from her well fucked cunt while Harriet cleaned Jevon’s cock and balls for him.

As our visitor finished dressing, he made sure to get some pics of my still naked wife.

Harriet and I walked him to the door, “Thank you for sharing that wonderful cock Jevon,” I crooned.

Harriet hugged him.

Then he left thanking us and promising to be back soon. “Damn fine pussy up there. And you faggots suck a mean cock too.”

I slept that night dreaming of Jevon’s cock and how it might feel in my ass pussy.

Hope you enjoyed part 4. Comments and email are appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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