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Bi-Jingle, Bi-Jack

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( A Christmas Carol – With apologies to Mr. Dickens)

Jack was depressed… Here it was almost Christmas and he still hadn’t found the perfect gift, (or any gift for that matter) for his wife Jenny. This past month had been a bitch. He couldn’t remember when a holiday season had been as incredibly hectic for his business as this one had been. He had been on the road constantly since the Thanksgiving break and things didn’t look to get much better until the end of January – if then. He’d been in dozens of cities and towns on this trip, but he had literally had no time at all for shopping, even if he had had any idea of what to give Jenny this year. Over the years that they’d been married, he had managed to come up with some very unique and expensive gifts her and they had always thrilled her when she removed the pretty paper on Christmas Eve.

But this year he was at a loss and he only had a few days to come up with something, anything that would compare to his gifts of past Christmases. She had told him that the only thing she wanted this year was to spend some time with him. Jenny was a very sexual and passionate woman and he was fairly certain that she was as faithful to him while he was traveling as he was to her. But he knew that she must get very lonely (and horny) when he was gone – He certainly did! But damn! He couldn’t quit the road yet. His business was making him a lot of money right now and in a couple of years, he and Jenny would have enough stashed away for him to sell out and they could do just about anything they wanted to. He knew that he could make his long absences up to her then, but what about now? Could she continue to be patient and celibate for months on end for a few more years? Could he?

Jack and Jenny had discussed swinging and “open marriage” several times but with Jack being gone so much they didn’t either of them think that their relationship could withstand that kind of involvement and so they had never gone beyond the talking stage. But even the talking had really turned them both on – and they had had some of their best and hottest lovemaking sessions as they fantasized about having threesomes with another woman or another guy. They both confessed to having more than a little curiosity about what it would be like to have sex with someone of their own gender. But again, his lack of time and their devotion to each other had precluded any attempts to fulfill those fantasies.

Sitting alone in his dreary hotel room, with nothing but a bottle of bourbon for company, Jack began to reminisce about Christmases past and how much he and Jennie had loved the holidays when they were young and so very crazy in love. What had happened? Where had things gone wrong? He certainly couldn’t blame Jenny. She always had their big house decorated as elaborately as she could. She confessed to watching a lot of Home and Garden TV and tried to come up with something new and different every year to please him. But invariably, he wasn’t able to spend enough time at home to even begin to appreciate the decorations or the fabulous holiday meals and goodies she was so fond of preparing for him. And usually he was so damn tired that all he wanted to do was sleep and plan for his next trip. And their lovemaking had suffered terribly as a result. And still Jenny never complained…

Suddenly Jack was aware that the temperature in the room had dropped several degrees and as he got up from the bed to turn up the thermostat he came face to face with an apparition of his father who had died many years ago. He was so startled that he fell back onto the bed, knocking over the bottle of liquor as he fell.

“Dad!!! What the hell is this?” he cried out. “I must be dreaming! No! Too much booze! That’s what it is! You’re dead and buried! You can’t be here! I haven’t even thought of you in years. What are you doing here?”

The ghostly figure did not speak but picked up the remote and switched on the TV. Jack immediately recognized the scene that appeared on the screen. He had watched this version of “A Christmas Carol” many times over the years. But there was something different about it this time. And suddenly it struck him! The actor playing Scrooge was HIM. “But that’s not possible,” he thought. “I’ve never been an actor. And I’ve certainly never been in a movie before.”

The wispy image of his father pointed at the screen and said, “Watch and learn! I have been allowed this one night to warn you that you are fucking up your life big time. You have a beautiful young wife who loves you and will do anything for you. But if you keep screwing around the way you are you’re going to wind up with nothing but your money to keep you warm. And take it from me – That ain’t no fun…”

“But, Dad,” he cried! “What can I do? If I quit my business I’ll wind up a bum – just like you did!”

His father’s visage roared at him for that. “You idiot,” he shouted. “I may not have had much money, but you kids were always well fed and clothed. And your mother and I had one hell ankara moldovyalı escortlar of a sex life. So don’t call me a bum. Watch and learn!” he roared again and pointed emphatically at the television set.

With that the spirit vanished as suddenly as he had appeared.

“Dad! Dad!” he called. “Where’d you go? Don’t leave me like this! What am I supposed to do? I don’t understand…” But the room was silent and dark once again – except for the flickering glow from the TV set.

As Jack turned his attention back to the screen, he saw that the Scrooge character had been visited by the first of the three ghosts that had been promised to him for that night – The Ghost of Christmas Past. But what the ghost was showing the Scrooge that looked exactly like him had certainly never aired on television before – Not even on the “Playboy Channel”.

He was seeing the first of many holidays when he had been far too busy to give Jenny the love – and the lovemaking – that she craved and so richly deserved. The expensive, golden bauble he had given her as a present was on the table beside her bed, but she obviously had no interest in it. Instead, she had a sad and dreamy look on her lovely face as the Scrooge character snored lightly beside her. Slowly, one hand dropped to her breasts and she began to caress and tweak her nipples. Her other hand slipped between her soft and silky thighs and she began to finger her pussy and lightly rub her clit.

The scene faded into what was obviously a dream sequence. Jack was entranced and could not take his eyes off the screen. He was acutely aware that his cock had begun to rise to attention as he watched the lascivious scenario unfold before his wondering gaze:

In the soft and fuzzy images now on the TV screen, he could see a much younger Scrooge (himself) sitting in an easy chair facing the couch in the somewhat squalid apartment that they had lived in several years ago. Seated on the couch next to Jenny and facing away from the camera was a young man that Jack could not recognize from the back, although he did look somewhat familiar. As he watched, his cock (like that of the Scrooge character) started getting harder and harder as he guessed at what was about to occur. He remembered Jenny and he describing such a scene to each other in more than one of their fantasies of having a threesome with another guy.

As he (and the other Scrooge) watched the scene unfold, the unidentified young man on the couch leaned forward and gently took Jenny into his arms and pressed his lips to hers in a passionate, tongue twisting kiss. As Jenny responded to the kiss, the man slowly slipped the tiny straps of Jenny’s sheer top over her shoulders, exposing her beautiful and obviously aroused breasts. With his other hand he pushed the hem of her silk skirt higher and higher up her thighs until her now dripping pussy lips were exposed. As he pressed Jenny back onto the couch, she reached down and began to loosen his belt and trousers to expose his engorged cock to her searching fingers. Then she unbuttoned his shirt, slid it off and ran her hands down his smoothly muscled back to the roundness of his ass cheeks – urgently pressing his almost naked body to hers.

Jack began to cry out that he wanted to play too. But the dream lovers could not hear him, of course and they completely ignored the Scrooge who was watching them as the young man pressed his eager manhood deeply into the willing depths of Jenny’s pussy. Jack was at once horrified and yet, extremely turned on as he watched this stranger begin to fuck his lovely wife. But before he could fully grasp the scene developing before his incredulous eyes, the “dream” faded and again he saw his wife on the screen in the throes of an extremely intense orgasm as she continued to masturbate there in the bed beside him as he slumbered on; completely oblivious to Jenny’s self pleasuring.

“No, Darling,” he cried out. “I’m here… I’m here… I want to make love to you… I want to fuck you! Oh, God, I want to fuck you.”

“But you weren’t there,” said the ghost on the TV screen. “You were asleep! You were always asleep! Or gone… Jenny had no other choice for her sexual relief but her dreams and fantasies and her own fingers. She loves you very much and she would never take a real lover – not without you there. But, unfortunately, you’re never there, so she dreams and masturbates.”

“I didn’t know,” cried Jack. But the scene was already shifting and the ghost was carrying him further back in time.

* * * * *

“Remember this, Jack?” the ghost said. On the TV screen was a scene that Jack hadn’t thought about in years. It was a Christmas Eve and he saw himself and his younger brother and sister sitting quietly, hiding on the stairs above the living room in the house that they had grown up in. They had slipped out of bed and crept partway down the staircase, hoping to catch Santa Clause placing their presents under the Christmas tree. What they actually saw was something ankara ukraynalı escortlar that none of them would ever forget! Yes, there were presents under the tree, but what had captured their astonished eyes was the sight of their father wearing nothing but a Santa Clause hat and a bright red coat that didn’t quite cover naked ass. And he was on top of their equally naked mommy and was thrusting his big, hard “thing” in and out of their mother’s cunny. They could hardly believe their eyes. And the quiet moaning and groaning of their parents scared the children at first until they realized that what their parents were doing was “making love”… fucking! And it was obvious to them, young as they were, that the two older people were enjoying themselves immensely.

The young Jack on the TV screen motioned silently for his siblings to follow him and they retreated back up to the boy’s bedroom to discuss what they had just seen. As they talked quietly, but excitedly to each other, they began to realize that what they had witnessed was having a very strange effect on them. Jack’s and Timmy’s little peckers had gotten very stiff and much bigger than they ever had before. Sally, of course noticed this and asked if she could touch them.

“I guess so,” Jack and Timmy said together. “But only if you’ll let us touch yours too,” said Jack.

“Do you think we could do what mommy and daddy were doing?” Sally asked innocently.

“I don’t know, but I guess we could try,” replied Jack.

But before they could carry their childish experimentation any further, they heard their parents turning off the lights and starting up to bed. Sally quickly slipped back into her own room and the boys climbed into their own beds. But they talked about that wonderful Christmas Eve for years and years afterwards.

Jack now recalled that incident from his childhood and could still feel the intensely sexual excitement that he had felt at the sight of his parents making love on the living room floor in front of the Christmas tree. But as he thought about it, he realized that he had always regretted that he and his siblings had had their own passions interrupted and never realized. “I know that would have been incest,” he thought. “But damn, it would sure have been fun.”


Once again, the screen faded to black and then evolved into a brightly lighted living room with a huge Christmas tree in the corner surrounded by lavish gifts and profuse decorations. Standing in the middle of the room was the Ghost of Christmas Present, looking like a giant Viking and wearing a bright green, fur lined cloak, gaily embroidered in gold and red trim. On his head was a wreath of holly and mistletoe and his laugh rumbled and seemed to shake the decorations in the room.

Turning toward the Scrooge who was now a mirror image of the present day Jack, he said, “Do you recognize this room Jack? Do you know where you are?”

“Of course,” said Jack and the Scrooge on the screen simultaneously. “That’s my living room. But I’ve never seen it decorated like that. Jenny changes things every year… I can’t ever keep up.”

“That’s because you never made the effort to notice!” roared the giant spirit. “You are always too busy planning your next deal or closing that big contract. Christmas decorations are a ‘woman’s’ thing. If you had it to do yourself, you wouldn’t even bother to put up a tree or string a single light. You’re such an insensitive jerk “

“I am not,” whined Jack. “I’m just working my ass off with this business. It won’t always be like this! Why, in a few years I’ll be able to retire a very rich man and then I’ll have time for all of this foolery and for making love to my wife the way she wants.”

“How would you know what she wants, you stupid ass? Do you think she gives diddly squat for that junk you’ve so graciously dragged home every year as a ‘present” for her? Is that what you think she wants from you? If it is, you are even more stupid than I thought you were. And that’s pretty damn dumb. Watch and learn, shithead…”

The giant raised his cloak until it covered and darkened the screen. When he lowered it again, Jack could see his beautiful Jenny sitting on their large leather couch with her face in her hands, sobbing quietly, as Christmas music wafted softly from the stereo. She was wearing a sheer dressing gown over a skimpy “baby doll” top and lacy panties that did little to cover her lovely breasts and the lush, blond bush above her sweet pussy.

As Jack peered at the loveliness of his darling wife, he wondered why she was crying. What was wrong. He had talked to her on the phone earlier that evening and yeah, she had seemed to be a little upset when he had told her that he wouldn’t able to come home that night. But, shit! That’s no big deal. She knows I’ve got work to do and that I’ll be home when I get there. “What’s her problem, anyway?” he groused.

Just then he heard the sound ankara minyon tipli escortlar of his doorbell on the TV and Jenny jumped up excitedly and ran toward the door. “Is that you, Jack?” she called. “I’m so glad you changed your mind. Did you loose your keys? I’ll be right there.”

But when she opened the door, it wasn’t Jack standing on the steps of their home, of course. No, it was his brother Tim and his sister Sally. Totally unconscious of her near nudity, Jenny stammered, “Tim, Sally… What are you doing here? I thought it was Jack and he’d forgotten his keys. Come in… Come in. I’m so happy to see you.”

“I hope you were expecting us,” grinned Tim, as he appreciatively eyed Jenny’s scantily clad body.

“Tim, behave yourself,” giggled Sally as she poked him in the ribs with her elbow. “Of course she wasn’t expecting us. We didn’t know we were going to be in town ourselves until a couple of hours ago. I’m sorry we didn’t call Jenny dear. We were on our way to Vail for some skiing and our plane was diverted to Denver due to the weather and we just decided to grab a cab and drop in on you and Jack. We were kind of hoping you could put us up for a couple of days until we can get another flight out. I know we should have called but we were so rushed we just didn’t take the time. I hope we won’t be any inconvenience to you.”

“Of course not, silly,” Jenny assured her sister-in-law. “You know you and Tim are always welcome in our house for as long as you want to stay. I’m sorry Jack isn’t home. You know how he is… Always on the road – busy, busy, busy. I’m so happy you’re here,” she repeated. “I was feeling a little blue and down in the dumps anyway. It gets pretty lonely in this big old house when Jack’s gone. Come in and sit… I’ll fix us some drinks.

“Oh, sis,” that sounds great,” grinned Tim still leering at the sight of Jenny’s obviously beautiful body through her sheer garments.

“Tim, you are such a letch,” growled his sister. “Put your eyeballs back in their sockets and leave the poor girl alone.”

Jenny was suddenly conscious of how little clothing she was wearing and how revealing her garments were. Blushing furiously, she tried to cover her near nakedness with her arms and hands – without much success of course. “I’ll go put a robe on,” she said quickly. “I wasn’t really expecting anyone. I had hoped that Jack would be home tonight, but he called earlier and said he wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“Don’t change on our account,” grinned Tim. “I like what I see…”

“I’m sure you do,” said Sally. “But your embarrassing her. Now will you behave? Of course, he does have a point, Jenny. I kinda like what I see too. So if you’re not too uncomfortable just relax – After all, we’re all family aren’t we. There’s no need for any false modesty with us.”

“I’ll drink to that ,” laughed Tim. “Or I would anyway, if our lovely sister-in-law would just direct me to the liquor cabinet.”

“It’s still in the same place it was the last time you were here, Tim. So help yourself,” said Jenny. “And fix us girls a stiff one too. I’ll go put a couple more logs on the fireplace.”

“Oh, I can handle that, I assure you,” laughed Tim. “Get you girls a ‘stiff one’ that is.”

“Tim, you’re incorrigible!” Jenny giggled. But as she spoke to herself in the TV, she realized that she was feeling a hell of a lot better since they had arrived. She had not realized just how lonely she had been feeling. “That damn Jack,” she thought. “He’s going to seriously regret not coming home tonight. “I’ve about had it with him. And Tim is cute as hell. And so’s Sally, for that matter. Geeze! What the hell’s come over me? I’m getting horney for my brother and sister-in-law. Oh, shit… Admit it! I’m just plain horny. Goddamn that Jack,” she repeated to herself.

Jack couldn’t believe what he was hearing and seeing on this stupid TV. It must have been something he ate at dinner tonight. Come to think of it, those oysters on the half shell hadn’t really tasted quite right. That must be what it was. He grabbed the clicker and tried to turn the TV off, but nothing happened. He tried to change channels, but every channel had the same scene on it. The ghost just laughed at him as he flipped through channel after channel. “I told you, Jack,” he grumbled. “Watch and learn!”

Unable to do anything about the TV, Jack angrily yanked the plug out of the wall, but that didn’t do any good either. It just continued to play out the scene that was so disturbing to him. He tried covering his head and ears with the pillow, but that didn’t work either. His eyes were drawn hypnotically back to the screen and the unbelievable scenes he was witnessing.

As his eyes once again riveted on the screen, he saw that Tim and Sally were now sitting on the couch, flanking either side of his wife. Sally had changed into one of Jenny’s robes (one that was not quite as revealing as the one Jenny still wore. But it was obvious to his incredulous eyes that the camera angle left little doubt that she wasn’t wearing anything at all under that robe. Tim had changed too. All he was wearing now was his boxer shorts. (“The fire in the fireplace was making him too warm,” he had complained). The camera also revealed that Tim was beginning to sport a very sizeable hard on to boot!

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