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An Edible Journey Ch. 03.5

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Apologies to those who might be looking for chapter 3 of our adventurous edible journey, but that episode went to wherever corrupted and damaged files go to die and short-sighted me did not have a backup copy. To add insult to injury, this calamity occurred just moments before I went to print it and show Trina before submitting it here! Re-write it, you say? Too discouraged, maybe when the aggravation has subsided, but right now I can’t bring myself to do a complete re-write, so a partial re-cap will have to do. Besides, I want to move forward with what happened next.


After our amazingly hot Friday night escapades with Ray, we were pretty worn out — Trina especially so — and slept in the next morning. Ray had his charity golf tournament to attend, and like golfers everywhere a rough and tumble late night wasn’t going to keep him from it, so by the time Trina and I woke up he was already gone. Gentleman that he is, he left a note beside the pot of freshly brewed coffee.

Trina and Nigel,

What can I say besides WOW! Last night was amazing. Thanks for the hospitality and good times. Glad I could provide dessert (LOL), hope everyone’s in the mood for another helping! I sure am. See you later.


To re-cap, after Trina agreed to fulfill my fantasy, which ultimately became hers as well, and I did all the things that Trina’s kinky mind had come up with, we tried and initially failed to find a suitable candidate for our MMF threesome. Losers who couldn’t follow the most basic of instructions were not what we were seeking! As luck would have it, just as I was despairing that it was never going to happen Trina reconnected with an old acquaintance via Facebook and learned he was coming to town soon for a charity golf tournament. To make a deliciously long story short, she knew him from way back and they’d shared some good times together — just shy of fucking according to Trina — so at least he wasn’t a complete mystery. In private emails she hinted around that she’d make a visit during his trip very worth his while, and then agreed to pick him up at the Richmond airport and bring him to our place on the Friday he arrived. Fortuitously, the golf tournament was close by so he could stay at our place and we had a car he could use.

As agreed, Trina picked Ray up at the airport at around 5:30, followed by a stop at a local pub to catch up on old times. I expected tem around 7:00 or so, but they didn’t arrive home until after 8:00 with Trina pretty tipsy from downing three Cosmos. (From the smiles on their faces when they came in, I wondered if anything else had been “downed,” but let that thought pass for the time being.) Fortunately, Ray had had only one beer, so he drove to illegal bahis our place. Then while Trina went to “freshen up,” I grabbed a couple of beers and got acquainted with our house guest, who informed me quite matter of factly that tipsy Trina had fessed up about our wanting to spice things up with a threesome, and best of all, he was all for it. So much for having to beat around the bush in order to get things moving! I had no idea just how much she had shared or what she’d said, but after that newsflash I went upstairs to check on my lovely wife and found her waiting naked on the bed wondering what was taking us men so long to get with the program!

Suffice it to say, we had an absolutely fan-fucking-tastic evening! All our initial worries about reality not living up to fantasy were cast aside in short order. My fantasy of watching Trina getting fucked by another cock was more than fulfilled, Trina had more orgasms than she could count, Ray obviously had a good time filling my wife’s beautiful cunt to overflowing with his spunk, and he really got off on the spectacle of me eating her out immediately afterwards. Add to that a blow job from Trina that he wouldn’t soon forget and all in all it was a great evening! Now the question was — what could we do tonight that would top it?

By doing all this with another person Trina and I had crossed a line into new territory in our relationship. We sat in silence for a few minutes enjoying our coffee, perhaps both of us wondering if what we’d done would change anything between us. The note sat on the table between us, and after a few more minutes Trina picked it up and smiled. And that was all it took to get the conversation started. For the most part we covered ground that we had already talked about before, but it was good to get it all out on the table and reassess now that we’d actually done the deed. It didn’t take us long to reach the conclusion that after we had shared our bond and love were stronger than ever.

Having gotten the serious aspect out of the way, we got down to the business of how hot, naughty, nasty, and satisfying the night before had been! Hearing Trina describe how turned on she’d been riding Ray’s big dick with abandon while watching me watch, then blowing him later while riding my face had an instant effect on me and my cock sprang to attention, poking through the loose flap in the front of my shorts. Having her ask me what I’d like to see her do with Ray later that evening made me even harder — something I didn’t think possible only moments earlier. Before I had a chance to answer, she smiled, reached across the table, took my hand, and said, “We have the house to ourselves, why don’t we go do something with that tent pole illegal bahis siteleri sticking out of your shorts, hmm? You can tell me all about what you’d like to see while you stick it to me!”

Who in their right mind is going to refuse an invitation like that? Especially when she stood up, dropped my hand, grabbed my cock, and led me off to the bedroom.

The night before Ray had gone to the guest room to crash after coming twice, I’d also come twice — once from Trina jerking me off while Ray fucked her and the second time blowing me right after Ray collapsed next to us on the bed after his second cum, while Trina’s orgasm tally had left us in the dust, like I said, quite an evening. Our bed was a mess — CSI would have had a field day checking the sheets for bodily fluids — we hadn’t showered yet, so basically we were rank, but that didn’t stop me from diving between her legs, despite her protests, and devouring her well-fucked cunt and loving every second of it! Sometimes a man wants fresh and clean, other times he wants down and dirty, the nastier the better! Eating her at that moment definitely fell into the latter, and there was something about knowing someone else’s cock had been inside her that made me even more ravenous and I had her screaming in no time at all. Afterwards we fucked for a while to just shy of coming, dozed off for 30 minutes or so, got up, showered, changed the sheets, and prepared for the evening ahead. As perfect a start to a day as anyone can imagine.

Last night I’d been content to mostly watch Ray and Trina get it on. It was my fantasy to see her get fucked and I enjoyed it immensely. And it didn’t hurt that Ray was well-endowed and knew how to use it. I watched as Ray fucked her, all up close and personal, so close I could smell her musky, exotic scent and later his spunk coating her lips. I’d had a close-up view of her cunt as Ray’s pearly white jizz had begun to ooze out before I’d eaten her, feasting like a starving man devouring her succulent, dripping snatch. Then I watched again in amazement as she performed her mouth magic on his almost 9-inch cock, until at her urging he pulled back and blew his wad all over her face and tongue. It was all simply beautiful to see. Actually, I should say see, hear, smell, and taste — it was a sensory extravaganza! Adding to the excitement of watching Trina wrap her lips around the meaty head of his cock was when she let his impressive load of spunk drip from her mouth and cascade down her tits, ultimately ending up in her pubic hair and cunt. The fact that she was sitting on my face at the time and I was busy sucking on her wide open cunt didn’t faze her in the least! After splattering/snowballing me from above she canlı bahis siteleri leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth to savor the last beads of cum oozing from its tip.

Eating Ray’s jizz from my wife’s cunt, then tasting it again as it rained down from Trina’s mouth, perverse as it might sound to the uninitiated, had been as exciting and outrageous as anything we’ve ever done — and we’ve done some pretty outrageous things! The taste wasn’t noticeably different from mine, whether mixed with Trina’s juices or almost straight from the tap, but what took it to the next level was the fact that, unlike when I cum and then go down on her, this time I was still as hard as a rock and horny as hell while doing it. It made the whole scene so hot it was unbelievable!

I did get one other surprise during all of this. Like I said, the taste of his cum wasn’t all that different from mine, but the consistency definitely was. Trina and I had learned through trial and error that my thicker consistency cum generally takes 10 to 15 minutes before a creampie the way I like it is ready to be served. It’s my kink, I love the look of a well-fucked cunt dripping cum. More on that later, but with Ray’s less ropey semen, the leakage began in no time at all. From my vantage point I’d had an almost perfect close up view of his balls contracting as he pumped his seed into my hot wife! After a couple more thrusts that drove Trina over the edge, he pulled out and almost immediately after his glistening cockhead plopped from my wife’s equally glistening lips his spunk started to leak out. Maybe Trina felt it because she reached down, grabbed between her legs, told me to get on my back quickly, climbed on to my face and let the dam burst! My mouth and tongue were drenched in no time by the flood of their combined juices.

Tonight was going to be a different story. Watching the two of them in action was a huge turn on, and I’d certainly had my fill, so to speak, of Trina’s cunt, but tonight I wanted to be more involved in the action. Yeah, I’d gone down on her for a long time, but I hadn’t fucked her while he was in bed with us, and apart from blowing me after she’d finished him off, I had been more voyeur than participant. I had some ideas I thought both of them would enjoy, and I’d be willing to bet my little cum-slut had some of her own tricks up her sleeve, as well. Let’s just say all that time Trina and I had spent viewing porn wasn’t going to go to waste! Last night she’d sucked on two cocks, one right after the other, tonight we’d find out how taking two at the same time felt.

Now here it was Saturday afternoon and the house was ready, beverages were ready, we were rested and refreshed, in other words ready, it was a glorious day in Richmond, and the only thing we had left to do was wait for Ray to get back from the golf course. Looking over at Trina, she smiled and said, “You know, after last night, I could get used to this!”

To be continued…

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