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Dinah Does Delicious Dolls

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I had taken a part time job at a strip club to supplement my escort income and so…on a Monday afternoon one guy parked himself right next to the runway and took a keen interest every time I went up to dance. I’d do some pole work and walk to the other end and each time I moved to the opposite pole he’d flag me down with a few dollars to deposit in my G-string and I’d put my tits in his face while he placed his hand on my ass.

Just smiling, he didn’t say much but he must have tipped me six or seven times in the three hours he sat there. Curiously, I was the only girl he seemed interested in. I had been tending to regulars so there was no big reason to approach him between dances but finally when I made my next runway trek he stopped me again and asked if I’d sit with him when I got off stage. I said sure and went to his table when I finished.

We exchanged cursory greetings and then he got right to the point. “Dinah, my name is Allen and my friend Charlie suggested I come here to see you.” He moved his chair closer to me and ran his hand over my thigh. “He told me that you were the featured attraction at a private party he went to recently and thought you might be just who I was looking for. He went on and on about what a magnificent woman you were and that you handled seven guys with no problem.”

Even though this was a valued referral I was a little wary of where he was going with this since there was no immediate proposal, just a vague description of my talents while his hand was perpetually stroking my thigh. Did he want a VIP dance or to arrest me for prostitution? I said little and just listened. I’d learned to be careful.

“I’ve been watching you for quite a while now and if you handle that space between your legs like you move on that pole then Charlie’s right. Basically, I’m having a party a week from Friday night and we have a group of four couples who regularly get together for sex games. All of us are in for the fun, male or female and we’ve done it all. Anyway, for this party I wanted to spice it up by hiring a couple girls to role play as party sex dolls. You’d be dressed up as a doll and obviously anyone at the party could play with you anytime they wished. You’d act just like regular sex dolls. You could also be a talking doll and whatever you say would be up to you. Finally, I would leave costumes and makeup to you with a cash shopping allowance for both. I don’t think I mentioned it but you would be handsomely compensated. Are you interested?

“One thing that caught my ear,” I said, “was the words ‘couple girls’. Then you want more than me?”

“You are surely the main girl I wanted but Charlie told me you brought in another girl towards the end of the party he went to, a blonde.”

“Ya, that was Anna. She and I have been working together. So you want to hire the two of us to play dolls and we’re basically sex toys for you and your guests?”

“Yes, and you need to be open to anything and everything. Dolls are to be played with and can be played with by more than one person at a time. It’s kinky but if you have the right mindset you should have a great time.”

“Did you come up with this idea?” I was simply curious.

“Basically, yes, but all the guys in the group have, at one time or another, played with sex dolls so we thought that living dolls would be way more fun and the girls in the group thought it would be sexy as hell. They get to play with you as well.”

I was, for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on, somewhat hesitant about this offer but I gave a conditional maybe but only after talking to Anna, and then I asked the usual question about duration and he answered with “the whole evening”.

“But what is the ‘whole evening’? There’s a tremendous difference in being there for two hours as opposed to six hours.”

“Let’s put it this way, we will establish an amount to be paid to you and your blonde friend, Anna? that will ensure our access for the ‘whole’ evening. Often guests don’t leave until two or three in the morning so don’t be surprised if your dance card is full right up until that time. My friends have healthy sexually appetites and, the men especially, will be coming back for seconds and thirds. And, frankly,” he said, stroking my thigh, “you’re so incredibly gorgeous that I expect every cock and every wet pussy in the room to have a hard time staying away.”

Then he brazenly slipped his fingers between my legs stopping just short of my clit. “In fact, I was wondering if you might be willing to give me a paid sample of your goods right now.”

“There are obvious limitations here but would you want to take me to one of the VIP rooms?” I asked.

“Absolutely, lead the way to the room of your choice.”

All the rooms were theme oriented so I chose the ‘bondage’ room and when we got there I strapped him into the wrist cuffs and went about seducing him until about twenty minutes in I felt him orgasm and he laid there smiling at me and said, “I think we’re going to have one hell ankara bayan escortlar of a great evening. Let me know what your friend says but I’ll tell you right now, I want you no matter what, whether she wants to do it or not. Please tell me you’ll work the party. You’re like the most delicious doll I can imagine.”

As I put my bra and G-string back on I said, “I’m interested in doing the party and I suspect Anna will be as well after I talk to her. Email me the proposed dollar amount including the costume budget and I’ll get back to you with a confirmation and we’ll put it together.”

“Thank you, Dinah. I haven’t been this excited about much of anything in a long time.”

We walked back out to the floor, he hugged me and left. He hadn’t been out of the club for more than a half hour when I got a text from him offering us a ridiculous amount of money to come to work his party. I called Anna and after my quick recap she was in and we decided to meet the following evening to work out the costumes.

The next day when Anna came over I had already figured out a doll idea based on the popular toy of the sixties that featured a round tab attached to a string and every time it was pulled out it played back a random pre-recorded message as the string retracted. Like the doll was speaking, only instead of things like, “I love you” and “I’m going to sleep” you could pull our strings and we could say anything that came to mind. To further enhance the idea we would say it in that detached, automated way that would make it sound like the original but with strong sexual content. I thought this could be pretty hot if we did it right.

I found a retractable string mechanism online that worked a lot like the retractable dog leashes that you see the dog walkers use. All we had to do was cannibalize it from its original purpose and sew these into our costumes, the part we’d keep on, and guests that played with us could pull our strings for some added fun.

Nothing could impede guests from getting to the ‘goods’ so we made a narrow, elastic, flesh colored bodice that even when someone would remove all our clothes the bodice with the string would remain in place.

After we’d made the first one I put it on and Anna pulled the string and as the string retracted I said in my doll voice, “You’re hot, would you like to fuck me?” We laughed and after making Anna’s we spent the next hour pulling each other’s strings and cracking up. Then we sewed together a couple of blue plaid jumpers we’d wear over white blouses (with a cut out in the back for the pull string), white petticoats and yellow panties. Black patent leather shoes and lace socks completed the costume. For our makeup we went with pigtails and that very exaggerated rouge on the cheeks and ruby lips. In addition, we would each have small suitcases with different risqué wardrobe choices that would let guests dress us up however they liked and go wherever their fantasy might lead them.

This was going to either be really fun or incredibly tedious trying to stay in doll character for that long. On the night of the party we got to Allen’s house about an hour early to change into our costumes and set ourselves in various places around the house. We would basically be inanimate until someone played with us. Allen gave me the big approval thumbs up after meeting beautiful Anna and I knew we would be getting a lot of attention before the night was over. Anna looked unbelievably cute in her costume and together we were a sex fantasy come true.

One last note from Allen was that these were not all friends but some were friends of friends that were into sex parties so everyone wore name tags to take the labor out of introductions. He also mentioned that when they weren’t playing with us they were certainly welcome to play with each other and that meant that couples could separate and wander to other partners. There were no particular rules to this party other than that jealousy was unwelcome and offenders would be asked to leave.

“Oh, and one more thing,” he said, “I know I originally said there would be four couples but it ballooned into eight so there will be a lot going on. And don’t worry they all have a clean bill of health. I saw to that personally.”

If nothing else this was going to be quite the sociologically interesting event.

As guests arrived, mostly between thirty-five and sixty, Allen explained that we were talking party dolls for their amusement and to feel free playing with us and use their imaginations. The pull string was also noted and initially people would come by us and pull the string to see what we’d say. One guest, an older guy named Arthur, sat next to me for a half hour playing with my string, amused with the results and letting his hand wander to various parts of my body. “Umm, when you touch me my pussy gets warm”, I said as he pulled my string and reached under my dress.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Anna being played with by two women who were exploring elvankent seksi escortlar her suitcase full of alternate outfits. “I like to play dress up!” said Anna as they changed her garments and eventually transformed her into a more traditional sex doll with a see through negligee and crotchless panties. They even played with her hair, removing the pigtails and restyling her completely. Then one of the women called out to the kitchen, “Matthew, come in here, we made something for you!”.

When Matthew came in the living room and saw Anna he walked over to her and the woman who asked him to come in, I’m assuming his wife or girlfriend, pulled down Matthew’s zipper and removed his Anna-inspired erection. Stroking him she said, “Go ahead, Matthew, stick it in the doll’s mouth.” Another woman pulled Anna’s string and Anna said, “I love to suck cock.” Matthew put his dick in Anna’s mouth and moved it back and forth until he began a slow moan. The women were going crazy. One of them, Sandy, went down on Anna while Matthew kept a steady rhythm between Anna’s luscious lips.

At the same time, Arthur, getting turned on by Anna’s ravishing dropped his trousers, climbed up standing on the couch and jammed his cock into my open mouth. He was hardly delicate about it. I somehow kept my passive doll face even though a couple times I gagged when he pushed too deep. Arthur’s aggressive move motivated a couple of the other men who liked what they saw and just like that I had the usual line of guys with their dicks out waiting their turn with me.

We were definitely off to the races. Many of the women, getting turned on by what was evolving, removed their panties from under their dresses and offered themselves to whomever wanted more immediate contact while waiting to get at the dolls. There were plenty of takers as nearly everyone was getting hot and bothered and since there was only Anna and I, other women were engaged with random partners. And then…

I’ll hand it to Allen, he saved the biggest surprise treat for the ladies. Enter, Eric.

Allen hired Anna and I but what we didn’t know was that to tend to the women he also hired Eric, a male stripper with a dong the size of your forearm. Obviously a freak but for entertainment purposes the perfect compliment to our glorious pussies.

As Allen introduced Eric a hush fell over the female contingent and in a scant couple of minutes he was balling one of the wives over the back of the couch and the few unengaged girls moved in to get theirs. In the meantime, Arthur had worked his head job into a mind blowing cum explosion that left me with a mouthful. Allen, realizing that we had to stay in doll character, went around with a damp towel and wiped the cum from my face. Matthew had shot his load all over Anna and she had to be ‘freshened’ up as well.

To this point, no one had tried to fuck our doll pussies but, of course, that would change quickly and leave it to Allen to go after what he wanted but couldn’t get when he first met me at the strip club. As the recently relieved Arthur moved aside, Allen parted the hungry hoard to take me himself. Pulling me on my back on the couch he removed my yellow panties and spread my legs for all the world to see, then unbuckling his belt and dropping his drawers he took hold of his cock and laid into my doll pussy. As I remained my stoic doll self he pounded away and leaned over and whispered, “This is what I’ve waited for since the day you dry humped me in the VIP room. Dinah, you are unbelievably perfect.”

By this time, Anna was draped over the couch, lubed up and giving backdoor service to one of the other men, his name tag read ‘Patrick’, who held on to her hair, slapped her occasionally on the ass and fucked her with some authority until he pulled out and jerked off on her back. She laid there, expressionless, until the next guy repositioned her for his pleasure. Name tag, Norm, rummaging through her outfit suitcase, finally decided to simply take off all her clothing and have his way. For fun he pulled her string attached to the remaining bodice, “What would you like to do to me?”

He pulled her string again and she said “I’d love you to suck my tits” and without hesitation he began fondling her breasts and licking her nipples. He pulled the string again, “That feels so good. It makes me hot.” Encouraged by the fantasy, he started to tongue the inside of her thighs and eventually went to work on her clit, eliciting some spontaneous sounds from Anna that required no string pulling. She was clearly on the edge of an orgasm but trying to stay in character while Norm was doing everything he could to break her character. It was like he’d accepted a challenge.

Allen kept fucking me in multiple positions until he couldn’t hold back any longer and laid a satisfied line of cum across my stomach. As a parting gesture he wiped his deposit from my body.

The next guy, Thomas, jumped in and decided to really play with me. Gleefully, bayan etimesgut escort he removed my jumper and wrestled my stiff doll body into the ‘schoolgirl’ outfit, the usual white blouse and short plaid skirt with white knee-highs. He pulled my string and I asked, “Do you want to play with me?”

“Yes,” he said, “I think you’ve been a bad girl and I’m afraid I’m going to have to punish you before we play.” He then picked me up and laid me across his lap. “You’ve been a bad girl and fucked other men when you should have been fucking me.” Then he lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and spanked me until he was satisfied.

After that he picked me up and carried me to the fireplace mantle where he positioned me facing the fire, my hands on the mantle, my legs apart a couple feet. He removed his pants in preparation for the deed. Considering he’d just gotten off on spanking me he was surprisingly gentle in entering me. He licked his fingers and stroked my pussy until I was ready and then moved his cock deliberately up and down my ass until he slowly eased himself all the way into my very wet vagina. Contrasting the sting of his spanking to the slow and sensual motion of his hips I was really getting turned on and when he pulled the string again I said, “Your cock feels so good in me.” He pulled the string again, obviously getting more and more turned on himself and I said, “Please don’t stop.”

His hands traveled up to unbutton my blouse and unclasp the little push-up bra he had put me in. Now, as he kept up the gentle rocking, he grabbed my tits and held on, pulling me into his cock. Occasionally he would trade that hold for my pigtails, jerking my head back. Whatever he was doing I liked all of it and when he pulled the string again I just went, “Ahhhhhhhh”. The way he ran his fingers up and down my legs and back gave me shivers.

What neither he or I realized at the time was that nearly everyone, including Anna, had stopped what they were doing to watch us. Most were unconsciously masturbating, unable to take their eyes off of us. The flicker of the fireplace flames danced across our glistening sweat drenched bodies and I completely lost track of where I was. It was just me and Thomas and as he pulled my pigtails again and banged me a little harder I could hear his breathing pick up speed. He was close. And so was I. So close it would only take the lightest touch to my clit and I would explode. He realized it too and reached around my waist and manipulated me with his middle finger while keeping a steady motion. Then he guided my left hand down to take over clit duties and grabbed hold of my pigtails as we came to a furious finish.

We climaxed at virtually the same moment, both of us moaning for what was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. My doll character broken I quickly turned around and guided his ejaculation into my mouth. As I stood up and we smiled at each other the entire room exhaled and one woman turned to her mate and said, “Why don’t you ever do me like that?” Some guests had actually climaxed as well, watching us go at it. Two of the men had, unconsciously, cum onto the carpet while standing there. Allen was gracious enough to wave off their apologies and tell them not to worry about it.

By now, it was hardly a secret that I was heavily addicted to sex. It made me feel exhilarated and alive. As far as I was concerned there weren’t enough orgasmic hours in the day and not only that I was making more money than I could spend doing something I loved. Isn’t that the job everybody aspires to? This was something I was supremely good at and the innate power I wielded kept me in control of those who craved having me.

Thomas just kept standing there post coitus, holding my hands and then he pulled me to him and kissed me. I went noticeably back to my rigid doll character so he pulled my string. “Mmmmmm, that was really nice”, I said. Everyone laughed and he returned me to the couch. I sat there alone for awhile because, I’m guessing, nobody figured they could top what they saw. Not even Allen approached me again that night.

What we had unknowingly given the whole party was the kind of live sex show they would be fantasizing about for a long while. Hell, I’d even be fantasizing about it. It was hot, we looked incredible and the feeling was unbelievable. One thing I was sure of; every dick in that house, who hadn’t already been there, wanted to have me. It was a matter of intimidation at this point. I figured this would change before the night was out. And I was right.

In the meantime, Anna was getting a workout and servicing three of the men at once, with a fourth hovering around looking for an opening. With two guys engaged in a double penetration and a third with his cock in her mouth, the odd guy out took Anna’s free hand and wrapped it around his hard-on and got her to jerk him. Still I sat alone.

About an hour later a guy who’d been staring at me from across the room made his move. Sitting next to me on the couch he began feeling me up, playing with my tits and caressing my hair. A few minutes along he called for his girlfriend to join him and suggested that she fuck me while he watched. She was eager but being somewhat shy about girl on girl she wanted to take me in another room to do it.

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