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Her Intruder

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Her Intruder
Her Intruder – An Erotic Short Story

When are you home? The text message spoke to him in a peculiar way.
“That’s funny, she never asks me that” the husband thought to himself.
“Not till later…maybe 9, 10, why?”
“I am just thinking about you, that’s all” she texted back.
“Did you have plans tonight?” he asked
“Not really…maybe” this text seemed coy.
“What were you thinking?” he responded, his interest peaked a little.
“I want to ask you, but I am afraid you’ll think it’s weird” she texted sheepishly.
“We have been married 20 years, I definitely won’t think that at all” he reassured her.
“OK, so I am having this fantasy” she says.
“Go on”, he replied; now he was really intrigued.
“I am just going to come out and say it, I want you to pretend like you are breaking into the house, like you are going to rob the place, but instead of robbing the place you find me and…”

“I know what you are talking about, and I will be there at 10pm” he texted firmly.

“Leave the back patio door unlocked, and make sure you are wearing that orange tank top and black panties that I like…no socks, bare feet” his text was firm, but playful at the same time.

“Anything in particular you would like?” he asked.
“Yes, I want you to tie me up and take me and do anything you like”, she answered.

“Fine, 10pm it is” he signed off.

9:45, and her anxiety was starting to kick in, it was not so much anxiety, as it was nervous excitement wrapped up in a package that was about to explode.
Dressed in the outfit her husband had requested she stood at the sink, pouring herself a glass of water….when he pounced.

She didn’t even hear him come through the open patio door; he cupped his hand around her mouth and with a wicked whisper said;
“Don’t say a word; I won’t hurt you if you do exactly what I ask”
With his hand over her mouth all she could do was mew a slight ok.
“You look very beautiful, I came for something else, but what I want now…..is you!”
He removed his hand from her mouth and she spoke:

“What do you want?” she said, panting slightly.

“THIS” he replied sharply and with a quick movement he wrapped a long scarf around her eyes so she could no longer see.
She moaned slightly as he tightened it around her.
“Please no…I…”
And with another quick movement he gagged her mouth with another scarf.
“This is what I wanted” she thought to herself, feeling vulnerable, but in control. She knew she could end this at any time if it became too uncomfortable for her.

“Put your hands behind your back….NOW!” he said to her sharply.

And she complied.

He removed the tie that he had been wearing all day at work from one of his pockets.
He gently tied her hands that were crossed behind her back, snug enough that she couldn’t free herself if she tried.
Still behind her, he grabbed both her arms and walked her over to their kitchen island.
He bent her over the island.
Still ataşehir escort in her panties, he grasps them on each side and pulled them up so that it created a sort of makeshift thong.
She moaned and enjoyed the sensation of the material between her cheeks.
He took his middle finger and began to stroke her area…she was very wet.
“Don’t move” he commanded.
He got to his knees and gently started biting at her cheeks; he moved his tongue along the line of the material, from her backside to her opening.
“Oh my god, that feels so good” she thought to herself, not able to speak, but only moan.

He stood up, and leaned over her to whisper in her ear:
“Don’t move” he said seductively.
She could hear him walk over to the fridge and open the door:
“HHMMM, what shall we use here” he said to himself loud enough to she could too.
“Here is what I am looking for” he replied.
She could hear his footsteps walking over to the sink and he started the water. She was intrigued, excited and nervous all at the same time.
“What does he plan on doing?”
He shut the tap off and she could hear that he had ripped off a piece of paper towel. She could hear him drying something off.
“Now then, where were we?” he asked.
He walked back over to her, still bent over the island and slightly moaning.
He rubbed her back gently, letting her know that everything was alright.
“You won’t be needing these anymore” he stated.
And he removed her panties and dropped them on the floor.

“Spread your feet” he ordered, and she did.

He was rubbing something smooth and slightly long and thick over her backside and the backs of her thighs.
He put his mouth over her moist area and began licking and sucking at her, she moaned with pleasure.
Then she could feel something pressing at her opening, “What was it?” she thought to herself, and then she guessed it….it was a cucumber.
She remembered buying it on her last outing to the grocery store.
She didn’t think it was going to be used this way though.
She could feel it slowly going into her, first the tip them the mid-way point, he slowly started to move it, in and out, and she moaned and mewed with delight as he began to pleasure her with it. It was smooth and thick and filled her.
“Does this feel good?” he asked
All she could do was moan a slight “mmmm hhmmmm”.

She thought to herself, “Keeping fucking me”, but couldn’t say the words due to the gag in her mouth.

“I am going to keep fucking you until you cum”, he said breathlessly. She moved her hips in a circular motion now.

After a few minutes with the edible sex toy, he stood up and leaned himself against her. Now he started to fuck her, slowly with sharp thrusts and then long slow thrust. Gripping her tied hands and slamming into her.
She was moaning and shaking her head no, even though she really meant keep going. This was the fantasy she wanted and it was coming to life, being göztepe escort taken by force.

After several thrusts he would go back to the cucumber, and continue to pleasure her.
Then he leaned over her prone body and whispered in her ear;
“I am going to take the gag out of your mouth, and you are going to do something for me” he ordered.

He removed the gag and ordered her to stand up; when she did he grabbed the back of her head and whispered in her ear;

“I want you to get on your knees, and open your mouth” he explained.

“What are you going to do to me now” she was in full character.

“I am going to fuck your mouth” he said gleefully as she got down on her knees.

“No please don…”, before she could get the words out of her mouth something else occupied the space.
She was gargling and spitting as his member entered her mouth and the back of her throat, he would pull it out and she would beg him to stop;

“Please not my mouth…..no more….. plea….”he would force his member into her mouth again.
This was ecstasy to her, being “forced” to do something against her will, to lose all control, yet have total control at the same time.

She was grinding her hips, hands tied behind her back, blindfold still on, as she was pleasuring him and he noticed this.
He removed himself from her and she took in a deep breath. He got to his knees and faced her, he rubbed her and inserted 2 fingers into her and began to pleasure her with them.
Flicking his fingers inside of her, she leaned against him;
“Oh god….I am going to cum” she whispered.
He moved his fingers faster and she could feel something building up inside of her, this felt good and it felt different she thought to herself;
“You don’t understand” she whispered in his ear, “I am really going to cummmmm” and with that she did, a river of fluid poured out of her and she moaned loudly as he kept up the movements and pressure on her.
When she was finished she collapsed against him and he removed his fingers, kissing her forehead then moving to her mouth and she kissed him long and passionately as their tongues intertwined.

He gently stood her up, her legs felt like Jell-O, and bent her over the kitchen island again.
“Stay there” he whispered.
“Oh god, what does he have in mind now” she wondered to herself.
He returned a few minutes later, with the blindfold still on she wondered what he had in store for her next.
“Come with me” he asked gently and walked her over to the sofa in the living room.
He untied her hands, and ordered her to lie down on the couch.
With the blindfold still on she could hear him pulling the blinds up in their living room. The room was illuminated now from the moon as well as the street lights.
No one could see in as the room was dark, but they could see everything outside.

He walked back over to the couch; she was spread out, legs at one end and her head at the ümraniye escort other.
“Lift your feet” he said to her.
She did and he sat down.
“Now then, look at these toes, they need some attention” he told her.
“Let’s see what we can do about that”, and he unscrewed the cap to her red nail polish bottle.
She thought to herself that this was an interesting juxtaposition from the scene that just happened in the kitchen.
“This is what I want to do now” he said, and he began to paint each toe-nail very carefully.
When he was finished he blew on her nails to dry them and ordered her to stand up.
He walked her over to the love-seat that was situated in front of their window.
With the blindfold still on, he bent her over the sofa, and knelt down and began to lick away at her pussy again.
She moaned and begged him no more, but he found himself licking her faster and harder, and she cried out in ecstasy.
He stood up and noticed that their neighbors across the street had just come home from a night out, she was an attractive 40 something with short red-hair and he was in his late 40’s, athletic for his age.
They were standing in the warm summer evening talking to each other.
He removed the blindfold from around her eyes and said;
“Look, your neighbors across the street just came home…do you think they can help you, do you think they can see what I am about to do to you?” he asked in total character.
He entered her from behind and she moaned with delight, he started to fuck her hard, and she enjoyed the sensation of him.
“Look” he said, grabbing her hair and forcing her to look out the window at their neighbors.
“Do you think they can see us?”, “Do you think they can hear us” he said breathlessly.
“I donnnn’t know” she answered, “Keep fucking meeeee”, she ordered.
“Do you think if Laurie (their neighbor) could see what we are doing; do you think she would watch, do you think if she was watching us, do you think she would touch herself?”
“Yesss” she replied
“What else would she do?” he questioned her.
“If she…saw what we were doing, she would take her husband in their house” she said in between his slow rhythmic thrusting.
“What would she do to him…in their house” his pace slowed as he asked her the question.
“She would use her mouth on him” she replied, grinding her hips into him.
“What would he do to her?” he responded
“He would fuck her, slowly at first, then harder”, and as she said those words he began to fuck her harder.
“Like this?” he questioned
“Yes just like thisssss” she moaned.
“Keep fucking me, I am going to cum again”
He did just as asked, and within a few moments the wife came again, this time harder and wetter than the kitchen orgasm, all the while looking to see if the neighbors were watching.
He continued for a few more minutes until he couldn’t hold it any longer, and then he released everything he had into her, collapsing onto her back, kissing her neck.
While they both lay on the love seat, her leg d****d over his stomach, the light shining in and illuminating their bodies, she jokingly quipped;

“You better get out of here before my husband gets home”.

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