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Heaven in a Blue Dress

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The late autumn leaves crackled across the pavement, flung from their perches on the old maple and oak trees above and scattered across the sidewalk by the suddenly cold November breeze. As he made his way up the walkway toward the front door of the house, the young man felt a chill roll down his back. Winter announcing its intent to orchestrate a hostile takeover of what had been a gentle fall.

He arrived at the summit of the four steps that marked the end of the walkway, stopping before pulling open the storm door to run his hand through his dark brown hair. He gently lowered the gold latch of the storm door, then turned the knob of the freshly-painted white front door, pushing it open. While he had expected to have a good time tonight, the noises he heard upon stepping into the foyer ratcheted his expectations higher still.

Ice cubes rattled in glasses, heels clicked across hardwood floors, and music flowed from the speakers tucked in the corners of the living room and kitchen. He scanned the living room to his right as he walked down the hall toward the kitchen, looking for Paul or Cathy, the hosts who were kind enough to invite him. He and Paul had been friends since he had moved into the neighborhood two years earlier, and the two could often be found on the golf course on warm summer afternoons or enjoying a beer and a football game together when summer gave way to fall.

He noticed how attractive some of the neighborhood wives were, thinking in a couple of cases that it was amazing what makeup and dim lighting could accomplish. He walked back into the kitchen and found Paul. The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries while Paul made him his cocktail of choice: Tango and tonic.

“Hey, John, what’s been going on?” Paul asked as he finished mixing the drink, then handed it to him.

“Not a whole lot, man, just working, heading to the gym when I can, the usual.” John turned to see who else was in the kitchen and found himself immediately drawn to a gorgeous blonde standing on the opposite side of the room chatting with Christy, Steve’s wife, who lived across the street. She was simply stunning. Her midnight blue dress hugged her body without being trampish. She wasn’t afraid to show a little cleavage, but was the epitome of elegance and class. As she turned, his eyes caught a glimpse of her perfectly round and toned ass, and he couldn’t resist letting his desires be known for any longer. He turned to Paul.

“Hey, Paul. Who’s that gorgeous woman talking with Christy?” he whispered, still admiring her luscious and athletic body, her golden locks flowing down her partially exposed back.

“That’s Sarah, she plays tennis with Cathy and lives around the corner.”

“I knew I’d seen her somewhere. It was at the gym. She’s always the hottest one there. How come Cathy’s never introduced me before?” he asked, almost sounding betrayed.

“Well, she is married, you know,” Paul answered.

“Oh yeah? Who’s her husband? Is he here? I’d love to meet the guy who gets to enjoy that every night.”

“Cathy told me earlier that she’d be coming along, he’s out of town for a week or something like that.”

John’s eyes remained locked on her, and he decided he had to take a chance. He had broken up with his girlfriend a month earlier, and was starving for a little thrill, even if it only came in the form of a close up view of a gorgeous woman. He began to walk toward her slowly, using his blue and white striped button down shirt and khakis to dry his right hand; he was unable to tell whether the sweat was coming from his drink or from his newfound excitement. He finally arrived upon the source of his stimulation, and elected to say hello to the familiar face first.

“Hi, Christy, how are you? Good to see you,” he said, extending his hand and softly clasping hers. He quickly turned his attention to the true purpose for his arrival. “I’ve seen you before, but I’m not sure we’ve ever met. I’m John, I live across from Christy and Steve.”

Her dazzling eyes locked onto his as their right hands met and lingered against each other just a little while; he felt a bolt of energy surge throughout his body and could only hope she felt the same. “I’m Sarah, I think I’ve seen you before at the gym. It’s very nice to finally meet you.”

Her sultry yet sweet voice intrigued him further and the group made small talk for a little while, talking about work and kids and weather, all the banter usually heard at parties full of people unfamiliar with each other. “I’m going to grab another glass of wine,” Christy told Sarah. “Do you want anything?”

“Sure, I’ll take another,” she answered, then handed her glass to Christy. She turned her full attention to John. “Are you here with anyone?” she asked. He could have sworn there was a hint of something other than curiosity in the tone of the question, something beyond simple interest.

“Actually, no, I’m just getting ataşehir escort out of a relationship.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” she said, a look of concern forming.

“Oh, it’s fine, really, it’s better for both of us. What about you?”

“I’m married, but my husband’s out of town for the week, so I just came stag tonight.” She winked, causing him to smile and blush just a little.

“Oh really? So, when the cat’s away…” He cocked an eyebrow, quizzically.

She laughed. “Well, not exactly.” The two shared a little nervous laughter, and he put his left hand on her right forearm, allowing his fingers to glide over her soft skin for just a couple of seconds. She did nothing to rebuff his touch, and he began to feel emboldened.

“So how are things at home?” he asked, adding, “if you don’t mind my asking, of course.”

“I really can’t complain,” she reassured him. “He’s just gone so much.” An awkward silence passed before she went a little farther, saying exactly what they both knew she was getting at. She placed her right hand in the middle of his back, ostensibly to relieve some of the building tension. “A woman has her needs, you know?” More nervous laughter followed, but now that they were on the topic, he wasn’t about to allow it to pass.

“I know what you mean.” He moved in a little closer to her, the left side of his body now just barely touching the right side of hers, his voice dropping. “I have my needs, too, but haven’t been lucky enough to meet someone like you since I’ve been single.”

Her face flushed a little. “Like me?”

Their eyes locked again as he practically whispered. “Well, yeah. A radiant, gorgeous woman who also happens to be smart, funny, and doesn’t mind admitting she likes sex.” His left hand brushed against her right thigh, and he did his best to make it seem like an accident.

Her smile broadened. “You really think that? That’s so sweet, but I really don’t know about any of those qualities.” She paused for effect. “Except the talking about sex part, I mean.” They shared another laugh, and she grabbed his hand, squeezing.

“Oh really?” His left hand moved to the small of her back, and he noticed she was biting her lower lip a little. He loved the slightly seductive look, and figured he’d take a chance. “Ever done anything in a place where you could have been caught? Someplace a little daring?”

She flashed a sultry smile, her eyes darting over him. “Maybe.”

He took the opportunity to look her over and noticed her bending forward slightly, seemingly wanting to give him a little better view. His gaze alternated between her eyes, her lips, and her perky and perfect tits as he asked, “Ever think about doing anything at, say, a neighborhood party?” His perfectly white teeth formed a wicked smile, like a shark bearing its teeth just before catching its prey.

“Maybe,” she whispered coyly.

Pouncing on the opportunity, he leaned in, his mouth mere inches from her right ear, his hand moving to her ass, squeezing just a little as he quickly pondered what she might have on beneath the dress. “How about this. I’m going upstairs to the last room on the left. Come meet me in five minutes.” He squeezed her ass a little firmer, then turned and left, never looking back.

He padded up the stairs, doing his best to hold his drink low to cover the bulge that had formed in his khakis. He entered the guest bedroom, and someone had been courteous enough to turn on the lamp on the left bedside table. The room’s buttery yellow walls glowed in the dim light of the lamp, and he decided to take a seat on the navy blue and white striped couch to his immediate right next to the full-length mirror while he waited nervously, desperately hoping she wouldn’t be far behind.

He rose to his feet as he heard footsteps, and she tiptoed into the room, quickly closing and locking the door behind her. She stood near the door, and he approached her, gradually backing her into the room’s corner, their bodies pressed against each other.

“Thanks for coming. Excited about having a good time?” Their eyes stared deeply back at each other, both smiling as he grabbed her hands.

“Maybe,” she teased. That was all he needed to hear.

He leaned in and kissed her hungrily, his lips parting, his tongue slipping into her mouth and meeting hers. His hands wrapped around to the small of her back again, arching her body into his, then crept downward past her ass to the bottom of her dress. She held him close, and her hips writhed against him.

He lifted the back of her dress, then playfully tried to sneak a peek over her right shoulder.

“You don’t have to do that,” she whispered, then place her hands on his shoulders, pushing him back and steering him away from the wall to the middle of the room between the couch and the bed. She then bit her lower lip and turned around as her hands lifted the back kadıköy escort bayan of her dress, only a lacy white thong beneath it. She peered over her left shoulder and smiled, then began to walk backward toward him, his mouth slightly agape. She finally reached him, then teasingly wiggled her ass against his crotch before leaning all the way back into him.

He wrapped his arms around her as he kissed the back of her neck and up to her earlobe, a bonfire of burning passion in each kiss. He cupped her tits through her dress and felt her take a quick breath. He reached up to the thin straps of her dress and slid them down her shoulders, her dress falling to the floor.

His hands moved to her tits again and began rubbing her sensitive and already firm nipples. He rolled them in his fingers as he resumed kissing her neck and shoulders, then moved his right hand to her mouth. She took his index and middle fingers in his mouth and sucked them just before the journeyed downward to her pussy, his fingers gliding over her thong, already feeling how wet she is.

Teasing her pussy for a little while, he growls into her ear, “Mmmmmm you’re so wet, Sarah.” She could only nod as he pushed her thong aside and began to rub her clit, causing a guttural moan to escape her lips. He slipped his fingers inside her and began to thrust while her hips moved in time. She moaned and began to whisper. “Oh fuck yes, John. Mmmm yes, that feels so good.” He pulled out to rub her clit a little more, then stepped back, turned her around to admire her a little, and led her to the bed.

Still fully clothed, he eased her onto the bed, lifting her hips and slipping her panties off as she laid down, her head just below the pillow. He kneeled on the bed, knees between her thighs, hands flat on the bed on either side of her shoulders, then kissed her deeply again before moving his mouth to her right nipple. He sucked and licked at it, her hands on his head, while his right hand moved back down to rub her pussy. “Oh God, John, that feels good.” He kissed downward still, stealing a few glimpses of her as he did so, his fingers still hard at work.

His mouth finally passed her pussy, and he eyed it, seeing it glisten in the lamplight as he kissed the inside of her right thigh, then moved downward. He spread her open with his fingers, then darted his tongue quickly around her clit, watching her while licking, loving the slightly salty taste. He took her swollen clit in his mouth and sucked, her hips writhing into him. His hands returned to her ass, cupping it, using it to pull her ever closer, his tongue beginning to flit in and out of her. Her fingers began to rake through his hair, and that combined with her increasingly shallow moans was all the encouragement he needed to lick and suck faster. Her hips began to thrust up and down, and he aided her movement with his hands, still gripping her ass, until he heard a moaned, “Stop.”

The licking came to an abrupt halt, and he glanced up at her, confused, her gleaming pussy seemingly crying out for more. “Stop?”

“Yes, stop. I need your cock,” she groaned as her head leaned back slowly, her eyes closed.

Needless to say, he didn’t wait to hear anything more. He crawled up the bed to sit on her left side, his back against the headboard as she reached over to get her first real touch of his swollen hardness, her wicked smile returning. She began unbuckling his belt, and he helped by unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off, tossing it on the floor to the left of the bed. He watched her smooth, graceful fingers undo his pants and slide them down before adding them to the growing pile of clothing on the floor. Even the way she removed his pants was sultry, sexy, classy yet sexy.

His cock strained against his yellow and blue striped boxers, and she circled her fingers around it before reaching inside to pull it out. Its purplish red head beckoned to her, and she began to stroke his stiffness while she lifted her mouth to his. Their tongues met again, briefly this time, as she slid her right hand up and down. His right hand cupped her left breast and began to rub her nipple, but she moved herself out of reach as she slid down his body, her mouth hovering over the cock she was holding in her right hand.

She licked the head and swirled her tongue around it, producing his first moan in the process as he watched her. She lowered her mouth onto his cock and began to bob up and down, her blonde mane falling onto his lower abs and thighs, then moving up and down with her mouth. He reached down to tuck her hair over her shoulder to afford him a better view, then he arched his back and let out a loud moan as she took him deep into her mouth and throat, holding him there for a little while. “Mmmmmmmmmm yes, Sarah, that’s amazing.”

She began to bob again, her hand on his balls, cupping and rolling them a little. Occasionally, she would take escort maltepe him as deep as she could, and inevitably he would thrust a little into her and moan. The slurping and sucking noises alone were nearly enough to make him cum. Then, while his cock was being held deep in her throat, he had an idea.

“Wait. Stop,” he told her. She looked up, clearly in disbelief that a guy would put the brakes on an amazing blowjob. “I need to taste your pussy again,” he said, grinning slyly.

“Again?” she questioned, her right eyebrow rising.

“Well…I was thinking I could taste you while you tasted me.”

She returned his devilish grin, then swung her left leg over him and shimmied closer to his face, her gorgeous pink pussy still shining with moisture. He returned to licking her as she moaned on his cock, her mouth and tongue gliding all over. When he took her clit back into his mouth, her head jolted skyward, and she moaned loudly. “Oh fuck yessss,” she nearly screamed. Her pussy clenched, and he took the cue, gripping her hips, pulling her tight against his mouth, and licking rapidly. He felt her begin to cum, and he made it his mission to lick all of her. He slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, then quickly sucked her clit again, feeling her orgasm erupt out of her.

As she finished, she hungrily sucked his cock again, leaving her pussy in front of him for his playing pleasure. As he fingered her a little more, she buried his cock in her throat again, moaning on it, and he couldn’t take it any longer. This time, it was his turn to moan loudly.

“Oh God, Sarah. Yesssss,” he cried, exploding into her mouth as she slurped him up, swallowing every drop of cum. He finished shooting into her mouth, and as she pulled her mouth off of him, his last strand of cum trickled out of the corner of her mouth. She swung her right leg over him, turned around, and crawled on all fours toward him, her red tongue creeping out of her mouth to lick up the cum on her right cheek.

She laid next to him, her head on his chest, her fingertips gliding over his body before reaching down to his moist cock again, stroking in an effort to keep him hard, though none was needed.

“You’re so fucking amazing,” he growled down to her, and she smiled sweetly up at him as she bit her lip. He sat up, then got out of bed, walking over to the side of the couch, the wicked grin returning, his hard cock still standing straight out. He beckoned her with the index finger of his right hand. “Come here, Gorgeous.”

She rose and walked toward him, her tits jiggling lightly with each step, the smile still plastered on her face. She reached him, her nipples hard and brushing against his chest.

“You’re so damn beautiful,” he whispered. She blushed and an innocent smile betrayed her unbridled excitement, her Bambi-like eyes fluttering as she stared at him. He leaned in to kiss her again, lightly this time, as his throbbing cock rubbed against her right hip. His hands squeezed her ass, then he spun her around so that she faced the full length mirror, the arm of the couch in front of her. Their eyes locked in the mirror, and he let her see him looking her over. She smiled again, then lifted her ass into his hard cock.

He took her hint and bent her over a little, then teased her pussy, slipping the head of his cock in, then pulling it out a few times, watching her eyes close and jaw open in the mirror. Then, slipping it all the way inside her, the two of them moaning together, breathing picking up as he began to thrust in and out, his hands gripping her hips. They moaned and breathed together, both beginning to pant. He reached forward to play with her tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers. She moaned loudly, and he whispered to her.

“Are you going to cum for me, Sarah?” He watched her tits bounce back and forth in the mirror.

“Uh huh,” she moaned, and her pussy tightened almost on cue. Their moans grew louder, her tightening pussy in turn making his cock harder. He reached down and rubbed her clit, his fingers feeling her wetness. Then, she exploded again.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” she moaned, and felt her spasm on him, his cock suddenly much wetter. He lifted his soaked fingers to her mouth, both to see her taste herself and to quiet her moans so as to avoid attracting an audience. His thrusts grew harder and deeper as she finished until finally he joined her in ecstasy.

“Uhhhh, Sarah, yessssss,” he said as he began to cum, shooting inside her and pumping deeper into her with each shot. She backed into him harder, her ass smacking against his thighs as she watched in the mirror, smiling as she felt his cum fill her.

He finished, then nearly collapsed backward against the wall in exhaustion. She stood up and turned, smiling. “Was that daring enough for you?” she asked. He could only smile and nod, his breathing still labored, face flushed.

She moved to grab her clothes, and he watched as she slid her thong back up, then slipped the straps of her dress over her shoulders. “Hopefully I’ll see you at the next party.” She smiled, then said, “See you downstairs.”

All he could do was smile while wondering how he ever got so lucky.

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