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Evening of Darts

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This is a story straight from my imagination. Any correlation between the players in this story and actual people is purely coincidence. This story may not be duplicated or re-posted on another website or in any medium without the written consent of the author

Enjoy 🙂


The evening for you starts like any other Wednesday night…darts at the local bar.

You’re on all night long. Then as your getting another drink….in walks this girl.

5’2, Skin like fresh cream, long flowing, dark red hair and striking green eyes.

The two of you make eye contact and the sparks begin to fly.

She walks up next to you at the bar and orders a Tequila Sunrise. Her favorite, as you will find out later.

She looks you straight in the eye and says “Hello” her smile is so warm and friendly. You can’t get over her eyes…. big soft and sparkling. An emerald green that goes to your soul, the exact shade of uncut gems.

A little small talk later and your on your way to your place…the two of you together.

As you enter your home, she looks around and compliments you on the decor. You offer her some wine, she thanks you politely, you think her voice sounds like angels singing.

After a while, and a bit more wine, you ask her to dance. A nice soft slow jazzy tune. While your dancing you lean in close and kiss her, softly…almost timidly at first.

Her lips are so soft and smooth. Your hands run up her back. The feel of her silk blouse under your fingertips sends shiver down you own spine.

She asks you “Is it warm in here?” before you can answer her she removes her blouse.

Before you stands a dream. No a gift from heaven. Her breasts are small but perfectly perky…. they stand straight up and beg to be kissed. Her skin is so soft…. Blessed by the Gods.

You reach out to touch her and she escapes your touch as she goes to the bedroom door. She beckons you with one finger. You go to her and she kisses you at the bedroom door. An earth-shattering kiss. Almost brutal at first then softening as she leads you to the bed never breaking the kiss, her tongue dancing with yours.

By the time you reach the bed you’re both naked…and you fall together on the bed.

Her legs wrap around you. You two keep kissing as her hands find your manhood.

Stiff and hard she starts to stroke you. You’re already very hard and you take her hand away, because if she is allowed to continue you’ll lose it.

You begin to kiss you way down her neck. Her fingers twine themselves through your hair and she pushes you down even farther.

Kissing your way down her chest stopping only once to give each nipple a little nip. She giggles a bit and still pushes your head ever downward.

As you reach that spot where her thighs meet her hips you start to lick the sweetest flesh you have ever tasted. You lick your way to that istanbul escort little nub between her legs…she squeals in delight and holds your head there so you have to keep doing what you’re doing.

You grab her hands, slide up along her body, and push them over her head; you hold them there and with your knee push her legs open.

With out letting her hands go, you find your way into her tight little spot and it takes you straight to heaven.

Slowly you begin that ancient dance of lovers. The rhythmic movement of her hips in unison with yours makes your head spin. Soon you begin to move in her faster and faster. Her muscles tighten on you…milking you for everything you have.

You thrust deep in her, slamming into her, deep into her. Time and again you move your hips only to meet with hers…ever deeper. She raises her legs higher to bring you deeper and deeper into her body.

She is so tight that you almost believe that maybe…just maybe she might have been close to virginal. But the way she moves belies that image.

The tighter she makes herself on you the closer you get to loosing your control. Then with out warning she makes this little squeak and you can’t hold back anymore.

When you shoot your load deep inside her. You collapse on top of her, breathless and shaking.

As you finally raise your head to make eye contact she smiles and the entire world disappears.

For tonight there is only you two.

As you look deep into her eyes, she asks you turn over on your back. You do. And as you do she reaches over to the bedside table where her purse is and retrieves a bottle of baby oil. She pours a small amount on your chest and begins to slowly rub it in. She closes her eyes and begins one of the most sensual massages you have ever had.

You reach up and caress her arms as she does this. She leans down and kisses you softly.

While she is straddling you, she starts to move her hips and instantly you are aroused again and ready for round two.

This time you take your time; you want to savor the night. For you know that you have all night.

She kisses slowly down your neck still rubbing the oil in. When you realize that it is not simple baby oil. You know this because when she blows across your nipples it gets very warm and has the distinct aroma of strawberries. She licks her way ever farther down.

When she reaches your very stiff tool, she slowly and softly licks the head, teasing you for just a bit before taking you all the way into her mouth.

Sweet, soft, cheery red lips engulf you. Taking you all the way in. The pressure of her sucking is making you ever harder. Your fingers find their way to her hair. Soft as the finest silk, you intertwine your fingers in the cloud of spun gold that is her hair.

She moves on you slowly, making sure you feel avcılar escort every inch of yourself in her mouth. She is extra careful not to scrape you with her teeth. She lets her tongue do all the work her lips are not.

She starts to move a little faster, but not so fast that you feel the need to cum. She graces you with a look to smolder even the strongest of men.

Licking you like a lollipop, she lets her fingers find that place just beneath the base of your manhood, and lightly strokes you there with the very tips of her nails. Not so hard that it is unpleasant but tantalizing, teasingly, so soft it almost tickles.

She licks your inner thighs and begins the painfully slow process of licking her way back up to your mouth.

Upon reaching your sweet lips, she lets herself slide just right so that she needs no hands to insure your entrance to her very tight little box.

Ever so slowly she starts to rock on you. Taking you deep into her, deeper and deeper with each and every stroke of her hips, she moves faster.

You move your hips in time to hers and the music that is still playing in the background.

You take her by the wrists and hold them behind her back, letting her know exactly who is in charge this time.

With her hands restrained, and her at your total will, you stroke deeper into her. Her muscles tighten on you as her orgasm begins.

“Wait” you order her. “Savor the movements of our bodies as we become one with the night, and each other” you say to her.

This vision of loveliness looks you dead in the eye and whispers “yes Master”. With these two little words you thrust deep into her, she whimpers. A sound that you think you missed. But as you continue your movements, she whimpers again and it is the sweetest sound you have ever heard.

You hold her hands bound behind her with one hand and reach up to her nipple with the other, giving each in turn a little pinch. She moans at the touch but does not flinch away. `She likes it’ you think to yourself.

With out warning or permission, she starts to shudder in her release. You pinch her nipple just a bit harder letting her know that you want her to wait for you. You tell her to move so you can get behind her. She obeys instantly and is on her knees before you on the bed.

Her firm round ass high for you. You take your position behind her and find her hot box again. This time you thrust deep into her without warning.

She cries out and moves fast on you. Meeting you stroke for stroke. Harder and harder till there is no holding back anymore. With one final thrust you explode in her. Wave after delicious wave rocks you bodies in unison as you cum together. Hot and out of breath you collapse on the bed next to her. Still reeling from it all, you drift quietly to sleep.

“Good Morning Dear” you hear an angel say to you in a dream. You smell the şirinevler escort sent of roses, and feel soft gentle hands stroking your manhood.

Suddenly your realize that you’re not dreaming, that she really is there with you, Your eyes flutter open trying to block out the morning light.

You are graced with the prettiest smile and big bright eyes. She has a single red rose stroking across your chest and with her other hand, she softly strokes your cock.

She hands you the rose and without skipping a stroke she reaches across you to the bedside table and hands you a glass of what appears to be O.J.

Taking a sip you discover that is a Mimosa, the gently blended combination of Champagne and O.J.

She looks at you with a sly grin on her face, takes a sip from your glass, and without swallowing lowers her head in you lap.

The tingle of the bubbles from the champagne tickle you. Her pretty head begins to bob up and down, as she sucks you fully awake.

You can feel her letting the cool liquid slip from her mouth the trickle down across you sack and the crack of your ass.

She looks up at you with innocent eyes and says “Oh look, I spilled some” the sly grin on her face belies her innocent eyes. She starts as far down as she can get and licks her way back up lapping up all the spilled juice.

Once again returning to the head of your cock she take you deep in her mouth, swallowing you down her throat.

Before you explode in her mouth, she stops and rises up, licking her way back up your chest, stopping to nibble on your tiny male nipples. She positions herself so that with one deep thrust you are buried deep within her tight and very wet tunnel.

Slowly she begins to move her hips, taking the glass from you and returning it to the tray. She takes your hands and places them on you pert little breasts, letting you squeeze them to your hearts content.

But just playing with them is not enough. you pull her in close and suck them hard eliciting a small gasp from her. As she moves faster on your cock driving you deep into her, you feel the beginnings of her orgasm. Muscles contracting on you, sucking you deeper into her. With each stroke you grow closer to your own climax. She reaches behind her to lightly tickle you balls with her finger nails.

You just can’t take any more. Grabbing her hips, you turn her over so you are atop her, never missing a beat.

The harder you pump the more she begs you to go harder. Her nails digging into your back. She raises her knees to bring you deeper and deeper into her, she screams as her orgasm begins. Yours following close behind. Lighting explodes in your brain as your own climax is driven deep into her.

The intensity of it to much to take, you collapse atop her gasping for every breath. A single drop of sweat trickles down your spine to the small of your back and down your side. It tickles and you shudder, she flexes the muscles of her vagina and you shake from the tickling in your balls.

When at last you can move once more, she sadly informs you that the fun must now end and she must go home.

Before you take her home, you exchange phone numbers and promises to repeat not only the night before…but breakfast as well.

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