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Adventures on Flight 109

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Barbara looked up at the young blonde as she walked down the airplane’s aisle, carefully checking seat numbers. She looked frightened and excited at the same time. Big blue eyes tried to take in everything at once as her gaze darted across the cabin. Reaching the empty seat next to Barbara, she checked the seat number again and then smiled nervously as she sat down.

Barbara guessed her to be about 19 or 20, probably her first time away from home. She wore a plain white blouse and matching blue skirt. Watching her read the emergency card in the forward pocket, Barbara could only image what she would be like when they actually took off.

“First time?” Barbara asked.

“I guess that’s pretty obvious,” She answered. “I’m normally not this uncoordinated.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve been flying for almost twenty five years now, it gets so I worry more about crossing midtown in a cab more than I do about flying to Los Angeles.”

“Samantha Thomas,” She said as she extended her hand. “My friends call me Sam.”

“Barbara Logan,” Came the reply. “Nice to meet you. Don’t worry, by the time we get to LA you’ll be a veteran.”

“Just don’t be surprise if you find me holding your hand for support when this thing takes off.” Samantha said.

Barbara’s smile dimmed just a little. One of the reasons she usually took the Redeye from Newark to LAX was so she could sleep and arrive rested for a morning meeting. Now she began to worry that she would be up all night baby-sitting Sam. Then, thinking back to her own first flight and how worried she was about it, loosing a little sleep to help Sam didn’t seem too high a price to pay. Ten minutes later, the flight attendants had finished their safety speech, one which Sam had followed with a keen interest. The fasten seat belts light had come on and the DC-10 took its turn on the flight line.

Barbara could feel Samantha tensing up when the cabin filled with the roar of the jet’s engines as the pilot brought them up to full power. As the plane began to rush down the runway, Barbara reached over and took Samantha’s hand in her own.

Sam gripped her hand tightly as the wheels of the jet bumped once then took to the air. The night sky filled the small window, leaving the city lights quickly behind.

After about ten minutes of climbing to gain their cruising altitude, the seat belt light went off. People then began to move around the cabin and get as comfortable as they could. A casual look around her told Barbara that most of her fellow passengers intended to sleep their way cross-country.

“I guess I can let go now,” Barbara said with a smile. “We made it once again.”

“Would you mind terribly if I held on a little longer?” Samantha asked.

“Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt,” Barbara responded. If that was the most attention she wanted, then maybe she could get some sleep after all.

With that, the 45 year old woman leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. Ten minutes later she was lost in dreamland.

Roughly two hours later, Barbara woke up, feeling the call of nature. The cabin around her was dark, except for the maintenance lights. Brushing her hair out of her brown eyes, she could see that most of the people around her were sleeping, the few who were not sat güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri quietly reading.

Turning to her left, she saw that Sam was still wide awake. Still holding tightly onto her hand.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Barbara asked.

“No, I tried but I’m still too scared,” Sam replied. “I hope you don’t mind my still holding on, it really does make me feel better.”

“Well I’m afraid that you’re going to have to let go for at least a little while, I need to use the facilities.” said the Redhead.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Samantha sputtered and quickly released her grip.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back,” The older woman said reassuringly as she rose and started down the aisle.

She had gone about six rows when she turned and saw Samantha right behind her.

“Figured I should make a stop too,” She said.

“Like having a kid sister all over again,” Barbara thought, remembering her days with her little sister Jill.

As Barbara exited the bathroom, she decided to wait for Samantha. Standing outside the small chamber, she noted that Sam had forgotten to engage the door lock. No problem though, most of the plane was asleep and she’d stop anyone from walking in on her.

Five minutes turned to ten, and Barbara began to become concerned. Could the girl have gotten sick? Waiting another few minutes, she reached for the door handle and slowly opened it.

“Oh my,” She said softly as she looked into the small bathroom.

Samantha sat on the seat, her pink panties down around her ankles. Her head was arched back and her eyes were tightly closed. What had so surprised Barbara was that the young lady had three fingers buried in her pussy and was furiously masturbating.

“Excuse me,” Barbara said as she began to close the door.

Samantha eyes popped open and her skin flushed a bright red.

“Oh shit!” She exclaimed. “I’m so embarrassed.”

Seeing one of the passengers in the rear seats sit up in response to the curse, Barbara reopened the door and stepped inside. The last thing Sam needed right now was a public display.

“Well I guess that’s one way to take your mind off flying,” Barbara said with a grin, trying to make light of the incident.

“I really hadn’t intended to do this,” Sam said. “I just started to stroke myself and it felt so nice. Pretty soon I forgot I was on a plane.”

“Then by all means, continue,” Barbara said as she again turned to go.

“Could you still stay with me?” Sam asked.

Barbara looked at her reflection in the small mirror in amazement. Never could she had pictured herself standing in an aircraft lavatory at 20,000 feet, watching a girl half her age play with herself. Yet twenty years ago, she could’ve been that girl.

“I’ll stay on one condition?” She answered.

Samantha answered with a quizzical look.

“That you let me help.”

The bright smile on Samantha’s face was all the answer she needed.

Lifting the girl into a standing position, Barbara reached down and slid her index finger into her pussy. Finding that it was already wet and well lubricated, she soon added a second and third finger. Samantha moaned softly as the sudden intrusion.

As her fingers worked their magic within the young blonde, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Barbara pulled her closer and kissed her softly. It was the first time she had kissed another woman since college. She’d forgotten had nice it could feel. Samantha returned the kiss, pressing her tongue against Barbara’s lips. The older woman took it eagerly as she savored the taste.

It was a bit awkward at first, but soon their mouths were moving as one, while their tongues performed an erotic dance from mouth to mouth. Their hands eagerly explored each other’s body, fondling cloth covered breasts. Barbara slid her hand within Sam’s blouse and under the cup of her small 32c bra. Closing on her nipple, she found it hard to the touch.

Cramped in the tiny booth, Barbara was limited in her options. Once, a long time ago, one of her boyfriend had initiated her into the mile high club with a frenzied fuck in the washroom of a 747. A feat which would’ve been impossible in this smaller cubicle.

“I’ve got an idea,” Barbara said as she shifted positions with Samantha and took her place over the commode.

“Jump up,” She whispered as she helped Samantha onto the small vanity sink.

Sitting down on the seat, Barbara now found her head level with Samantha’s exposed cunt. She reached out with a cum soaked finger and parted the light blonde hair.

“Have you ever had anyone do this for you before?” Barbara asked as she slid the finger back inside Sam’s tunnel.

“Only once, my boyfriend really didn’t like doing it,” Came the reply.

“Then just lean back and enjoy it,” Barbara responded as she remove her finger and took a firm grip on the girl’s thighs.

Pulling her legs as far apart as she could, Barbara wasted no time in diving right in. It took only a taste to remind her of how much she used to enjoy licking a fiery wet pussy.

It was hot in the tiny cubicle, and the sharp smell of flesh and sweat quickly filled the room. Samantha moaned again and again as Barbara’s tongue worked its way deep within her. The more the tangy taste of sweat and cum filled her mouth, the more intense became Barbara’s desire to bring the girl to a new level of euphoria.

If her associates back at the law firm of Brandon, Richards, Carson and Logan could see her now. How many times had they tried to get into their newest junior partner’s pants only to be sent home wanting. Yet here she was, risking exposure and ridicule, sucking the pussy of a 19 yr old girl.

Finally, Samantha’s body tensed and she gripped the edge of the vanity with all her might. She trembled with indescribable ecstasy as a rushing wave of girlcum burst upon across Barbara’s pulsating tongue and open mouth. Pressing her face as far within the girl’s open valley as she could, Barbara swallowed surge upon surge of womanly joy. It was like sweat nectar, bringing with it the memories of youth. She made herself a promise that it wouldn’t be anywhere near as long before she tasted it again.

So intense had been Samantha’s eruption, that Barbara was unable to swallow all of it. Small dripping of the precious fruit of her efforts ran off her chin and down to her breasts. Her mouth and nose were likewise covered with a sweet film of girljuice.

A few seconds güvenilir bahis şirketleri passed before either of them could speak. Finally, Samantha managed to catch her breath and said softly.

“That was intense!”

“Intense she says.” Barbara thought to herself. “If the girls back in my sorority could cum like that, I’d have never even looked at another man.”

Standing upward, Barbara leaned over and kissed Samantha again. Samantha then responded in kind. The girl’s probing tongue ran across the older woman’s face, allowing her to taste the sweat and cum mixture that covered it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking came the voice over the intercom. “We’ll be landing at Los Angeles International in about fifteen minutes, please return all seats to an upright position and make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened.”

The two woman cleaned up as fast as they could, but it was impossible to eliminate the smell of sex that clung to both of them. Returning to their seats, they drew several stares from passenger’s as they moved down the aisle. All they could do was ignore the looks, secure in the knowledge that they would never see any of these people again. Twenty-five minutes later, they were safely on the ground and rolled up to the passenger terminal. Sensing that Samantha was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the roundabout looks and whispered remarks, Barbara suggested that she disembark as soon as the door opened. She, herself would follow her usual practice of waiting until the plane emptied.

“I can’t believe we did that,” Samantha whispered.

“Well now you have something to remember the next time you fly.” Barbara whispered back.

Then with a smile and a wave of her hand, Samantha was gone. Barbara was sure she wouldn’t have any trouble flying in the future.

The plane quickly emptied and Barbara simply ignored the occasional look as someone paused by her seat. Finally as she was now one of the last passengers onboard, she removed her small carry bag from the overhead compartment and started for the door.

Waiting at the cabin door was the Senior Attendant, a black haired woman of about thirty-eight. As each passenger went by, she gave them the ritual farewell.

“I hope you had and enjoyable flight. Thank you for flying with us and hope to see you again real soon.”

When Barbara reached the door, the Attendant paused and looked right into her eyes.

“I guess I don’t have to hope that you had a good flight?” She said with a smile that seemed to beam brighter than before.

Barbara paused for a second, wondering if she had meant the remark as sarcasm. Before she could think of saying anything, she felt a business card being pressed into her hand. Realizing she was holding up the few passengers still behind her, she exited the plane, holding the card unseen in her palm.

It wasn’t until she had entered the terminal and was away from the last of her fellow passengers that she paused to look at the card. It read; Peggy Oxenberg…Senior Flight Attendant …California Air Express. Written in red ink across the back were the words – I’m staying at the Airport Inn. Please give me a call. I’d love to take you to dinner.

Barbara laughed and was about to toss the card in the nearby wastebasket. Then, she hesitated for a moment, and instead slid the small card into her pocket. After all, she would be going out to dinner after her meeting either way. And anything was better than eating alone in a strange city. Besides, Peggy had, she’d noticed, beautiful emerald green eyes.


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