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Early Vacation

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We had a month-long vacation scheduled in the U.S. Virgin Islands. My husband and I had planned this for a long time and were excited about leaving when he was called to work. We were going to blow it off, but he insisted that I go ahead and he’d catch up as soon as he could.

There was a beach below the cottage that we had rented. I thought it was private and put on a daring bikini that my husband had bought for me, that I would never wear anywhere someone knew me.

I spread out my towel and laid back to enjoy the afternoon sun. I’d been there about thirty minutes and had the beach to myself, so I decided I’d surprise my husband with no tan lines. I removed the bikini and went back to relaxing

A short time later, I became aware of someone near me and was startled when I opened my eyes and saw a naked, twenty something black man standing nearby. I was so stunned I didn’t even think to cover up as I blurted something about this being a private beach.

He informed me in his lovely island accent that it was a private beach, a beach for people that wanted to be naked. Well, naked I was!

As we talked and I looked at his shiny black cock, I couldn’t help but get aroused which apparently was quite visible on my bald pussy. I could see his erection starting to grow, which only heightened my arousal. I asked if he liked what he saw and when he said that he did, I found myself opening my legs to completely expose myself to this stranger.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but his now fully hard, 9 or 10 inch cock, standing nearly straight up had me mesmerized. I invited him closer and asked if I could touch him. He agreed. I wrapped my hand around his girth. It was like I was in a dream as I slowly stroked him and felt him throb in my hand. I’d never been near a black cock, I’d only seen them in some of the pornos my husband and I occasionally watched, yet here I was jacking one off.

A shiny purple head protruded from the foreskin. I cupped his tight balls with my other hand as I took him in my mouth…

I seemed beyond control. Here I was, a 63 year old wife, mother and grandmother, who had never strayed in etimesgut dansöz escortlar 38 years of marriage, sucking and stroking the cock of a young black stranger on a beach in St. Thomas.

He took my 40DD tits in his hands as I sucked him and toyed with and pinched gently at my nipples. My nipples are the gateway to my cunt and anybody that pays them attention is going to get to fuck me. I continued sucking and stroking him with one hand, while the other drifted to my wet hole. I got my fingers lubed and began working my hard clit. In minutes, I came for the first time, my body trembling with this large black cock in my mouth.

I wanted, No, I needed to feel him inside of me. My husband is a wonderful lover and his 7″ cock satisfies very well, but I’d never felt anything this big or thick, and the blackness of it was just exciting!

I laid back on the towel and spread myself wide. I was totally giving myself to this black Adonis. He knelt before me and started working my wet pussy with his tongue. At first, I was disappointed. I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to feel his big cock in me, but soon he slipped fingers into me, and along with his mouth, brought me to another tremendous orgasm.

We were outdoors and alone (or so I thought) as my head thrashed from side to side and I screamed out in ecstasy! He moved up and used his mouth on my nipples as the head of his cock probed my anxious hole. I reached down to guide him into me and that’s when I realized that we had drawn an audience.

Three more naked black men stood there, stroking their hard cocks and a naked couple watched from a short distance away. She was sucking and stroking her man as they both watched.

My new found friend pushed gently into me. His thickness spread me wide, but my wet cunt greedily accepted him. OH MY GOD! It felt like he was poking my cervix by the time his huge balls slapped against my ass.

He hooked my legs with his arms, leaving me completely exposed and at his mercy as he fucked me. I cum easily and started climaxing within just a couple of minutes, assisted, no doubt by the comments of our audience elvankent saatlik veren escortlar as this black stallion pounded me.

The guys had gathered closer and after about five minutes, my new friend pulled out, much to my chagrin, and told me to get on all fours. I did, and he quickly reentered me. My big tits swayed wildly as he fucked me and one of the watchers stepped even closer and offered his black dick to my mouth. I eagerly accepted him, his cock slipping between my lips.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. A married, conservative 62 year old grandmother and I had two beautiful, young black cocks using both ends of me on a Caribbean beach.

My new friend pulled my hips hard into him and I felt his cock throb as his hot cum flooded my pussy. He paused a moment before he pulled out and one of the others took his place. He wasn’t as big, but felt great in my sloppy cunt. The guy in my mouth pulled out and shot his load all over my face. The guy to his side, stroking himself, also came, spraying the side of my face and hair with his seed.

I dropped my head and shoulders on the towel as the man in my cunt pounded away. I just relaxed and concentrated on the pleasures pulsing through my body, orgasm after orgasm. After a couple of more minutes he also exploded in me, cumming so hard, our juices squirted around the seal my cunt had on his rod and ran down my inner thighs. He pumped me a few more times and then paused. We stayed interlocked as his cock softened and then he pulled out. I fell face down on the towel, legs spread, with two loads of cum oozing from me. I had cum more times than I could count and didn’t care that I’d done it in public (sort of). I looked over to see the woman riding her man while she sucked the dick of one of my onlookers.

My fingers slipped to my slick pussy and I fingered myself to yet another climax as I watched before drifting off to a long nap.

It was a week before my husband caught up to me. During my wait, I returned to the beach everyday and spent most of the day there. I learned my new young friend’s name was Arley ankara azeri escortlar and he fucked me at least twice everyday and he often brought two or three friends. When Arley and his friends weren’t fucking me, I’d let any of the men on the beach use me. I felt like such a dirty, cock hungry slut, but at the same time, it was terribly exciting to just give myself to these men, most of whom were black. The fact they wanted to fuck a 60+, chubby white woman just added to the excitement. I took cocks of all sizes and shapes, cut and uncut and by the third day, Arley and friends introduced me to triple penetration.

I’d had a fairly active sex life before my husband, but I’d never been with more than one man at a time and getting fucked in my mouth, pussy and ass at the same time was exquisite! I knew I was never going to be able to go back to one man at a time for very long again.

I talked with my husband almost every night and a couple of times Arley and a friend were fucking me while I talked. He didn’t say anything at the time, but he figured something was up. When he eventually got there, we got reacquainted of course, and I had some huge orgasms thinking about the cocks I’d had in his absence. On the second night, after a day of sightseeing, we stopped at a quaint restaurant for supper. About halfway through and after a couple of drinks, my husband calmly said, “You’ve been fucking someone here, haven’t you?”

I flushed crimson as I choked on my drink and felt my pussy tighten. I knew he held fantasies of other men fucking me, we’d even role played in bed occasionally, but I didn’t know how he’d feel about the reality of it.

I tried to compose myself, but my hardening nipples betrayed me through my thin sundress. “I’m okay with it, but I’d really like to know” he said, “we are on vacation, a long way from home.” he continued.

When I finally collected myself, I said, “Yes, Honey, I’ve actually been fucking several someones!”

Now it was his turn to be speechless. As I waited for his reaction, I saw a huge grin break across his face, “Holy Fuck Sweetheart! I’ve got to hear all about this!”

I slid my chair closer to him and put my hand in his crotch. He was already rock hard as I started giving him a summary of my week. We got back to the cottage and fucked like we hadn’t in years. We finally collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep.

The next morning after coffee and light breakfast, I suggested we head to the beach…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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