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Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood Ch. 06

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Glad you liked it HiddenInTheOpen. Everyone who enjoys it really! I don’t like clowns. Getting better with them… slightly. Sorry for the delay, really working out where I am going with this.


Monday is almost over now.

Anna has yet to be as cordial with Dina as she is with Marissa.

I understand years of bad are hard to sweep under the rug, especially for Anna who can really hold a grudge. Still, it kind of hurts that she thinks me such a pushover to be pressed into a relationship.

We play a round of Clue. Anna loses because she only accuses Dina, who’s playing as Ms. Scarlet.

We move on to Hangman. Apparently Anna picked up some interest in English since she had moved. However she keeps picking words like “Bully”, “Enemy”, “Fraud”.

It’s wearing on Dina and I have to watch as the joy is slowly sucked out of her.

Marissa takes a phone call, her phone hasn’t rang, and excuses herself. She returns apologetically and says she has to head home.

Dina decides to head home, I have no idea if she is coming back, but I hope so.

“Anna.” I know I sound disappointed.

“This is going to be awesome! We can pull out the horror movies and pop pop-corn, ice cream! Do we have ice cream?” Anna ignores me and seems to be pumped up.

“Anna.” I state again.

“Yeah, Tet?” She’s pulling out her pajamas.

“Sit down.” I pat the cushion next to me.

“Okay, just let me change first!” I swear she’s either ignoring me on purpose or so caught up in her own little world that she doesn’t notice.

“Sit. Down!” I slap the cushion hard enough to make my eyes water. ‘Wrong hand!’ I think to myself, but at least I have her attention.

She sits by me, now concerned.

“Anna, I love you like a sister. I always will.” She sat on my right so I’m able to put an arm around her. “I am not happy with how you handled yourself tonight.”

“What do you mean?” She asks, even adding her finger to her cheek like she does when she is playing dumb.

“Ms. Scarlet in the library with the candlestick. Ms. Scarlet in the kitchen with the knife.” I then hold up her Hangman words. “Or these.” I toss them in her lap.

“I don’t follow?”

How she made that sound like a question I will never know.

“Anna, you targeted Dina, my girlfriend, and made it miserable for everyone. Marissa left on a fake phone call and I don’t know if Dina’s coming back!” At some point I stood and I was leaning over her. “I am worried about her, Anna! Her asshole father, her bitch stepmother, they hurt her, Anna!” I feel I’ve said too much, but I see her eyes change.

“Anna… I know you don’t forget or forgive easily, but please, do not think that I am dumb enough to be in such a… no, ah… to be in an abusive relationship!” I’m a bit angry. “I don’t want to have to choose between you two. I don’t think I could. It isn’t ‘either or’ it is ‘all or nothing’. I deserve happiness!”

I feel that last part is important enough to repeat.

“I deserve happiness, damn it!” I yell. “My friends make me happy! You, Marissa, Pete. Dina, Dina makes me happy!” I ease back on the couch. “I wish you could be happy for me and treat her with some respect.”

“She hasn’t respected you…” A glare from me says she should be quiet.

“Believe it or not, Anna, things have changed. I’m sticking up for myself, and not just with pranks. I won a fight!” I do feel a bit bad knowing what I know now, but I don’t say that. “I stood up to someone who could have broken me like a twig, granted he was released from jail, but I did that!”

She stares at me.

“I made new friends. I don’t do that.” I sit there very worried about my burgeoning relationship. “Anna, please!”

“Okay. But I’m not going to like it.” She huffs and crosses her arms over her chest.

“How do you even know?” I stand up and make my way to my room. “I made the guest room up.” I say as I leave.

In my room, I see Dina curled up on her bed. It seems like she is crying. I feel pain in my heart and worry it was because of me. I worry even more it is those monsters she lives with.

I hear a timid knock on my door.

“Anna, go to bed.” I say wearily. “We start new tomorrow.” I sigh. “Blame it on old feelings and jet-lag.”

“Okay.” She whispers and my door closes fully with a soft click.


I leave Anna slumbering as I head over to see Dina.

The door is ajar so I let myself in.

I think quickly about how I have watched everyone move through the house and head towards the stairs.

Dina’s room has a simple sign nailed to it. “No trespassing.” It reads.

I knock.

There is no response so I knock again.

The door opens just as I am about to knock once more and Dina is surprised to see me.

“Door was open.” I say.

She rolls her eyes. “See, that’s why I leave the house last. My worthless brother never bothers to close it.” She grins. “Weirdos like you can just walk in.”

“Ha ha.” I say dryly. “You okay?” I place a hand on her cheek and my voice is filled with concern.

“Yeah. Pretty rough when illegal bahis I got home. Bee-lined for my room and got stuck.”

I give her a hug and she winces, I move back quickly and wince myself.

Of course I manage to lift her shirt and get sight of the large bruises on her side and stomach.

“My lawyer works quick. They got served yesterday!” She’s beaming at me like she won the lottery.

“But…” She pushes her shirt down and puts a finger to my lips.

“I’m fine.” She assures me. “If I can deal with this girl I’m seeing giving me a black eye, I can deal with this. She can really hit! Makes me feel safe.”

“Who is this girl?” I ask, playing along.

“Some scrawny bitch.” She leans in and kisses me. “But we don’t have to tell her about us, bae.” She whispers.

Dina steps aside and I walk in.

“You know there is more pink than I realized!” I am Serious. I want to gag. “I feel like I’m in the womb.”

“Okay, that may be a bit much. Plus there isn’t any glitter in that place.” Dina tells me. “Then again that sparkly shit does get everywhere. Maybe strippers and crafts lovers…”

I start to laugh seeing where she is going with that. “Don’t do that! I can-can’t laugh!” I manage to stop myself.

“Do what? Talk about sparkly babies? Hey, that could be how sparkly vampires are made!” She’s holding me, no chance of doubling over but the fits I am now fighting still hurt. She rubs my back and starts to sway with me a bit. “I saw you dancing through your window.”

I am suddenly not laughing. In fact I am mortified.

“You got the moves, Cinders!” I am turned in her arms so I face her. “Would you strip for me some time?”

“I’m not wearing glitter!” I say in response.

“You look more like a Suicide Girl than a disco ball anyway.” She says with mirth.

I’m a bit offended, shocked. ‘Is she telling me to kill myself?’

I guess she sees my internal dilemma. “You don’t know what a Suicide Girl is, do you?” She leads me to her PC. The thing is ancient so I am impressed when actual web pages I recognize come up.

The last viewing of the website she takes me to, from the history log, is a week before she moved in next door, into this house.

I see models that fit in with the alternative lifestyle scene. Hot gothic, punk, and other subculture girls. Some showing off more than I would like Dina looking at but I can see her reflection, she is looking at me with an amused little grin.

“Getting hot?” She asks when I start to squirm in her lap.

“What… uh… style are you…”

“Your style.” She purrs in my ear.

“I meant, you, what style are you?” I finish asking this time.

“Goth.” She looks around her room. “Easy to tell, right?”

Now that she mentions it, she wears a lot of black, but I always assumed she was emo.

“We don’t exactly have Hot Topic and I don’t shop for clothes online. Anymore.” Dina answers as if she can read my mind.

“What happened online?” Dina shakes her head no. “C’mon, tell me!” I say playfully.

“Not everyone has the same size definitions.” She tells me but doesn’t look at me.

I know something is up.

I stare at her. She focuses on the screen more. I keep staring.

“Kenneth spread a box of panties I had bought all over the neighborhood and Bob found out.” She caved. She had that look of remembering a trauma. “They were… skimpy. Not only was my business known by the whole neighborhood, Bob called me a whore and beat me.”

I felt bad for asking. I coaxed her into facing me, straddled her lap and hugged her.


I wake up because I feel alone. It is a sense I get when the house is empty. Depending who is gone depends on how I feel.

Lonely, my friend and her Mom, are not home.

I head up to Tuyet’s room just to be sure. Sometimes it does go on the fritz. I knock and the door swings open. I step in and listen. She isn’t in the shower. I turn to leave and stop. I can see into the room across the way.

Tuyet is just stepping into O’Brian’s room. They share a few words, my best friend gets that ‘I am not amused’ face, but it doesn’t seem genuine.

She also puts her hand on O’Brian’s cheek and looks concerned. That, if I know anything, looks real.

They hug, both seem to react with a little pain. Tuyet lifts Dina’s shirt, and even I am shocked. O’Brian is obviously trying to play off the bruise that I catch a glimpse of on her side.

A bit more talking and they kiss. Not sure how I feel about that.

They come further into O’Brian’s room and then seem to talk about the place.

I see more pink than I would have imagined. It’s almost comical and it appears that Tuyet feels the same.

They end up by the window, sitting down. I can’t tell what they’re doing but Tuyet seems happy.

I watch for a bit then something catches my eye in the yard.

In the shadows between the house, some creepy ass clown. Or at least, it looks like a clown. I back away from the window and head for my room, or, the guest room.

I spend well over two hours looking at illegal bahis siteleri pictures online. I talk with my dad and little brother. Update my social media account. I even check Tuyet’s.

“Typical.” I laugh. She never updates it. I am still her only friend on all of them, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace. Okay, so Tom is still her friend.

I look at my list. Only a handful really matter.

Belinda, I spent a few weeks in Puerto Rico and she and I hit it off. Come to think of it, I think she and Tet have been talking still.

Greg and Josh. So I’m no saint, but they’re good friends, we had a threesome. Party, ecstasy, they didn’t tape it and they don’t talk about it. I didn’t know I’d end up going to school with them for a year.

The first few weeks were awkward, but then, we bonded.

Now I’m kind of glad Tuyet got me into Magic The Gathering. I really need to introduce them to her.

Kow, a short stint in South Korea. Kow and I were actually fuck buddies. He really knew how to get the best weed. Dad liked him, if Dad only knew. I fire off a quick message seeing how he’s doing.

“Anna! Hey girl!” Happy Devil emoji.

“Want to see my new tattoo?”

“Okay, Kow.” and I get a picture of a snake on his leg, and his penis is in the shot. “Sweet work! Traditional?”

“In Japan. Hurt like that time you fucked my ass! NEVER again!” I laugh.

One reason I like Kow, open to trying new things.

“Got any weed?” I ask.

I get a thumbs up as a response.

“Can you get it to USA?”

“Send me the address, babe.” I get a picture of him waiting with a pen and pad of paper.

“I love you.” It hurts to say it, but it is true. I give him the address and then he lets me know it’s on the way as well as he is heading to work.

I start roaming the house. Nothing going on, and my shows don’t start until later, I had already checked. Even then, they’re reruns.

I stop by the door and pick up a student ID card.

It reads. ‘Dina Howard-O’Riley’ and displays her picture on the front.

“All these years I’ve been calling her O’Brian.” I mutter to myself.


I nearly jump out of my skin. Tuyet starts laughing at me. She’s trying not to.

“She never got mad about that?” Tuyet tells me. I am surprised.

“Anything to not be associated with her dad.” Tuyet fills me in further.

I watch her as she gets that look where she wants to do something. “She’s even happy that you got other people calling her that. She says that’s one good thing she got from you.”

Buttering me up, sort of, I know that tone. “What?” I ask.

“Anna, Dina and I are meeting up with friends. Want to come along?”

“If only to keep an eye on her.” I point towards Dina’s house.

Tuyet glares.

“What?” I ask.

“To meet some new friends. Not to baby sit me.” I roll my eyes. “Anna, I’m serious!”

“What friends?” I ask.

“Some devil dogs we met yesterday. Things have been slow at the base and they have free time.”

“Are you sure that they’re marines?” I question and she nods yes. “Okay.”

“Dress nice!” She gives me a hug and hurries as fast as she dares to her room.

I choose a blue dress. At first anyway. Before I know it I’m switching out for a white blouse with a blue blazer and blue mini skirt.

“I said dress nice not slutty!” Tuyet is teasing me. “I’m kidding. They’re bringing the new guy and he’s single. I told them I have a friend.”

“So, distract me with a hunk and go off with…” I stop talking as Dina walks in.

“Yeah, nobody is talking about you when you walk in and it gets quiet.” Dina is joking. “So, what, am I the devil?” She slips a pair of horns on her head. “Is this appropriate?”

I huff. It is kind of embarrassing getting caught talking shit, even if you can lay out the person you’re ragging on.

Tuyet is the shortest in the room at five three, Dina is about six foot, give or take. I fill the gap at five eight.

I see us in the mirror. I have a tan you see on blondes in Hollywood surf films. Blonde, almost platinum and natural, hair. My eyes are literally grey, and I have a button nose with pouty lips.

I’ve been told I’m model material, you wouldn’t think I’ve been into martial arts since I was a kid.

Boxing, my dad is a marine, was what I first learned. I got onto the girls wrestling team as soon as I got into a school that allowed it. I have learned this or that in every place I have ever lived. Plus, most places offer Karate, because of Japanese action movies, or Kung Fu, thank you Bruce Lee!

A snapping brings me out of my thoughts. It’s Tuyet.

“Yeah?” I am wondering what I had missed.

“We know you’re pretty. Can we go now?” She says.

I grab my purse.

“The new guy had better be HOT!” I shove past Dina, who seems amused with me, and head for the rental car.

I sit there for several minutes and I am confused as Dina drops a banana peel just inside the door before she closes it. I’m angered by the disrespect for my friend’s home.

As they buckle up Tuyet asks. canlı bahis siteleri “Did you remember the banana peel, Babe?”

Dina ‘Mmm-hmms’ and buckles in.

I am confused. Tuyet seems to notice.

“I’ll explain when we get back.”

A short drive to the popular hang out spot for the bored folks who still have life in them.

A small party is already going on. A handful of the legal age teens, as in eighteen, and low rank Marines are mingling. Beer floats around. I grab one and head after Dina. Tuyet is in front of her, I think, she is easily hidden by the jock’s form.

They meet up with a group of guys, I am quickly introduced to them but then I see the new guy. A chiseled hunk of Texas beef.

“Hey, cowboy!”

I wake up several hours later. Maybe more. It’s dark out. I have a strong arm around me and I am held tightly against a muscular chest.

“Need a ride home?” That accent makes me wet all over again.

“Up for another round?” I ask giving my bottom a wiggle in his lap.

“Okay.” He rolls onto his back and pulls me along. I am in reverse cowgirl and I already see him at attention. I lift up, lower myself and I feel full. “Grade A Texas beef!” I sigh and begin to bounce and grind.

I sort of lose myself. I can’t describe anything between the start and finding myself face down in the bed and feeling my pussy being filled.

Clayton falls back on his ass. “Oh man, I haven’t heard anyone talk in tongues during sex before!” He grins at me. “What the heck was I saying?”

“I dunno, I… I…” I can only grin dumbly. “I’ll take that ride home now.”

As we’re dressing I check my phone. Seven messages from Tuyet. The last one simply has a winking face. Guess she caught on.

Fifteen minutes later I’m stumbling on rubbery legs with the help of a southern gentleman to Tuyet’s front door. The joys of a small town is the proximity to everywhere else.

I still have cum pooling in my panties.

“I had a great time. I don’t usually do that on the first date. I hope you don’t think less of me. Can I take you out again?” He is so cute when nervous. He’s almost stuttering.

“I’ll be here.” I smile sweetly and kiss his cheek. “Drop by any time.” I watch his eyes light up. “Any time.”

“Have a wonderful night!” He bows and waits for me to get into the house. I wave as I back in the door and then he starts down the path. He stumbles as he keeps looking back but I know that there is something about him that I like.

He finally drives off and I close the door.

“You’re home late, young lady!” I turn to see Tuyet imitating her mother, but grinning madly.

“You distracted me! I feel used!” I can’t really be mad, best sex I’ve had in ages.

“You distracted yourself.” Tuyet tells me. “And you totally ignored my friends, my girlfriend and I.” Yet she doesn’t seem mad. “You look… satisfied. Happy.” Tet grins.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I start walking off and Tuyet has stood and taken hold of my arm. I look at her expectantly.

“Please try and be nice to Dina, for me.” Those eyes, that pout.

I don’t want to but I agree. “I’ll be nice.” I know what she is going to ask next so I link my pinky with hers and say. “I promise.” It tastes bitter, but the silly pinky swear has always been a promise we never broke. To this day, Daddy thinks I’m a virgin.

Tuyet was there when I lost it one summer when Dad and I were lucky enough to visit.

Of course I am eighteen now and Daddy has no say anymore, something he already said. Something along the lines of. ‘You have to trust yourself now.’

I get a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you.” She is keeping herself reserved but I can tell that inwardly she is jumping around like a kangaroo on speed.

I force a smile and go to take my shower before I break my first pinky swear promise with Tuyet. “Love you, Tet.”


My girlfriend is at work. Minding the store. My phone is ringing and I search it out. I briefly wonder if Anna knew I spent the night.

“O’Brian, speaking.” I use this for any number from school. Nearly everyone believes it is my name anyway. Even Cinders calls me it from time to time but she sticks with Dina, which I like.

I work some spit into my mouth.

“O’Brian, speaking. Start talking or I’m hanging the fuck up.” I am too groggy to sound threatening.

“Oh, hey, Coach!” I sit up. “Yeah, she was serious.” She’s wondering if I had forced Tuyet to write the letter. I feel insulted.

“Coach, I swear, I would never actually have hurt her.” She asks why.

“You ever have a boy pull your pigtails when you were younger?” I ask.

She giggles like a school girl before telling me that she ended up marrying that little pain in the ass.

Then she asks rather clueless ‘Why?’ and I face palm.

“Coach, think about it.” I encourage. After some silence I get a long, drawn out ‘Oh!’.

“Look, Coach, I have felt weird about Cinders for a while. Now, now I understand and… nobody’s gonna hurt her again.”

I have to laugh. She finally asks if the rumors are true. “Yes. Yes they are. I am an incredibly lucky woman!” I feel my excitement growing. “She is kind! Smart! Funny! Talented and beautiful!” I’m slowing as I talk as other things sink in. “And to be honest I don’t deserve her.”

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