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AoV: The Lollipop, Hammer and Jewel

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Anne leaned forward and took the hard warm cock into her mouth.

The first man’s cock, anyway.

She discovered a little pre-cum at its tip. She liked its taste on her tongue and wanted more. The man had strong muscular arms, large hands and he wove his long fingers through her hair tightly, on each side of her head, as she eagerly sucked and tongued his rutting cock like a big lollipop. She didn’t know this man’s name and yet she sucked his cock. His delicious cock. She had been trained enough by then. Though she loved and hated how all of this made her feel, deep down. It was an older and more primal urge she had always had, and nothing was likely to ever change it.

To be fair… it was a fine healthy cock, by any objective standards. There was that. Its length and girth were perfect for her mouth. It wasn’t her first — not even her first of the day — and she was not by then some inexperienced virgin, to put it mildly. Though back in her old life in Kansas she was certainly less certain of herself and less certain of what men liked. But even back in Kansas she had some secret bedroom talents.

One was that Anne had always been good etimesgut dansöz escortlar at fellatio. Quite good. In fact, she was fantastic at it. Once only the very best and proudest of men could confirm that fact, directly. Though all the other males around her had heard that she was good at it — or had suspected it — or had desperately desperately wished it to be true.

She felt the man behind her grab into the flesh of her hips with an even tighter bite than before. He started yanking her back towards him and then away again just as quickly.

Back and then away again. Back and forth. In and out and then back in again. Like he couldn’t make up his mind which position he wanted Anne to be in! Though… she didn’t mind. Not one bit.

And he was *rough*.

He *used* her like a toy.

He pounded her little pussy. That’s where she felt it then, mostly, and most keenly. Where the majority of the story got told. Though the swinging of her bared breasts, and the feeling of this man’s hands gripping her hips, and driving her with his need, and clearly using her — those were essential too.

She elvankent saatlik veren escortlar only wished someone would give more attention to her clit!

Her needy little clitoris.

When the *right* man did *exactly* the right thing with it she would reach climax faster and with a more intense quality. Clits *always* deserve attention. One of her rules.

And so it was her clitoris she had come to trust most of all when it came to judging the lasting quality of any new sexual experience:

Clits never lie.

Her very top rule.

Now the entire time Anne was fucking these two men, these two total strangers, she had been wearing a kinky whore outfit composed of the most exotic of modern lingerie. All in black. And her skin was perfectly white so the black lingerie against her white skin was particularly striking.

But what was perhaps most striking the entire time was her ass — her generously shaped and absolutely exquisitely perfect ass — and how it had been prepared for her guests — these total strangers — and decorated for maximum effect.

Her ass itself was bare, of ankara azeri escortlar course. Totally bare.

But she also had on a corset, garter belt, stockings, high heels, iron collar and long black silk gloves. And she wore a simple black eye mask which suggested that even while naked Anne retained secrets.

She did, of course.

Indeed, most experts believe that the very best and most famous and influential women who had ever lived in the course of human history had to protect secrets. To keep big secrets from the general public, most of all. And sometimes, from lovers.

Speaking of secrets — or the lack thereof — her ass and crotch area were already totally exposed when these two men first entered the room. Which was in an expensive hotel, but chosen at random, because the price didn’t matter, only her mission. And so The Count had insisted that when the men entered the hotel room — where she was ordered to wait patiently and in the right position, with her ass facing the door — that her needy little pussy already be on show for them, and ready.

That it should be… prepared… and that in turn meant many things.

First, that it was hairless — re-waxed the week before — and this made it easier for men to quickly see that her pussy had small lips, and that they were engorged with lust. She had a wet slit, of course, and even the most clueless of men could tell instantly that her slit was very needy and ready. That Anne was very very needy and ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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