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Avery Dirty Date Night 03 – Sunday

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I slowly opened my eyes, waking from the deepest sleep I’d had in some time, as I felt the harsh cold of a stainless steel plug being pressed into my ass. I didn’t resist, or even make any hint that I had woken, I just led there in bed on my side and accepted that Avery clearly had no plans to lay off of me today. I was relieved, but also somewhat disappointed, that today was the end of my weekend as my wife’s slave. I even considered for a moment whether or not I would purposefully lose the bet next time to see if she had any other wild ideas for me. Even if she didn’t, I’d gladly take a repeat of the weekend so far. I noticed the time on my bedside clock as I felt the large plug pop the last inch into my ass. 11am. I’d slept for a good 12 hours but was still utterly exhausted after two days of abuse from my wife. I jolted as I felt the leather paddle on my ass, it made such a loud crack I was fairly sure it would leave a bruise.

“Morning, bitch. You were moaning in your sleep, something about doing anything to have your asshole filled again, I thought it only fair that I oblige. Its amazing how easily you took our biggest plug, I guess I stretched you out pretty good last night. That means we have to come up with something extra cruel today to ensure you aren’t enjoying yourself!”

I could feel my cock hardening as my glorious wife said all this, I frankly couldn’t wait.

“Anyway, get up. I need you to go and pick some stuff up for me.” She snapped as she disappeared out of the room.

I got up and dressed, leaving the plug in, assuming this was the whole plan, then headed downstairs for coffee and any further instruction. As I sipped at my morning caffeine hit, Avery gave me very specific details on where to go, and what to buy.

“Remember A1 Sex Store from Friday hunny? Well I want you to go back there, and buy another 5 squirting dildos, pick whatever size you like, but nothing that’s a millimetre smaller than your cock, understood?”

I nodded as I took a sip of coffee.

“I want you to ask for 6 bottles of fake cum to go with them, and I also want you to pick up 5 strapon harnesses, you got that?”

I gulped down the last mouthful and nodded, unsure what to even say. I grabbed the car keys and set off. As I walked in the door of A1 I was greeted by the warm smile belonging to the same pretty brunette that served us on Friday, if she didn’t remember me from then, she was definitely about to remember me for todays purchase. I made a bee line for the dildo section, grabbing a basket on the way. Once faced with the wall of rubber cocks I picked out 2 very large black dildos and three white dildos of varying length and girth, all over 7 inches long, the biggest black one a staggering 10 inches. I tossed tem in the basket followed quickly by the 6 bottles of fake cum my wife requested. Each bottle held 300ml, the average male ejaculation is 3-5ml, so that’s 360-600 loads of jizz in my basket. I then picked out 5 harnesses and head shamefully for the counter, emptying my basket out to be scanned through by, if the name tag read correctly, Keri.

“Back so soon sir? Let me get this scanned through for you. That’ll be 435 please. Infact let me discount that for you, we’ll make it an even 400.”

Jesus Christ its expensive being a sub to my wife. I handed over a fistful of twenties to Keri, thanking her.

“Thanks for shopping with us, see you later.”

As I pulled into our cul-de-sac my heart sank as I saw that there were two more cars in our driveway and the nearest place I could illegal bahis park was a good 100 yards from the house, this would be fine had Keri not given me 5 dildos, 6 bottles of cum and 5 strapon harnesses in a large CLEAR bag! I parked up and did a speed shuffle to the house trying my best to disguise any of the bags contents in case a neighbour happened to be around. I rushed through the door and shut it behind me. However, the huge sense of relief quickly disappeared as I turned toward the lounge and saw Kirstie sat on the sofa along with Abby, Sophie and Charlotte, all Avery’s work colleagues.

Kirstie was a fiery redhead, 22 years old, 5’2, very athletic, small tits and a perky little ass, she was dressed in a tight fitting police uniform complete with hat and handcuffs.

Abby was the only black girl in the group at around 5’5 and wearing a tight, short nurses uniform that barely covered her round ass with some white fishnets and red heels. She too was only 22.

Sophie was dressed as a French maid, white fishnets and glossy black heels, she was the shortest of the girls at only 5′ yet had a great pair of tits and a round peachy ass, we had gone out for drinks to celebrate her 28th birthday the previous month.

Charlotte was the oldest of the bunch at 42, she had long blonde hair, large breasts and a curvy figure. She wore an incredibly revealing little schoolgirl uniform, a white shirt tied between her tits, and a tiny little tartan skirt that didn’t even begin to cover that big round ass she had.

I was in heaven and hell, all my favourite outfits in one room, yet here I stood with a bag full of dildos feeling very self conscious and ashamed. That was when I heard the footsteps down the stairs and saw Avery appear at the bottom. She was wearing a tight, short pencil skirt, a white shirt unbuttoned at her breasts and some high heels. She had her glasses on and I could see the tip of her big black dildo sticking out just below the bottom of her skirt. She walked over to me, grabbed the bag and began to hand out toys to all the girls. She laughed and called me a slut when she discovered the biggest black dildo, handing it swiftly to Abby for obvious reasons.

Charlotte was the first to get her strapon ready, she had taken the large white dildo I bought. She walked over to me and removed all of my clothes, throwing them into another room before grabbing my cock tight and leading me into the middle of the lounge by it. She pushed me to my knees and slapped me across the face before stuffing that big white cock into my mouth and holding me onto it by my hair. She didn’t release her grip of me until the rest of the girls were ready and had surrounded me, stroking their strapon cocks and demanding I take turns to suck on each of them. I was on my knees with a cock in each hand and one buried in my throat when the doorbell rang. Avery forced her dildo down my throat as she called out to come in. It was then I saw Keri from the sex store walk over laughing, presumably at my situation.

She was dressed as a naughty nun and wasted no time climbing into the last strapon, another big black dildo.

“Looks like you got him warmed up already girls, great job. Thanks for the invite

A, I’ve always wanted to do this” Keri grinned as she grabbed my hair and forcefully began to fuck my mouth.

“I bet he can’t wait to take all of our cum girls, why don’t we give him some now?” Kirstie asked while stroking her dildo.

“Sure, but lets make him beg for it, just like men always make us beg.” Sophie illegal bahis siteleri responded

“Well you heard the girls, whose cum do you want first you worthless little slut?” This time it was my wife talking to me.

I looked around at the girls, all of them had a 30ml syringe prefilled with the fake cum and attached to their big cocks. I had a real weakness for maids so I stopped at Sophie and reached out to stroke her Strapon.

“Please give me that cum Sophie, make me your bitch, I wanna feel…” I was cut off mid sentence and she compressed her syringe in one, firing one huge spurt of thick cum directly into my mouth. I swallowed it down and turned to the next cock. “Fuccck Abby give me your cum, I want…” again, I was stopped mid sentence by three huge spurts, all over my face. I wiped the cum from my eyes and opened them, just in time to watch the cum spray out of Avery, Keri and Kirsties big cocks, covering my face completely and filling my mouth again. It was then that Charlotte grabbed be my the hair and pushed her cock into my mouth, forcing me to deepthroat her. She forced herself balls deep and held me their while she pumped her thick load straight down my throat. As I opened my eyes I saw Avery taking photographs on her phone, yet this only made my rock hard cock twitch in excitement so I grabbed the two nearest cocks and struck a pouty pose for her.

Avery walked over to me and pulled the plug from my ass, stuffing it in my mouth.

“Go upstairs, bend over the bed, and spread that pretty little ass for us bitch. Call down when you’re ready and let us know what you want.” She demanded.

I almost ran upstairs, bent over the bed as I was told, spread my ass and spat out the plug. “I’m ready to be fucked! Somebody please come fuck me nice and hard!” I shouted down the stairs, not even caring if anyone else could hear me.

My cock twitched as I heard their heels coming up the stairs. They stormed into the room, Avery climbing onto the bed and stuffing my mouth full, Sophie and Abby taking place either side of me, leaving Kirstie, Charlotte and Keri to stand behind me. I moaned loudly onto Avery’s cock as I felt Charlotte penetrate me and start to fuck my ass hard. I took Sophie and Abby’s cocks in my hand and began to stroke them furiously as the three girls behind me took turns In my asshole. Then the girls switched places, making me suck and stroke the three big cocks that had just fucked my ass, while my wife and two more of her friends took their turns in my asshole. By the time it was Abby’s turn to force that HUGE black dick in my ass I was more than ready for her, taking it with ease and loving the feeling so much. The girls took turns like this for over an hour before all taking place in a queue behind me.

Sophie, then Charlotte, then Kirstie, then Avery, then Keri, then Abby all fucked my ass hard, unloaded a huge cumshot in my ass, then came around to have me suck them clean.. My wife grabbed her phone and a cocktail glass off the side and held it under me as Charlotte grabbed my throat and forced me to stand up straight, allowing all that cum to run out into the glass. Avery pushed me to the floor while filming the whole thing and made me say ‘ahhhh’ as she poured all that cum into my mouth for me to swallow. My cock was so hard and I needed to cum so badly, I thought the night was surely over. Obviously I was wrong. The three girls wearing the white cocks led net to each other on the bed. I was made to ride each one cowgirl and choose my favourite. Obviously I chose canlı bahis siteleri Charlotte as hers was the biggest. I was then made to do the same with the three girls wearing black dildos, choosing Abby as my favourite for the same obvious reason.

Avery and the other girls laughed hysterically at my decision, and it wasn’t long until I learnt why they found it so funny. Charlotte led back on the bed, beckoning me over the ride her cock cowgirl style. I lowered myself down onto it and began to ride, as I was slowly surrounded by Avery, Sophie, Kirstie and Keri who all stood up around me on the bed. Abby was busy setting up a camera in the corner of the room to capture the main event.

I rode Charlottes cock fast and hard as I stroked Avery and Kirstie and took both Sophie and Keri in my mouth at the same time. It was then that I heard Abby speak up

“Looks like you enjoy taking two cocks in one hole bitch! That’s good to know.” She barked as she picked up the spank paddle my wife had left out and struck my ass with it. I nodded as I sucked and stroked the big hard cocks in front of me. Sophie and Keri both grabbed the back of my head ad forced their cocks simultaneously down my throat, preventing me from screaming as I felt Abby force that huge black cock into my ass alongside Charlottes. I had never been so stretched out in my life before and it hurt like hell! Abby and Charlotte both thrust hard and fast into my ass, mercilessly ramming their cocks into me. They fucked me like this for over 30 minutes, by which time I was enjoying it so much I was moaning and begging for more. Then suddenly, the two cocks in my mouth pushed deep again and I heard Avery call out

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” on one, each of the cocks came again for me, two huge loads in my asshole, two huge loads down my throat, and two huge loads all over my face. This countdown and cum process repeated a further 7 times until they had filled me to bursting with cum and covered me from head to toe. I had never felt so filthy in my life but I adored the feeling. When the girls had used up every drop of their fake cum there was only one cock left to explode. My own.

Charlotte and Abby pulled their cocks from my ass and had me suck them clean as the cum poured out of my asshole. I was then thrown onto the bed on my back and had my legs pushed up over y head. The girls all removed their dildos from their harnesses and fucked my asshole hard, two at a time, making me suck them clean each time they swapped, not touching my cock once until I cried out that I was going to cum. With that they stuffed the two biggest dildos into my ass, grabbed my cock and furiously stroked it whilst aiming it at my face. I shot stream after stream of thick hot cum all over my own face as they fucked my ass. Then they pulled out their cocks for the last time and used them to wipe the cum from my face and pushed it into my slut mouth. I was dragged off of the bed and thrown to the ground and told to lick up the mess, there was well over a litre of cum all over the floor, half of which had run out of my asshole, but I wasted no time in lapping it up.

All the while I was down there the girls were on their phones, receiving images and videos from my wife of the afternoon and evenings adventures. Once they had left my wife explained to me that she had given each of them permission to use the footage to blackmail me for their own gain just once, and that they could get in touch at any point to claim whatever it was they were needing from me. Avery then lent over, grabbed my throat tight and began stroking my cock hard, bringing it back to life, it didn’t take long for me to cum all over her hand, which she used to deliver a firm slap across my face before walking out of the room leaving me cum drenched and a broken man.

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