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Burned Ass

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Well, first things first. A little history. My name is Lindsay. I am 25 years old. I stand five foot five. I have reddish brown hair to my shoulders and brown eyes.

My husband is rarely at home. He works night shift and when he is at home. He is asleep. Sex is a very rare occurrence. Maybe once a week. IF I am lucky.

One night while sitting in my bed room reading erotic stories on Literotica, I decided I needed to just do it myself. He wouldn’t be home for several hours. So I had plenty of time. I pulled out my vibrating egg. It seems to b my best friend lately. I placed it on my clit and laid there reading my favorite erotic stories. I love the anal section. As well as, the BDSM stories. (My husband is not into any of those things. Just plain old boring sex. It lasts less then a minute. Just reading these stories makes me soooo wet!) As I laid here in bed I was thinking I needed more. Obviously I would have illegal bahis to try something new.

I pulled out my vapor rub, ( I know you have all seen it. It’s mentholated. Has a cooling and tingling sensation) I grabbed a q-tip and dipped it in the rub. I then slid the q-tip deep in my ass! (Well as deep as it could go) I instantly felt the menthol. WOW! Strong. I turned my egg back on. I wanted to feel the tingle, but I didn’t expect the burn. I laid there hoping it would settle down a little. After about an hour it didn’t seem to settle so I grabbed the douche bottle and shoved it in my ass. Squirting water deep inside me. It was so cold! I released the enema. The burn was still there. My pussy was just getting wetter. So I did three more enema’s. I held them in for a while. It didn’t help. So I finally just laid back down in my bed.. Waiting and hoping it would ease off. After waiting another hour, I decided to finally illegal bahis siteleri go to the hospital but I was unsure as to what they could actually do other then laugh at me.

I felt so stupid. But I was so wet at the same time. I knew I had to go anyways so, I jumped in the car and sped out of the driveway. I floored the gas and was headed to the hospital, just praying I wouldn’t get pulled over. I got almost there and saw blue lights flashing in my rearview. I had no idea how to explain it to the officer. I figured he would just laugh at me as well.

To my amazement a gorgeous officer with long brown hair walked up to my car. She asked for my license and I started stuttering. She was the sexiest cop I had ever seen. She asked where I was going in such a hurry and I told her to the hospital. She asked if something was wrong and I blushed extremely red! She put her ticket book down and asked what canlı bahis siteleri was wrong. I finally told her. My ass was on fire. That when I had the bottle shoved in my ass it was the only thing that kept the burning down. But I had nothing to put there.. And asked her if she knew of a way other then going to the hospital to fix it? She told me to park my car in the back corner of the parking lot. So I did as she ordered. I was scared and excited. I had no idea what this sexy ass officer had in store for me.

She told me to get out of my car, and bend over the trunk. She slid her nightstick in my ass. Damn it was soooo fucking cold and hard. Exactly what I needed. She fucked me steadily while bent over the car, I came all over. She picked up her radio and called in that she had an emergency and would b out of contact for a couple days. She then told me that I would spend the next three days at her house. (She said she would make sure my husband didnt worry and wonder why i wasn’t at home.) And that she would make sure that nightstick never left my hungry ass. Except for when she used her huge strap on cock.

I am so excited! I can’t wait. TO BE CONTINUED!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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