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Draguette Ch. 01

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The reader is invited to read the first part of this story, posted under another series as “Jane’s Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 04 Draguette’s perfect body doesn’t need embellishments”. Draguette is so beautiful and so perfectly sexual: she deserves a section onto herself!


“Get out there and model. NOW!” Jane yelled at Draguette, turning her to the door and slapping her derrière hard. Draguette walked out and heard the door slam behind her.

She found herself in a totally unexpected place. The air was filled with the smell of tobacco and liquor. She could hear hundreds of men screaming, all in a foreign language. The room was dark, yet a powerful spotlight was upon her. Draguette realized she was standing on a wide platform that seemed to run the entire length of the huge hall, raised above the chairs and tables occupied by screaming men. The music was booming loud in unfamiliar sounds and strange pulsations.

Draguette was totally, stark naked. She started to walk down the platform, almost as if being led by the powerful spotlight shining on her. All she was wearing were extremely high-heel shoes that made her gait all that more awkward. She glanced up for a moment and noticed that the walls of the hall had large, high-definition screens that showed her up close, even to the men seated way in the back. The lighting was eerie. It gave her already very white and very pale skin the appearance of lily-white petals. Her body was unblemished, making the whiteness even brighter.

The camera closed in on her pretty face. The lighting was such that her red hair seemed to glow bright, her expressive eyes were emerald green, and her sensuous mouth looked cheery-red. The crowd cheered wildly!

The camera panned out and zoomed in on her breasts, large and full and very firm. Set against her lily-white skin, Draguette’s nipples are barely a shade of pink, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri almost not discernable: unless one looks very closely one cannot tell where the breasts end and the aureole begin. Capping her breasts were her nipples, again almost white-pink but large and erect. The camera zoomed in on them. Draguette raced her hands to cover her nipples in modesty. Again, the crowd went wild!

The camera panned out, following — leading — Draguette as she walked down the platform in her awkward gait. The camera zoomed in on her pube. Draguette’s thick red mat of public hair took on the color of wildfire. Draguette raced her hands to cover her femininity. The crowd cheered.

The camera panned out again and Draguette realized what was expected of her in this unusual setting. From afar the camera emphasized Draguette’s perfect body: her broad shoulders, her swimmer’s back, her strong thighs and calves, her finely-toned body. The crowd was expecting to see her model, to see her walk up and down the platform while her nudity was on display for those up close, and on the huge high-definition screens for those sitting afar. From time to time, the camera would zoom in and out, showing her pretty face, her full breasts and erect nipples and of course her pube and full derrière.

Draguette obliged and the crowd cheered its approval. Draguette walked up and down the platform, showing off her perfectly proportioned body, moving from side to side, swaying back and forth. She strolled up and down, raising one leg or the other, bending way over to allow the camera to zoom in on her most private parts. The crowd roared its approval. Draguette cupped her large, firm breasts, teasing her lovely nipples. The crowd was delirious. Draguette tossed her red head back and smiled, her pretty face and huge emerald eyes and full mouth and perfect teeth delighting the crowd. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Draguette knew that never before in the history of strip-tease had a woman done what she was doing, nor could any other woman model her perfect body and total nudity as perfectly as she was doing to this huge assemblage of strangers. It was sexual exhibitionism at perfection.

Draguette noticed that the music got louder and faster. Men were yelling and screaming in a foreign tongue; Draguette came to suspect it was in Chinese. They were gesticulating wildly, fists clutching huge amounts of cash. A voice was calling out things and Draguette surmised he was calling out monetary bids. The entire hall seemed to be getting out of control in frenzy.

The crescendo came to a screeching halt. Everything stopped. Draguette came to the conclusion that someone had said or done or bid something that had outdone all others. To answer her suspicions, a fat gentleman was helped up onto the platform. He waddled over to her. He was short, and standing next to Draguette he seemed very short. Draguette is a tall woman, standing over 6 feet 2 inches tall and with her very high-heel shoes, she positively towered over the short man. The man was fat: he seemed wider than tall; he seemed to be round like a sphere. The man was definitely Chinese, with a bald, shiny head and a queue neatly braided behind. His eyes were tiny, even for a Chinese man. Draguette looked into his eyes and saw a flame, the likes of which have probably not been seen on earth since Genghis Khan. He was dressed in a princely Chinese gown of silk and brocade.

Draguette had been auctioned off to the highest bidder, none other than a Mandarin prince!

He stood in front of her, so short to Draguette’s height that his eyes were level with her breasts. As the crowd cheered and watched the action on the screens, the Mandarin güvenilir bahis şirketleri prince placed his hands on her nipples. On the screens, Draguette could see that his nails were very long and impeccably manicured. With the tips of all the fingers in each hand, he took a firm hold of each of Draguette’s nipples. Draguette felt the fingers envelope her nipples completely and start to pull them out and out and out, far beyond what Draguette had ever thought possible her nipples could be pulled.

The drums started rolling, the beat was deafening. The Mandarin prince was staring up into her huge emerald green eyes for the sign of pain threshold. Draguette winced. The Mandarin prince nodded. A huge gong went off. At that very instant, when her nipples were pulled out past their natural limits and Draguette was starting to feel real anguish, the Mandarin prince sank his long fingernails — all of them — into Draguette’s nipples with all his might.

Draguette screamed.

The huge gong went off again and Draguette lost total control over her bladder!

Like a two-inch hose suddenly unclamped, Draguette released a huge gush, a torrent of pee on the floor!

She emptied her entire bladder in one, single shot!

The crowd went ballistic!

The Mandarin prince smiled with glee. Out of nowhere, six huge sumo wrestlers jumped up on the platform. They grabbed her arms and legs and torso and carried her above their heads. One each had torso, and her arms and her legs, spread wide apart and spread-eagle, torso straight, facing down. They carried her down from the platform and into the crowd, holding Draguette over their heads as they made their way to the exit. The men in the audience were leaping up on chairs and tables to reach out to her and fondle her breasts, to touch her body, to tug on her fire-red pube, to finger her pussy and ass with total abandon!

Finally, the huge sumo wrestlers made their way to the exit, out into the parking lot, and extremely gingerly placed Draguette into a waiting limousine, which then sped away. In the distance, Draguette could almost hear the screaming and yelling and the smell of tobacco and liquor and money. Her head swooned.

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