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Delicious Quickie

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Delicious Quickie
Delicious Quickie
By: Londebaaz Chohan

There was nothing special about Navarro’s bar but it had become almost a ritual that after the close of the day a good number of employees from that office building would stop in; enjoy couple of drinks, beer or wine before going home. Working for almost a year in this building, I had also developed the habit like most of my office colleagues but that day was different. It was one of those days at work, that makes you think if you were doing the right thing with your life to carry on whatever you have been doing so far. I do not recall; so it would be a pure guess but not very wrong that I took couple of beers and then topped it with few boosters of my favorite scotch.

I was not feeling drunk but of course my body was all heated up and I just could not delay having a nice shower before resting, soon as I reached home. I parked and entered home. It was quiet, because both parents were gone away for a vacation of one week and I thought, my younger sister Emily was also not home, gone to see her friends or something. I walked straight into my room and after undressing, I walked into the attached bathroom. The warm water was feeling very nice. As I washed shampoo off my hair, I felt that the bathroom door was now open a little more than it was when I had come in. Perhaps I was wrong and I did not pay attention.

After done, I dried myself up, wrapped the towel around my waist to hide my privates and came into my bedroom. Being alone in home, I did not feel the need to be dressed immediately and only slipped on a tight bikini underwear and started walking to the kitchen for a sip of water with my huge bulge guiding me. My big balls were slightly bundled up due to being under the running water and the thick meat shaft with swollen veins curving so very majestically over the bull sized balls was making a humongous swell in my bikini. As I crossed Emily’s room, I heard some noise. Being concerned, I peeked in to a big surprise. Emily was on her bed. Her one hand was rubbing her breasts while the other hand had disappeared in the open zip front of her pants and massaging her pussy feverishly. I just could not look away from her youthful body. I won’t look for excuses and blame the fuzzy and fogginess of my brain but even knowing well that she was my sister and any odd thoughts would be a sin, I felt myself drawn to her. My hand had kurtköy escort bayan started rubbing my quick erecting cock in the tiny underwear; unable to conceal it, I moved into her bedroom. Emily saw me but kept playing with herself, making me more aroused. She had a look on the stretching fabric of my underwear, resisting the tearing apart; because of the immense meat pressure from inside. What a bitch; Emily had no shame or dithering. She reached and grabbed my hard cock over the bikini and tugged it hard to pull the bikini down, leaving the cock naked for her.

I was out of my mind. “Emily, I want to see your young tits, remove your shirt and brassier for me please”. I heard myself say to her innocently. My voice had got very husky. I could not believe that I said it but the shameless Emily sat up quickly and in one smooth move, she removed her shirt and pulled her bra as well to expose her very nice, ample tits for me. Naturally, my hand extended, grabbing one of the smoothest, perfect sized curved upwards meat lump; in my palm and began fondling it lovingly, kneading, pumping and pulling it for fun. I could feel her nipple harden between my fingers. On the other end, she had pulled my underwear and now she was exploring my hard on, within her hands, kissing it with lips and licking it with her tongue; breathing warm air on it, making me more stiff and extended beyond limits. The bitch must have served many cocks; I was sure. The way, she had taken to suck my cock was unbearable to stand, convincing me of her being a true champion cocksucker.

Showing me her skills of being a cock aficionado, she fell on the bed, pulling me over her. We kissed hard and ground our naked bodies together. I took liberty of sucking her erect nipples in between my lips and enjoying the slow rubbing of her tits. I had no doubt that she was pushing her tits in my mouth and moaning in pleasure.

Now my fingers were moving between her legs and started playing with her wet, warm pussy. We were getting excited and playing the game of ‘one up man-ship’; as she got hold of my balls and started to play havoc on them with her hands, lips, mouth and tongue.

It seemed as if there was a little calm between our struggle, when she suddenly asked me, if I was ready to put my cock in her pussy or needed more time. “I cannot wait much”, she was stubbornly sure. “I know you can go real deep and I want to feel kartal escort bayan you hitting the farthest end inside me”. Emily was being a real cock whore. I shall never say that I did not want to fuck Emily but honestly enjoyed her amazing expertise. She pushed me down and squatted over me, guiding my tree stump into her pussy and I only had to move my hips a little to slide in. Now quite slowly she was gliding over my cock, making it move in and out. Soon she had raised the rhythm, the pace, the power and the force of fucking my cock. I was also doing all I could to shove my hips upwards to probe as deep in her cunt as my 8-inch-long cock could, faster and faster. Emily was fucked grand and yelling for more and harder fucking.

I was feeling the cascading of my orgasm and was getting ready to shoot my sperm in her womb when she suddenly pulled away and my cock plopped out of her with a huge sound.

“No, my dear”. She was very confident and sure in her tone. “I have run out of pills and if you cannot convince mom and dad leaving aside the society at large; you cannot breed my pussy and impregnate me. You better fuck me in my ass and dump your load in there for an equal or may be more fun”.

My body was trembling to hear all this, said so openly and easily by my slutty sister Emily and now she had moved up and taken the position on her knees and shoulders raising her ass high in the air; ready for getting fucked. I had no choice but to do as asked. She brought her hand down and back to help me guide my cock properly towards her bottom hole and I pushed it in. O’ my, my. Was she right or what. Fucking in her ass was at least as much a bliss if not more. I could feel the wetness, tightness, resilience of her orifice; tight groping and hugging my cock. Emily was circling her hips and ass to feel me reaching the deepest end in her rectum; even she did not know existed in her. Getting overly excited for this new venture; I started fucking her harder and faster as she kept demanding for more.

Once again, I started breathing harder and gasping. My balls were knotted and cock had swollen to new width and length. I was so close to orgasm when Emily yelled to pump harder and shoot my seed in her ass. With almost 7—8 squirts, I filled her bowels with my precious juices and was totally spent.

With my eyes closed, I was trying to catch my breath when I heard a big thump on the bed. I kaynarca escort bayan opened my eyes and looked. Emily was lying on the bed once again on her back and her legs were spread wide open and raised in the air. She smiled to see my eyes open and signaled me to lower my face into her hands, guiding it to her slush filled pussy. Emily had released her young juice laced with vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients and her pussy was filled up to the brims with tasty nectar. I started to lick and lap like a dog does to his bowel, enjoying her fluffy, puffy mound as well. Her nails roaming on my back and ass with constant moans and growls made me hard once again but I could feel her pussy muscles stretch and flex again. She was enjoying another orgasm letting out the gasps of delight.

After the roller coaster ride was over, we laid quietly for a moment, as her hand; I am sure on purpose; grazed my stiff flag pole and she said, she was hungry. I hardly thought of getting up and putting on my bikini underwear to go down to kitchen, but she knelt between my legs and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. Her tongue was running over the top of my shaft from the cock head to the shaved thick spot, where it emerged out of my body. Licking the balls, she would flick her tongue all the way back to the tip again. I did not think, I could but with Emily, the maestro; sucking me; it did not take very long and I was growling, grunting with the mix of pleasure and pain in my groin; ready to blow my sperm again.

Emily continued putting the pressure on my shaft and I sure felt it on my balls as if she was directing sucking my juices out of my balls. With a loud gasp and hump, my resistance was over and dams got broke with the flow of immense pressure and power jumping into her mouth and marking her lips. Emily was a true maestro and a slut; I could not think of any better words to define her skills of sucking and fucking with a man.

After swallowing all the holy juices, I provided her, she licked me clean and even rubbed my wet cock on her boobs for drying him. “You know brother, I watched you in your shower and now as I have seen all of you naked and this close; I claim, you are mine”. Emily gave the verdict, leaving me no choice but also to proclaim that she was mine. Who would not, seeing her so frank and openly accepting of sex from anyone, then why not I.

We must take a shower before enjoying more; she suggested and we walked to the bathroom. I remember my hand was holding her ass bun in my hand, thinking of fucking more in her ass.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 30, 2019.

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