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Conditional Confidence – part 4 “I think you&

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Conditional Confidence – part 4 “I think you&
Barb had done a masterful job of leading me on about a threesome with her “friend” Lauren for several weeks. I think it was my excitement and never ending barrage of questions about her that kind of had Barb pumping the breaks. She enjoyed telling me about the threesomes she had done with her in the past. It did make our sex more enjoyable because we had gotten into a sexual routine,that quite frankly….got boring. My advances into Barb’s ass had been blocked by the excuse of my thickness and the pain caused by partial past entries. I began to masturbate after Barb left my apartment…. which meant that I was getting bored with her and in all likelihood, she was getting bored with me. Barb even stopped spending the night and she left earlier and earlier in the evenings. I found myself masturbating about hooking up with her daughter Allie.

Allie had clearly known about her mother and I for a while now. She never really spoke to me in passing or when I occasionally ate a meal in their apartment. I could tell Allie didn’t care for me and I acted oblivious to it….which seemed to irritate her more. I only stayed overnight once at Barb’s apartment, due to me breaking Barb’s rule of “please don’t be too loud that Allie can hear”. Instead, I made sure that Allie and a friend of hers heard everything and pounded Barb all night with my relentless sexual assault. It ticked Barb off but she did confess it was fun upsetting Allie after the argument they had previously that afternoon. Still it was hard to deny how infatuated I was with Allie.

It was early November, the day was nice and cool but you could still have the windows open. Barb and I hadn’t been clicking lately, we discovered that without sex we really didn’t see eye to eye on anything. I was spending more time on campus studying and hanging out with friends. Barb sexual appetite was diminishing and I wasn’t finding her as appealing without seeing her massive tits in my hands,mouth or my cock between them. It was a Saturday when Barb stopped by to pick up some of her clothes she’d left in my apartment. I was horny and wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her and at first she kissed canlı kaçak bahis me back lightly but when I pressed on and moved my hand up between her legs …she told me “No!” Rejected, I thought she might be playing hard to get and tried again. Barb halted me again and said, “I want you to know that I’ve been talking to my ex-husband and we are going to give it another try.” I was floored and the thought of no more regular sex poisoned my mind. I tried to be cool and said that I was happy for her. I confessed that I was going to miss being with her as well….which was true. Then, I asked….more like begged, if we could at least have sex one last time. I saw Barb think a moment on it and as she pondered, I moved in on her. It was a bad idea and any chance I had was lost, Barb decided no. She left forgetting to take her clothes with me. I was upset, angry, and hurt. I did the only thing I knew that would bring me pleasure, masturbation.

I must of beat my meat stick a half dozen times. I found myself wanting off to shemales and then gay porn. By that evening, my flesh was raw and I had rubbed a sore just under my tip from all the unlubricated friction. I washed it gingerly in the shower, dried off, drank some water, and crashed on my bed naked around 11:35ish… exhausted, tired, and hungry. I fell asleep within minutes. But at about 2:20, there was a soft knock on my apartment door….

At first, I thought it was my imagination but it happened again. I put on sweatpants and a t-shirt before answering the door. I peaked out the window first and saw a short cloaked figure outside. I couldn’t tell who it was, other than they looked cold wearing just flip flops. I turned the light on and opened the door. There standing, shivering was Allie!
She looked upset and asked to come in. I let her in. She just walked in, took off her coat…throwing down on my floor, kicked off her flip flops and jumped onto my couch and pulled a heavy blanket over her legs. Allie was wearing a pajama top, that buttoned up the middle and matching bottoms. I was so tired, so my lack of shock on my face didn’t seem to phase Allie. “I had to get out of the apartment.” She said in an over dramatic way. perabet I took the bait and asked why. Allie said that her mom was hooking up and she couldn’t take hearing it. I smirked, thinking about how I must of made her feel that one time.

I said, “Well, I heard your dad was back….” Allie cut me off, “My dad???” I tried to explain that her mom, Barb, had broken it off and that she was getting back with Allie’s dad. Allie’s stunned look said it all…Barb lied!!

Sure enough, Barb had found another guy…more her age and supposedly more money too. She had gone out a few times with this guy on some late dates after leaving my apartment. I was pissed off and this seemed to excite Allie. She asked what I was going to do and I responded “nothing.” I was tired and just wanted to get back to bed but Allie wanted to talk. She kept prodding me, wanting me to kick that guy’s ass ….she wanted me to fight for her mom. I was surprised, especially how Allie fought with her and her distain for me. The more Allie got upset about me doing nothing, the more calm I got. Allie’s anger turned to uncontrollable sobbing. I told her that I can’t control your mom’s desires. I put a box of tissues down by her and sat next to her putting my arm around her. Allie did smell nice. I held her for a few minutes until she stopped crying. I stood up quickly as I felt my cock get hard ….as thoughts of being with Allie got me all worked up. “You can sleep on the couch if you like but I’ve got to get some sleep….”

What Allie said next was totally out of a porn video, “you know…..”she said as she blew her nose, “I thought were cute when you first moved in. I laid outside under your window, hoping you’d come talk to me ….but you never did.” She blew her nose again, “then you hooked up with my mom!” Her voice got a bit angry, “I wondered why you didn’t pick me” her voice cracked “what was crazy was that even though, I heard the two of you screwing… I wanted it to be me!” Allie started tearing up again. “That night you were in our apartment and I heard everything…. I later masturbated thinking of you…hoping you’d come into my room.” I got instantly hard and had actually had the same perabet güvenilir mi exact thoughts. “I found you disgusting!” Allie went silent.

She stood up and unbuttoned her top, she slipped it off and pulled down her bottoms. I noticed she hadn’t had any underwear on. I gazed at her tiny torpedo shaped tits with large puffy nipples, they looked firmed, she had a slender body shape with slightly thick hips and thighs, her bikini tan lines looked amazing, her pussy was clean shaven and her lips down there looked full. She smiled mischievously, “want to fuck?”

I tore off my t-shirt and slipped off my sweatpants quickly. Allie stepped up to me and touched my hardened cock. It quivered in her small hand. I touched her firm breasts with both hands. She too shook uncontrollably at my touch. We touched each other all over as we kissed. It was very hard kissing with lots of tongue. I pulled Allie into my bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and moved up over me to a 69 position. She buried her warm lips onto my face, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and used my fingers to pull her open to insert my tongue. She sucked way too hard my already sore tip but I just jumped slightly and tried to block out the discomfort. Allie seemed to enjoy my oral efforts as she moved her body over me. She had gotten extremely wet quickly. She moved off me and turned around. I let her mount my stick as she slid smoothly down. I played with her pointy hard tits. Her puffy nipples stuck out far. She leaned over and let me suck them as she moved methodically on top of me. I liked how she moved and enjoyed moving my hands onto her sexy hips. Allie looked so hot, she rubbed my chest as I held onto her. I moved my pelvis up to get deeper inside. She rode me for a while longer until I accidentally slipped out. I rolled her over and moved in between her firm thighs. I found my spot and slipped in deeply inside her. Her pussy shook upon full entry and she had a way of making her pussy pop when I was inside. It was different and exciting….a little bit too exciting. Without warning I shot my goo inside of Allie. I was upset, I could hold it in longer making myself last. My body jerked with every blast of cum. I did a few extra pumps to make it look like I was still cumming inside her. Allie kept moving her hips around which spurred me to keep going. As I felt myself losing length, a thought entered my mind…”I just had sex with my first mom and daughter!”

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