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Curious night for Agent Annie

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Curious night for Agent Annie
Curious night for Agent Annie

Agent Annie was lurking in the shadows, on the lookout for a new criminal cell dealing with d**g trafficking in her area.

According to what was known, the organizers used nurses as mules to transport the d**g packets, but it was still unclear how the dogs had been unable to detect the smell of the d**g. d**g for an unknown reason.

But it did not matter to Agent Annie, because when she was watching the grain, no detail escaped her.

And precisely, in the semi-darkness of the twilight, a detail caught his attention …

“Well, what’s she doing here?”

We were very far from the first hospital, and this young woman in black and red dress was clearly a nurse like those who served in the criminal cell.

Agent Annie loosened the handcuffs from his belt, making sure that his double-function baton was in place, and rushed on the nurse without hesitation:

“Police, I stop you! ”

The nurse on the floor struggled, but the handcuffs rattled on her wrists despite her efforts to free herself.

“Leave me, I did not do anything! ”

“That’s what we’ll see. You will kindly obey … ”

Agent Annie brought the nurse back to a wall:

“I will conduct a thorough search. ”

“Can I at least know what I’m accused of ?! ”

” d**g traffic. Now, do not speak unless I question you! ”

Agent Annie began by palpating between the shoulder blades to detect the presence of suspicious reliefs: she could only trace the shape of rather coarse bra straps.

She put her hands on the ribs: impeccable contours, vertiginous curves … Certainly, Annie would have appreciated a hospitalization in the establishment where this nurse worked …

She shook her head and continued a meticulous palpation down her loins: nothing remarkable, if it was not this perfect fall where she took pleasure in sliding her hands …

She also searched the nurse’s stockings: these cells had all the tricks.

But still nothing.

“I suggest you tell me the location of the d**g. This will save you unnecessary explanations if I am forced to locate it by myself. ”

“I do not know what you’re talking about …”

Annie nodded:

” That’s it… ”

She then put her hands on the breasts of the nurse: decidedly, the bra she was wearing there was very curious just touch …

Aside from these strange reliefs, Annie did not note any more disturbing details and went illegal bahis down to the pubis of the nurse:

-Tiens wish … The same strange reliefs … –

Annie had to see what she was wearing under her nurse’s clothes: it could be the key to the traffic she felt between the quivering thighs of her captive …

She plunged her hand under the outfit to appreciate the exact shape of those underwear that surprised her, and she felt a fine powder cling to her wet fingers.

She took out her hand and sniffed:

-Sucre … Let’s see … –

She licked carefully: a strong sweet aroma made her taste buds tickle.

“Miss, I am obliged to check your underwear. ”

” Sorry ?! ”

Annie did not wait for the approval of her captive, knowing that she would not give it under any circumstances, and carefully removed the function suit not to damage suspicious underwear …

“Ho, I see …”

The nurse was now only dressed in her boots, her bra, and the thong that Annie had felt in front of him …

And these last two seemed entirely composed of sweets.

This is how we disturb the smell of dogs, hmmm …?

If her intuition was right, it meant that she was obviously hiding the d**gs …

“Hey! ”

“Do not oppose any resistance! ”

Annie slowly licked the colored string of the nurse: given what she had already ingested, it could not be the special conditioning of d**gs …

It was hidden elsewhere … Far beyond where the eye and the hand could appreciate …

“Hmmm …”

The nurse felt the candies delicately rub her clitoris and vulva at the whim of the lick of the police officer, waves lascivious and sometimes supported.

Annie stood in front of the nurse and continued her special inspection: she was absolutely certain of her intuition.

Soon, the sexual fluid of the nurse mingled with the aroma of sweets sometimes crunched, sometimes melted, and Agent Annie watered by vigorously lapping the vagina offered:

-It’s strange … Here is an unfamiliar taste … –

The nurse enjoyed as quietly as possible: Annie’s tongue almost directly licked her intimate lips, and her legs trembled.

Gently, Annie opened the sex of the young nurse by sliding two fingers:

“Speak now: is she here …? ”

As Annie carefully left the neck of her vagina fingers frozen by his night stalking, the nurse could not restrain a contraction of her sex:

” Yes… ”

“You try to hide the evidence! illegal bahis siteleri

Annie became more brutal, plunging her fingers inside the burning vagina …

” Oh yes ! ”

-I could not believe it … One resists … –

She searched each corner of the sweet intimacy and touched an extravagant roughness:

“What is this? A d**g ball? ”

“Oh no, it’s -Aaaah! ”

Annie had tried to remove the object, inadvertently pressing on this famous roughness, which seemed to have triggered very intense vibrations.

“I see, that’s how the d**g is destroyed in the event of a search! ”

Annie had already been dealing with such a process. But she was going to remove this machine before he finished his work!

As she tugged on it, trying to turn it to any position to extract it from the wriggling vagina, the nurse felt that she was going to faint:

“Ooooh, oh yes! Yes, continue! ”

Annie was not used to the fact that a suspect gave him orders, but she ignored them to concentrate on extracting the machine vibrating powerfully between the thighs flooded with cum of the young woman.

Annie managed to bring the machine on the neck of the vagina, but it jammed.

-A simple stimulation should do the trick …

She took his baton, discovered completely the clitoris of the nurse and pressed the widest end of the baton …


 She had activated an intense vibration. She came and go the club from top to bottom on the clit, then masturbated in precise circles …

“AH! Aaaah … ”

The nurse was shaking more and more violently, and her head was spinning. Annie caught her as she fell, unable to stand longer.

She removed her bra and the remains of her thong in sweets, spread her thighs gently and plunged his fingers again:

“Damn, he’s really stuck …”

He only had one option left …

“AAAAH! Yes ! ”

Annie had penetrated the nurse with the vibrating end of her truncheon, turning it in her movements as wide as possible.

She then hit the object that vibrated always in the sex of his captive.

“Hmmm, yes …”

Annie made sure to put the object back in place to facilitate its extraction, then she almost removed the truncheon … To plunge immediately into the depths of shaking sex with an uncontrollable pleasure:

“Aaaah! Again ! ”

The nurse definitely no longer mastered his words: the sensation of these two foreign bodies trembling with canlı bahis siteleri so much force in her tore him cries and moans continuously.

Annie finally removed the baton and passed the hand in the gaping sex of the nurse:

” Here it is ! ”

She had caught the machine, and was now busy bringing it back. Incidentally, she made him gently train on the rough part of the vagina, which caused a sudden orgasm in the nurse.

Annie considered the object she had removed from the guilty sex: a kind of clitoral masseur.

“It’s a joke, I suppose? ”

“I told you … I was not hiding d**gs …”

Annie shrugged:

“Well, I apologize … For the inconvenience …”

“I know you could be under investigation for police brutality … But I’m open to an arrangement between us to forget all that …”

The nurse’s left hand felt Annie’s breast.

-Tu do not have the choice, she could make complaint … –

Annie nodded and defeated the handcuffs:

“Well, what is your proposal? ”

“Just let me do it, and afterwards, do not talk about it anymore …”

Annie did not move, and the nurse lowered her pants and panties:

“I’m just going to look at you. ”

She passed the index finger between Annie’s intimate lips, pulling off the jacket with her other hand. While licking the breasts hardly concealed by the black mesh top, she made a way for her fingers inside the sex laid bare.

She sucked with Annie’s right breast to distract her attention, and when she felt the right moment came, she knelt down and took in mouth all she could of Annie’s sex.

“Hmmm … Yes …”

The penetrating irregular jolts to prevent him from getting used, she nibbled her labia, licked her pussy sucking clitoris, and sucked this little erectile as if his life depended on it.

“Ooooh … keep going, yes …”

The nurse then grabbed Annie’s vibrating truncheon to penetrate her, continuing to devour her hot wet sex.

Annie enjoyed, feeling his own baton take it again and again, faster and faster, spinning deep inside her while vigorously massaging the walls of her sex …

The tension mounted in her, her heart was racing, and her legs were going to become unfit for her. The nurse then abruptly removed the baton and plunged his tongue instead, masturbating with the clitoral massager.

” Yes ! Yes ! Oooooh … ”

The orgasm had erupted like a violent storm. Annie fell, panting.

“Your reactions are perfectly normal, Agent Annie … You can resume your service in a few hours … In the meantime, I keep you in observation …”

namatsute my love and xoxoxo from Kyoto, Nina your very sweet and devoted lesbian geisha ^^ <3 See you soon for other adventures? <3

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