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Anal Additive a Drug to Enjoy Anal Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The next morning Jackson immediately went to see his boss to tell him how fantastic the drug worked for his wife the night before. He explained to Tom how he not only fucked her in the ass on three occasions but she even had orgasms from the anal penetration.

Tom listened to the chemist and could tell he was overjoyed with the product so far. Tom told Jackson that he wanted his wife as part of the experimental group and asked Jackson if he could set it up. Jackson was so high from the previous night’s sexcapades he agreed. He went and got a bottle of ten pills and handed it to his boss. “The instructions are on the sheet and on the bottle, if your wife gets half the response that mine did you will be in for a hell of a night!”

Tom thanked his number one chemist and decided to take the rest of the day off; his eagerness to introduce his wife to the new pill overshadowed anything else. He knew he would just be in his office thinking about shoving his hard cock in his wife’s ass and no work would get done anyway. He put the medicine bottle in his pocket and locked his office up. On his way home he called his wife on his cell phone and told her to leave work a little earlier today. She asked what was so important and he told her he was planning something special for the two of them. She let him know she had to close on a house she had sold and she should be done just after 3:00pm.

Tom pulled into his garage and went in the house; the air conditioning was a welcome feeling as the cool air sent goosebumps over his body. He called Tammy’s favorite restaurant and ordered a nice romantic meal for when she got home. They assured him it would be there at 3:00pm. He went up to the washroom and ran himself a nice bath. With so much time left before his wife was due home he read over the instructions again. One pill one to four hours prior to sexual activity, Tom knew this would fit into his plan perfectly.

What Tom failed to mention to his chemist was he was going to give the pill to his wife without letting her know. Nancy had a bit of a fear of medications, so Tom thought he would warm her up with a nice romantic dinner and slip the pill into her beverage. If the pill had the desired affect then he would enjoy the night doing a bunch of nasty anal things to his wife but on the other hand if the pill did not work then no harm no foul.

After going over the instructions Tom opened the container and took out a pill, taking a wine glass from the cupboard he crushed the pill into a fine powder and poured it in the glass. With a couple of hours left before his wife was to arrive he decided to go read a few stories on his favorite erotic story site. He was a regular reader of Literotica and found it apropos the site had a plethora of new anal stories available that afternoon. He read through the first couple and could feel his nuts start to boil, although canlı bahis it was a site with amateur writers he found many of them could write a good stroke story.

Tom was on his third story when he started stroking his now hard cock. Gripping it in his fist he pulled up and down, sending electric feelings straight to his balls. With the excitement of his plan in his head and the steamy stories on the screen Tom knew he wouldn’t last long and soon he erupted all over his fist, the hot sticky cum oozed through his fingers. Tom grabbed a rag and wiped himself off, looking at the clock he noticed it was a quarter to three, dinner would be delivered shortly. He thought, “My time flies when you’re having fun.”

Johnny from Lugi’s Italian Eatery showed up right on time, Tom feeling generous gave the kid a ten dollar tip. He took the bags into the kitchen and arranged the meal. He took out the good china and made quite the presentation of the chicken parmesan. In separate bowls he placed the fresh garden salad and coated it with Lugi’s own house dressing. The loaf of freshly baked Italian bread was put in the middle of the table to top off the meal. Tom then poured two glasses of wine, making sure to put the one with the drug at his woman’s spot. He lit some candles and waited patiently for his wife to arrive.

When Tom heard her car door slam he greeted her at the door with a kiss. He walked her to the dinning room and watched as her eyes lit up in appreciation for his efforts. She gave him a lingering kiss before she sat down in her spot. The two chatted about their days’ and enjoyed the tasty meal. He was glad to see Tammy had finished her wine without noticing the drug; she did however comment the wine tasted bitter. He made a mental note to let Jackson know about that later. When she finished her second glass all was forgotten about the first one.

“Hun why don’t you go have yourself a nice shower and I will get the dishes in the dishwasher?” Tom said to his wife. “You might as well change into something more comfortable too.”

“I think I will do just that!” Tammy said to her husband. “That was so sweet baby, thank you for dinner.” Tammy had plans for how she was going to thank her man for the wonderful supper and knew exactly what she would wear when she came back down.

She started her shower and the water felt marvelous cascading down her body. Although almost fifty she still had a good frame, her boobs were still firm and she kept a nice full patch of pubic hair between her legs. Many times she thought about shaving it off like the girls from the porn movies her and her husband watched on occasion but when she asked him about it he told her he loved her furry mound.

She started shampooing the treasured area when she felt a sudden rush of excitement run through her causing her whole body to flush. Her pussy throbbed like it was bahis siteleri in need and a new sensation, one she had never felt before was present. As she washed over her butt she felt electricity shoot through her tight asshole. She rubbed more and without even realizing what she was doing stuck a finger deep inside her soaped hole. Sliding her finger in and out sent her to her first anal orgasm. With trembling legs she stopped the shower and dried off. She thought it might have been the wine that had her so worked up so she just carried on with her plan to dress very sexy for her thoughtful husband.

Tammy picked out her mint green baby doll pajamas to wear. When she came down to the living room her husband had already shut all the blinds and moved the candles from the dinning room to the living room. She looked at the television and noticed he had put a movie in the DVD player as the menu screen was frozen waiting for a selection to be picked.

Tom looked at his sexy wife as she sauntered into the living room in her sultry lingerie. He felt his crotch instantly harden as she sat beside him on the couch. He had put in the DVD while she was taking her shower; it was porn that specifically dealt in anal sex. He pushed play on the converter and put his arm around his wife.

On the screen was a girl sucking a huge cock into her mouth hungrily. It didn’t take long before she was on all fours and the male star was slamming his huge cock deep into her ass. The scene on the screen set the current back to Tammy’s asshole, for some reason she wanted to feel that cock in her ass, and she moaned in spite of herself. The action on the movie was too hot and Tammy wanted some for herself so she moved in and stuck her tongue down her husband’s throat.

The two tongue wrestled for a few minutes and Tom let his hands wonder all over his wife’s sweet body. He lingered at her tits for a few minutes before moving his hand down and sliding it under the elastic of her bottoms. As he passed her full bush he dipped two fingers in her hot snatch, he was astonished at the amount of wetness she already had. He finger fucked her faster and faster. He felt her hips come up to meet his intruding fingers, and then with a loud moan he felt a flood of juice cover his hand.

“Not bad for a start!” He said.

Tammy stood up for a quick second and removed her pajamas. Lying back on the couch she guided his head to her heavenly cunt. His tongue felt incredible on her pussy as his tongue darted in and out and all over her slit. Her cunt had already been satisfied once and her asshole sent its message to her brain that it deserved attention too. Tammy grabbed her husband’s head and lifted her hips up, giving his tongue only one place to go.

Tom took the hint and his cock strained at the prospects that lay ahead. Never before had his wife asked, offered, or wanted to have bahis şirketleri him lick her tight anal opening but here she was driving his face into her ass. Tom knew right then the drug was a miracle. He didn’t let her down either; he ate her fine ass for all he was worth. He decided to see just how much anal attention she wanted and took his forefinger and slid it deep inside the forbidden area.

When Tammy felt Tom’s finger slide through her sphincter ring she became crazy in passion. She started yelling at him and talking dirtier than she ever had before. It was as if her lust had taken complete control over her. And she was glad for it. “Yes baby fuck my ass with your finger! Oh god yes lick my clit! Oh fuck I am cumming … cummmmmming sooooo harrrrrrddd!!!”

Tom was thrilled as his wife let loose with her intense cum; he knew he was finally going to be able to fuck that long awaited hole. He brought his head up from between her legs and turned her around so she was on all fours. Taking his pants off, he gripped his hard shaft and slid it in to her pussy. She was so hot he felt as if he was placing it in wet furnace. He slammed in and out of her dripping cunt giving her another orgasm. His cock now fully lubricated he pulled it out and took aim at her tight rosebud.

“Yes that’s it baby. That’s where I want that nice hard cock of yours. Give it to me right up my dirty ass!” Tammy said as she felt her husband pass her tight rectum. She pushed her ass back on his cock and experienced new heights as inch after inch of his wonderful cock plowed new territory. “Yes fuck me hard … fuck my tight ass so hard baby! I want to feel your hot cum shoot deep in my shit hole!” Tammy urged her man on and fucked him back. Matching his strokes she was lost in the moment and felt her orgasm building.

“Oh Tam your ass is so tight! It is sucking at my cock! I love fucking your sweet ass baby! Yes … Yes …YES … CUUUMMMINGGGGG RIGHT UP YOUR SWEET SHITTER!!!!” Tom yelled as he exploded up her ass. Sending jet after jet of his hot cum deep inside her he felt his head spin as if he was on the verge of passing out.

“Yes baby I can feel your hot cum shooting inside me. Yes … keep fucking my ass! YESSSSSSSSSS … IIIIIII’MMMMM CCCCUUUUMMMMMMM WWWWIIIIIIITTTTTTHHH YYYOUUUUUUU!!!” Tammy screamed as the biggest orgasm of her life ripped through her body sending a fountain of her juices all over the couch.

The two fell in a heap on the couch, not caring about the sex mess they were laying in. They were too lost in the afterglow of the amazing sexual experience. Tom kissed his wife then told her all about the drug.

“Tell me you have some more so we can do this again!” Tammy said to her man. Then she told him that they had to thank Jackson properly for being so brilliant in his discovery. The two made plans to invite the chemist and his wife over for a “pill” party in hopes of some great group anal. Tammy had always wanted to try two cocks and wondered if Simone felt the same way.

To be continued…

Chapter 3 – The Bennett’s come over.

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