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After Dinner

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Big Tits

Dinner was fabulous. Candlelight and soft music in the background. Salmon fettuccine for you and Ahi-Ahi Tuna for me. You looked even more beautiful than usual, in that tight-fitting dress that showed off your hips and waist. The low cut front and the new bra added even more cleavage to your already ample breasts. I could tell you knew I enjoyed the view as you spent much of the evening leaning over the table to talk to me. To the others in the restaurant, you probably just looked attentive but I could tell you were watching my eyes stare down your dress, trying to steal a glimpse of one of those obviously alert and excited nipples. The bill came with the waiter and it was obvious he was interested in the view as well.

You were such a tease as we got up to leave, “accidentally” dropping your purse so you had to bend over to pick it up. I thought the passing waiter would drop his tray of food when he noticed just a hint of hair and the bottom of two round cheeks showing under the hem of the skirt. You looked over your shoulder at me as you picked up your purse and smiled that subtle smile of yours.

The night was cool as we walked back to the hotel along the riverside. We were hand-in-hand with your head leaning up against the side of my arm. I could feel your slight shiver against the night air and I took of my coat and wrapped it around your shoulders. You leaned in closer and I let go of your hand so I could put my arm around your waist.

We stopped under a large oak tree and I turned you to face me. You could see the romance in my eyes and rose up on your toes to kiss me. It was a gentle brushing of our lips that sent a shudder through us both. We knew where this would lead but for now just enjoyed the passion of the moment. One light flick of your tongue to mine signaled it was time to move on.

The ride up the elevator was quick but you still found enough time to slide your body up against me and kiss me deeply as your hand stroked my cock through my slacks. It was obvious to you the affect you had on me this evening, illegal bahis as I was already hard, but your well trained hands made me even harder. As the elevator stopped, you quickly stepped out toward our room door, slightly raising the hem of your dress as you walked away to show me again that panties were not part of the evening’s wardrobe. You threw in just the slightest inviting wiggle as you walked down the hall.

I caught up with you at the door and, before you get your key out, pressed you against it. While the weight of my body kept you from escaping, my hands slid under the hem of your skirt and squeezed your ass. You turned your head and looked at me invitingly as I pressed forward to kiss your lips. My tongue slipped between you lips at the same time as my hands reached around in front of you and used my fingers to spread your pussy lips and tickled your pubic hair. Our tongues played in time with my fingers and I made small circles around your vaginal entrance. I was not surprised that it was already wet. The giggling couple we heard at the other end of the hall did not distract us.

I backed up enough so you could turn around and we embraced again. This time you were the aggressor and you reached around my hips and pulled me into you, feeling my erection against your stomach and you explored my mouth again. The hem of your dress was still up and I reached down in front of you and rubbed your pussy with the palm of my hand. You were wetter than before and the friction of my palm caused just a little shudder to run through your body. I backed away from you and moved my hand away, licked your juices off my palm and smiled at you.

We could not get the door open fast enough. What started outdoors as soft, passionate and romantic kisses had evolved into lustful, wanting, needy kisses. My soft hands had turned more aggressive and we moving into the room as one unit, me steering you toward the bed. A quick push of your hands slowed me and you stepped away. A wiggle of your index finger told me to stay where I was as you backed illegal bahis siteleri up further.

Your right hand reached for one of the thin straps of your dress and you let it slip off of your shoulder. The other strap soon followed and the top of your dress started to fold down. As it slowly revealed you, I could see the tops of your breasts and just the lightest brown circles of your aerola as your nipples strained to escape.

While I was hypnotized by this sight, you stepped toward me. As you reached me you turned, inviting me to unhook the clasps of your bra. In seconds, your bra was on the floor and my hands were wrapped around you, each holding one of your ample breasts. A thumb and finger pinched and rolled each nipple as you leaned back into me and moaned softly. Harder squeezes of your breast brought louder moans from you as your hips ground aggressively against my hard cock.

Two steps forward and you leaned forward so your hands were on the bed, your dress bunched around your slender waist. You turned and smiled a smile that told me you wanted me now. One pull of the zipper, one snap of a button and my pants were around my ankles. As with you, underwear was not a clothing choice tonight. As I stepped out of my pants, you wiggled your ass and leaned it slightly back toward me. Your scent filled the room as I stepped forward and in one motion parted your lips and fully entered you. You still wanted more as you pushed back into me. The mood was one of passion and lust, not romance, as I pounded into you. Every time I thought I was fully deep inside you, you pushed back and drove me even deeper. Our bodies slapped against each other noisily as your juices flowed down your thighs.

You could feel me nearing completion and suddenly pulled away from me, teasing me like you do. You reached down between you legs and toyed with your clit, then spread some of your juices from you pussy up higher into the crack of your ass. Your hands reached around and spread your cheeks, revealing you anus. I knew what you wanted but canlı bahis siteleri had never had the opportunity before. A soft groan of encouragement came from you as I placed the tip of my cock against your opening. A slight push back from you and a gentle push from me and the head of my cock spread your asshole just enough for me to enter you. Your knees bent slightly as I stop moving, enraptured by the tightness of an opening I have never explored with anyone before. You moved slightly back into me and I penetrated deeper. I slowly moved forward and felt you close tightly around me. Suddenly, you had taken my entire cock in your ass and were wiggling your hips to encourage me to fuck you there.

The feeling was unbelievable as I felt a tightness that drove me into a passion unknown to me. You kept encouraging me with words and movement and I knew there was pleasure in this for you as well. I started to slowly move in and out of you, but the movement of your hips told me that you wanted me moving faster. Your pussy needed attention and you were playing with your clit. I was enjoying the view and was surprised when you reached to my hand and moved it to replace yours. You covered my hand and forced two of my fingers inside you as I fucked your tight asshole. Soon my fingers and my cock were pumping in the same rhythm as we both grew closer to sharing our orgasms with each other.

You came with a shudder, a cry and a flow of juices that covered my fingers. You never stopped grinding your ass and your pussy into me as you came. The feeling of your muscles tensing around me in both of your openings milked me as I came in your ass. I could feel the change in lubrication as my cock still moved in and out of you as my semen added to your juices that had been helping before. I finally withdrew from you and we both fell forward onto the bed, my weight on top of you and my cock resting in the cleavage of your ass cheeks. I could feel my cum leaking out of you and onto myself.

I could feel the buttons of my shirt pressing against the bare skin of your back. I moved up your body so I could reach your ear and try to tell you how special this moment was that you had shared with me but you turned your head slightly and placed a finger to your lips to quiet me. You closed your eyes with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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