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A Surprise

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I walk up to you from behind. Just as you sense my presence, you hear my husky voice whisper in your ear, “Do not turn around, or all this will stop”.

A shiver of excitement goes through you.

I start to stroke the back of your neck, first with my fingertips, then with the ends of my beautiful long nails.

You wriggle and purr lightly, moving your ass from side to side, I undo the clasp at your neck that holds your dress in place and it falls to the floor with a rustle of silk. You step out of it and I move it away with my foot.

I lean back to admire your soft, silky skin, partly covered by a silk camisole and tight fitting panties, already showing signs of dampness between your thighs.

My fingertips find your shoulders and explore them, loving the feel of the muscles moving beneath the skin.

My fingernails rake down the outside of your arms and rest momentarily in the soft inner of your elbows, before continuing down to caress the inner skin just above your small wrists.

I use both hands to cup your breasts, I marvel at the heat and firmness there, but I can tell they are truly wonderful. With a flick of my fingers I release the front fastening to reveal the twin flowers of your nipples, already standing proud from your taut breasts.

Your moans start as I rub your nipples with the palms of my hands with gentle circling movements, you show your enjoyment by circling your ass and trying to press back to my body.

Again I warn you “Do not turn around, or all this will stop”.

Your shoulders drop a little with disappointment, but to make up, I start rolling your nipple with my finger and thumb, while I stroke the underside of your other breast with my nail ends, causing you to shiver.

Stroking your breasts and twisting your nipples from one breast to the other makes you moan louder than before, even though you have your legs clamped tightly together, you circle your ass to invite my attention.

I gently stroke the sides of your soft body with my hands, always stopping short of your panties, but caressing your ribs first with fingers, then with my warm hands, finally with my nail ends.

You push your ass back at me as if to contact me so I step back, but you just slide your panties down your legs and flick them away.

You cover your ass quickly with one hand, wriggle your ass at me, then stand tall with your legs together, waiting for me.

I slip my shirt off and lose my cotton trousers, standing naked behind you.

Whispering to you “Are you ready for this, illegal bahis I shall own you?”

You shiver again and I walk up behind you, my hands feel your buttocks, soft but firm, I stroke them with circular movements, then moving closer, I start to press my erect tool between your slightly open ass cheeks; I lean back to avoid other contact with you, then with a twist of my hips, I pull back, and lubricate my tool end with spittle.

You will feel this as I enter you, but you will not forget me, I am sure.

I press the end to your anus and you shudder all over, but I sense you pushing out to give me entry, so I thrust hard to force myself into you. I feel more arousal in my groin and work myself into you with short thrusts, you take all I give and press back for more. Surprisingly easy entry for me, maybe you have travelled this route before?

Soon I am fully buried in your hot tight anus and I start thrusting into you.

To hear your moans better, I lean forwards and you jerk with shock as my 36c breasts press into your back. I grasp your nipples and start pulling and twisting them in time to my hard thrusts, you slip a hand behind your back between our bodies to find my rock hard nipples and start stroking and pulling at them as your passion rises. Your moans start to reach a higher level, you circle your ass and start to thrust back and forth, driving me even deeper into your ass.

Then the idea clicks in your head and your other hand slips between our bodies to find the cock that is rapidly taking your nerve ends in your anus to heaven.

Once again you jerk with surprise to find a stiff but flexible strap-on, ravishing your ass and giving me fantastic feelings in my cunt from the double size end in me. My juices are running down my legs and I can smell a fully aroused cunt now, Mine!

My hands play up and down your chest, stroking and caressing your heavy breasts and flat belly.

I move them both lower as we begin a faster phase of fucking your ass like a jackhammer, my fingers meet in your soft patch of fine hair in your groin, then slowly, just to tease you, I spread my hands to the side and start to lower my hands down between your groin and your thighs, then, stroking up to your pussy, it is my turn for a surprise.

I feel a frisson of shock as my hands find your pulsing hard 8″ cock, with pre-cum dripping all down the shaft. My fingers can barely close around the shaft, and your balls hang ever lower as you approach orgasm.

My body jerks in response and this triggers your climactic release, illegal bahis siteleri your ass tightens around my dildo, I release the cum from the built in balls into your ass, you bend forward and I thrust my plastic cock deeper into your ass, wringing a scream of joy from your lips.

The fat end of the strap-on is now pressing hard against my swollen clit, the friction takes me over the top and my hips jerk back and forth, faster than ever, forcing more cock into your rapidly spasming anus.

I too scream as my release comes, your jerks and cries take me even higher and i start a long non-stop series of orgasms, one after another, the intensity rising with each one.

Of course, as I cum and cum, you feel more and more as the dildo stays rock hard in your ass, taking you higher with each climactic thrust into your gaped anus.

We reach the peak and I collapse, falling down to my knees behind you, tearing the strap-on from your raw ass, as you turn to me for the first time, your cock starts to spurt great ropes of cum across my belly, tits and face.

I wank my strap-on and your huge cock together, getting the last few drops from you onto my tongue.

I grasp your still rock hard cock, my fingers will not close around it, it is so big.

I lower my head to the tip and lick the pre-cum from your cock head.

I open my mouth wide to take your bell-end, sucking hard, your head just slips in.

My mouth is hot and stretched by your cock.

I swirl my tongue around your head and force the tongue in your piss hole. I suck hard and you force your cock into my tight, hot mouth, I lick the underside with my tongue.

I start feeling your knob hit my throat, I gag, and take more of your cock, my hand hits my lips, halfway, big boy!

Gagging for breath, I take your cock out and kiss all along the underside, from your ass to your head, and back down.

I lick all round your heavy, full balls, taking each in turn into my mouth, I suck your balls.

I slip down and rim your ass, making your cock jerk, more pre-cum shows for me to drink.

I clean your knob and take nearly all of your cock into my hot tight mouth, as it hits the back of my throat, I relax and take it all down.

I grab your ass and pull your cock deep into my throat, start milking your cock with my throat muscles.

Your balls tighten and I feel the cum rising up your cock.

I press a fingertip into your asshole, you start to cum, I swallow the first thick creamy rope, and the next five ropes of cum.

I canlı bahis siteleri need air, I pull off you.

You cover my face and tits with three more hard loads of cum.

Your cock is covered in cum and drool, so I clean it all with my hot tongue, taking my finger from your ass, I use it to wipe all the cum from my face and lick it clean.

I wipe the cum from my tits too, and drink it from my finger.

I start to suck you back to life, you need to feed me more cum.

As I take your limp cock in my hot slippery mouth, you moan and start to harden again for me.

Baby, I hope you have lots of cum in those balls, you are going to need it.

I tell you that I’m ready, that I want your cock in my ass.

You pull my ass up, and aim the head of your cock at my tight hole, I take a deep breath, as I feel you slowing guiding the head in, I’m hit with a sharp pain .and you massage my lower back and tell me that it’ll be ok. You slowly hump the head in and out for a few minutes, and then add a little more cock.

I’m starting to feel the pleasure and I start to hump with you. I can feel my ass relaxing and tightly gripping your cock as you add more and more.

I start moaning and I beg you to fill my ass with your cock.

You drive the remaining inches in, and slowly glide in and out of me, I adjust to the pace you’re setting and I start to keep up with you, it’s such an amazing experience, feeling your cock in my ass, I start to push my ass back a little harder each time.

You run your hands all over my back and on my ass, before you reach around and start fingering my pussy.

I reach down too and start playing with my clit.

I’m on such a high from the feelings you’re giving me, the attention you’re giving to every nerve. I feel a heightened passion as the first wave of orgasm hits me.

I start to beg you to go faster, and I can feel my pussy juices dripping and soaking the towel.

You start fucking my ass so hard and I can barely breathe from the excitement and the intensity of the orgasms you’re giving me, I start to moan and whimper, I feel like I can’t come anymore, but yet I can’t stop myself from coming.

I feel your cock, it’s so beautiful and hard as you piston it in and out of my well fucked ass.

I beg and plead and cry for you to cum in my ass. I beg you to fill my ass with your searing hot cum, and then, I feel you ramming me harder, When, all of a sudden…

You shoot your white hot load in my ass. You wrap your arm around my waist as you completely empty your cock-load into me.

I stay very still as I feel your cum drip down out of my ass around your cock and down my legs.

You slowly pull your limp cock out, you pick up my exhausted body and carry me to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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