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Business Trip pt. 2

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Business Trip pt. 2
i stepped out of the last of my clothing and stood there in the darkness completely naked in front of this man who i would be working for and whose cock i had just sucked. Marcus was sitting on the sofa in front of me silent but watching me and looking me over intently and i could see a faint grin on his face.

“too much hair on you but baby look at you!” he laughed
“do a little turn for me Eric”

i started to turn in place and was suddenly overcome with nerves maybe the alcohol wearing off i dont know but i could feel my face turning red and i felt so exposed and small in that moment i wanted to grab my clothes and run away.

Marcus stood up and stepped out of his pants leaving him naked from the waist down, he walked over to me and ran his hand down my back stopping to pat me on the ass.

“very cute Eric, lets have that nightcap now”

Marcus walked to the bar and made us drinks which we finished and he told me he would order me a taxi. We didnt say too much at that point and on the ride home i was a ball of nerves emotions and confusion over what had just happened. I got back to my room showered and went to bed, shaking at the prospect of having to go into the offices tomorrow and see Marcus.

I woke up the next morning and made my way in to the office arriving at 7:30 which was a half an hour before my schedule showed as the beggining of the day. I was surprised to see Marcus already working in his office and as i walked past he looked up over his glasses and in a meaner tone than any he had used the night before bahis siteleri called me into his office and told me to shut the door.

“IF this engagement is going to work i need you to get here on time none of this late shit!”
he spat across his desk at me, standing there looking like a deer in headlights.
he continued…
“i didnt pay some big city company to send someone down here to go see the fucking beach and sleep in. are you the right person to do this or do i call your company and tell them to send someone serious about the work?”

“i, look the schedule i was given doesnt have the start for another half an hour Marcus i was just”

“did you ask me last night when we met for dinner about how i wanted to work? did you think to double check what you had is the right information eric?”

“well no i….”

“thats right, you didnt do that”

“Marcus i apologize this wont happen again i will keep any schedule that you are thinking for this i will get this done”

“i dont know about you… but fine consider this your first warning there aint second chances here if you fuck up again you’re gone do you hear me?”

“yyes Sir i get it”

“good, now get out of my office you should already be working”

I left the office and scurried to the desk i had been provided feeling sick to my stomach at the interaction i had just had. I was hoping i could come and go and be unnoticed but this was worse than i could have imagined it had gone, if he called my head office and my boss i was in trouble so i got to work and didnt see Marcus again until the evening perabet güvenilir mi when things were winding down and he came over to my desk.

“listen Eric i know you didnt know about the time scheduling and maybe i was short but i expect a lot from people who work for me whether they be full time or on contract. When i was a young man i was a hell raiser, that landed me in a place i didnt want to be…. when i got back to society i made a pledge to myself to go on the right path and this business is the result of that commitment you understand? so i want to leave it the same way i ran it, professional and tight. you got caught in the middle of that and i wanted you to know its all good, the progress made today is great so are we good now” he said through smiling teeth

“yes Marcus i was a bit confused about it but i understand, thats a really inspiring story though wow i had no idea about that background”

“good, then its settled. I knew you wouldnt stay mad at me anyways hahahaha. Now the work day is over how about you come to the house for dinner i’ll drive you to your apartment after, no drinks tonight i dont want you sleeping in again”

I was hesitant to say the least, given what had happened last night and how the morning had gone i didnt know what to do, he was the client and while i didnt need to be giving in to all of these requests i had only been there two days and had already managed to piss off the client so i said yes

“good, let’s get out of here”

I grabbed my things and we walked to his car, tipobet he opened the door for me and i got in, as we drove he started to talk to me more about his past and his life and this is where my life was truly forever changed.

“so prison, yeah for seven long fucking years man. I lost most of my twenties over stupid nonsense. I met my wife just as i got out and her and i were happily married until she passed away. I remained faithful to my wife all those years but when i was younger boy was i all in for everything. When i got locked up that didnt change, I fit in to my role within the prison like a hand in a glove boy do you know what that role was?”

“no, what was it?” somewhat frightened to be riding in a car with a man who seemed to have thrived in prison

“well i had a stable calling me Daddy, id find em, fuck em, and hoe them out” he said patting his stomach as we drove and laughing

“i would get me a boi, and turn him out you know what that means Eric?”

“i think so. i do i mean people talk about prison so you know, i can assume”

“all these years just one woman and it was good and i mourn my wife but im single now, I got money now and im ready to find me a sissy again and get back in to old habits”

“oh, i uhhh ha, well hows that going for you?”

i sounded nervous now i could hear it in my own voice.

“oh it was alright, nothing special but i met a very promising candidate yesterday who has all the makings of what i look for in my bitch”

i looked down blushing and truly frightened when he put his huge hand on my thigh and slid it up to my crotch.

“that sweet bitch, is you Eric”

I swallowed and struggled to find anything to say as we pulled in to his driveway, i felt trapped but had no idea what to do and was also for some strange reason…. excited.

To be contnued.

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