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Humiliated by Sir

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Humiliated by Sir
I had spoken to Sir (he never told me his name) on a gay chat line several times, but in all honesty, he lived too far away so i never really followed it up , and just enjoyed playing with myself while I spoke to him

I don’t know what changed really, but he was on line last week so I requested a one-to-one conversation with him.

Sir describes himself a a six foot genuine dominant master, and is 67. His conversational tone is almost matter of fact,, but if you step out of line he will correct you. First of all he told me to only speak when spoken to, and respond with “Thankyou sir” and then answer his question

He Wanted to know precise details about me, not the just the standard height and weight, but inside leg, shoe size, neck size, how often I got my hair cut, what sort of work I do etc

I gave him all this information about me, and then he went into detail about what he’s expect from me on a visit

I was to be stripped naked in the hall,on arrival, my clothes wallet, keys and phone would be locked away until Sir decided I would be allowed to have them back

I was to be clean shaven, everywhere . I was to wear a tight tee shirt and tight jeans with no underwear. I was to meet him at a service station just off the M4 motorway in Wiltshire.

omce I was naked in his house, I would be given a collar to wear, and a butt plug. The only drink I would be allowed would be Sirs champagne, he made it very clear this meant his piss, and it would be drunk either direct from the tap..or lapped up from a dog bowl

so far so good I thought, all fairly standard stuff – so I gave Sir my number and we arranged to me the following casino siteleri Saturday. But in doing this, I failed his first test…when he asked what time I get up on a Saturday, I told him around 7AM . He sternly told me the correct answer is..whatever time Sir tells me to. He promised I’d pay for that mistake..I promised myself not to make any others (how wrong I was going to be!)

Friday came, and I spent a couple of hours on hair removal for Sir, and on Saturday I headed off with a feeling of excitement but a little trepidation.

i arrived at the service station and stood at the location I’d been given. Sir made me wait 15 minutes and I was beginning to wonder if he’d just been a time waster, when an imposing elderly man came over and said ” I didn’t tell you wear a coat. Are you too thick to follow simple instructions.” He said this at a normal speaking volume, but a young couple walking past looked back and the girl smirked at me. “Next time I give an instruction, you follow it, do you understand boy”
“yes sir” I said quietly. “Louder so I can hear it boy”
“yes sir, sorry sir” Just as a middle aged couple walked past, I blushed with embarrassment as they looked at me disdainfully
i took my coat off to reveal a very tight tee shirt, and close fitting jeans. “Turn around so I can see you” and I had to do a pirouette right there in the car park
“my car is over there, give me you wallet and phone, and the follow me to my house”
i complied with this request and soon we were at a modest Georgian terrace on the outskirts of the town

I followed Sir to the door, and then into the house.


so I took the tee canlı casino shirt off, kicked off my trainers without undoing the laces, and started to take off my jeans

“what the fuck are you wearing?”

id inadvertently put on panties (like I normally do) but of course Sir had specified no underwear

i carried on taking my jeans off, and Sir strode towards me, and literally ripped my panties off, the rained down six hard spanks to my Arse

“don’t disobey again boy, that’s twice now already”

i was terrified and snivelled a little

Sir took my things, and returned moments later with a carrier bag

” on your knees”

so I went down on all fours and Sir put my collar on me. I immediately felt totally humiliated by this sign of ownership. Sir then began to lube me up, prior to filling me with quite a large butt plug. I’m not going to lie, it really hurt going in, and was quite uncomfortable. Sir then told me to stand up.. As I had been so disrespectful and disobeyed him twice already today, he was going to put me in a cock cage, just so my mind did not wander again. and then I’m pushed down on all fours and told to follow Sir to the kitchen. There was a dog bowl full of piss and Sir instructed me to lap it up. It was cold and tasted stale, not that I’m a connoisseur..but I got the impression it had been there overnight

Sir told me if I wanted the toilet, I was to beg to be let it in the garden, where I would have to cock my leg like a dog

luckily I didn’t need the toilet, and Sir told me because of my poor behaviour, I was to be punished.

He left the kitchen for a moment, and returned with one of my trainers, and began to kaçak casino spank me with it, on each buttock alternatively. I counted six in my head, and expected it to stop, but he carried on till twelve on each buttock. I was crying now and begging him to stop

he just looked at me and said “pathetic”

” I need my house cleaned boy, everything you’ll need is under the sink, get on with it”

for or the next two hours I washed, scrubbed, polished and hoovered. I also made Sir cups of tea and sandwiches

the house was ready for inspection..Sir moved through each room and seemed pleased. He found fault (there was none,) with the toilet, and made me lick the bowl until he was satisfied. I sensed he was annoyed I’d done such a good job, but then he checked the Hoover, and I’d put it away when it was almost full! Time for another 12 on each buttock

i followed him to the kitchen, where he got his cock out and pissed all over me and the clean floor.
” Do it again boy” so I was back to square one washing the kitchen floor.

once that was finished, I was summonsed to the lounge

“you’ve been a disapointment today boy. I feel like I’ve wasted my time with you, but I’m willing to give you one more opportunity, 4 weeks from today. Now you’ve met me and know what I expect, I don’t want to waste anymore time training you. Understand”

“yes, sir, Thankyou sir.”

“we’re you expecting a fucking today boy? ”

“Yes sir”

“well you e wasted too much of my time already, I’ve just been on the phone to a decent sub and he’ll be here in an hour so you need to leave now”

Sir then took off my cage, my collar, and (to my relief) pulled out the buttplug, the gave me back my things, minus my ripped panties.

“4 weeks today boy, same time, same place, and if you’re not up to scratch by then, I’ll send you on your way without your clothes. Now go”

ill ll let you know how the next meeting goes

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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