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A Mom Models For Her Son Ch. 02

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“How about these?” Drew said, holding a garter belt and stockings.

“They could work,” Maggie said. “I also need to get new underwear. I’m running out,” she winked.

Drew knew what she meant. Ever since they had started fooling around together, she had to change panties as much as twice a day, so often were they having sex.

Drew followed his mother into a fitting room stall and locked the door behind him. There was barely enough room for both of them to stand up in it. They were chest to chest, inches away from each other. Drew was the one who initiated the kissing. Maggie draped her arms around her son’s broad shoulders, as Drew gripped her at the waist. They sucked on each other’s tongue and saliva until their mouths were dry, so intense was their longing.

Maggie looked down at the raging hard on Drew had developed in his pants. “I think I need to get you home,” she smiled.

They paid for their new selections at the register and drove home together, Maggie massaging the bulge in her son’s crotch all the way home. She delighted at the thought of all the cum that was building up in his balls. Once, after they hadn’t had sex for an entire weekend, Drew had filled a shot glass to the brim with his cum. Maggie had licked her lips and swished around the contents of the glass before downing it in one full swoop. She loved her son’s cum, loved how bitter and thick it tasted.

When they got home, Maggie went straight to the bathroom and changed into her new outfit: stockings and garter belt. When she came out, Drew was lying on the marital bed, naked. Maggie got a real kick out of having sex with Drew on the very same bed in which she slept with her husband at night. The husband had no idea, even though once when she and Drew weren’t careful Drew had cum in the sheets and they had forgotten to wash them.

Maggie stood in the doorway of the bedroom, her hand cocked on her hip. “What do you think?”

Drew’s mouth was gaping. His cock, all nine inches of it, was fully erect. “I think you look amazing.”

Maggie smiled. “That’s my boy.” And she got in bed with him. She straddled him and rode him within an inch of his life, pausing whenever she knew he was close and then starting up again. This way, when he did cum, he would shoot loads upon loads.

When Drew was spent, Maggie rolled off him and they lay in bed together staring at the ceiling.

“Aren’t you going to take your pill?” Drew asked.

Maggie had been on the pill ever since Drew was born. But recently she had stopped taking it.

“I think I want to have another child,” Maggie said. “Does that scare you?”

“It doesn’t,” Drew said. “It would make me the happiest man in the world.”

“Are you serious?”

“I am.”

Maggie leaned over and kissed him. “You know having a baby is a lot of work.”

“You mean changing diapers,” Drew said.

“No,” she said, circling his stomach with her finger. “In bed, I mean. You more have to do it several times to ensure conception.”

Drew gulped.

“We’d have to do it while I’m ovulating.”

That was the problem. Their love making was sporadic and unplanned at best. They only did it when her husband was out of town or at work. Sometimes they would go weeks without having sex, which only made it all the more passionate when they did.

“We’ll have to go away for the weekend,” she said. “And your father sure as hell can’t come along.”

The thought of spending the weekend alone with his mother tantalized him. “When?”

“I’ll talk to your father. I’ll see what I can do.”

Then she looked at her watch. “You know, he won’t be home for another hour.” Drew grinned. He was already hard again.

Maggie convinced her husband that she was taking Drew away for the weekend to visit colleges. “That sounds like an excellent idea,” the husband said. “When do we leave?”

“I was thinking just Drew and I would go. You could stay here and relax. Have your friends over and play poker.”

He thought about it. “You know what, that sounds like a great idea. I haven’t had a guy’s night in ages. You’re sweet to think of me that way.”

“No problem, dear. It’s my pleasure.”

Maggie and Drew left on a Friday afternoon after work. They drove to a motel on the outskirts illegal bahis of town where no one would recognize them. Drew stayed in the car while Maggie asked about a room. When she came back to the car, she was all smiles.

“What did you get?” Drew asked.

“All they had left was the honeymooners’ suite.”

“How appropriate.”

The room had a heart shaped bed, a Jacuzzi and ice cold champagne and strawberries. Drew popped the cork on the champagne and poured them two glasses. “To us,” he said.

“I’ll drink to that,” Maggie said. “I’m going to take a shower, all right sweetheart?” And she kissed him on the cheek.

Maggie didn’t bother closing the door to the bathroom and Drew watched her undress from the vantage point of the bed. She still had a great body, curvy enough to make any man drop to his knees. She pulled off her panties and Drew noticed that she had shaved. He was flattered that she had done that for him, although he didn’t mind her dark tuft of pubic hair. In fact, he liked it. It made her seem more womanly, not like these plastic bimbos one sees on TV.

She turned on the shower head and started to lather her breasts. They were large and heavy and pale, with areolas as wide as saucers. Drew loved that about her. He loved how her nipples filled his mouth. And once she started lactating, they would only grow bigger. Drew could look forward to that.

She then directed her lathering to her nether regions, to her shaved pussy and heart shaped ass. Drew could eat off that ass. In fact, he enjoyed tonguing her asshole as much as her pussy. Sometimes, if he was lucky, she would let him in the backdoor. She liked it enough, she said, but it left her sore for days, so long and thick was Drew’s shaft and so tight was her anus. In recent months, she had been trying to loosen it to accommodate Drew’s large penis by exercising her sphincter muscles and playing with vibrators. The problem with anal sex, Maggie soon realized, was that once a man had a taste of it, he soon lost interest in other aspects of sex. And if she was going to get pregnant, anal sex would be of no help.

“Honey, can you pass me a wash cloth?” Maggie shouted from the bathroom.

“Why, of course, mom.” He walked into the bathroom and passed the cloth over the top of the shower door. Maggie could tell he was staring.

“You can stay if you want,” she said.

“I’d like that.” He had been nursing a boner on the drive over. Maggie had refused to give him relief, however, wanting him to save up his energy and sperm for tonight.

“Drew!” Maggie said. He had started to undress and was stepping into the shower with her. Her protests were in vain. He was no sooner standing naked beside her in the shower stall, his cock fully erect.

“Can you get my back, sweetie?” And she turned her back to him.

Drew started to rub the cloth over her shoulders and back, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass, glistening with soapy water. He took a step closer so his dick was pushing up against her ass cheeks. Maggie moaned.

“Not there honey,” she said.

But Drew wasn’t listening to her. He grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her forward so she was bent over.

“Drew! I said no!”

With the soapy water running between her ass, it was easy for Drew to negotiate his penis into her anal canal. The head pushed in past her tight sphincter easily enough, and the rest of his cock seemed to be swallowed up whole by her ass. He had never been in so deep.

Maggie steadied herself against the shower door. Her knees almost buckled. “Drew, stop it,” she said. But who was she kidding? She liked it as much as he did. Drew pumped in and out, staring down at his penis as it stretched out her pink pucker beyond belief. The exercising and vibrators had worked. She was more supple now, her anus just another cavity like her mouth and her pussy longing to be filled by his young man cock.

“Oh Drew,” Maggie said, fully giving in to the weight of his longing. “Fuck me in the asshole. Fuck it good.”

With one hand she reached underneath herself and cupped Drew’s hanging balls. They were full and heavy. She massaged them as Drew neared orgasm. His breathing became faster, more shallow as he thrusted with greater urgency, wrapping his illegal bahis siteleri arms around his mother’s waist like a dog in heat.

This was not how Maggie had wanted to start their weekend, bent over in the shower, being fucked in the ass, especially when the person doing the ass fucking was her son.

“Harder, Drew. Harder. Fuck me in the ass. Fuck me in the ass.”

Drew complied. He felt a small tingle in his balls as his cum worked its way up from his prostate, up the shaft, through his pee hole and into his mom’s stretched asshole. Maggie felt the onslaught of cum in her ass like a great gushing. Drew moaned and he lay still, letting his mom squeeze every last drop out of him with her contracting asshole. His penis became flaccid and it popped out of her ass of its own accord. Drew was spent.

Maggie straightened up and turned around and kissed Drew on the lips. “Thank you, honey. That was wonderful.”

“No, thank you.”

“Now, go lie down and rest. You’ll need your energy for later tonight.”

Drew did as he was told. His head was swirling with pleasure. His mother had never let him cum in her ass until tonight. He realized that everything would change after this, that his mother for all intensive purposes would become not only his lover but also his wife. Once she let him cum in her ass and pussy, there was no turning back.

Drew turned on the TV and watched a Seinfeld rerun. When his mother was done in the bathroom, she came out wearing a white terry cloth robe.

“Come on, mister. Scoot over,” she said, lowering herself onto the bed. She also took off the robe. Drew saw her heavy breasts hang as she bent down to pull back the covers. They got in bed together and turned off the TV and the lights. Maggie’s hair smelled nice and her hairless body was smooth as silk.

Drew nuzzled against her in the dark.

“This is nice,” she said. “Just the two of us.”

“I wish it could be like this all the time,” he said.

“You mean forever?”

Drew nodded.

“Maybe we shouldn’t go back,” Maggie said.

“Maybe we shouldn’t. We can start a life together, somewhere far away from here.”

“Do you really want that, Drew. Do you want me now and forever?”

“I do,” Drew said.

“Oh honey,” she said and kissed him on the forehead. “You’re sweet.”

“What was that?” he said. “Give me a real kiss.”

“Okay,” she said and their mouths opened and received each other’s tongues. “How was that?”

“Better,” Drew said.

Maggie could feel Drew harden underneath the sheets. It always flattered her that he became hard around her. Sometimes she would be doing the dishes and he would come up behind her and kiss the back of her neck and press his raging hard on into her backside. That usually spelled trouble. She never could resist his advances.

Maggie reached down and tugged at his cock. It was bigger and harder than she ever remembered it. “Are you ready for round two?” she said.

Drew stared into her eyes and nodded. “Tell me what I have to do.”

“Okay,” she said. She pulled back the covers and put a pillow under her hips and lay down on her back. She pulled back her legs, revealing the creamy whiteness of her thighs. “I know this isn’t the most exciting position, Drew. But it works best for conception.”

Drew knew what he had to do. He got on top of her. Her heavy breasts were flattened against his hard chest. Their faces were inches apart. Maggie was breathing hard. Drew leaned down and kissed her. Then Maggie could feel his nine inches penetrate her. She let out a gasp, which Drew silenced with another kiss.

“Oh Drew you’re so big,” she said. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him close. Drew started pumping. This was the most romantic and passionate sex they had ever had.

“I love mom,” Drew said.

“I love you too son. Now make mommy a baby.”

When Drew came, quietly and profusely, she held onto him and kept him on top of her and the two of them fell slept, locked in a permanent embrace.

Drew woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. Maggie had brought him breakfast in bed. “Eat up,” she said. “You need your protein.”

Drew ate, sitting up in bed as he watched his mother fix her hair canlı bahis siteleri in the mirror. First she bent down so her hair fell in a cascade toward the floor. When she straightened up, she flipped her hair over the back of her shoulders and pinned it back. Maggie caught Drew staring in the mirror. She smiled. “What are you looking at, mister?” she said.

“You,” he said and he put aside the plate of food. “You and how gorgeous you look.” He walked up behind her so he was standing right behind her. Maggie was naked and Drew stared up and down at her body in the mirror and kissed her neck. Maggie blushed. She could feel his dick digging into her backside. Drew’s hands run up and down the curves of her body, finally resting on her swollen breasts. They were big in Drew’s hands and he squeezed them and massaged them. Maggie cocked her head to the side so she and Drew could kiss. She then reached around and grabbed Drew’s cock at the base and started to stroke it. Drew moaned and part of his body went limp. Whenever his mother grabbed him there, he lost control. Maggie knew he wanted to fuck her ass again but she wasn’t going to let him, not if she wanted a baby. She tugged harder at his cock and turned around so they were face to face. She looked up at him and kissed him while she continued to stroke his manhood.

“You had your breakfast. Now I want mine,” she said and she dropped to her knees in front of her son’s cock. She wasted no time putting it in her mouth and pushing the head as far back as it would go into the back of her throat. Meanwhile, she stroked the base and massaged his swollen balls. When he came, she dutifully swallowed it all. Drew was speechless as she coaxed every last drop out of him.

When she straightened up, she sighed and said, “That was a mistake. I should have made you cum in my pussy.”

“I’m sorry,” Drew said.

“It wasn’t your fault. I guess I just got caught up in the moment. Besides, last night you filled me up good. I don’t think anyone’s ever cum that much inside me.”

This flattered Drew and he took her in his arms and hugged her. “I love you,” he said.

She looked up at him with misty eyes. “Did you really mean what you said last night about running away together?”

Drew nodded. “I did. Any man would be crazy not to run away with you.”

“You’re sweet,” she said and noticed he was staring lasciviously at her breasts. “But you’re thinking with your cock, not your heart.”

“How do you know mom? I’ve loved you more than you know. This isn’t a one time thing. I’ve been fantasizing about you ever since I hit puberty. You’re my ideal of feminine beauty. Other women can’t even hold a candle close to her.”

Maggie blushed. “I always dreamed you’d say that. I used to feel bad that I had desires for you. I’d tell myself, Get a hold of yourself, he’s your son for crying out loud.”

“I felt the same way mom. Every night after you tucked me in, I’d have a raging hard on for hours. I could only imagine what it would feel like to be in you.”

Drew picked her up and carried her back to the bed. “What are you doing?” she said.

“Trust me,” he said.

She lay her head back, giving into her son’s desires. He started in her ass. It was wet enough that it took his cock without difficulty. She didn’t tell him to stop. It was pointless. If he wanted her ass, he would have her ass. She tried to clear her head and relax her sphincter as Drew slid every inch of himself inside. She had read that it helped to imagine herself exhaling through her asshole. She did and it seemed to open up her ass like never before. She could tell that Drew liked it, for he was pumping as he never had before inside her without regard to pain or pleasure. She couldn’t stop him for she needed him, needed him more than she ever did in this moment.

Just as she thought he was about to cum, he pulled out quickly and switched holes filling up your pussy. Seconds later, he came with a torrent inside her. She was stunned. It had all happened so fast. As Drew lay exhausted on top of her she rubbed his back.

“That’s a good sweetie,” she said. “You filled mommy up good.”

They lay there, his flaccid penis still inside her, going limper by the second. She couldn’t remember having fucked so often in a 24-hour period. Sure, her ass was sore but she loved every minute of it, loved how her son desired her. By now she had had all her cavities filled by her son’s cum, the holy trinity, ass, mouth, pussy. If this didn’t get her pregnant, she didn’t know what would.

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