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Aquata Cove Ch. 91

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Chapter 91: Foul Play

Merrick sits on his bed as the whole ship rocks gently. His eyes stay fixed on the hidden plank of the floor, where he stores his quartz rod and a small bottle of oil, as well as a new cloth. His gut swims with dread-traced nothingness.

His body is encased in tightly tied clothing, crushed velvet vest with a silken shirt and pants, also coated in a regal robe of silver and blue.

He touches the jeweled shell brooch at the top of his shirt, the old talisman of protection his mother gave him when he was a child. Once again, he returns home, and all he can think about is going back to the volatile promise of the ocean’s attitude. Why can’t he stay a young boy forever? Even if that means having no more pleasure than secretly lusting after his fellow shipmates.

How has it come to this? Coming of age, and forced to take orders… His whole life having to be dictated and laid out before him without so much as a side-glance at anything else he may or may not what to do or see?

Why does he have to be-


“Hhh!” Merrick gasps as he stands at attention.

“Merrick?” Comes his father’s voice, before the door opens. Captain Kai looks into Merrick’s small but organized and efficient cabin to his son. Kai is dressed in his formal attire of fine dark-blue leather, a pearl-white orb with a white feather attached upon it. “We are leaving now.”

“Yes, Father.” Merrick nods before he follows Kai out of the cabin.

While the crew carry on their jobs of securing and holding the ship to its posts, as well as unloading and signing off the contracted paperwork, Kai and Merrick walk along the docks, and towards the sea-foam colored building with silver fish sculptures adorned all around it.

The two of them enter the building, where Kai looks merrily onto a beautiful woman with long, flowing platinum hair, a white dress that sparkles around every fold as she tends to the other business people talking to her.

“And your cargo will be shipped out within the next few days.” She tells them. “My husband should be returning shortly.”

“Sooner than you know.” Kai interrupts. The woman turns, and smiles with joy as she sees her two most wonderful men stand before her.

“Kai, my love,” Umia says as she sets down the board she was writing with, and comes to greet them. “How I have missed you.”

“As have I, Umia.” Kai says deeply, both of them keeping a formal front before their clients. Umia turns to her smiling son before she bends down.

“And my son. You are fairing bigger and stronger with each voyage you travel.” She tells him.

“Father works everyone of us hard, Mother.” Merrick responds as he is hugged by the other.

“Ah, Captain Kai. You are the man for our job then.” Says the female client, “We have heard good things of your company.”

“Every word is useless,” Kai starts, “Until I prove otherwise.”

“Yes, we have heard your steadfast philosophies from your past dealings.” The woman says, “We have little doubt you will support your motto thus far.”

“By the name of Xerxes, we will do far better than anyone you have worked with.” Kai proudly promises.

“We will leave you to it then.” The business people nodded to him, and left the establishment.

“Father! Big Bother!” Comes a very young voice from up the stairs behind the counter of the building. Wearing a light pink and blue dress, a small blonde girl comes trotting quickly down, and looking up to see her family, “You ARE back!” She runs to them, and jumps to Merrick’s arms.

“Hah, as small as ever, Savra.” Merrick says as he spins around.

“I hope you are keeping with your studies, my sweet.” Kai says as he pubs Savra’s head.

“I am! As I have watching the horizon for the ship, Father!”

“Kai, our time will have to wait. The Empress of Atlanton has requested to see you and Merrick as soon as you’ve made port.” Umia tells him.

“Yes, I receive the message. That is why Merrick and I have dressed properly before we came.” He turns his head to his teenage son, “Come, Merrick. We must go post-haste. The Empress is not known for patience.”

“Yes…” Merrick says before they leave.

In the grand villa of the island, Kai and Merrick are escorted through the marble hall by two servants to a large garden. Waiting for them is regal woman wearing a red and silver gown, wearing a jeweled mask over her face. Next to her is a young, teenage girl with a gown of silver and pink color, her hair tied back with flowers.

“Captain Kai.” The Empress says with a curt nod. “And this is your son, I take it.”

“Empress Atlantia” Kai says as he and Merrick both do a formal bow — Kai has disciplined his son well. “I apologize for any delay for our business.”

“Pardoned.” The Empress says to him, “Shall we talk our arrangement then?”

“Indeed.” They walk to a beautiful table next to the pond, both children remaining obediently standing and silent as the adults sit down.

“To review,” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri The Empress started, “On the day your son comes of age, he will wed my daughter, and thus connect your company, contacts, and further your fleet to the royal family. It will be one month when your son becomes of age, correct?”

“Yes.” Kai nods, “As agreed, I have fashioned him as the gentleman and heir to my legacy, and yours.”

“Time will tell for that, Captain Kai.” She turns her gaze to the blonde young man.

Merrick, his stomach full of dread and reluctance stood from his father, and puts his fist to his chest, “As the son of Captain Kai of the SS Navyn Vessel, I hereby swear my loyalties and bindings to my family, and to the royal family.” He faces the Empress’s daughter, “And thus, I swear to serve you as your husband, Lady Fenrica, as you will serve as my wife.”

“That was very well done, young man.” The Empress nods to him, before turning back to Kai, “If you have other business within the month, I assume you will tend to them before the time of the marriage?”

“I will take no other contracts than what I already have until then.” Kai promised.

“Very well.” She snaps her fingers to summon the servants. “Let us sign the contracts then.”


From the docks of a far-off island of free men and loud foolery, Adam comes in a wisps of a cloud, walking as his shining, god-like apparel quickly folds and lengthens around him as a dull outfit — only a hood to cover his head and shoulders, and a wrap to just cover his hips and waist, leaving must of his body exposed, much like the common whore that is seen in this place.

Adam enters the Posiedian Tavern, and walks past the noisy patrons, directly to the bar with a lone stranger in a blue velvet cloak. He smirks as he takes a seat next to him.

“Nereus. I knew I would find you here.” Adam mutters, “And you are so easy to spot, as usual.”

“I needn’t bother to keep myself secret.” Says Nereus, God of the Waters of the world — rivers, seas, ponds, everywhere life exists in water. “I am in no mood for your favors either, Adam.” He says with a chuckle, “My priestess is waiting for me come tomorrow.”

“I am not here for your mast, Nereus.” Adam sneered, “I seek a boy. A young man.”

“Don’t you always?” Nereus laughs as he turns in his seat. Adam scoffed as he too turns.

“Not just any young man. This one is on the brink of manhood. He sails the seas, I believe.”

“As does most of anyone on a coast, Adam.” Nereus tells him, “Is there really a point you are trying to come to?”

“I am looking for a boy.” Adam repeats as he digs in his loincloth. Nereus looks, and blinks with estrangement as he sees a gleaming key.

“A key to the heavens…” Nereus says, “Adam what are you doing with that?”

The bartender puts to Adam a large mug of ale, and a subtle leer at Adam’s rather scant apparel, before he leaves. Nereus and Adam both look at the surface of the drink envisioning what Adam saw on that day on the clouds.

“I saw something special upon the seas.” Adam answers, “A boy on the line to manhood. His soul shines and called to me…” The ale appears like that of the ocean itself, lining up the borders and lines it would appear as a map, showing the ship Adam has seen, “Eyes bluer than your seas. His hair shining like that of Sol’s own rays from the sky. He shoulders much burden and duty.”

“… He is a young man, as many others.” Nereus says, “What makes him so special? Your harem is never short of men that has sated you over and over, even your fellow Gods have at you when you come. So why are you so fixated on this boy?”

“That’s exactly what I want to find out. You have nothing to lose or gain just from pointing in the direction that he has gone.”

Nereus drains his own mug for several seconds, before taking a huge huff, “… His ship is the SS Navyn — a prestige delivery ship as well as a company that carries and transits royal cargo. The origin of that ship is the Isle of Atlanton. They regularly make port on an island in the sea wilds to restock and rest. If you are after this boy, those are the two places where you should start looking.”

“Thank you, Nereus.” Adam nods. He gets up, and goes to the door.

“You… *Hic* Bar whore.” Says a dizzy man taking Adam’s arm, “I have… Er I have a room in this inn… You care to *Hic*”

“Hmmm…” Adam grins as he feels his loins stirring. This man is rather handsome… Very tempting. “I am already on a paid client at this time. I will come ravish you on another night. What is your name?”

“*Hic* Togon.” The burly man answers, trying to keep his balance.”

“I will remember.” Adam grins as he lays the man down, caressing his thick chest through his tunic, making the mortal moan wantonly as a bulge pushes in his trousers. “Until then~” Adam turns, and leaves the tavern.

“Waaaiiit. Come back… Beautiful whore… *Hic*, ohhgghh…”


Merrick and Lady Fenrica güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri walk in the garden, along the small river and pond running along the flowery area. It’s been about a week since Kai and the Empress have signed the final papers to instate the arranged marriage. Kai has been pressuring Merrick to court the young Lady Fenrica, appeal to her as the gentlemen he was groomed and worked to be.

“I understand your ladyship has a fascination of the butterflies of Fairy Circle Island. If you wish, I can bring you flowers from the isle. Perhaps the butterflies may be drawn to your window.”

“That will not be necessary, Sir Merrick.” Fenrica says… With a bit of an acid taste in her voice.

“I see…” Merrick looks about, “This garden is wondrous. The Empress spares no expense in everything blessed in your home.”

“I know what you are doing.” She says.


“You are nothing different from anyone else I have met in my span of the guilted cage.” Fenrica says, “And this marriage of ours is nothing more than your family’s climb to nobility.”

Merrick blinks at her as she displays this scathing attitude, “Have I offended?”

“You are no different than any other men and boy I have danced with during one of my Mother’s balls. I am nothing but a glittering bargain in a long line of arranged shams.”

“You are… Unhappy with the arrangement.” Merrick says.

“And with my ‘prize’. I will admit you have a charm the ocean gives a male, but if I may be frank with you, you are not what I would ever chose.” The maiden says as she strides away.

“Pardon me, but I have done little to deserve these words. If it pleases-“

“Ugh, MUST I tolerate fake platitudes from everything I say?!” She says as she turns to glare at him, “I bid you speak as you would! I tire of superficial formality.”

“Gheh. Alright… I can tell you for sure, that I am VERY different than the boys you are courted by. And secondly, you, as well, are not the person I would willingly choose to fulfill what is allowed in my life.”

“As if you can do any better than I.” Fenrica says as she crosses her arms and strides further.

“And I can also tell why you are giving such a sour disposition.” Merrick claims, “Everyone must bow and tend to your every whim, and simple sweet words gets you no amusement, so you throw anger like a rope, wanting so desperately for a different reply.”

“Hah. Finally, someone does. It only took almost two decades for someone other than my mother to talk at me.”

“I am not happy with the arrangement either, Lady Fenrica. But I must do this, no matter how much I protest in my mind.”

“Hah. In YOUR mind. In MY mind, I would rather court a rag-cloth wench than marry you.”

“And believe it or not, I would rather bed an unwashed drunkard than hold your hand on the aisle.”

A pause goes by as the two of them watch the fish in the pond. They stand there, for almost 5 minutes, before the silence of the flowing water is broken.

“Once… One night… I did sneak out of my chambers.” Fenrica says admittedly, a little awkward, “I went to the first tavern I could see… I do not know why I am telling you this, but… Seeing as we are sealed and cursed to marry…”


“Out of everyone in that seedy inn, there was this young girl… Same age as me. While I am educated and pampered, she was working for coin… Her hair was violet… I don’t know anything of why, or the way I saw her… But… She was kind, unlike anyone I have ever talked to in my life, she was… Real.”

“Wait. Is your Ladyship saying…”

“I kissed HER, yes.” She nodded, “She hardly knew what to say, but she welcomed it. I still went to go see her, when the night was dark. I enjoyed her company above anyone else’s. Eventually, she was gone. I don’t know where she went, and it’s not like I can send for means to find her.”

“I see.” Merrick nods. “As a courtesy to you… I honestly would rather take a man on the drink to bed rather than a woman.”

“Honestly?” Fenrica asked surprisingly.

“Discipline is one of my Father’s most cherished virtues. He enforces it constantly. And when you are like me, being surrounded by men when the sun is burning to bake the hills, and clothing only serves a purpose to slow work… Yes, discipline is my only means of survival on a deep level.” Merrick said with an embarrassed smirk.

“So in pressure, we are perfectly matched…” Fenrica says.

“If it makes any sort of difference, I would rather be pressured by our conflicts of interest than hated by my imposed bride.”

“Right.” Fenrica says with a sigh and a smile. “… You know, there is a secret passage under the villa that leads to the inn I mentioned. There are men who can keep secrets for a bit of coin.”

“Hah… And a mistress wouldn’t be that unheard of, right?”

“Pressure and secrecy… Now I know what some of the tavern men are joking about.”


Adam floats güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the water of the ocean, finally under the massive ship, looking upon the bottom as it sails the sea. His divine eyes sees through the wood, like a round revealing glass, to the young blond male running about the ship.

“Pure perfection…” Adam mumbles as he looks at Merrick. The sun is hot again today, forcing the men to work without tunics. “Poor boy…” He notes, seeing Merrick resist so much around the many men around him, “Attracted to his shipmates, and not even able to express his own desires…”

Adam smiles gently as he sees the young man hide his on-off again erection for every minute, “Soon, boy… I will give you all you deserve… My angel of the sea…”


Merrick sighs as he scrubs along his perfect, smooth body under the shower, letting the hot water run along his back, rinsing off the pink-tinted strawberry-mango scented foam down his body.

Adam the God and Merrick the Sailor. “I’ve had THAT dream before.” He grins as he takes the Garnier shampoo, and lathers it into his blonde hair, running his hands all over his scalp. “Fffff… God, Adam is so fucking hot.” He mutters, recalling that Adam’s hairy abs were exposed in those rags in the dream, as were his arms, legs, and the cloth JUST covering his manhood and his ass. Just the thought of it brings a keen tingle into his dick.

“Why couldn’t it get to the sexy part?” He complains as he rinses off his head. He leans his back on the tile wall, his hand lowering down, and stroking his half-soft cock. “Mmnnn.” Merrick bites his lower lip as he tucks his hand under his balls, his penis quickly growing…

Missing out on the lust of the Red Moon, and not having gotten off in so long… His desires are really driving him up the wall. “Mnnh.” Merrick shakes his head, and picks up the bottle of conditioner.

Suddenly, his legs feel weird. They feel a cold chill as well as a firm magnetism. “Ah, wha-” He looks down, and sees both legs having a frilly membrane on either side, as well as his peach-colored skin shining into blue and white.

Merrick suddenly slips on the floor “Ahhh SHIT!!!” His tail grows and gleams around the confinement of the shower, grunting in discomfort as the scale on his necklace has just expired into a transparent disk.


“Mnnhhh…” Adam’s heavy eye lids blink awake, his whole head feeling heavy, as well as his body, as if he just finished a work out a couple of hours ago — not tired, but weakly fatigued. It’s going on to the evening, he just went and took a quick nap after his cashier class… Or so he thought. He just slept through the afternoon, it seems.

“That was… One heck of a dream…” Adam says as he rolls onto his back, groaning as he looks at the ceiling. “I wanna know what happens next…”

That blonde man in the dream… He looks very familiar — and why did the dream keep switching scenarios like that? From himself, to the blonde male, and what’s this about? This dream was a lot more vivid than the other ones he’s been having.

Adam sits up, as he feels his own chest pounding… As if something incredible was about to happen, but it didn’t. And now he has no way of knowing just what’s supposed to do now…

He groans as he pulls his laptop, and squints his eyes as the screen flashes too bright in his sight. He opens up a Word Document, and starts a new entry.

Dear Diary,

Things are getting a little weird for a while. I keep having these weird dreams every night, and… Some of them I can remember vividly, others just have patches of what I can remember.

And there’s this other thing. Remember that blonde guy, Merrick? He got a little weird with me when he talked to me in his underwear? For someone, I keep thinking about him, like at least once everyday, I wonder what he’s doing or where he is. Jessica says he’s dangerous for me, but hasn’t explained why, like he was a bad person in my life, but when I first met him, he seemed fine to me. Maybe I should ask about him around the ward, give him another chance, you know?

And speaking of Jessica… I’m not sure about her. She’s been visiting me every night, and taking me to several places where we spend time together. She’s always kissing me, even when I asked her to stop a few times, she just smiles like I’m joking. She’s very pushy about what I eat and what I want to do. The only time I get to eat what I want is when Dad sneaks in Burger King or something when he visits me. I’m starting to not look forward to her visits anymore, but what should I say? Would she even listen to me? And it all seems so secretive, when we go out at night. Why can’t she just get a signed permit from Dr Donna like Jamal and Dad? Why does it seem like she doesn’t want anyone else to see us together? What


Adam looks, and lets out a quiet groan as he sees Jessica’s silhouette at his porch window door. “Kay…” He closes his laptop, and goes up to answer her.

“Hi sweetheart~” She says as she leans in, and kisses Adam’s lips.

“Ah- hey, Jess…” Adam takes a moment to wipe his mouth when Jessica turns her head, not liking the lip-gloss she’s wearing.

“So, ready to go~?” She asks, already taking Adam’s hand, but he softly pulls it back.

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