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Holiday fun

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Holiday fun
Edna called me up and invited me and Joe over for what she called a “holiday feast”. She said she was going to have a few people over and one surprise for us and so on the appointed day we went over to Edna’s and Bob’s. When we entered their house Edna greeted me with a nice long passionate kiss while Bob greeted Joe the same way. We then switched and Bob kissed me, Edna kissing Joe.
We headed into the living room and seated there were Joan and Debbie along with Carl. The two girls greeted me and Joe with kisses while Carl just kissed me alone. We all sat down for some drinks Edna had made and caught up on the latest news. I sat down between Debbie and Carl while Joe sat next to Joan and Edna. I finally mentioned to Edna that she said she had a surprise for us. Looking over at Bob, who nodded back to her, Edna related this tale.
Right after giving birth to her first daughter Edna had a one night fling with a black man. When she told Bob about it, he decided to take it one step further and took Edna back to the black and watched as she sucked and fucked him. He wanted the black man to breed Edna and make her have a black baby. The result was evident nine months later when Edna gave birth to a black baby girl. They gave the girl up and never mentioned it again.
I couldn’t believe what Edna was telling me when she suddenly rose up, went into the hallway and in a minute came back out with Elysha, a well built black girl. Joe and I just stared at this girl, taking in her beautiful figure, the nice cleavage her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tight sweater showed, the nipples highlighted and her long well built legs.
“Carmen, Joe this is Elysha” Edna then introduced her.
“She’s here for a short stay and Bob and I wanted you to meet her” Edna added. Looking at me directly,
“I never told you about her because of what Bob had wanted” she said further,
“But now we thought you should know Elysha as part of our family” then,
“If only for today” she finished saying.
I watched as Edna motioned Elysha over to Joe and she leaned down and kissed him long and passionately before she moved over to me and, after Carl had gotten up, sat down next to me and placing her hands on my cheeks,
“Hi Carmen” she said softly and leaned in and we kissed a long and very passionate kiss. I was still in a bit of a shock, but Elysha’s kiss softened me up and I reached behind her and we embraced as we continued to kiss. I soon felt her hand slide down and come to rest on my tit as she now caressed it, squeezing it gently as our tongues explored one another’s mouth. I was getting rapidly turned on as Elysha sucked on my tongue and now vigorously played with my tits. I reached down and felt the firmness of her round tits and the hardness of her nipple,
“Oh fuck” I said softly as our lips parted
“You’re so fuckin’ hot” I whispered to her, forgetting the roomful of people who were now staring at us.
“Take her into the bedroom Elysha” I faintly heard Edna say and before I canlı casino siteleri could say anything, Elysha rose up, took hold of my hand, pulled me up and led me down the hall to the master bedroom. Once there Elysha quickly began to undress until she had on only her bra, panties, garter belt and hose. I followed and got down to my bra and panties when we both climbed onto the bed and laying on our sides, embraced and kissed again. Her hand went down to my pussy and she caressed it as we kissed and soon had me thoroughly wound up. She moved down a bit and pulling my bra up, letting loose my full tits, soon started sucking on my nipples and licking all around my tits as her hand now went into my panties, found my already wet cunt and drove her fingers into me and started fucking me hard. I was in heaven as Elysha went from sucking my tits to kissing me and back before she finally kissed her way down my body and taking hold of my panties, removed them.
“Suck my cunt” I said aloud, not realizing we had an audience. I hadn’t paid attention to anyone but Elysha and didn’t realize Joe, Edna and Bob had come into the room while Joan, Debbie and Carl stayed out in the living room and formed their own little threesome.
I watched as Elysha moved in between my legs and spreading them apart, moved up to my cunt and started licking it hard and fast, biting on my cunt lips, sending waves of passion through my body. I reached down, took hold of her hair with both hands and began to rub my cunt up and down her face as canlı poker oyna hard and fast as I could. She was driving me crazy and I was thoroughly relishing in her sucking and biting me out.
“FUCK” I cried out
“SUCK THAT FUCKIN” CUNT YOU FUCKIN’ WHORE” I yelled out, not knowing or caring if I might have offended her.
I turned my head slightly to one side and finally noticed that we had company. There was Bob on his knees sucking Joe’s cock while Joe and Edna kissed and Joe sucked on her tits. I went back to Elysha and now felt the sting of her biting my clit hard and her fingers fucking my cunt as she drove them deeper into me. I finally couldn’t hold back and the juices burst from me over Elysha’s face as I spasmed over and over. She rose up and as I tried to come back to earth, she moved up next to me,
“Did you like that you fuckin’ white whore?” she asked me softly. When I didn’t answer, several hard slaps to my face brought me back fast,
“Well you fuckin’ whore” Elysha said
“Did you like that?” she asked again.
“Fuck yeah” I replied and reached up, took her by her head and pulling her back down to me, kissed her frantically. After a few minutes we broke off and I looked at her,
“I wanna suck your fuckin’ cunt” I said sternly to her and with that she rolled onto her back, took off her panties and while she spread her legs, I got up, moved between them and looked at her beautiful shaved cunt and dove into it. She tasted so fuckin’ good as I licked and sucked at her cunt, bit her clit and relished at her sweetness. I reached up with my one hand and found her round tit and squeezed it as I lashed in her wet cunt.
“That’s it you fuckin’ white whore” she said to me
“Suck that fuckin’ cunt”
“Show me what a fuckin’ good white whore you are” she added. And did I ever.

The feast was under way.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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