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Don’t Stop If It Feels Good

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“Can you put some oil on me?” she asked.

I opened the bottle of scented massage oil and warmed it in my hands, kissed her softly and slowly on the lips and neck as I ran my hands between her soft thighs. I asked her to lay on her back, positioning myself between her legs and she gently raised her legs either side of me.

Her body in full view in front of me, my eyes took her all in. Her soft hair, beautiful face, peaceful and yearning for touch. Her large heavy breast, her erect nipples, her soft tummy and wide hips. Her thighs strong and placed on my crossed legs. Her glistening soft, wet pussy before me wanting to be touched, licked, tasted and pleased.

I oiled my hands again and traced my way across her pubic hair, softly, slowly and down the sides between her legs. I slowly rubbed her inner thighs, long strokes, then short and she eased into my large hands taking command of her. I grabbed the oil again and dripped some teasingly on her clit, then worked my hands around her, slowly brushing her, softly, teasing and her back arched into it.

I pulled apart her lips and saw her erect clit purple and full. I traced the outside and slowly teased it with my fingers.

“More oil!” she breathed, her eyes closed, lost in the pleasure.

I dripped it down again and watched a bead slowly make its way down her clit, eryaman anal yapan escort and then pool around between her cheeks. I teased the whole area, exploring every nerve ending of pleasure but as I played more with her ass, the more she arched into it.

She leant up slightly and said “there is a lot of oil around my ass”.

“I can keep going?”I replied.

“Is that ok?” She asked.

“Does it feel good?” I said locking eyes with her.

She nodded.

“Then if it feels good we should keep doing it” I smiled to her.

I had often softly teased her there, sometimes I when I was eating out her wet pussy I would make my way to between her ass, it always turned me on to bury my face between her cheeks and lick her as she played with herself.

But we had never done much more, there was often curiosity, but it felt a bit taboo. But our mutual pursuit of pleasure had not stopped us before, grounded in our trust for each other and our desire to go deeper in expressing our love for each other.

I dripped more oil between her cheeks and slowly let it bead on her, I then took my hand and rubbed softly and firmly and then slowly traced her ass with my finger. Her tight pink ass quivered as I traced and teased it. I asked her to roll over and I separated her cheeks and started to trace her ass with my tongue.

She ankara escort moaned deeply as licked and teased her ass while placing my finger slowly into her wet pussy, only slightly in, just teasing her.

“Baby I want to feel your thick cock against my ass,” she said.

I moved up into the spoon position and slipped my rock hard cock between her soft cheeks feeling it envelop me and I slowly ground against her. I placed one hand on her hip, pulling her in with one hand and holding her breast, now heavy in my other hand while I kissed her neck.

“Of fuck that’s hot, maybe push a bit harder, it feels so good” she said almost nervously but slowly loosing herself to the pleasure.

“Are you sure?” I whispered.

“Umm yeah” she responded.

I changed my position slightly and felt my cock against her ass. Without expectation I leant in, and felt the pressure. She didn’t pull away, she pushed back. I then placed my hand again firmly on her hip and slowly pressed a little bit more and stopped, again she eased into me and I felt the head push into her tight ass.

“I think I’m inside” I whispered.

“Yes” she said, “but I want more of you.”

She had always said I had a really thick cock, which always made me wonder if this was even possible, but as I looked down I could see her tight etimesgut escort ass stretched around me. She wanted more of me, and I wanted to be deeper in her, and I slowly watched it ease into her, listening to her moan deeply.

I kissed her neck and I felt myself inside of her, it was new, different I wanted to make sure it was comfortable. She started pushing more into me and I slowly started grinding in and out. Slowly, softly and patiently.

Then she started to quicken her pace, feeling the fullness of my cock and me feeling the tightness of her as I started fucking her ass, listening to her make new noises, it was different, deeper and it drove me wild. I couldn’t stop caressing her, manically running my hands over and soft flesh I could grasp, wanting to feel all of her as I was inside of her.

She then let out at scream of ecstasy, she had been playing with her wet pussy the whole time and a new type of orgasm enveloped her. I felt her ass suddenly grab my cock and then wave upon wave of vibrations as her clit, pussy and ass convulsed deeply and as it throbbed around my cock. It felt so different, so hot and whole and I climaxed deeply inside of her, almost feeling her ass milk every last drop of cum from me.

I slowly withdrew my cock and watched my cum drip from her ass and trail down to her pussy. We collapsed beside each other and then rolled over and kissed deeply, holding on to each other and smiling.

We laughed together and took a moment to be grateful that our trusting love had again taken us to a new level of pleasure and wondered where it would take us next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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