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His “special” secretary – Part 3

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His “special” secretary – Part 3
I went home like a ghost, my wife asked me what was wrong and I just told her that it’s hard at work and that I’m stressed and we have a mostly silent dinner. I see that it does not seem much better for her and ask how she goes. It’s also hard in her work and the restructuration is not going well, the employees are pressured like hell and she’s afraid for her job too.

I go to work the next morning and Sir Vatier is already there, he welcomes me and I sit at my desk to start my work when he calls me.

– Dani, come over here, please.
– Yes Sir.

I come next to him and he asks:

– How did you like it yesterday?
– Sir…
– Don’t be shy.
– Sir… I don’t… Want to… do this again.
– Oh… I see… That’s a pity. You know Dani, I think you’re really good at it.
– But… Sir… I’m not…
– Gay, I know Dani and it’s ok. Yes, you suck cocks but it does not mean you’re gay. You’re just following orders like any good secretary should do.
– …
– And you can think about it in another way, it’s just a duty. You have to do your duties, not because you want but because you have to. Liking them is just a bonus and maybe you’ll come to like this one too. Also, we pay you really well and I remind you that the quality of your work in other fields is mediocre.
– …
– Talking about this… You know where I like my secretary to be.

As he says this, he pulls back his chair from his desk.

– Sir… Please.
– Dani, Dani, Dani… When will you stop whining? Now be a good boy and go below the desk, I have a candy for you.

Defeated, I crawl under his desk and he orders:

– Now open my zipper, Dani.

I obey and pull out his cock from his trousers, he’s already fully erect, I start wanking him and he says after a few seconds.

– That’s well-tried Dani but you know that it’s not what I want so now it’s time to get to work. Put those beautiful lips of yours on my dick and suck it!

I’m now about to suck my third cocks in two days and there does not seem to be any escape from it. I take it in my mouth and start sucking, he comments:

– That’s it, suck it, Dani… You’re a natural at this.
– …
– Continue, keep sucking, take it a bit deeper… Like this, you surely know how to please your man Dani!
… Now take it out.
… And lick it all along, I want you to enjoy every inch of my shaft!
– Sir…
– No sir, be a boy Dani, do as you’re told.

I start to lick dick from the bottom to the top, it’s so humiliating… But he can still make it worse.

– Yes, like this Dani boy, when one of your betters gives you an instruction, just obey, be a good boy.

As he says this, he presses the back of my head and I take back his cock up to the entrance of my throat. I gag and he lets go a little, letting me breathe, I continue sucking him as the phone rings, he answers.

– Good morning, Vatier speaking.
– …
– Oh, I see.
– …
– Yes, I’ll do what’s necessary and we’ll head to the Disciplinary Committee later on.

As he hangs up the phone, he stares at me angrily, grabs both sides of my head and presses his penis as far as he can. making me choke again but this time he does not stop and goes in and out very fast.

By reflex, I push back on his with my arms, he slaps me very hard!

– No hand! Can’t you just do what you’re told for once!

I’m scared and remove my hands, he continues, pounding my mouth between every word:

– You… Filthy… Bitch!… Sir… Edmond… did… appreciate… at… all… your… defiant… attitude.
– … Mphhh
– You… have… to… learn… your… place… If… the… firm… needs… a… bitch… then… you’re… a bitch… Is… that… too… complicated?
– … Mphhh… N…ooorgh.

He’s now close to coming and does so at the back of my mouth, I almost had the reflex to push him back again but refrained from it. Sir Vatier takes back his breath and starts to talk again:

– The Disciplinary Committee wants to see you. Sir Edmond complained about your behavior and they’ll take actions.
– But… Sir… I… did what he asks.
– You can say it, Dani, internet casino you sucked his cock… But it’s not enough, we had to ask repeatedly and it did not go well with him and now with the board.
– Sir?
– I cannot help you with this Dani, follow me.

I follow him to the last floor of the building, we don’t say a word and enter a conference room where about 10 men are waiting for us, Sir Edmond is in the middle.

Sir Vatier goes on the side where a seat is empty, I go in the middle of the room and wait when Sir Edmond starts:

– Secretary Daniel, you’ve been with us for how long?
– A few weeks, sir.
– Have you been able to get used to the position?
– Yes… Sir.
– What do your manager or managers think about the quality of your work?
– I’m not sure sir.
– Oh, you’re not sure. Sir Vatier, can you help us here, how would you qualify the quality of Secretary Daniel’s work?
– It’s mediocre Sir Edmond.
– In all domains?
– Yes, in all domains, as you have seen yesterday evening.
– Indeed.

He continues:

– Secretary Daniel, do you know why you’re here today?
– Yes… Sir.
– Why?
– Because… I… did
– Can you speak clearly and like a 5 years-old girl that lost her candy!
– Sorry, sir… I’m here today because I did not want to…
– You did not want to do what you were told?
– … Yes, sir.
– Let me rephrase Secretary Daniel, you’re bad at your work and you’re insubordinate.
– Yes… Sort of, sir.
– Sort of? Can you explain to us?
– I did not want to… suck you… sir.
– And why is that?
– Because I’m not gay sir.
– So you refuse to obey a direct order because of some life choice or personal preference?
– … Yes, sir.
– You see secretary Daniel, we have two choices here, we can sack you or we can test you… Which do you prefer?
– … test me… sir.
– Does anyone have any objection?

– Very well, we’ll prepare a set of strict rules for you Daniel, you will follow them to the letter or you’re fired directly, is it clear?
– Yes, sir.
– OK, now let’s start, I want you to meet the board members, please go to each of them, greet them and thank them for their hard but fair punishment to come.

I do as told and greet all the members, thanking them… It’s very humiliating mainly since none of them answers. Once done, I don’t really know what to do and wait since Sir Vatier is still seating and waiting.

Sir Edmond speaks again:
– That’s better, now how would you feel about sucking my cock?
– Sir…

I know it’s useless to fight and go toward his direction, he stands in front of me, I kneel and open his trousers, putting out his big cock that I start to suck.

– That’s better, now take it more.

He grabs my head and pushes his cock in and out, reaching my throat every time.

– Gentlemen, do you think we’ll manage to get anything good from Dani here?
They don’t answer and he continues.

– That’s a lousy secretary we got here… Let’s hope we’ll finally find something she’ll be good at…
He stares down at me and says:
– If you get better at this, maybe you’ll be worth something.
He presses more as he says this and I fight my gag reflex and the urge to push him, he continues invading my throat and just pulls back almost fully to come on my tongue.
– Now swallow Dani.

I obey directly this time and drink his filthy man juice.

– That’s better! Report to the HR on Monday for your training, now enough good time, get back to work!

I’m terrified and expect the worse, what’s going to happen next week?

I leave the room with Sir Vatier and we go back to our office, he then explains to me that I’ll need to report to HR and I’ll under their supervision for as long as they think is needed. He also says that Sir Godfroy will be out of the office a little longer than planned since he needs to supervise one of our subsidiaries for now. He adds that I need to come 30 minutes earlier every morning so that I can “release” him as he calls it, same after work, I just nod and he smiles telling me that it’s full of vitamins. he also tells me to go on their floor to meet my new supervisor.

I canlı poker oyna arrive at the HR service and ask the receptionist, embarrassed if I can see the manager, she just abruptly tells me to wait. A few minutes later, an old and very strict-looking lady comes and tells me to follow her, which I do.

– I’m Madam Helen.
– Good afternoon Madam.
– So you’ve been naughty Dani?
– … Yes… Madam.
– I see, you will behave here with me, won’t you?
– … Yes… Madam.
– Very good, we shall see. Starting next week, we’ll have a little training for you, I hope you’ll do well. I strongly suggest you get good rest this weekend as some changes are to be expected next week and I want you fresh on Monday.
– Yes, Madam.
– For now, please remove your clothes.
– Madam?
– I told you to undress.
– …

I slowly remove my clothes and I am soon in briefs, I wait in fear.

– Are you stupid or insubordinate?
– Madam?
– I told you to undress, it’s your last chance!

I lower my brief and am now fully naked, she stares at my dick and just writes something on the notebook saying:

– I see.

She then takes her phone and says “Nathalie, please come in for measurements” before hanging up, I know what’s coming but can do nothing, I just place my hands in front of my crotch but she stops me.

– Hands on the side!

The door opens and a very sexy lady comes in, she must be around 30 and is one of the prettiest women I’ve seen, she approaches me without a word and starts taking my measurements. She writes them down and finishes with my penis, smiling as she writes its dimensions before leaving. I notice that madam Helen is already back to her work.

– Madam…?
– Yes?
– Can I dress? Please?
– No.

I’m here, naked in her office, not knowing what to do. She mostly ignores me and it goes like this for many minutes, I could not say how long but it felt like an eternity.

– Dani.
– Yes, madam?
– I’ll ask you a few questions to know you a little better before next week.
– Yes… Madam.
– I may be blunt but I need it to have a clear profile of you, let’s start, shall we. How old are you?
– 35 madam.
– What was your previous position?
– IT technician madam.
– What is your current position?
– Secretary… Madam.
– What do you like the most in your new job?
– … The office work, madam.
– I see, do you like to take care of your boss?
– … In what way, madam?
– In any way.
– It depends… Madam.
– It depends on what Dani?
– I like to help… but sometimes… I have to do things…
– What things Dani?
– Like… sexual things… madam.
– I see, so you don’t like sex?
– I… like it… Madam… But…
– But what?
– I like it… with women.
– I see, so you would like it with me?
– Madam…
– I asked you a question, Dani?
– I don’t know… Madam.
– And why is that?
– We don’t know each other, madam.
– I see. Do you have a wife?
– Yes, madam.
– Do you like to have sex with her?
– Yes… madam.
– Does she suck you?
– … Sometimes… Madam.
– Do you like it?
– … Yes… Madam.
– Do you lick her?
– … Sometimes also… Madam.
– Do you like it?
– … Yes… Madam.
– Does she swallow?
– … No… Madam.
– Why?
– … I don’t know… She finds it gross. Madam.
– Would you like her to?
– … Maybe… Madam.
– Did you ask her to?
– … No, madam… I did not.
– Why?
– I don’t know… Madam…
– Is sperm disgusting?
– … No… Madam.
– Then why not asking?
– … I don’t want her… to think… I’m a… pervert or something… Madam.
– Is it pervert?
– No… Madam…
– Do you think you give her pleasure when you have sex with her?
– I think… so… Madam.
– Interesting. Do you fuck her anally?
– No… Madam… She does not want.
– I see, would you like?
– I don’t know… Yes… Maybe, madam.
– What do you think about your penis size?
– … It’s a little… small. Madam.
– A little?
– I don’t… know… It’s small… maybe.

She finishes writing on a sheet of paper and hands it to me, asking me to sign it. In a nutshell, it states as my psychological profile that I am insubordinate, that I mix personal canlı bahis tastes and duties. It also states that I’m conscious of my “inadequate” penis size, that I’m confused about sex, stating that I like oral sex and that I’m curious about anal sex.

– Sign Dani.
– But…
– What’s the issue?
– It’s… not… totally accurate… Madam.
– Really? I just summarized what you said.
– But about… oral… and anal… sex.
– Yes?
– I… don’t like… oral sex… and I’m not curious about anal sex.
– You just told me you do… Dani.
– Not all… oral… and anal… sex, madam.
– Oh, I see, can you explain to me?
– I like to… lick my wife… and when she sucks me… but I don’t… like to suck. For the anal… I’m not that… curious I guess, let’s forget it.
– I see, why are you not curious anymore about anal sex? Wouldn’t it be good to try?
– … I don’t know, madam.
– How many cocks did you suck Dani?
– … 3… Madam.
– How many pussies did you lick?
– … 1… Madam.
– I see, when did you suck your first cock?
– … Yesterday… Madam.
– I see, it’s very new. Did you swallow?
– … Yes, madam.
– How does it taste?
– Salty… Madam.
– Does it taste good?
– … No… Madam.
– I see, are you sure about anal sex? It’s the fantasy of many people.
– I don’t know… Madam.
– The feeling of a cock slowly sliding in the tight anal passage is wonderful I’ve been told.
– …
– No need to talk Dani, see your penis does it for you.

I just blush in shame and she takes back the paper and adds a few notes, she hands it to me again.

– Sign please, I’ll be able to help you with all this.

I read quickly and she kept all that’s written before, she also added that I’m unclear about my sexual identity and that mention of anal sex excites me.

I just sign, totally resigned.

The rest of the day is normal, as expected, I have to blow my boss and finally go home, I really need a weekend!
At home, we’re all blue, I’m in a second state fearing for next week and my wife does not seem much better. I do the first move and try to tease her a bit as it’s a long time we did not fuck and I could really do with heterosexual sex right now. We go to bed and I start to lick her but she tells me that she’s really not in the mood, I Push a little and go up to kiss her and gently penetrate her but she pushes me back roughly and says that she really does not feel. I go out and lose my erect directly.
She sees that she hurt my feeling, she says she’s sorry, telling me that it’s the stress. She grabs my cock and rubs it gently but I see it’s forced and I can’t get hard, we just go to bed then.
We try to talk on the next day, she asks me what’s happening at work and I just tell her that they’re very strict and that it’s hard to satisfy them… Of course, I don’t tell her about my “duties” and my training to come.
In her case, things are not so happy either, she tells me that the new senior management is very tough, they find issues in every action and use them to sack people, the atmosphere is very heavy. She tells me that it seems fine for her right not now as she’s the personal assistant of the president but it could get bad very fast as it did for some of her colleagues.

On Sunday, the k**s are out at their friends’ place, I join my wife in the bathroom and start to caress her whole naked body, taking care of breasts and crotch particularly. She gets wet this time and I kneel in front of her to lick her juicy pussy. I make her come this way so that I(‘m sure she does as I’m sometimes fast to load. She moans a lot and thanks me. She starts to wank me gently as she kisses me.
– I’m sorry about yesterday… Thanks for being so kind.
– It’s ok… I understand I’m also very stressed. I love you.
– I love you.

AS she answers, she slowly goes down and swallows my whole cock, then starts the nicest blowjob she ever gave me! She takes my whole penis in her mouth, moaning as she lets it slide in and out!

– I’m about to come!

She keeps going anyway! I can’t believe it, my wife will swallow my load, I’m in paradise!… And she does, I moan as I start to fill her mouth with cum and I see her swallowing as if it’s the best nectar she could have! I can only say this as she gently sucks my dick as it now gets soft:

– Wow! That was… great!

To be continued…

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