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Her First Time with Him

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Before we go married, my wife and I had a bit of a falling out, and we spent about 2 years apart. During this time she was with someone else. The following is an extract of a WhatsApp conversation between the two of us, which I saved, where she told me about her first time with him.

Wife: “Do you really want to know?”

Me: “Yes, I want to know. But I don’t want to pressure you, if you are uncomfortable talking about it lets forget about it.”

Wife: “No, Its fine. I’ll tell you.”

Me: “Cool, so when did it happen?”

Wife: “About 3 months after we started dating.”

Me: “Aha, so tell me how it happened.”

Wife: “I pretended to be sick and stayed home, and when mommy went to work he came over.”

Me: “Who’s idea was it?”

Wife: “Mine.”

Me: “Really? Did you tell him you want to have sex?”

Wife: “No. I just told him to come over so that we can talk and hang out just the two of us.”

Me: “Hmmm… OK, so what happened?”

Wife: “When he arrived, I made him a Tea.”

Me: “What were you wearing?”

Wife: “Nothing special, just my home clothes. A skirt and skinny.”

Me: “So then what happened?”

Wife: “We sat on the couch and talked for a bit. Then he asked me to come closer and we started making out.”

Me: “OK then?”

Wife: “He was kissing me on my neck and started running his hands all over my body and put one hand inside my skirt and started playing with my butt.”

Me: “OK.”

Wife: “We kissed for a while longer while he squeezed my butt. And then I put my hand on his crotch and started feeling his cock.”

Me: “Haha, tell me mobilbahis güvenilir mi the truth, you wanted to have sex right??”

Wife: “No, that wasn’t the plan, but when he started kissing me my mood changed.”

Me: “OK.. then what?”

Wife: “He touched the front of my panty and noticed that I was wet, and kept running his fingers over the wet spot.”

Me: “OK.”

Wife: “I asked him if he wanted to go up to my bedroom. And he said yes.”

Me: “OK, then what?”

Wife: “We went to the bedroom and started kissing again on my bed. We fell on the bed and I got on top of him and kissed him. Then we stopped kissing and I just laid on him and he hugged me.”

Me: “OK, then what?”

Wife: “He asked me about what to do next, if I wanted to have sex or just fool around.”

Wife: “I told him that I don’t mind having sex. He asked me if I was sure, and then when I said yes, he started kissing me again.”

Me: “Quite the gentlemen eh?. Has he had sex before?”

Wife: “Yes, He had.”

Me: “Did he know about us?”

Wife: “Yes, He knew.”

Me: “OK, then what happened?”

Wife: “He got out of bed, and started taking off his clothes. I sat on the bed and watched. He was so hard”

Me: “Was he bigger than me?”

Wife: “Well, he was longer, but he wasn’t as thick as you.”

Wife: “And he was completely shaved.”

Me: “OK, then what?”

Wife: “He came back to bed, and I played with his cock and gave him a blow job.”

Me: “OK, then?”

Wife: “He asked if he could take my clothes off. I sat on the bed and let him.”

Me: mobilbahis “OK.”

Wife: “He started kissing my body and ended at my pussy and started eating me.”

Me: “OK. Was he good? Then what?”

Wife: “Yes, he was good. When he finished, I told him that I have condoms hidden in my underwear drawer. He put one on and climbed back on me and we made love.”

Me: “Made Love?”

Wife: “Yes, he took his time and we kissed a lot. Like movie sex mostly in missionary position.”

Me: “Oh OK.”

Wife: “Yeah, I was so wet! and it felt so good when we did it.”

Me: “Hmmm.. I can imagine..”

Wife: “Yeah, after he came we fell asleep for about an hour in each others arms.”

Me: “Then what?”

Wife: “When I woke up, he was already up and scrolling through facebook on his phone. I snuggled up to him and he kissed me and asked me about the sex”.

Me: “What did you say?”

Wife: “I said the sex was good, and I loved it when he ate my pussy – he said the blow job that I gave him was AMAZING”

Me: “Can’t argue with that. Then what?”

Wife: “He asked if we could take a picture together.”

Me: “And you agreed?”

Wife: “Yeah, we snuggled together in bed and took a few selfies, and then he sat on the bed, and I hugged him from behind and took a few more.”

Me: “Did he take nudes of you?”

Wife: “No, not that day.”

Me: “So he has taken nudes of you?”

Wife: “Yes”

Me: “hmmm.. So then what?”

Wife: “After taking the pics we started kissing again, and did it again.”

Me: “Huh! more love making?”

Wife: “Yeah sort mobilbahis giriş of, but this time I was on top and rode him. When he was ready to cum we switched and he got on top of me and fucked till he came.”

Me: “OK, then?”

Wife: “Then we went downstairs to have lunch.”

Me: “Naked?”

Wife: “hmmm…”

Me: “Then what?”

Wife: “After lunch we came back to my room and did it again. I told him I like doggy style and he was more than happy to.”

Me: “OK.”

Wife: “That was more fucking, than love making. I told him to pull my hair and asked him to fuck me hard.”

Me: “He must have thought that he hit the jackpot with you!”

Wife: “Yeah, he texted me that night saying that he enjoyed the last fuck the most.”

Me: “hmmm.. Then what?”

Wife: “That was it, he got dressed and left and I took a wash and waited for mommy to come home.”

Me: “So after that you guys started doing it regularly?”

Wife: “Yes, after that first day for about a month we sort of went into a frenzy. Meeting up at his place or mine every chance we got and when that wasn’t possible we went to places that rented day rooms.”

Me: “hmmm.. I’m actually surprised about that.”

Wife: “Yeah, I never thought I’ll be the kind of woman who went to have sex in day rooms. But I don’t know what got over me. But after the first we did it there, it wasn’t a big deal.”

Me: “Well, I’m glad you told me about it.”

Wife: “hmmmm… I didn’t want to, but since you wanted to I thought I’ll just tell it and get over with.”

Me: “haha.. Thank you. I’m really turned on right now.”

Wife: “LoL… me too…”

Me: “Shall we have a video call and you can watch me shagg?”

Wife: “Sure!”

Me: “Ok I’m calling you”.

We then got on a video call; and stripped for each other. My wife played with her self while I stroked my cock and she watched em cum.

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