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Angel and Tahlia

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There had always been tension between Angel and Tahlia. Always an air of suspicion or a lingering glance that had all the wrong intentions. It wasn’t anything malicious, but they had gotten into fights before. Arguments. There was even a fist fight back in the day, but that issue had long since been resolved.


It involved an ex-girlfriend and a half eaten donut. Don’t ask.

The girls were hanging out, waiting on another friend. It was supposed to be movie night, at least until Rachel called and cancelled 15 minutes after movie night was supposed to start. Tahlia sighed, reading the cancellation text out loud to Angel. Great.

Angel shrugged and just started the movie anyway.

Now, before I continue, I need to give you a little background on Angel. She was so named for fluffy black feathered wings that sprouted from her shoulder blades. Tahlia, to her credit, had cat ears and a tail, but it wasn’t like they were oddballs in the community. They lived in a small pocket of California that was a haven to other specied humanoids. La Saintana, it was called. Rachel was a dhampir, herself. But that part doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the fact that Angel never let anyone touch her wings. Like, ever.

Okay, back to the story.

Tahlia started teasing Angel about halfway through the movie. She had seen it before, and honestly she was curious about Angel’s wings. She’d always been pushy about it, but this time Angel was so engrossed in the movie that she simply shrugged off the touches, squirming every now and then.

“Tahlia… stooop..”

And then her protests started to turn into moans, breathy sighs that made Tahlia’s ears perk up. What was going on here, exactly, hmm?

Angel yelped as Tahlia suddenly tackled her, tickling her and ruffling her feathers. Okay, this wasn’t okay, wasn’t okay, wasn’t wasn’t wasn’t – oh!

Tahlia stopped suddenly as Angel groaned and tensed up, almost sounding as if she was in pain.

“Oh, shit, Angel, are you okay? I’m- I’m sorry.”

Angel sighed, curling her toes as the need faded and frustration set in. Then she growled, setting her eyes on Tahlia and standing up, heading to the bathroom.

“Angel, wait!”

Tahlia hopped up and ran after her, popping her foot into the door before it could close. “Angel, I’m sorry.”

She opened the door when the pressure on it let up, concern written on her face. Her eyebrows furrowed when she noticed that Angel was still panting, her eyes dark.

And then Angel slapped Tahlia.

“I’ve told you, don’t touch my wings.” She glared at her, her face heated and red.

Tahlia wasn’t expecting the kiss that came next. She wasn’t expecting the passion that was behind those lips as Angel’s hand wrapped around her head and pulled her close, tongue pushing into Tahlia’s mouth. She moaned, leaning into the kiss as best she could before Angel pulled away, blushing. “Sorry..” she uttered, looking down as she smoothed her shirt. “I should, I should go.”

“No, stay, please.”

Angel looked up, confused and curious, and a little ashamed of her behavior. “But..”

Tahlia placed a finger canlı bahis şirketleri on Angel’s lips, shushing her as she shook her head. “No buts. That kiss was amazing. And I want to do it again, if you’ll let me.”

Angel swallowed hard, blushing even more as she nodded. “I’d like that.”

Tahlia smiled, leaning forward to touch her lips to Angel’s, once, twice, three times in soft caresses that tickled her soul. Soon, the kisses grew harder, needier, until their tongues were fighting for dominance. Tahlia won, naturally the more dominant one of the two as her hand entangled in Angel’s hair and pulled her close. Angel moaned, then gasped as Tahlia moved lower, sucking on her neck and collar. She left small bite marks in her wake, little indents that showed where each tooth pressed into the skin.

Tahlia grinned, humming as she moved back to Angel’s mouth. She didn’t want to go too far today. Didn’t want to make things awkward. A few more heavy kisses, and a couple more light ones before she pulled away, panting as she stared into Angel’s eyes. “Hey.”

Angel blushed, giggling a little as she looked down. “H-hi.”

“Let’s go finish our movie, but… can we snuggle during it? Or hold hands?”

Angel looked up and nodded. That would be nice.


Angel and Tahlia had been dating for nearly a month by now, each makeout session getting heavier than the last. Angel hadn’t been ready to go further, but tonight she was. Date night was take out and board games at Tahlia’s place, and the two had the house to themselves. It was Friday the 13th, but neither girl was superstitious.

After an intense game of Monopoly, Tahlia sighed. She had lost every game so far – Connect 4, Battleship, Life, and now this. It wasn’t going well. The games, anyway, not the date. But she was sad to have lost, again. Angel looked over at her girlfriend, tilting her head. Then she smiled. She knew exactly how to cheer her up. “Oh Tahlia…”

Tahlia looked over, only to be hit in the face with a piece of fabric. “Wha-?”

She grabbed it off her head to examine it, eyes widening as she realized she was holding Angel’s shirt. She grinned, eyes darting over to find the winged girl on the couch, sitting there in her bra and jeans. How had she managed to get the shirt off without Tahlia hearing her move? Had she really been that engrossed in her loss?

Must have been.

“What are you doing, Angel?”

“Cheering you up. Why? You got a problem with my methods?”

Tahlia shook her head. Hell no. She stood up, walking over to sit on the couch as well, hand snaking around the back of Angel’s head to pull her into a deep kiss, tongue forcing its way into her mouth as she moaned. Tahlia’s free hand made its way to Angel’s breast, groping and squeezing over the black push up bra. Angel had B cup boobs, nice and perky and the perfect size to hold.

Angel gasped, then moaned again as Tahlia worked on darkening the hickeys on her neck. She hummed, pulling at Tahlia’s shirt until she chuckled and took it off, dropping the fabric to the floor. They continued to make out on the couch for a few more minutes, both of them panting when Angel pulled canlı kaçak iddaa back, eyes searching Tahlia’s gaze. “Hey you.”

Tahlia huffed, smiling. “Hi.”


Tahlia tilted her head at Angel’s question. She would love that, but was Angel sure she was ready?

“Are you sure babe? I’m content to stay here. This is nice.”

Angel nodded. She was sure.

With that, Tahlia smiled, hopping up to lead her to her bedroom. Once inside, she shut and locked the door before bringing Angel to the bed and sitting down. They began to kiss again, tentative and hesitant at first, as if they weren’t sure of where to go. Tahlia was experienced. Angel was not. Their tongues swirled together as they laid down, Tahlia crawling on top of Angel before undoing her bra and freeing her D cup boobs. Angel inhaled sharply, then grinned wickedly and took off her own bra. Tahlia whined, leaning down to catch a nipple in her mouth as Angel whimpered and moaned.


She flicked her tongue over the hardening tip of flesh a few times before moving onto the other one, her fingers pinching the first nipple between them. Angel gasped at the slight pain, then groaned in pleasure as Tahlia grinned, trailing her lips down her stomach. She hooked her fingers onto the waistband of Angel’s pants and pulled them down with her underwear. She breathed out heavy, eyes flicking up to meet Angel’s as she lowered her face to the space between her legs, tongue darting out to flick the little nub that peeked out. Angel cried out softly, back arching at Tahlia’s touch. Oh fuck. Yes. Tahlia smirked, tongue licking long strokes from bottom to top before tentatively entering her slit.

Angel moaned, letting her head fall back onto the bed as her back arched. Oh, god. What was happening? What was happening to her body? She had played with herself before, sure, but this was on a whole other level. It was intense and passionate and feral; full of need and desire and a pleasure that she had never known before. She nearly jumped off the mattress when Tahlia inserted a finger, grasping at the bedspread as she groaned. Her chest was heaving, the world spinning out of control as she neared climax. It was as if light exploded behind her eyes and she let out a small scream as she came, a gush of fluids rewarding Tahlia. As Angel fought to catch her breath, Tahlia pulled back to crawl up on top of Angel, leaning down to kiss her as her hair fell in Angel’s face. They smiled at each other – Angel could taste her essence on Tahlia’s lips, but she found she didn’t mind. That said, she had no idea how to describe the taste. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

Angel hummed, her toes uncurling and body relaxing as her orgasm passed. Holy shit, that had been intense. And now, she wanted to return the favor.

But before she could say as much, Tahlia was up and rummaging through her closet, pulling out a medium sized cardboard box that she set on the floor. “What are you… doing?” Angel panted, sitting up to try and get a look. Tahlia just grinned. “You’ll see. Trust me.”

Angel’s eyes widened as Tahlia pulled items out of the box. Sex toys??? She canlı kaçak bahis supposed she shouldn’t have been so surprised. Tahlia had always been open about her sexuality and her relationships. But Angel had never really experimented with toys before, so she had no idea what the things she pulled out were called. One was like a dick on a harness, which Tahlia quickly put on after shimmying out of her pants and underwear. Wait, was that… was that a strap on? It had to be, right?

Angel gave Tahlia a nervous, questioning look, to which she laughed and walked back to the bed. “You’re gonna love this, trust me. But you can say stop at any time, okay?”

Angel nodded, still looking unsure, but a little reassured. Kind of. “O-okay. I trust you.”

Tahlia smiled, licking her lips before looking down to align the tip of her rubber dick with Angel’s entrance, gently rubbing the length along her slit to coat it in her slippery juices. Tahlia hummed, enjoying the feel of the second dildo inside of her as she entered Angel. The girl gasped, letting out a small moan as Tahlia’s dick filled her. Oh god, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! She arched her back, groaning as Tahlia began to fuck her slowly. Oh, man that felt incredible.

Angel wasn’t a virgin, but she had only had sex a few times before. Naive and inexperienced, this was a situation she never thought she’d find herself in… not that she was complaining.

Wrapping her legs around Tahlia’s waist, she pulled her deeper still, yearning for more contact, more sensation, more… anything. She just needed to feel.

“Please, Tahlia… touch my wings.”

Aw, how could she refuse seeing as Angel was asking so sweetly.

Tahlia’s hand grasped at a spot just above the base of the other girl’s wing, gently rubbing in circles as Angel began to moan. “Oh… oh… oh!” She cried out as waves of pleasure overtook her body. Everything was so intense and she couldn’t take much more.

Tahlia smirked, bucking her hips harder and faster as she caught one of Angel’s nipples between her teeth, biting down just hard enough to make the girl gasp. Angel groaned, her head rolling back and forth before she focused on Tahlia’s honey colored eyes. She swallowed, lips parting ever so slightly as the other released her nipple. Tahlia sat up, her hips rocking so the rubber cock went in and out of Angel’s pussy, teasing both of their G-spots at the same time. They moaned, and then Angel yelped as the dick began to vibrate. She had not been expecting that, and suddenly she was cumming hard and fast. Tahlia chuckled, thrusting harder and harder until she too was cumming, the vibrations pulling the orgasm from her belly.

They were breathing hard, covered in sweat and cum as Tahlia pulled out and laid in the bed next to Angel. Once she caught her breath, she looked over at the girl and smiled. “Hey you.” Tahlia leaned in and kissed Angel, lips just barely brushing over the other’s before pressing against her nose.

Angel giggled, blushing just a little. “Hey. That was an experience. Thank you.”

Tahlia nodded. “Of course. It was my pleasure.” She wrapped her arms around Angel, pulling her close as they snuggled. After a few minutes, Angel’s breathing slowed and deepened as she fell asleep. Tahlia smiled, shuffling around until she found a more comfortable position and fell asleep.

Overall, it was a pretty good date for Friday the 13th.

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