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Alternative Therapy

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They say when you do what you love; you never have to work a day in your life. This was especially true since I was leading my latest client through the woods. She was the farmer’s daughter who could be found anywhere in the great northern plains. She had brown hair braided into a neat pony tail and freckles that dotted her otherwise clear face. She had matching brown eyes to accessorize her lightly sun damaged hair. She was the type of girl who could spend hours around her horses and always have a new story to tell. To complete her look, she wore clean yet worn overalls that modestly hid what I suspected was a knockout body.

I myself could never understand her lifestyle. Being that I grew up in San Francisco, I found more joy in good music, organic markets, tattoos, and a good night scene. But a place like California had its down side. There were plenty of dyed red hair, pierced, inked, dressed in Hot Topic black denim women like myself who pursued careers in alternative therapy. Even with my degree in psychology allowing me to handle both conventional and unconventional clients, I was a newcomer in a sea of established faces. Montana however gave me a fresh outlook and a fresh start in my career. Naturally I got myself established mentoring troubled youths and mending troubled marriages. Before I knew it I found myself branching off into alternative therapy. I had even patented my own therapy which was even featured in a psychology magazine.

“Ok Miss Clemens looks like we’re here. Have any questions?”

She looked at the spot where our therapy would begin and looked back at me with confusion in her brown eyes. She said with a country twang as smooth as honey “I thought this was gonna be a group session.”

“Well I find that a lot of social anxiety comes from within so I think getting comfortable with yourself is going to be the first step.”

Again her sweet twang resonated “And that somehow involves a hot mud spring?”

“You’ll see in just a minute. Now did you remember to wear a bikini?”

She rolled her eyes “Yes I did. Wait I’m not takin a mud bath am I?”

“I find that it helps my patients build self confidence in themselves. Plus it helps to think of it as a Jacuzzi.”

Her eyes were no longer filled with confusion but rather impatient skepticism. I quickly got the hint to turn around as I heard the snaps on her overalls come undone. I impatiently tapped my black stylish work boots on the ground before I said “You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about honey. We’re all alone out here.”

Her voice came back to me all flustered and uncertain. “But I’m embarrassed doc. I got all these freckles all over my body.”

I involuntarily turned around and saw her cover herself with her hands. She chose a nicely modest navy blue bikini that covered most of her bust. However like she said she was covered in freckles. Her body still had nice curves and if she’d just show it off a bit more she wouldn’t need therapy. As her therapist it was my job to help her feel confident. “They’re kinda cute actually.”

She slowly removed her hands and straightened her back. Her bust even began to pronounce itself as if she was a woman who knew her direction. She timidly replied “You really think so?”

“Oh sure you have a great body to boot. There are a ton of guys back in San Francisco who’d love to meet a good honest country girl like you. Now let’s get this session started chop chop.”

For the first time she smiled. It was weak and uncertain, but still involuntary. Carefully stepped towards the bubbling mud and dipped her toes into the hot soup. She said “It’s nice n warm.” She stepped out further into the mud and it sucked her ankles hungrily. She took another step forward and in a stunning show of illegal bahis faith she put her weight forward. Her blind trust was rewarded with her stumbling forward. She stood up to her thighs in boiling mud and I could see her face become flush. She quietly stood without moving a muscle yet I could see her bikini clad rear descending towards the bubbling surface. She looked at me once again with uncertain eyes and said “Umm doc, I think I’m sinkin’.”

I unfolded a nearby lawn chair and sat down to face her. I did my best to keep my composure but I knew firsthand what that mud would do to someone. Still I calmly comforted her “It’s about shoulder deep but it’s fed by a hot spring. I promise you won’t sink under.” She held her arms in front of her like she was expecting something to come flying out of nowhere to knock the wind out of her. Clearly she needed more convincing. “Just bring your arms out and touch the mud. Tell me what you feel.”

She slowly did as I asked and took two small handfuls of mud. The mud meanwhile splattered her body with each bubble burst to cover her with goopy strands. Needless to say she wasn’t very self-conscious about her freckles anymore. “It feels…like mud I guess. Look how does this help me again?”

“Patience.” I replied. “Give me more details. How does the texture feel? How warm is it? If you weren’t standing in mud right now, what do you think you would be standing in right now?” She once again tried to bring her hands up to guard herself buy I quickly said “Just keep your hands down and tell me what you feel.”

She gently brought her hands down towards the mud and said “It kinda feels like I’m standin’ in a hot tub full of glue. I’m sinkin’ but it doesn’t feel like anything bad…”

As she described the mud to me, I paid attention to the mud’s conquest of her lower body. I shifted between her bikini bottoms and her flustered face which showed me the details of her every sensation. She was still uncertain, but she just didn’t know how to address these new sensations or even if withdrawing would help her. My continuous instructions made sure she wouldn’t consider withdrawing into her shell an option. I replied by asking “And the bubbles?”

I asked just in time to see a bubble ride up between my client’s legs and pop right in front of her. She yelped in surprise but it was a good yelp that sent chills up my spine as well as hers. She calmed down enough to say “They’re…fun.”

I politely covered my mouth with my hand and laughed. Even while the mud swallowed her hips and splattered her to the point she was completely covered, I couldn’t help but subtly lead her to confidence. As I expected, she laughed with me. It was almost as if I was in a Kristine video and we were in the middle of a muddy tryst. I always admired her for her ability to incorporate humor into her sinks and I made it a point to weave it into my therapy. But I had to digress; I still had a client to guide. Already I could feel her confidence rising to the point where her hands were no longer ready to cover herself. She progressed to the point where she had enough confidence to introduce herself to a cute guy and I was so proud of her. But if she wanted to seal the deal, I’d have to push her further. The mud seeped up her midriff and she was steadily approaching the solid ground underneath.

“Fun? You’re the first person who ever said fun.”

She sheepishly managed to blush through her already flush face. “Yeah well this mud’s kinda strange. Never felt anything like it.”

At this point there was only one option for me to play. “How strange? Tell me everything you’re feeling in detail.”

“Are you sure?” She suddenly raised her defenses as if I struck a nerve. “I dunno if I…”

“Shh.” I pressed illegal bahis siteleri my index finger up to my lips. “Nobody’s around to see and I’m bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. Anything that happens here stays here.”

Anyone could have said what I said but it took empathy to make my words carry. True to my craft, my words dropped her guard. Now she was more focused on the hot mud creeping towards her bikini top. She began to trust me a little more when she said “It’s like I’m being licked all over by tongues. It’s kinda hot actually.”

“Good now I know this sounds kind of strange but I want you to give into it. I want you to imagine anyone you ever wanted to date just licking you like that. In fact, just imagine the most attractive people you could ever think of giving you a tongue bath. Just close your eyes and let your inner goddess bloom.”

She obediently closed her eyes and shut me off from any further influence. Once I was confident she had disconnected herself from reality, I allowed my hands to cup my breasts. They kneaded my soft flesh with unique impudence that only served to expedite my pleasure. My sex was already starting to feel confined in my black denim shorts. I unbuttoned them and slid them off my legs. Suddenly my breasts felt confined behind their bra and I freed them as well. By the time she opened her eyes I was stark naked. But she was too aroused to care. Instead I guided her to watch me as I unleashed the pleasure I denied my body for so long. My eyes never tore themselves away from hers as my right hand dropped below my breasts to pleasure my yearning sex. Simple rubbing quickly ceased to bring me the euphoria I needed. My fingers penetrated my sacred folds as I moaned “Just do what I do. Love yourself like you never have before.”

She ripped away her bikini top to reveal her bare breasts to the splattering mud. Although they were quickly coated, I could count the cute freckles that covered her tender flesh. Like I had done with my hand, she pushed her right hand below the hot mud to caress herself. Like never before I felt her leash in my hands. With every caress I gave my own body, she involuntarily gave herself. Our rhythms matched until the hot mud caressed her nips. It was then I looked on with jealousy as her ecstasy transcended mine. Although it was my job as her psychologist to elevate her to a higher state of mind, she had transformed herself into a fantastic woman if only for a moment. I looked deep into her blissfully drunken eyes as I ruthlessly teased my clit. I wanted to tell her the next step to take but it only came out as a throaty moan. Strangely enough though she understood and took herself to new heights.

The muddy waves she created accentuated the bubbles bursting around her. The mud played its symphony all over her sensually tuned body before devouring her breasts with a hungry gulp. We writhed as we felt ourselves approach our much needed climaxes. She moaned freely like a wild cat in heat as she buried herself deeper into the mud. True to my prediction, she stopped when she was up to her shoulders but that didn’t stop her ardor. She mourned even more and her hands ravaged herself even deeper. I could tell from her pitch she was getting close to what she wanted more than anything. The shortness of her breath, the fact that she was moaning my name, and the fact that she radiated the confidence I wanted her to have were all signs she was near the pinnacle of existence. One primal scream later and she was delivered into the hands of the great orgasm goddess. I could only imagine how shaky her legs were after that orgasm and how that mud was the only thing keeping her propped up. I myself had a more modest orgasm but it was still satisfying. Part of me wanted to canlı bahis siteleri have several more to truly drain my stamina but my role as a psychiatrist demanded that my client came first. I wearily moaned and asked “How was that?”

She moaned in return “Amazing. I wanna do it again.”

“You do have fifteen more minutes on your hour if you want another one. But in my professional opinion you’ve made great strides today. You conquered many of your fears in your first session and I’d say you’d be ready to lead your first group session after a couple more visits. You’re definitely attractive enough to get any guy you want.”

“You think so? Even with my freckles?” She asked once again. This time however there was no fear in her voice, but rather inquisition. She rested comfortably in the mud and had not a care in the world.

“Your freckles are cute. In fact I’d probably join you if it didn’t violate professionalism…although my mentor probably wouldn’t have let that stop her…”

“Your mentor?” Her brown eyes filled with curiosity. Clearly she wasn’t bothered by the fact that I was naked in a lawn chair.

“She’s a sex therapist who helped over five hundred people conquer their fear of sex. You’d be surprised how many people are afraid of intercourse.”

“Over five hundred? She had sex with that many people?”

“Well…” If her assumption wasn’t true, I would have quickly corrected her. “Yes. She was featured on National Geographic’s Taboo for some of her therapeutic practices. Strangely enough though she’s happily married. But she was a fantastic mentor who got me started on my career.”

“I see…” She trailed off as if she was deep in thought. I saw the wheels turning in her mind and it certainly explained many of her assumptions about me. But even she couldn’t deny the benefits my methods gave her. “Now I don’t mean to be rude or anything but how many people have you gotten here?”

“About eight.” I casually replied. “I haven’t practiced for too long but you’re definitely my most memorable client so far. You’re almost the perfect model for my therapy.”

Again she blushed and again she gave me a different reason for her blush. It was the type of blush that came from having one’s reality shattered. I was surprised she could blush any more given the experiences she had previously. She replied “So you really think I’m more confident than I was before?”

I had to admire the tender state she was in. But as a psychologist I quickly replied “I know so. I see a strong, confident woman ready to take on the world.”

I made sure to beam with pride as she reached up to take my hand. I reached down to help her out of the mud and although I was sad to see her go, I had to admire the woman I helped create. The mud was the only thing that covered her bare breasts. She was covered head to toe with thick yellow mud but she had never looked so sexy. I gently wiped away the mud from her face until I could see her freckles. I warmly smiled as if I was seeing her beauty for the first time. In truth I was and I loved reveling in her presence. If only she played for the other team…but that was another part of reality. She even tested my desires when she asked “You’re from San Francisco? Do you think of me like someone who would be into…other women?”

Again I could have corrected her but I could tell she meant well. “I know you’re straight. To be honest though I do think you’re cute. You’re definitely someone I’d date.”

I led her to a nearby river to wash off as she contemplated what I had just said. I clothed myself but she was practically naked until I led her to the water. I even got to briefly admire her freckles before she clothed herself as well. Her clean overalls were once again covering her heavenly body and I had to sadly sigh. As much as I enjoyed watching her sink, watching a confident woman walk away had its higher rewards. Not only did she walk away a new woman, she walked away a living testament to my unconventional therapy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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