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Easing Discomfort

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About a month ago, I went for my yearly physical. Since I am a woman over the age of 50, I need to take these physical more seriously. As can be expected, a couple of years ago, I experienced hot flashes, which eventually stopped. I am able to maintain a good posture, I guess taking calcium and drinking milk has help. But recently, I have been experiencing discomfort of dryness in my vagina. As I sat in the waiting room, I felt uncomfortable explaining this to my doctor.

I follow Nancy to the examining room, when she called my name. We’ve known each since Doctor Voljacic became my primary doctor 10 years ago. Even though Dr. Voljacic is a woman, I do not feel comfortable speaking to her about personal sexual issues. In the past, I explain my problems to Nancy, and she will notify Dr. Voljacic of my issues. I will use this approach as normal. Nancy is about my age with blonde hair and a slender body. She is about 5 feet 3 inches tall, she reminds me of a typical nurse. I guess I never noticed her until today. I guess since my lesbian escapade on my 50th birthday, I look at every woman in a different way. She measured illegal bahis my weight and height, and checked my temperature, blood pressure, and pulse. She asked the reason for my visit, and I told her it was my yearly physical. She asked me if there are any problems Dr. V should know about. I told her everything is fine except for my discomfort in my vagina. I’ve read articles about the vaginal walls get dry as we aged, and this may be the problem. She told me to wait for the Doctor.

After 15 minutes, Doctor Voljacic came into the room with normal greetings. She checked my over my files and measure my heartbeat. I was told that my posture is good, and she told me to lift remove my panties and skirt. She put on a pair of latex gloves, and instructed me to stand and lean forward. She wanted to check for hemorrhoids, I giggle a bit and did as I was told. Doctor Voljacic kept a straight face and spread my cheeks and told me there were no lumps. I was instructed to sit on the examining table and put my foot in the footrest. Doctor Voljacic changed the latex glove, and she proceeded to examine and probe my vagina. I illegal bahis siteleri felt uncomfortable as she lowers herself to face view with my vagina, I can feel her breath on my crotch when she spoke. I was told that everything is fine; she will give me a prescription to moisturize my vaginal walls as needed. She didn’t notice any major problems, but she sense there will days when I will experience discomfort. She told me to wait, and Nancy will come back with the prescription.

I was dressing hurriedly, when Nancy came back with the prescription, she told me to take my time because Doctor V is on lunch. She asked me if I try masturbating to ease the discomfort. I was stunned by her direct question. When she noticed I didn’t respond after a pause, she told me it was the medicine for her when she experience the same discomfort. I was only in my panties, when she said to me to get back on examining table. Nancy slides my panties off my legs, and eases my foot to the footrest. Nancy spread the lips of my cunt, and stuck her middle finger into my opening. I gasped with pleasure as she moved her finger and hand canlı bahis siteleri at a feverish pace. Nancy’s finger hit a spot in my walls, and I felled back on the table. I rose to a sitting position as she hit the spot again. I was breathing heavily and gasping with every stroke of her hand. Nancy was standing in front of me, as our eyes met, my face was contorted with pleasure. She held my hand with her free hand, and told me to remain still. Nancy said she loves to watch a woman’s face during these lessons.

I felt a thunderous orgasm overwhelm me as my body shakes with delight. I begged for Nancy to stop and to don’t stop with a delirious cry in my voice. I can hear a wet slurping noise as Nancy continues to finger fuck me a feverish pace. By now I was pushing my crotch against her finger at a rhythmic velocity. I can feel the start of a second powerful orgasm as I cry for help. It was so powerful my cry was silent; I panted and gasped as Nancy ease the pace. She cradles my head against her to shoulder to comfort me. After a few minutes, Nancy released her finger from my cunt, and asked me to inspect her wet finger.

Nancy finally told me that is how you masturbate. She made an appointment for me in six months to see Doctor V. Next week, I have an appointment with Nancy at lunchtime; she wants to see if I was a good student. I will ease her discomfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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