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A Mother’s Shameful Urge

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**All characters are at least 18.**

“Daniel, what in the world do you think you’re doing?” Tracey asked, barely containing her shock. She usually called her son Dan or Danny. Daniel was reserved for times like this when she needed to sound serious.

“What does it look like, Mom?”

The still young, single mother had simply been standing at the sink washing out the wine glasses from an evening with friends — all single and divorced mothers close to her age who got together at one of their houses every week or so. The last of her friends had left about ten minutes before, and while she was standing at the sink, Daniel came up behind her, pressed his enormous, young body up against her from behind, and then reached around her and began fondling her braless tits through her dress.

“I can’t even bring myself to say it,” she retorted. “But I don’t think I need to tell you how incredibly inappropriate this is.”

At eighteen, Daniel stood six feet tall and was built like a muscular Adonis from his life of avid athletics. His hands were huge, and they managed to cup his mother’s full, C cup-filling tits with ease, squeezing and kneading her heavy orbs through the thin material covering all but the rounded inner curves. It would have been a simple feat for Daniel to slip his hands inside his mother’s lowcut dress and feel them without any fabric in the way, but he merely massaged her firm flesh through the dress. As bold as he was acting, his mother supposed there had to some boyish shyness still holding him back. She had no idea what had come over him. At the same time, she had no idea why she hadn’t slapped his hands away.

“I think it’s very appropriate,” the brash young man told his mother. “You’ve got amazing tits, Mom. And I’ve been going crazy looking at them in this dress all night.”

Tracy was wearing a purple, form-hugging dress with a short hemline and plunging, V shaped neckline. Danny was usually hovering nearby when his mother’s friends came over to socialize. They were very good looking group of women, and they all doted on the boy when he showed up to flirt with them. Tracy knew a few of them would probably spread their legs for the young hulk at the drop of a hat, which only made her proud of her amazing son in ways she would never admit aloud.

“Well, you shouldn’t be looking at your own mother that way,” she reprimanded him. The problem for Tracy was that she had especially sensitive boobs, and feeling a pair of hands as big and strong as her son’s fondling them was making her feel better than she should have.

“I can’t help it,” he told her, giving her heavy orbs a firm squeeze. “You look so good in this dress. You know, you’re much hotter than any of your friends, and a couple of them are pretty hot, too.”

Tracy felt herself blush at her son’s compliment. At least her back was to him and he couldn’t see, but by now there was no way he could miss the taut hardening of her nipples. And when her nipples got hard it was pretty much impossible to resist the feeling of a strong pair of hands on her tits. But her own son’s hands? It was too wicked to even imagine, except that she wasn’t imagining this.

“Sweetheart, I’m happy you think you have a good looking mother, but this is no way for a boy to express himself.”

Daniel pressed his face into his mother’s silky, dark brown hair and inhaled deeply, ignoring her admonishments. “Mmmm, Mom, you always smell so good.”

He was pressing his body up even tighter, now pinning his mother between himself and the counter. Tracy was a pretty athletic woman herself, and she could have slipped her son’s hold, but her hands wet. There were more wine glasses to finish washing. She had to get the job done, didn’t she?

Then Tracy nearly froze with shock. Her son’s cock was growing hard against her ass and he was grinding that rapidly swelling shaft against her firm, round buttocks. When she felt the sheer size of the boy’s erection she reminded herself he wasn’t really a boy anymore. This was a long, thick, rock hard man cock grinding against her body and making her pussy quiver with dripping heat.

“Daniel, this is wrong. Oh my god, it’s just so wrong. You have to stop,” Tracy protested.

But the fit, voluptuous mother never made a move to stop what was happening. If anything, she found herself pushing her tightly curved ass backward into her son’s cock bulge. Her pussy was rapidly heating, leaving her mind in a blur.

“God, Mom, you feel amazing,” Daniel moaned.

Now Tracy could feel the heat of his heavy breathing on her neck. His hands were practically mauling her firm tits and he started grasping at her swollen nipples through her dress. He never slipped his hands under the dress, despite the fact that she started wishing he would. She gasped in surprise when he readjusted his cock to an upright position and mashed his shaft into the cleft between her cheeks, dry humping the groove through her clothes.

“Daniel, no, ohhhh no, we have to stop istanbul escort this right now!” she cried.

But her heart was pounding wildly as her powerful son pinned her body tightly against the counter. He was starting to gasp heavily as he mashed and humped his cock against her ass, squeezing her tits ever tighter. His shaft felt enormous. If it weren’t for their clothes her son’s cock would probably be inside her. That would be a complete disaster no matter how hard he made his mother cum.

Tracy couldn’t help imagining what those powerful thrusts would feel like if she had that cock in her pussy, though. He was grinding against her desperately, shoving her body against the counter and giving her an unforgettable demonstration of the intense power in his young hips.

“Oh god, Mom, fuck!” the boy growled deeply.

His big, hard body stiffened against her and Tracy could swear she felt the pulsing of his cock as a hot load of cum spewed from his shaft. At least he was cumming in his pants and not in his mother’s pussy. But as he gave her a final kiss on the neck and pushed himself away, he left her leaning against the counter, breathless while her aching pussy dripped heavily into her panties.

By the time she turned around, Daniel was already walking through the kitchen doorway. If it weren’t for the aching wetness between her legs, Tracy wouldn’t be sure such an unbelievable thing even happened.

Hearing the sound of the shower turning on in the bathroom upstairs, Tracy went up quietly on still trembling legs. She went into Daniel’s room and found the loose, drawstring pants and briefs he’d been wearing. Picking them up, she confirmed her worst fear. Both layers of clothing were soaked with cum. And the size of the wet spot was huge. She couldn’t imagine how much spunk her boy must have squirted to soak both garments that much. She set them back down and tried to arrange them just as she found them, then snuck back out of the room.

Tracy didn’t know how to face her son after what happened, and she was relieved he spent the rest of the night in his room. She found herself in her own room, pacing back and forth, trying to make sense of an event that simply defied all logic. How could her own son just come out of nowhere and manhandle her mother’s body like he had the right to? And the way he’d humped his cock against her firm ass until he actually came was beyond comprehension. The woman’s mind was in a whirl.

The more she tried to turn those recent events over in her mind, the more she just thought about the way Danny’s big hands groped her tits. The way his cock felt grinding against her ass. She didn’t want to feel that demanding ache he’d left her with. He was her son. She shouldn’t be getting wet in her panties after the way he shoved her against the counter and got himself off against her body. Why didn’t she just wrench herself out of his grasp and slap him right in the face? The only possible explanation was that she’d been without a man for much too long. The feeling of that big, hard cock throbbing with need for her was stronger than her sense of right and wrong.

While Tracy slipped out of her revealing dress, leaving herself naked except for the sodden panties she still had on, she told herself she should probably stop wearing outfits that showed off too much of her body in front of her son. Obviously, the boy was too horny to care that she was his own mother. She knew she had plenty of appeal to all kinds of guys, and it was natural for Daniel to want a woman as attractive and well-built as Tracy. But weren’t most people supposed to have some built-in filter to keep them from responding to sexual urges for someone they’re directly related to? Maybe Daniel’s was wired the wrong way. But what did that say about her as she raked her fingertips over the wet gusset of her skimpy panties and thought about his hands on her tits?

Tracy brought her hands up to her tits and squeezed them. She toyed with her sensitive nipples, which only made the cloying drip in her pussy even worse. Yet it only made her think of Daniel’s hands, so much bigger and stronger than her own. And the way he made her heart pound when he just grabbed her tits like he owned them. Her pussy was demanding attention as she went into her adjacent bathroom and slipped off her soaked panties, tossing them into her dirty laundry hamper.

She sat down on the toilet, leaned back and spread her legs. As she dragged her fingers up and down her slick pussy lips she breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, her son hadn’t tried to touch her there. If he had she would have melt all around his fingers and there would’ve been nothing she could do about it. It was a wicked thing that she’d responded to her son’s groping hands in a way she never responded to anyone else. And it wasn’t simply the shock of his horny audacity. No. But there in the privacy of her bathroom, sitting on the toilet with her fingers stroking avcılar escort her wet, sensitive pussy lips, Tracy had to confess it had everything to do with those big, groping hands belonging to her son. Her Daniel. The boy she had loved and cared for like no one else in her life. And now he was showing his beautiful mother what a man she had raised.

Tracy let out a long, throaty sigh. Her fingers were now wet with her creamy secretions. She kept thinking about her son’s amazing hands, his cock that felt so huge and powerful grinding against her. She could only imagine the sheer magnificence of Daniel’s organ in the flesh. The way he would pulse and ache as his loving mother held his shaft. Stroking it for him. Making him moan with need for her. She was afraid to even imagine how that long, thick member would feel thrusting deep into the very same hole he was born from.

A delicious and irresistible pressure was building within Tracy’s pussy. She pushed one hand underneath and began pumping a pair of fingers in and out of her slick hole while she vigorously rubbed her clit with the other hand. The memory of Daniel’s impossibly swollen cock mashing into her ass, his cum spurting uncontrollably into his pants, was so vivid now. Working her pussy steadily with both hands. She gasped and started to cum harder than she’d cum in months, maybe years.

Only then did Tracy realize part of the pressure building inside her was from all the wine she’d had earlier, and before her climax peaked she lost control of her mind and body all at once. Suddenly, a burst of pee spurted out against her pumping finger. She was too far gone into her orgasm to stop and she just let everything go. She peed and came and wet her fingers as her body took its double relief. And it seemed as if the feeling of one thing magnified the other. Tracy came until her body was shaking and she left herself sitting breathless on the toilet with soaking wet hands.

As she leaned back and caught her breath, Tracy felt disgusted with herself. She didn’t know when she’d felt so ashamed. At least it had only happened in total privacy and there was only herself to make her feel like the filthy creature she had to be. And yet, there was also a feeling of such content and satisfaction. However, it was one she could never allow herself to indulge in again.

She stood up, still feeling a little wobbly, and washed her hands three times, as if she could wash away the sordid thoughts that reduced her to such a shameful low. She then wet a face towel with warm water and thoroughly wiped her upper thighs and pussy clean, rubbing herself much harder than necessary, as if she deserved to punish herself for what she’d done.

After doing a hasty job of removing her makeup and washing her face, Tracy finally went to bed. She didn’t usually sleep naked, but she was too distracted to think twice about it.


The next few days went by in a bizarre kind of fog, starting from the morning after Daniel first groped his mother in the kitchen. It was the first thing on Tracy’s mind as soon as she woke up. She had trouble convincing herself it really happened, that it wasn’t just some sordid sex dream she had after a few glasses of wine with her friends. But it happened. She knew it had, and she had no idea what to think about it. It was even worse remembering the way she’d fingered herself on the toilet and made herself pee and cum at the same time.

With the bright, morning light streaming in her window, Tracy decided it was all just some freak occurrence that would never repeat itself. It certainly wasn’t Daniel’s normal way of treating his mother. Circumstances had simply gotten the best of them. Everything would be the way it was before last night. She decided not to say anything about it to her son. It wasn’t worth making more out of it than necessary and drawing their attention to something that should never have happened in the first place.

Even so, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start dressing more conservatively around Daniel. This idea was a little disappointing, though. Tracy worked hard on getting her body to look the way it did, and she liked being able to show off the results. Besides, she’d been showing off her tits in lowcut outfits for years. Why should it suddenly be such a problem? Then again, she barely even owned any conservative looking clothes. It probably would’ve been worse to make any sudden changes, so Tracy didn’t see the point of rushing out just to buy some frumpy outfits on purpose. She could take care of that whenever. For now, the best idea seemed to be to just keep going as if nothing happened. Let it blow over.

Her theory seemed to work, too. At least for most of the day. It helped that Daniel wasn’t home for most of it. Tracy started out with a good, hour-long workout session in their makeshift gym setup in the basement. Exercise was like therapy or meditation for her, and when she went back upstairs to shower and change her mind felt şirinevler escort rebooted. She wasn’t even thinking about her son’s lapse in normal behavior when she put on a light pink T shirt that covered her bust completely, but didn’t bother putting on a bra. Then she pulled on a pair of black yoga pants without panties and a pair of flat-heeled sandals. It would be a comfortable outfit to work in, and if she had to do any video conferencing no one would be able to see she was going braless.

Tracy operated an independent accounting service and was able to do most of her work right from her home office. It made things that much easier for her when the pandemic swept through the country. At first, Daniel stayed home all the time except for going with his mother on market runs or trips for any other essentials. But several months in, they both had started to socialize again, being careful to stay in the groups of people and keeping to only small gatherings.

Daniel’s mother trusted his word that he was being careful when he went out on his own. He was good about keeping up with his classes online, but he was still just eighteen and needed to get out of the house. He stopped going to parties for now, but would hang out with a small circle of friends or go to the neighborhood basketball court. Tracy never knew exactly what her son was doing while he was out, but she felt secure that he was staying careful and safe.

The drawback to Daniel keeping his own schedule was that his mother never knew when he might be in or out of the house. This made indulging in the private pleasures that kept her stress level under control a tricky proposition. Most of the time she felt relegated to the bath or shower, or a late night indulgence like the one she had last night. But it probably wasn’t wise to try touching herself now. It would only bring back all those feelings for her audacious son that disgusted her if she thought about them too much.

She decided to call her friend, Sandra, to see if she felt like getting together for a late lunch. Out of all Tracy’s friends, Sandra was the only one she could imagine confiding in about what happened with Daniel, but even the open-minded blonde would probably think she had lost her mind. What Tracy really needed was someone to help distract her. That should help keep her mind from wandering anywhere dangerous, so she picked up her phone and made the call.


Sandra’s phone started to vibrate with an incoming call. She was on her knees between her son, Matt’s, open legs, and she had his large, fully erect cock in her hand. Matt was slouched low on their living room couch with his shorts on the floor and the bottom of his T shirt lifted partway up his cobbled abs. The eighteen year old’s eyes were on his beautiful, blonde mother as she paused to look at the screen of her phone on the coffee table. When she saw the familiar name, her hand paused in stroking her son’s impressive cock, but she kept holding him as she smiled and looked over at Daniel sitting in the easy chair off to the side of the couch.

“It’s your mother,” she told Daniel with a coy smile. “I’m guessing she wants to get together.”

Daniel was still rubbing his swollen cock through his shorts. Sandra and Matt had been letting him watch them play for the past few weeks, but this was the first time the mother and son couple had been interrupted this way. Daniel didn’t say anything. He’d told Matt but not Sandra what happened at his house the night before, but he knew Sandra was aware of his feelings for his mother. Now he just waited to see what the blonde was going to do.

The blonde hit the green answer button on her phone, leaving it on the coffee table after setting it on speaker mode. “Hi Trace,” she said, giving Daniel a teasing wink.

Daniel had been waiting for Sandra to start sucking her son’s cock before taking his own out of his shorts, but with the blonde on the phone with his mother now he couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed his shorts down past his balls and started stroking his rod slowly.

Sandra was taller than Tracy, with a generally more slender build yet had a heavy, round pair of tits at least as big as her brunette friend’s. And she probably liked showing them off even more than Tracy. Today, Sandra was wearing a white miniskirt with a purple blouse that plunged all the way to her navel, leaving her braless tits mostly exposed. She leaned over and licked Matt’s cock while they all listened to Tracy ask if she wanted to get together.

“I’d love to, Trace,” Sandra told her friend. “But I’m really pretty busy with something here at home.” She pulled her blouse all the way open to completely expose her big, smooth tits, then she gave the shaft of her son’s cock a long, luxurious lick all the way up the shaft.

Daniel’s dick was throbbing in the slow stroke of his fist. He couldn’t believe Sandra was talking to his mother while playing with her son’s cock. His best friend’s cock. He loved watching Sandra perform with Matt, but it never failed to make him think more and more of his own, amazingly hot mother. She was the one who truly occupied the deepest recesses of his mind. But if he hadn’t been watching Sandra play with Matt these last few weeks, he didn’t think he would ever have lost him mind and grabbed his mother the way he did last night.

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