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E Panties

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“Hey hon,” Doc called, walking through the house skimming the mail, “You got a package.”

He had been on the computer doing downloads, but turned it off. “Who from,?” he asked.

She handed it to him and he grinned. “OKAY!” he exclaimed. “You have got a surprise,”

“I do?” she looked puzzled.

He nodded, opening the package and pulling out a pair of bright red latex panties, holding them up. There was small tubing attached.

Doc shook her head, puzzled. “What in the hell have you ordered now?” she laughed.

“Enema panties,” he replied. She had to laugh…..he really looked proud of himself.

“Enema panties,” she replied. “Latex panties.”

She held her hand out and said, “Ok, smart guy, let me check these out.”

He tried not to laugh as she closely inspected them, then looked up at him. “What’s this little dick thingy in here?”

He sat down on the bed, rolling with laughter. “That little dick honey, is the nozzle.”

“Oh,” illegal bahis Doc replied. “How do they work?” She was skeptical to say the least…and had never been into latex. She saw enough of it at the hospital.

He explained how they hooked to a bag and the solution was administered. She still was not convinced, and he knew it when she laid them on the bed and said, “I’m gonna clean the kitchen and load the dishwasher.”

He went back to his downloads, noticing that she came back into the bedroom time after time to look at the panties and touch them. After a while, she came in to take a shower. He had hung them on the rod and she moved them out of the way. She brushed the soft latex with her hand and shivers ran through her. He heard movement, but the shower wasn’t on and he thought, that’s strange. He turned to look and Doc was stepping into them.

“All right!” he said softly. “Need some help, hon?”

She nodded. “Yeah, if you don’t mind. They’re a little hard to get on.” illegal bahis siteleri

He lubed her anus and the nozzle as she filled the quart bag. He heard her breathing change as he slid the nozzle into her rectum and pulled them up. Her eyes shone with excitement as he attached the clamped tubing to the bag. “Oh gawd, they feel good,” she breathed softly. Her whole body felt the excitement as she walked to the bed with the nozzle already in. That in itself was arousing. She had used anal plugs and beads before and walked with them, feeling the excitement, but this was much more arousing. The latex touched places the plugs and beads never touched, and the touch of latex on her clit was pushing her to orgasm very fast. “Hold me,” she whispered as he pulled her against him, his cock already hard. He felt her tremble and cum with a soft, “OH,”.

She took a deep breath and laid down as he hung the bag. “Ready?” he asked.

Doc nodded and closed her eyes as the water surged canlı bahis siteleri into her rectum, flowing deep. He sat down on the bed and rubbed her belly and tits as she filled. Her hands found his cock and stroked him slowly as he touched her clit through the latex. That was a new sensation to her and she groaned.

“I want you,” she whispered, and he chuckled low, kissing her. “You’ll have to wait til we get you out of these baby,”

The bag emptied and he clamped it, still stroking her clit. She was squirming, ready for more of him and he knew it.

“Can you hold it, hon? he asked.

She nodded, then in seconds, shook her head. “No, I gotta go baby,….now!”

He let her up and in the bathroom, helped her to get the panties down. The nozzle popped out and she couldn’t control the expulsion as she sat, gushing in waves. Doc reached for his cock and teased the head as he moaned. She licked the underside as she let him slide into her mouth, sucking him hard. He groaned and erupted deep in her throat, as she rubbed her clit and trembled, cumming.

He smiled at her as she looked up at him. “Thank you for the new adventure.”

“My pleasure, ” he replied, thinking, Yeah, the panties were worth the price.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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