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A New Life Ch. 02

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Tracey’s story continues from chapter 1. Her husband has woken her when the movie on tv had finished. Tracey had been having a very erotic dream involving her sister and mother and was now determined to make at least part of that dream a reality with her sister and husband.

Sunday Night Continued

I shook Justine awake and told her we were going up to bed.

Her eyes fluttered open and she said, “Sure, I was having the nicest dream.”

The three of us walked upstairs, I was holding Justine’s hand leading her. Instead of letting her turn right into her bedroom I kept holding her hand and the three of us turned left into our bedroom. As we entered, I pushed Justine down onto the lounge chair in our room. She was wide awake now, her eyes staring at me. I stood in front of her and dropped my negligee to the floor.

I was completely naked. My sister stared at my body with a look of lust on her face. I was half expecting her to lick her lips. I smiled at Justine and turned side on to face Matt and slowly went down on my knees. I turned to my left again to look at Justine and reached forward to Matt’s pyjamas slowly pulling them down while I stared at my sister. From the corner of my eye I saw Matts erect cock bounce out and Justine gasped. Matt threw his top off and was now completely naked as well. Still looking at her I grasped Matt’s cock and drummed my fingers up and down his shaft.

“Would you like to feed it to me sis?” Matt’s cock throbbed in my hand when I said this.

“Yes,” she said and stood up. Justine stretched up and began taking her oversized t-shirt off.

She stood there in a black leather harness that came around her neck, down over her breasts into a cupless bra, across her stomach and wrapped around her crotch before coming up her back again. My god I was cumming as I watched her walk over in that leather outfit. I realised all my forbidden dreams were coming true.

Justine started stroking my hair, winding it round and bunching it up in her hand, staring down at me. She pulled my hair up causing my back to arch and my breasts to push forward. It felt so good being under her control.

“Hands behind your back slave,” Justine said smiling.

I placed my hands behind my back. Justine grabbed Matt’s cock and bent it down towards me. She then started pulling my head towards his cock by my hair. I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock. Justine was pushing and pulling me by my hair, using my mouth to fuck my husband’s cock. God I was starting to cum again. I looked up at the two of them and they were both looking down at me, smiling.

Justine leant in and started kissing Matt. I was cumming. Wave after wave of orgasms flooded my pussy as I watched my sister kiss my husband. I couldn’t believe it. I was cumming while I sucked my husband’s cock and watched my sister kiss him. This was so wrong, so taboo. I loved it.

Then, Matt came. Actually, Matt didn’t so much cum, he exploded down my throat. I was gagging on his cum as he just kept ejaculating. He finally stopped cumming and Justine dragged me up by my hair. She pulled me into an embrace, and we started kissing.

My god I was kissing my sister while my husband watched. Even better I was swapping my husband’s cum with my sister in our mouths. This was just so wrong, so kinky, so hot. Matt was sitting on the bed, leaning back, watching us, smiling, stroking his still hard cock.

I pulled back from my sister and said, “I don’t think I can do any more tonight. This is just so wrong, so forbidden.” I looked at Justine and said, “Come to bed with us?”

We fell into the bed with Matt and snuggled up.



Monday Morning

Monday morning, we all got up, had breakfast, showered and headed off to work for the day. Both Justine and I were pretty sheepish around each other as we prepared breakfast. There wasn’t much conversation. We weren’t being rude to each other. I think we were both just a bit embarrassed that we had taken this roleplay fantasy way too far.

Matt was due to head off to a work conference tomorrow so would be working late tonight, finalising all his presentations and handovers for the trip. He was going to be gone for two weeks right when I needed him at home the most. To make matters worse it meant Justine and I would pretty much be alone in the house for dinner together, so the conversation might be a little, awkward!

Monday Night

Well dinner was awkward. The conversation was pretty stilted, and we didn’t really make much eye contact. Matt had called and said his boss was taking him out for dinner to discuss their strategy over the next couple of weeks, he probably wouldn’t be home until quite late and not to wait up for him if I was tired.

Justine and I had finished off a bottle of wine with dinner. I thought we needed it even though it was a work night. We decided to settle into the lounge with another bottle of wine. istanbul escort Matt had set up a whole lot of movies and tv shows for us to watch while he was away, so we decided to put one on. We were sitting on opposite sides of the coffee table and it seemed we were using this as a barrier between us. As we watched the movie, I felt more relaxed and at ease with what we had done last night. I decided I’d break the ice and talk to Justine about it.

“Hey about last night, I’m really sorry I dragged you into that. I shouldn’t have done it. It’s just, I’ve been having all these strange dreams lately and, I don’t know, something snapped.”

“Babe, you’re my big sis. I love you and always will, so please don’t think you pressured me into last night. In fact, to tell the truth I enjoyed it.”

“So did I. But it’s wrong, we’re sisters, we shouldn’t be doing things like that together, especially with my husband, and I’m glad we stopped when we did. It could have been so easy to go further.”

Justine smiled at me, “To tell the truth. Last night, I was hoping it would go further. I mean both you and Matt sort of left me hanging there. At least you both got to cum!” and she giggled.

I started to laugh as well and said, “yeah sorry about that.”

Well that had certainly cleared the air. The conversation seemed to relax after that. We kept chatting away, giggling and laughing barely watching the tv, only half tuned into it. I got up and grabbed the bottle of wine out of the fridge and filled up our glasses with what was left. Instead of returning to my chair though I knelt down in front of Justine. Was I getting a little light-headed?

“You know, I really did enjoy last night. Although it was wrong and taboo it was just so hot. Something I’ve been fantasising about for months and it just seemed to become reality at the right time for all of us. I do have to ask you a question though, and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Go ahead, I’m up for most things,” Justine said with a sly grin.

“Well, that leather outfit you had on. Where did you get it? And was it just coincidence that you had it on?”

“Well, I got it from a little place in the village. Really quite nice, two ladies run it. It’s called ‘The Tool Shed’ of all things.” My hand went up to my mouth and Justine said, “Do you know it?”

“Well uhm, well uhm.”

“Oh, come on, I opened up to you!”

“Yes, I do know it. I was in there the other week and met a lovely girl named Harmony.”

“Really? Harmony. And how did the two of you (Jus paused) get along?”

“Well we had a nice chat. But we were talking about your outfit. So why did you have it on? Was it a coincidence or do you always wear things like that under your clothes?”

“Not really a coincidence, soooo you remember I told you I was helping a girlfriend stay disciplined with her training?”


“That’s why I had my harness on.”

“Oooh ok. So, do you umm, have any other outfits?” I said hesitantly.

“Why yes,” Justine said with a huge grin on her face. “Would you like to see them?”

“I’d love to!”

We spent the next hour in Justine’s room going through all the different equipment she had. I was like a kid in a candy store. Wanting to touch and try everything. Justine had floggers, whips, canes. Gags, blindfolds and masks. Harnesses, all kinds of restraints, spreader bars. It just seemed endless. Justine pulled out what looked like a bridle and asked if she could try it on me.

When I had it on Justine smiled at me and said, “I could make you my pony-girl. I’ve always wanted a pony-girl of my own!”

I had no idea what she was talking about. I’d have to google it later.

The guest room Justine had was really another master suite. It had its own ensuite, walk in wardrobe and lounge area. Justine started showing me her furniture, what I thought was a flat leather ottoman lounge at the end of the bed was really a platform you could tie someone down to. She had another leather bench with clothes draped over it that was actually a leather horse to tie her slaves to in a raised position on their hands and knees. She had full length mirrors so her slaves could see their mistress flogging them. She also had rings set into the ceiling so she could suspend her slaves. And more rings in the walls. They just looked like decorative additions to the room, unless you knew what they were really for.

“Wow Justine. When did you do all this?”

“I pretty much did it all when I moved in. It’s easy once you know how.”

What really floored me though was what was in the walk-in wardrobe.

Justine had every outfit imaginable in latex and leather. There must have been a hundred of them.

I looked at them in awe and said, “I am so going to have a dress up night with you while Matts away.”

We heard the door open downstairs and Matt shouted out that he was home.

The avcılar escort rest of the night was pretty uneventful. Matt just had to pack up a few extra things and get off to bed for an early flight the next morning.

Tuesday Morning

Matt was up early and off to the airport. We said our goodbyes and Matt said to send some video messages for him if anything exciting happened. He also reminded me, with a wink, that we still had our video cameras if I wanted to do something a little more professional.

Tuesday Night

Pretty uneventful night. Matt had arrived safely. Justine and me had curled up on the lounge to watch one of the movies he’d left. We managed to get through the whole movie without falling asleep. When we went to bed though I had the most erotic dreams involving both my sister and mother.

Wednesday Afternoon

I had a half day owing at work, so I decided to take it and head home. I also had Friday off, so I was looking forward to a short week and long weekend. I pulled into the driveway and walked inside, dropped my bag and was ready to put my feet up. The doorbell rang, and I wondered who it could be in the middle of the day.

Brandi was at the door. She smiled at me and said, “How about that massage I promised you? I’ve had a cancellation and saw you arrive home from work early.”

“That’s sounds great. Mind if I have a quick shower first?”

“No problem, just head over when you’re ready.”

I raced upstairs, tore my clothes off and jumped in the shower. I was really rushing but also wanted to take the time to make sure I was nicely groomed, not that I was excited or anything! I put on a matching bra and thong set. It was basically see-through so I wouldn’t be hiding anything!

I threw a t-shirt over the top, put some sandals on and headed over to Brandi’s. It was all I could do not to run! The front door opened before I even knocked, and Brandi was standing there looking gorgeous.

Brandi said, “Follow me and we can get started.”

She was dressed in a white silk robe and as we walked out to the sunroom, she took the robe off and hung it on a rack. Underneath she only had on a white thong and matching white sports bra. I looked at her ass and wow, it was stunning. So muscular and rounded. Brandi turned around and the front view was even better, her breasts were amazing.

“Ok, do you want to get undressed and lay down on the massage table?”

I was just staring at her dumbfounded. Did she want me naked?

“Oh sorry, would you like a champagne first to relax a bit?”

“Ah, that would be great,” I said.

“No problem, you get undressed, there’s a towel on the seat there and I’ll grab you a champagne.”

I undressed and wrapped the towel around me. Brandi walked back into the room and handed me a champagne flute.

“None for you?”

“Not while I’m working.” She replied with a smile.

“So, is Erin going to be joining us?” I asked, a little disappointed, thinking that it had all been a joke about them massaging me together.

Brandi gave me a sly smile and said, “She’ll be down in just a moment.” And my face lit up again!

Finishing my champagne, I put the glass on a sideboard. When I turned around Erin was walking into the room, dressed exactly the same as her mother.

Brandi said, “Why don’t you lie down for us Trace.”

“Sure,” I said, looking at Erin. Feeling particularly naughty I unwrapped my towel and was standing there totally naked for both of them to see, but more because I wanted Erin to see!

Erin was smiling at me and feeling even more naughty I looked at her and said, “Would you like me on my back Erin?”

Erin broke out in a big grin and said, “On your stomach first would be good.”

I lay down and Erin pulled a small stool up to my feet and sat down. Soft music began to waft through the room and I could smell a sweet fragrance. This was so relaxing. Brandi started massaging my back and shoulders with what felt like a light warm oil.

Erin took my right foot, began pressing her thumbs into the arch and started talking. “While mom massages your upper body, I’ll start your reflexology treatment. There are eighty-six main reflex points on each foot and I’m going to begin stimulating them. I hope you don’t mind being stimulated.” I could tell she was smiling when she said that.

“Reflexology is the theory that crystalline deposits can build up through your body and by stimulating corresponding points on your feet, hands and ears I can help to disperse these.” Erin was continuing to work across both my feet now while Brandi continued on my shoulders and down to my lower back.

Erin kept talking in a soothing voice, “This will put you into a deeply relaxed state, lower your blood pressure, assist with your blood flow and decrease any muscular tension.”

I didn’t know if what Erin was saying was true, but I did şirinevler escort know I was entering a total state of bliss. Having two gorgeous women that are mother and daughter massage me like this was just so unbelievably erotic but at the same time so relaxing. Brandi began working down along each of my arms. Erin then pulled her stool up closer to my head but moved back down and changed places with Brandi. Erin then began performing reflexology on my hands. Brandi was massaging my ass and I could feel the oil flowing down the crack of my cheeks and onto my pussy. God this was really starting to turn me on.

“Ok turn over,” Erin said, “I’m going to start on your neck and then the most important part, your ears.”

While Erin was rubbing my neck, I watched as Brandi’s hands moved up onto my breasts. She began massaging them and said, “So when do I get to meet your sister?”

“How about pizza and a movie at our place on Thursday? I have Friday off.” My voice sounded soft and far away.

“That sounds wonderful, is it ok if we come at seven? I can’t wait to meet your sister. I’ve seen her from a distance, and she looks just like you.”

“Yes, seven is fine. Justine and I have been mistaken for twins so many times. We’re actually only eighteen months apart.” My voice still sounded soft and distant.

“Twins, just what we need.” I wasn’t sure what Brandi meant by that, but I was so relaxed I didn’t give it a second thought. My eyes were closed, and I felt myself drifting off. Brandi moved down to my calves and I felt Erin’s lips near my ears as she began to talk again.

“I’m going to start on your ears now. The most erotic part.” I felt her nibble at my earlobe, and I let out a little sigh. Erin was whispering in my ear again while she slowly pinched each lobe.

“Mom’s always been into women.” Did I hear that correctly? I started to become more alert.

“I am too. She was disappointed when I said I wanted to seduce you. She wanted you for herself. When we found out you had a sister, Mom was so excited. Now we can have a sister each.” I sighed and Erin began nibbling on my earlobe again.

“Maybe you would even let us swap. We’ve never done that before, but we have come close once.”

My god this was just too erotic. I was going to cum just by listening to Erin.

“Ok we better finish up before you fall asleep,” I heard Brandi say.

“You stay here and relax for a moment before getting up. Come out when you’re ready.”

They both left and after a few minutes I sat up. Did Erin really say that? Or had I fallen asleep and I was just having one of my dreams again? It seemed like I’d only been here fifteen minutes, but I checked the time and I’d been here for an hour and a half. I got dressed and walked out towards the front door.

Brandi smiled at me and said “Well, we’ll see you tomorrow at seven. I’ll go in and clean up the massage table Erin.” She gave me a hug and kiss on the lips and headed back out to the sunroom.

“See you soon,” Erin said smiling at me. I reached for the door.

“Oh, before you go, you forgot these the other day.” Erin was handing me my bag of BDSM porn movies. I’d completely forgotten about them.

Erin smiled at me and said, “I really enjoyed watching them.” She leant in and kissed me. Not a light kiss on the lips like her mother, but a passionate tongue in your mouth kiss.

“Mom really enjoyed them too. We both especially liked the one with the mother and two daughters.”

I smiled at Erin. “I can’t wait till Thursday. Maybe we can all watch one of those movies together,” I added cheekily.

Erin broke out in a big grin and said, “One of those movies could be a very nice choice. I’ll leave it up to you to pick which one. See you Thursday.”

When I got home, I quickly called Justine and let her know Brandi and Erin were coming over for dinner on Thursday. I gave Justine a brief rundown of what had happened and my conversation with Erin at the end. Justine said she was going to take Friday off too and would be home soon.

Wednesday Afternoon

I’d made pasta for dinner and we sat down eating on the lounge in our pyjamas. We had one of Matt’s movies on but were more interested in talking. The white noise in the background was very relaxing though. I started chatting in detail about Erin and Brandi and the massage I’d received.

“You’ve got to tell me everything!” Justine said.

I ran through the invite over on Thursday, the massage and reflexology, then I got to Erin and my conversation. “So, Erin was telling me that both her mother, Brandi, and herself, were into women. She was whispering this in my ear while they both massaged me. Erin said she had told her mother she wanted to seduce me and that her mother had been disappointed as she had wanted to seduce me as well. That’s when Brandi’s comment about us being mistaken for twins and being just what they needed made complete sense. But the kinkiest thing she said babe, was just so hot.”

“Tell me.” When Justine said that it just seemed to trigger something in me. I wanted to tell her my every dirty fantasy, my every kinky desire.

“Erin said to me that maybe her mother and her could even swap us, that they had never done that before but had come very close once before.”

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