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Canine attraction

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Canine attraction
We were chatting about the attraction of dog sex, and I said “I’d love to talk more about a dog eating your pussy”. Your face lit up, and I continued. “ I would want you get on your back on the floor, and I swat your ass until it’s bright red, stopping only to swat your pussy. And as your pussy opens up in excitement my crop hits your clit, you squeal but you love it”

You are interested in my story and I lie back, relaxing on the sofa and spin my tale:
“I let in my dog who immediately starts to lick your pussy. You hold your lips open so his long tongue can lick your clit and go deep into your cunt. I’m taking pics of you with your legs wide open and the dog licking you. He’s got a big hard on by now, and I turn him around so you can stroke his long cock as he licks your pussy.”

‘You ask me “Can I suck his cock Daddy?”

“Swell, I’ll gladly let you suck on his cock”,, it was so wet and nasty, you just wanted to taste it he quickly cum and you tasted a salty taste in your mouth, thin, not thick, and you swallowed without thinking. By now you want to be fucked and fucked good, so you just get on all fours and the dog comes around and he start fucking. He mounts you, and his cock misses and plunges into your ass.’

‘The dog illegal bahis goes nuts, he fucks about 90 miles an hour in your ass, his thick knot is pushing at your ass. I reach over to try and push it in your ass. but it’s too fat. He is pounding your ass, all the while your cunt is sopping wet, and dripping, you have lost count of how much you’ve cum. the dog is fucking ur ass so good.’

‘He pulls out of your ass and you gush a stream of dog cum out of your ass. I’m horny, my cock is bouncing. I sit on the sofa and you take my cock in your mouth, and with one hand stroking my cock, you suck my short cock.’

By now, after listening to my story, you tell me “Daddy, I am pretty moist”

With a big grin I tell you “I want you moist. I want your cunt very wet so you have to run to bathroom and fuck yourself with the handle of your hair brush” so you get a hair brush and begin as I watch
So, I pick up the story where I left off:

“I lie back as you suck my cock. Once again the dog sniffs your cunt and he mounts you again, and you reach back and you guide him to your pussy. He fucks your pussy so hard, that you wince with a bit of pain as his fat knot goes in your cunt. He actually turns around, his cock is pointing out behind his tail, illegal bahis siteleri his fat knot stuck in your cunt”

“As he strains his knot against the entrance of your pussy, you suck my cock with greater attention. As you suck and fondle my balls, you are wanting me to fill your mouth with my creamy cum”

you were on all fours and my great big great dane was fucking your ass so hard and fast, his fat knot pushed right into your ass. you let out a yelp but as he was stuck in you, you were rubbing ur clit like crazy, cumming again and again”

“And when the great dane pulled out of you, I was hornier than a two peckered goat and I squatted down and shoved my cock into your stretched asshole, dog cum dripping out as I [plow where my dog just plowed”
“Your ass is so sloppy wet and stretched I love it I love to slam my cock in your ass. I’m amazed at how stretched you are, I put a finger next to my cock and pound that sloppy ass. I pound it until I cum, but I don’t stop, with my finger keeping my cock stiff, I fuck ur ass until I get hard again and fuck it some more. I feel the dogs nose in my ass, and I pull out of you as he mounts you and fucks your cunt before slipping back into your ass. I jerk my cock as he pounds canlı bahis siteleri your ass, wet cum dripping from your cunt”
“I get in front of you and you suck my cock as the dog fucks you, gets off, licks you, and then mounts you again. he keeps this up for at least 45 minutes, sometimes fucking your ass, sometimes fucking your cunt. He’s fucked your cunt so many times that his knot no longer gets stuck, but deliciously slides in and out of your stretched pussy, filling you with delight.”
“By now, you have lost count of how many times you have cum. You have sucked me off and continued to suck me hard again, like nervous energy to burn you suck my cock as the dog fucks your more than you have been fucked in a year.”
“Yes, your cunt and thighs are red from the dog’s fur rubbing you. when the dog gets down from you I get up and have you sit on the sofa, I grab a cucumber and slide it into your soaking wet cunt. I push it deep and wrap my hands around it and fuck you hard. The cuke is hitting the back of your cunt, and my hand mashes into your cunt and clit. I pound your cunt so very hard, so very deep, you are leaking cum every where”

“You are sobbing, with emotions as you have cum so many times, and some of those orgasms are powerful ones that rob you of your strength. Enough you say. I need to rest, and I stop, and I take pics of you with cuke in your cunt, and of your worn out ass and pussy. These pics we will look at later, and get horny again”

You gazed at me and said “Daddy, we need a dog”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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