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A Mom’s Permission

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Veronica had first come to work in our office about a month ago fresh out of college. I met her during her orientation week where her training coordinator took her around to spend time meeting the rest of the staff and learning how the different departments work together. She was pleasant and easy going and quite attractive. About five foot six inches with light auburn hair and hazel eyes. She’s about average weight that’s well distributed in a curvy hour glass figure, though not skimpy on the waist line. She had “high rider” tits, grapefruit sized, round and pushed up by her bra. It seemed like she was even a bit flirty. I shrugged it off as new hire eagerness. She had studied business administration in college and was working in the comptroller’s office. Soon she was settled in her office in the executive suites and I didn’t see much of her.

One day, I find her having lunch by herself. I ask if she’d mind if I join her. She doesn’t have a ring so I figure I’ll take a chance and I ask if she’d like to go to see a movie with me at the Megaplex sometime.

“Well,” she said, “I’d like to. But you have to ask my mother’s permission first.”

“What?” I asked incredulously. What is this the 19th century, I wonder?

“She’s very old fashioned. I know it’s unusual but that’s the way it’s always been done in her family and we can’t change her. Beside, I dated a guy without telling her once and it turned out pretty bad. So now I listen to my mom.”

“Really, I mean, OK I guess. But how? I mean I’ve never had to do this before.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just like meeting the parents after dating for a while but first instead. She doesn’t bite. You just go introduce yourself and ask for her permission to take me to a movie, that’s all.”

“And if she say yes you’ll go a movie with me?”

“Oh, yes. I want to!”

“OK, where, when?”

She gives me her phone number and the address then says, “Now go there after work. I’ll let her know you are coming. Oh, and it may take a while. She’s going to want to chat and, you know, be, um, sociable.”

“Alright. I’ll call you after.”

After work I drove to the address she had given me and parked the car. I was starting to have second thoughts as I approached the door. It was just all so strange. But Veronica is a bit of a hottie so I rang the bell. After an uncomfortable delay the door swings open, And I say, “Mrs. Haagland, I’m Roger and I’m here to ask permission to take your daughter to a movie tonight, if that would be OK with you.”

She takes the half smoked cigarette out of her mouth and says, “Oh, yea, she said you’d be calling. Come on in.”

Her hair is done up in curlers. She’s wearing some kind of house coat, knee length, silky but multi-layered for warmth, blue with white faux fur trim around the collar and on each side of the button up front. There are two large coffee stains on the front. She has on fuzzy slippers and black nylon stockings. Her eyes have severe crows feet. The rough skin on her wrinkled face resembles dried and cracked leather. Her breath smells of tobacco and stale beer. Her teeth, those she still has, are stained a dark yellow. There’s a skin tag, or something, on the side of her nose.

“Let’s go into the parlor where we can talk properly.” She has a bit of a limp as she leads the way. I’m quite shocked by the way she looks. I think that a mom who insists on suitors asking permission should at least get dressed for the occasion.

She sits at the end of the sofa in the parlor and motions me to sit in the overstuffed chair opposite. She snuffs her cigarette in an ashtray on the coffee table then picks up the TV remote and turns it off. She says, “There’s beer or what ever else you want over at the bar, if you’d like.” She picks up the beer can on the table and chugs the last few swallows.

“Ah, no thanks. I have to drive home so I’ll pass.”

“Suit yourself,” she says. “So tell me, Richard, is your family from around here?” As she talks she picks up a glass pipe and a lighter off the table.

I say, “It’s Roger, not Richard.” Then I continue, “No, my family lives in Kansas. I moved here five years ago when I started working at the aircraft plant.” She lights the glass pipe, takes a toke, and offers it to me. I wave it off. “Not that I don’t sometimes, Mrs. Haagland, but I have to drive.”

“I don’t drive that much myself so I never worry about that,” she says. “You know, I think we get much better weed now that they made it legal. By the way, call me Lillie. I like that so much better than Mrs. Haagland. That makes me sound ugly.”

“Ok, Lillie,” I say.

“What do you do at the factory?” She stands up to reach her stash and refill her pipe bowl.

“I’m a parts designer. I take the idea for a part and turn it into a real thing we can use.”

She sits down again. This time her house coat hem is pulled up above her knees as she sits. “That sounds very interesting.”

“Oh, it is.”

“And that’s where you met Veronica, at work?”


“So eryaman anal yapan escort she really doesn’t know a lot about you. A mother has to be careful, you know.” She shifts her position a bit and moves her knees apart. Suddenly I have a perfect view between her legs. The nylon stockings are held up with black garter straps. She is not wearing panties. My jaw must have dropped a little. I tried not to stare at her dense bush. I diverted my eyes.

“What’s the matter?” she asks. “You aren’t the kind of guy that doesn’t like pussy are you, you know, that like the other thing?”

“Oh, no, Mrs., I mean Lillie. I like girls.”

“Girls, yea, but do you like their pussies?”

I’m staring to get a bit embarrassed. “Well, um, yes, I do.”

“Good,” she says. “But, what, you don’t like my pussy?” She spreads her knees wider.

Rather self-consciously I bring my eyes back to looking up her robe. In taking a closer look I’m surprised to see that the skin on her inner thighs is smooth and soft looking, nothing at all like her face. Her labia are large and fleshy. I actually feel a tingle of excitement in my balls as I manage to say, “You have a nice one, but…”

“Good. Now I want to know your intentions.”

“Oh.” This is getting weird. First pussies and now my intentions? And I can’t stop looking between her legs. “Well, we’ll go to the movie and, you know, get to know more about each other.” My dick is getting stiff.

She starts to unbutton the front of her house coat. “And then what?” She asks.

“Well, if we like each other maybe we’ll plan another date.”

“Well, hell, if you like each other why not take her home and fuck her? That is what you want isn’t it? Of course you do. What I want to know is when you get her clothes off are you just going to stick it in dry or are you going to get her wet first?”

Then she throws open her house coat and skootches back, leaning on the back of the sofa, half reclined. She has on only a black corset and the nylon stockings. The bra cups are cut so low they barely cover her nipples. Her ample “D” cup breasts spill over. She has a perfect, if slightly chubby, hour glass figure and her skin is smooth and young looking.

“Show me how you do it,” she says. “I know you want to or your prick wouldn’t be making that point in your pants.”

She’s right about that. From the neck down she is a knock out. I figure at this point I have nothing to lose and I’m going to get laid one way or the other. I undo my pants and let them fall. Then I slip off my shorts. My pecker is standing straight up. She watches it with lust in her eyes while I take off my shirt.

I get myself in front of her and start to position myself to rub my shaft on her vulva. Just as it touches her, she demands, “Make me good and wet first.” She puts her hand on the back of my head and motions it down, toward her snatch. As my mouth gets close my nose is filled with a delightful flowery smell. She says, “I hope you like my perfume. I put it on just for you.”

She hitches her knees up and spreads them a bit more as I kiss her mound. My tongue darts down until it slips between her pussy lips and finds her clit. I suck it in between my lips. It’s one of the biggest clits I’ve ever had in my mouth. My cock is having spasms of delight. I lick her clit then let it slip out and suck it back in again. She sighs in delight. I get a rhythm going, sucking and releasing. I slip one hand between her thighs and work a finger into her vagina. Her hips quiver a bit. I get a second finger in and keep pace going in and out with my sucking.

She moans, “Uhnnn. Uhnnn. Mmmmm”. She squeezes her thighs together and her hips shake with excitement. “I need it! All of it! Fuck me right now! ” she shouts.

I get up on her and rub my throbbing woody between her labia getting it good and slippery on her warm juices. The tip of my cock brushing against her thick dark pussy hair sends shivers of excitement to my balls. When I’m all lubed up I slip my meat into her. I feel her squeezing and pulling me in. I push until I feel her clit at the base of my cock. Her whole body shivers with pleasure. I sway my hips side to side, wagging my shaft inside her. I slowly pull part way out then quickly push back in until her clit slaps against me then I rub hard against it. Another stroke. Another. Her hips start to move in rhythm with me. I ride her like that for a while then pull all the way out and back in, stroking faster now. Her hip thrusts become more powerful. My cock is on fire. My balls twitch with excitement.

Her hips rock hard one more time and she moans, “Ohhhh. Yessss. Mmmmm!” I keep pumping her hard but she rolls me off of her. She gets me laid out on my back then climbs on, her knees on either side of my hips. She grabs my pulsing cock and rubs it on her pussy then points it straight up, positions herself on it and slowly takes it all in her cunt. She reaches behind and unzips the corset, tossing it aside and unleashing her big tits. ankara escort I take one in each hand as she leans forward and presses them into my face. I kiss them and lick them and nibble on her nipples. She starts rocking herself to ride my dick. I put my arms around her and ride her humping. Then she sits up and sways her hips from side to side as she’s going up and down on me. My own excitement begins to peak again. I thrust my hips in harmony with her rhythm.

I reach out and pull her down on my chest again and start pumping her hard. She keeps up. I kiss her neck. My balls squeeze, my butt spasms and my cum spurts out. I push hard into her and just hold myself as deep in her as I can while the spasm travel along my cock and tickle my balls. Her pelvis shakes in another explosion of pleasure. “Ahhhh! Oh, fuck, yes!”. She collapses on top of me.

After a minute or so she sits up and says, “Well, yes. That will do just fine.” Right then she leans over, picks up her cell phone and calls up a number. When the other person picks up she says, “Oh, honey, he’s a MONSTER! He got me off three times. If that thing of his can’t satisfy that hard to please cunt of yours I don’t know what will. You have my permission to date him.”

She listens a bit then says, “Yes, he did it that way, too. OK. Love you! Bye.”

She looks at me and says, “You have permission, young man.”

Just then, with her mom still straddling me, the side door opens and Veronica walks in. I try to get up but her mom doesn’t budge. I feel so embarrassed being naked under her mom. I blush. She walks over and says, “Mom likes you!” She kisses me on the cheek. “So you can take me out now. I hope you saved a little something for me for later on.”

Lillie rolls herself off me and sits back on the sofa, legs slightly apart, my cum starting to drip out of her vagina. Veronica is ogling my now limp cock. I find my clothes and quickly pull on my undershorts. I feel awkward and don’t quite know what to say. Her mom asks what movie we are going to see and Veronica tells her as I put the rest of my clothes on.

“Oh, a movie with spacemen and super heroes. I like them. I used to dream about fucking the Man Of Steel when I was young. Still do sometimes.” Then in an aside to Veronica says, “This one has a cock of steel. You’re going to like him.” I blush again.

Veronica helps me finish buttoning up my shirt. “If we hurry we can have a quick dinner and make the earlier show, OK?” she says expectantly.

“Sure,” I say, eager to move on. As I make any awkward goodbye it gets worse when her mom says, “Will you be taking her back to your place after the movie or bringing her back here to fuck her?” Veronica deflects the question, “Oh, ma, you’re embarrassing him.”

In the car I say, “That was not what I expected at all. I know she’s your mom, but that’s just, well, crazy weird. Does she “socialize” with all your boyfriends?”

“I know and I hope she hasn’t scared you away. It’s just that she doesn’t want her daughters to make the same mistake she made and marry some guy who turns out to be gay. She never got over feeling betrayed by that.”

“Couldn’t you at least have waited till I got dressed? I had no idea you were so close by. I was so embarrassed that you saw me naked under your mom.”

“You’re the one that whipped it out for my mom. You could have said no to her. Most guys do. Then you wouldn’t have had anything to be embarrassed about. Of course, then she would have thought you’re gay and she wouldn’t have given her permission. Aren’t I worth a little embarrassment?”

“Yes, you are. OK. It’s still weird. Damn, she is a good fuck though. But we can’t go back there after the movie. I’m worried she might try to join in.”

Veronica laughed. “Oh, she will. But not until we’re done. The first time, at least.”

I pull the car into a space at the restaurant parking lot. We go in and order our meals and sit down at a booth. A lot of our conversation is shop talk. Anything to get thoughts of her mom and asking “permission” out of my mind. I’m seeing a completely different side of her than what she seems like at work. It is a bit shocking, still, but very tittilating. I’d certainly never started a date with my balls drained like that before. Then again, I’d never dated anyone so free and open and unashamed about sex. I mean, she knows I just did her mom three times and she still wants to date me. “My place it is then.”

After eating we get to the theater and find our way to seats. The theater isn’t crowded and she wants to sit near the back, off to one side. She says she likes the view from there the best. When the movie starts the opening credits haven’t finished scrolling past yet when she cuddles up close and puts her head on my shoulder. After a few minutes I feel her kissing and nibbling my neck. She whispers, “I’m so glad you got along with my mom. You’re the first guy she’s given permission to in over a year.” I chuckle inside at her euphemism for fucking her etimesgut escort mom, “got along with”.

That certainly explains why her mom got off three times on me so quickly. Then, I realize, Veronica must have a year of built up horniness, too. Oh, my! I put my arm around her shoulder. To my surprise she takes my arm away and guides it down and puts it on her knee. She pulls her skirt up just enough so my palm is resting on her flesh. With one hand she reaches over and starts undoing my belt buckle. Slowly I start sliding my hand up her leg, feeling up her thigh. She’s unzips my fly and just in time as my growing woody needs the room. She strokes it through my shorts, soon coaxing it to it’s full stiffness. My fingers feel the lacy frills around her pantie legs. I cup my hand between her legs and feel her wet flesh and soft bush and realize she’s got on crotchless panties. My boner twitches in delight and she squeezes it harder.

She whispers excitedly in my ear, “Get down there and I’ll put my skirt over your head so no one can see.”

The surprises just don’t stop. I whisper disbelievingly, “Right here in the theater? But what if we get caught?”

“It’s been over a year for me and mom gave you permission. I can’t wait! My pussy aches for it right now. Please. No one will see. I’ve done this before.” I discreetly slink down between the row of seats and put my head between her knees. She smooths her skirt over my head as I plant kisses on her thigh getting closer and closer to her sweet muff. She quivers ever so slightly as my tongue caresses her labia. I’ve never done it like this before and it excites me so much! I work my tongue into her slit and then up until I find her clit. She stifles her moans. I suck her clit as I bring a hand up and slip a finger into her wet pleasure. My cock is twitching in delight. I manage to grab it with my other hand and stroke myself as I tickle her with my tongue and finger.

Suddenly it gets very bright under her skirt. I hear a gruff but muffled voice saying, “Alright you two, enough of that.” A hand on my shoulder lifts me up. There’s a flashlight shining in my eyes. “Come on, lets go.” He begins shuffling us out as I’m stuffing myself back in my pants and zipping them. He ushered us out of the room and down the corridor to a side door. “You are prohibited from coming back to the Megaplex ever again. If you do you will be arrested for trespassing. Have a nice day.” The door slams shut. Veronica is laughing. “That was so much fun! I’m sorry I told you no one would see. That’s never happened before. I thought it made it even more exciting!”

“It was really hot – until then,” I admit. I put my arm around her waist as we walk to my car. She puts her hand on my back then slides it down under my belt inside my slacks and fondles my butt. “Nice and firm and round,” she coos. “I like it.” It’s not a long walk but I’m getting a hard on again by time we get there as I’ve been thinking about getting her home to my place where we won’t be interrupted. I open the passenger door for her and let her get in. I notice that she hikes her skirt up in front to show lots of leg. I walk around to my side and get in.

I reach for the seat belt to strap in but her hands are on my pants, undoing my belt. She unzips me and tugs at my pants. I give her a little help and she gets my pants and shorts down to my thighs. She leans over and kisses the tip of my bulging cock then licks it. “Oh, god, Veronica, baby, I want you, I do, but…” She puts her lips around my shaft and goes down until half of it is in her mouth. “…what if we get caught again?” I weakly protest, my voice trailing off. She’s bobbing her head up and down and stroking me with one hand while her other searches for my balls.

She stops sucking me long enough to say, “Just start driving. We will get caught if we stay here for sure.” I think this is crazy. I start driving anyway. It’s only about a mile to my house and just six traffic lights and I’m hoping they’re all green so I don’t have to stop where people can see the action in my lap. I hear her gagging occasionally as she works my cock. My legs stiffen and twitch with excitement and I have to set the cruise control to hold a steady speed. My luck holds for the first four lights. As I roll to a stop at the fifth one I notice a police car behind me. What if he sees I’m not wearing a seatbelt?

“Oh shit! Stay still,” I say, “There’s a cop car behind us.” She stops bobbing her head but her hand keeps massaging my balls. It feels like I’m about to blow my load and I’m trying desperately not to. Finally the light turns green and I start up slowly. To my great relief the police cruiser turns right. Veronica lets my cock out of her mouth and asks coyly, “Are we almost there?”

“Oh, baby, we sure are almost there!” She gets back to work, licking all around the head and then going back down on it. My legs start to twitch and I can feel the impending release again but I’m trying not to give it up yet as I pass the last light and pull into my driveway. I throw the transmission into park, put my hands on the back of her head and thrust myself deep into her throat. She gags as I start to cum. I pull out and she licks it and sucks it and swallows all she can squeeze out. I moan in delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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