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Herbal Elixir

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Hairy Pussy

Herbal Elixir

Bill and Mary were excited for their planned weekend outing. They hadn’t been out since the pandemic had started. After almost a year of being stuck at home, they jumped at the opportunity when invited over to their friends’ Mike and Jessica’s house for a weekend barbeque party.

As couples, they all got along well, but when Mary and Jessica were alone, they seemed to always be disagreeing with each other. Mary was a bit conservative and Jessica was a bit liberal. Mary wasn’t a big drinker and Jessica liked to try and keep up with the husbands. The husbands weren’t sure why the women fought whenever alone, but they did their best to keep the group together in order to avoid it.

Both couples were in their early thirties and before the virus hit, would often do different activities together. They would go hiking, to the beach, and eat out at restaurants together, but after the lockdown started, they only occasionally texted each other.

Bill was getting dressed for the barbeque when he got a call from Mike.

“Hey Bill, sorry to drop this last minute, but Mark and Rachel dropped out. It’s just going to be you guys and us. I hope that’s ok.”

“I think that’s ok. Let me check with Mary.”

“Hey Mary, Mark and Rachel dropped out, that ok with you,” Bill called to Mary in the bathroom as she fixed her hair.

“Yeah babe, that’s fine, but I might drink more if me and Jessica have to spend time alone,” she half joked.

“Mary says its fine, we will see you in a bit,” Bill answered then said goodbye hanging up the phone.

Bill went into the bathroom to see how close Mary was to being ready to go. She was completely naked, but her long brown hair and conservative makeup looked almost ready. Bill walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her tight nude body. He loved looking at her tan naked body. She had tan lines where a bikini should be. Her large tits were a bit lighter than the rest of her body, between her legs was also less tan, but mainly covered by pubic hair. It wasn’t out of control, but she had let it grow out a bit during the pandemic.

Bill groped both her tits and kissed her neck gently.

“Almost ready babe? We can fool around a bit before we go.”

Her large brown eyes rolled at him and she pushed his arms away.

“Babe it will have to wait until after the party. I still have like an hour of work to do before I’m ready.”

“Fine,” Bill fake sulked and walked away. Before leaving he quickly looked in the mirror combing his short black hair. Mary watched his tight ass as he walked away. She was focused on getting ready but definitely wanted to have some fun later in the night. She decided not to wear any underwear to the party maybe she could tease Bill a bit as the night went on.

About an hour later, Bill and Mary grabbed an Uber so they could both get nice and sloshed at the barbeque and headed over to Mike and Jessica’s house.


When they arrived Mike and Jessica met them at the door. Mike was wearing a large red Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts. It covered up the fact he had a bit more of a dad-bod than Bill, but he wasn’t what most people would call fat. Somewhat to Mary’s chagrin, Jessica had on the exact same sundress as her. Her tits were much smaller than Mary’s so she didn’t fill out the dress quite the same way, but what she lacked in the chest she more than made up for with her round ass and nicely sized hips. The green dress also complemented Jessica’s red hair, green eyes, and freckles.

“Oh my gosh same dress,” Jessica joked. Mary feigned a laugh in response, but was a little upset for a reason she couldn’t really verbalize.

The men bumped fists and laughed then they all went inside. The men got beers and the women both had glasses of chilled Riesling. They sat in the living room drinking and joking around for a bit.

“Well bro, I don’t think I told you,” Mike stated. “I got to show you the back yard.”

Bill followed him to the back of the house and the walked out on the back porch to reveal a new installed inground pool.

“Oh shit, you guys got a pool,” Bill said surprised. “Should have told us we would have brought swimsuits.”

“Yeah, my bad bro. You can probably borrow one if things end up going that way. Had to spend the stimulus money on something fun you know.”

The night went on. They had some food and many more drinks. They were all getting pretty tipsy when Mike had a suggestion. He went to the kitchen and came back with a strange shaped gold bottle.

“So, we got this bottle of from a little Roma village in eastern Europe when we visited a few years back.”

“What is it?” Mary asked laying back against her husband her dress had ridden up her thigh so if she turned the wrong way, everyone would see her secret lack of underwear and hairy muff.

“An old lady sold it to us,” Jessica explained. “Said it was an herbal elixir that would relax anyone who drank it.”

“She warned us to only take one shot a day or it ankara duşta veren escortlar could get out of control,” Mike added.

Bill shrugged. “It sounds like a gypsy scam, but I’m game.”

“I don’t know,” said Mary. “I don’t like putting stuff like that in my body. I’ll let you guys try it first.”

“Fair enough,” said Mike. He cracked it open and poured three shots. Mike, Bill, and Jessica clinked their shot glasses together and took the shots. They all made a face. The elixir tasted powerfully of star anise and bitterness.

After the shots they continued drinking beer and wine and having jovial conversations, but they didn’t feel any different after drinking the elixir.

“I think it’s time for swimming!” suggested Jessica.

“We didn’t bring swimsuits,” Mary said frowning.

“I mean we can all just wear our underwear right,” Jessica suggested raising her eyebrows

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Bill said feeling a bit mischievous. He wouldn’t mind seeing his wife and Jessica together in their underwear swimming in the pool.

“Um, I don’t really have underwear either,” Mary said quietly.

“Interesting,” smirked Mike. Jessica smacked him in the chest.

“I have some suits upstairs. You can borrow one. They are in my dresser top drawer.”

Mary thought about it and then nodded and started walking up the stairs.

Bill grabbed the strange bottle and poured three more shots.

“The old lady warned us Bill,” cautioned Jessica.

“I’m not even sure it has alcohol in it. What harm could there be.”

Mike and Jessica shrugged in response and they all took the shot before heading outside.

Bill suddenly started to feel warm as they walked outside, even though there was a slight breeze blowing. He stripped down to his boxer briefs and dove into the pool.

Bill turned around and watched as Jessica stripped off her dress exposing her white lacy set of bra and panties. She had small tits but her freckled body looked great in the moonlight. Mike stripped entirely naked exposing his slight beer belly and large non erect cock. He laughed heartily. Bill shook his head in a bit of disbelief as Mike pushed his own wife into the pool and then cannonballed in behind her.

Jessica walked up to Bill as he stood in the pool. The water had turned her bra transparent and he could see her pink nipples through the fabric.

“Do you feel funny too?” Jessica said putting her hands on Bill’s shoulder for stability.

Bill’s head was fuzzy and it felt like all of his blood was flowing to his groin. Maybe the elixir was working he thought. Mike was slowly moving over to the side of the pool seeming like it was affecting him as well.

“Yeah funny,” slurred Bill placing his hands below the water on Jessica’s perfectly wide hips. He almost instinctively pulled her in towards him and felt his surprisingly hard cock press against her stomach. Their lips were nearly touching.

“Let’s,” Jessica’s breathing was labored and unsteady. “Move to the side of the pool.”

Jessica wrapped her arms around Bill’s neck and nuzzled her face into his collar bone. Bill lifted her up easily in the water and she wrapped her legs around him. Jessica foot somewhat accidently pushed Bills boxers down as she tried to hold tight around him and his hard cock leapt out and pressed against her. The fabric of her panties the only thing keeping his hard dick from pressing against her pussy. Jessica moaned softly.

After what seemed like forever to Bill, they finally were at the edge of the pool next to Mike. Mike breathed slowly leaning against the side of the pool. Bill lifted Jessica up onto the lip of the pool. Her legs almost immediately spread. Bill could see her panties had also become translucent and a strip of red pubic hair could be seen. Jessica bit her lip looking at both men and patted the lip of the pool on either side of herself. Bill pushed out of the pool and sat close enough to Jessica that their legs were touching. He was nude, having lost his boxers somewhere in the pool. Mike took a few more minute to get his less muscular body out of the pool, but soon they were sitting on either side of Jessica, both of them were sporting the hardest erections either of them had ever had.

“No reason for these I suppose,” Jessica said raising her hips and pulling her wet panties off. Bill almost unconsciously reached behind her back and undid her bra. Jessica looked over at him as she let the bra drop forward exposing her small but beautiful tits and hard bright pink nipples. Bill reached up grabbing the breast closest to him and Mike wordlessly did the same. Jessica’s mouth opened with a moan her body tensed in pleasure as both men squeezed her nipples. She couldn’t resist reaching down and wrapping her hands around the cocks of both men as she achieved the easiest orgasm she had ever experienced and it was only the beginning.


Mary stopped by the bathroom before starting to go into the bedroom to get a swimsuit. elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar She heard them all splash into the water as she washed her hands after using the toilet. She walked into the bed room. There were two top drawers in the bedroom and Mary choose the wrong one first. Inside were a few different vibrators and a large realistic dildo.

In her state of slight tipsiness, her curiosity got the better of her and Mary pulled out the dildo. It was a bit longer than Bill’s cock and definitely girthier she thought. Written on the bottom of the Dildo was a message. ‘Happy Anniversary, Babe! Made this mold so you can have my cock anytime you want. -Mike’. Oh my god this is Mike’s cock, Mary thought as she dropped it in the drawer for a second. She then picked it back up. I wonder if I could fit it in my mouth, she thought for a second. She put the dildo to her mouth and hesitated for a second before opening her lips and slowly sliding it in.

Fuck it was big, she thought. She doubted she could blow a cock like this for very long without her jaw locking up. She wondered if she could even fit it in her pussy. It’s only a dildo, her drunken mind justified, not her friend’s husband’s actual cock. She slipped her dress off exposing her naked tan lined body and hair covered pussy. She hesitated for a few more moments before lining it up with her surprisingly wet vagina and slowly pushing the flesh-colored dildo into her. She got it about halfway in before stopping for a minute then she started pushing it in and out. Her checks flushed. She laid back on her friends’ bed spreading her legs open further. She began fucking herself with a bit more gusto. Her legs slightly bent as she laid back on the bed.

“Oh Mike,” She moaned out quietly, but loud enough to pull herself out of her trance. What was she doing? She wiped the dildo off on her dress and put it back in the drawer slamming it shut. She stood there naked and ashamed for a moment before opening the other top draw. There she found two swimsuits. One was a mini bikini and the other was a one-piece. Neither made too much sense for her much larger breasts, but the one piece was best. Her large tits were barely covered by the swimsuit and she thought if she moved even a little bit the wrong way they would fall out. She put it on and walked down back to the pool.


Still on the lip of the pool, Jessica’s small freckled hands continued pumping the hard cocks on either side of her. Her husband had started fingering her drenched pussy. Bill was sucking the nipple closest to him was squeezing the breast further away. Jessica wanted nothing more than to have both men fuck her like crazy, but she had enough control to know she shouldn’t fuck Bill.

“Fuck me now,” she whispered to her husband Mike. She then got up on her knees with her ass facing Mike. Mike knelt behind her. He pushed his very large cock slowly insider of her. Bill stood in front of Jessica stroking his rock-hard cock. With one hand Jessica reached up and squeezed Bill’s balls. His cock was less than an inch from her face as she continued to get slammed from behind by her husband. She couldn’t count the number of orgasms she was having. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Occasionally, the head of Bill’s cock would press against her lips and her tongue would involuntarily lick the precum from the tip. Bill looked like he was on the verge of orgasm and Jessica could feel Mike’s cock starting to swell as he also approached orgasm.

The door of the house swung open and Mary walked out in a one-piece that was much too small.

“What in the fuck,” Mary yelled.

Almost on command Bill’s cock sprayed the most cum it ever had in one spurt all over Jessica’s freckled face and red hair. Jessica could feel her husband also coming inside of her and couldn’t stop herself from screaming out in pleasure.

“I um well fuck,” Bill stammered as he tried to clear his head enough to answer. “I think the elixir.” His cock was still spraying over Jessica’s freckled chest.

“The fucking fake elixir that didn’t do anything.” Mary said picking up the bottle set on a table next to the door.

“I… don’t… think…. it’s… fake” Jessica said fairly breathlessly. She was covered in cum. Her husband still spraying inside of her and slowly pumping his huge cock in and out, but coming to a stop.

“Sure, sure, watch this,” Mary said opening the bottle and taking a deep swing at least 4 shots worth. She slammed it down on the table and danced around sarcastically for a few moments.

“Hmm still not feeling anything. Certainly not trying to fuck my friend’s husband,” she said, though the guilt from the dildo had not vanished from her mind. “Wait, what?” She started teetering in dizziness. Bill ran over his cock still strangely erect and caught her the best he could. As she slumped her large tan lined tits burst out of the one-piece and were exposed to the friends.

Mary was still slightly conscious etimesgut iranlı escort and once Mike finished filling up Jessica’s pussy with his cum, he helped Bill carry her inside.

“I guess we can take her up to the bed and monitor her,” Mike suggested.

Both of their hard cocks rubbed against Mary’s smooth tan legs as they carried her, one on each side, up the stairs. Jessica followed them up, Mike’s cum dripping off her face and Bill’s semen leaking down her leg. Mary was moaning and smiling occasionally. Once they laid her down on the bed, Mike attempted to cover her tits with the swimsuit but it seemed an impossible task. Mary occasionally pawed at his dick, but soon she was asleep.


Once she was asleep Jessica looked at the men and smiled.

“I’m still so fucking horny,” she exclaimed face and small freckled tits covered in Bill’s semen and Mike’s cum dripping down from her pussy.

The men nodded their hard cocks pointing at her.

Bill pushed her back onto the bed and Jessica’s head lay on Mary’s lap. Jessica’s pussy was at the edge of the bed. Bill spread her legs open.

“I’m not sure Mary would approve,” Jessica moaned as the tip of her husband’s friend’s cock pressed against her slightly swollen pussy.

“I can’t help it,” Bill groaned pushing his rock-hard cock into her slit. Jessica moaned. It was the first new cock she had in her pussy in years. Her entire freckled body flexed from her feet up as she experienced another full body orgasm. Bill’s cock pumped deep into her, his balls smacking against her asshole. Jessica was in a constant state bliss as Bill’s cock pushed her husband’s semen out of her contracting cunt.

Mike looked on and stroked his cock, he wasn’t sure if he would have normally been ok with this, but he was currently more aroused than he had ever been. He got on to the bed between Mary’s legs, but instead of trying to fuck the sleeping Mary, he pushed his cock into his wife Jessica’s moaning mouth.

Jessica was now being fucked in both her mouth and pussy. She was in a tantric field of passion and pleasure. She could feel both men groping her ass, stomach, and tits as she continued to be relentlessly fucked. In her state of pleasure, she barely noticed Mary stirring beneath her.

Mary regained consciousness suddenly. Looking up she thought for a second Mike was fucking her. She immediately felt the blood leave her face and rush to her loins. It took her a second to realize he was fucking Jessica’s face which was laying in her lap. She looked over to see her husband plunging into Jessica’s pussy, his eyes rolled back in pleasure. She was jealous, angry, and turned on all at once. She reached between her legs and found Mike’s large balls and started rubbing them as he pumped into his own wife’s mouth.

Mike looked over at Mary as he felt her squeeze his balls, Mary bit her lip at him and pushed the fabric of her swim suit aside exposing her pussy and dark pubic hair with her other hand. Mike removed his cock from his wife’s mouth and began to rub it on Mary’s wet unclaimed pussy.

Jessica barely noticed her mouth was free, but once she did, sat up as much as she could. Bill moved in and kissed her on the mouth. Her freckle and jizz covered face pressed against his. They were transitioning from fucking to making love right in front of their spouses. Bill held Jessica’s wide pale hips as he continued fucking her in long considerably slower strokes.

Mike was about to thrust into Mary’s pussy when she put a hand out to stop him.

“Just the tip Mike,” she stuttered, “we really shouldn’t be doing this.”

Mike pushed the tip of his considerable cock into her pussy, she moaned and rubbed her clit softly. He pushed less than an inch of his cock in and out of her again and again. Mike pushed the swimsuit off her shoulders fully exposing her large shapely tits that contrasted against her tan body. He squeezed them oafishly before more gracefully squeezing her nipples. Mary moaned barely able to catch her breath.

Bill moved his mouth off of Jessica’s and began kissing her neck. He was about to explode as they continued fucking fully wrapped into each other.

“I’m not on birth control; Mike got snipped,” Jessica whispered in his ear between moans.

Bill pulled his mouth from her neck, “Ok I will try and pull out,” he huffed.

“No, I want your cum in my pussy, I just wanted you to know the risk.”

With permission granted, Bill groaned and felt his cock spraying more than he thought was possible. Jessica felt him spray into her and screamed out in orgasm. Bill grabbed a handful of her red hair and humped hard into her filling her up till her pussy overflowed. They then collapsed back into the bed catching their breath. Once their pulses dropped back to a normal rate, they adjusted on the bed so they could watch the other two. Jessica laid on Bills hard muscled chest and softly stroked his still somehow hard prick.

“Don’t worry Mary, he has been snipped. You can fuck him,” Bill joked, but he did want to see Mike’s monster cock enter his wife for some reason.

Mary looked over at him; there was a look of fury on her face. She wrapped her legs around Mike pulling him, for the first time, deep inside her drenched swollen pussy. Her expression changed from anger to orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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